Nothing was ever fair to him. After all, that's life, isn't it?

Fyrus thought sometimes he must be cursed, having his parents die at an early age, never being able to have any friends.

After his parents died, he was entrusted to the care of his uncle. He quickly found out how unfair it was. Why him? He wasn't a bad person. His uncle turned out to be too overprotecting, which Fyrus couldn't stand. If he was going to do anything with his life, he needed to get dirty and be a part of it. That's really all he had been doing his whole life. Rebeling. School was no different. He was picked on for his anger issues, and was scolded for his lack of respect towards people. He had never been treated kindly, save a select few. So, why should he care? He often got into too many fights, and had an extensive history for breaking the law. His uncle, whenever he found out about another fight, or something he did, they would move to a new place. He had battled this with him constantly over the years. He thought back to a fight he had.


"If you keep moving me around all the time, I'll never have any friends!"

"Well, maybe if you'd stop breaking the law and fighting, it wouldn't happen!"

"You know why I do these things? Do you even care to know?"

"I know your angry, but the world outside of ours is dangerous! If you got hurt..."

"I already have! All you do to help is promise to me it will get better, but it never does!"

"Don't you see I'm trying to give you a normal life here? Your parents would've wanted-"

"They would've wanted me to be happy! To make my own choices! All you do is hold me back!"

"Because I love you! Can you not see that?"

"Too much of something is never good! You need to let me go!"

"Listen to me Fyrus, you should be grateful for what you have!"


What could he be grateful for? That he had no friends? That his only relative was too caring? He wanted to be happy, but would that ever happen? He doubted the kindness of this uncle. Did he really love him? Did he really care? Or was he just a burden to him? These questions were on his mind constantly, and he was never answered. His uncle always said he knew what was best for Fyrus, but he knew he didn't. He didn't want his overbearing affection, he wanted freedom. His freedom.

His name was Fyrus Kasai. A name he learned to love more or less. He was tall, and had long brown hair that covered his right eye. His eyes were a dark blue that looked just like the night sky. His personality was outgoing and arrogant, much to his uncle's dislike.

Until highschool, Fyrus had no friends he could even relate with. By a stroke of luck, he met another monster. Being familiar with how tough it was to deal with being different, they quickly became friends, and grew close. As his friend, Arashi, helped keep him out of trouble, his uncle started to feel Fyrus had finally straightened up and had promised that they would stay in the area. Hell, he even befriended a human girl, whom was the nicest, most understanding person he had ever met of that troublesome race.

But things were never so easy.

With his powers, there was no way he could ever have a relationship with that girl. The closer she got, the harder he had to pull away. It was beyond frustrating as he had no excuses, no reasons, nothing that could justify why he pulled away.

That did not stop them from coming up with crap reasons for him. Being told he was garbage on a regular basis was nothing, but hearing that venom directed at her. Unforgiveable.

They deserved it. It was not like he planned to do it. They got away with treating him like dirt on a daily basis, so why should striking back one time be such a big deal?

But she tried to stop him, even though it was her honor he was defending. She tried to stop him, and it was her that ended up hurt. If she had only listened, if she had just stayed away, then she would not have burned. It was an accident.

Fyrus could not help her. He ran to the only person he trusted, and Arashi did what could be done. His friend had sent him away for water and rags, but when Fyrus came back, the damn police had picked Arashi up as the culprit for the bizarre incident. In a moment of weakness, Fyrus watched his friend get taken away in cuffs.

Fyrus thought to turn himself in, to set things right, but it was too late. Apparently, the vehicle carting his friend to the station crashed. While everyone survived, Arashi was hospitalized with little chance of recovery. Fyrus had broken into the hospital to check up on his friend. In tears of apology, he had not put up much of a struggle when they took him away for what they thought were minor crimes.

That's when the nightmares started.

It was the most horrible thing he'd gone through in his life, and had nobody to help him. He quickly became an Insomniac and he lost his grip on reality and life. He started to lose all hope for his life, but something brought it back. He'd never forget the day when he got the letter.

He'd heard of Youkai Academy before, but his uncle forbid him to go there. He said it was dangerous, too risky.


"But this is a chance for me to have a normal life, dammit!"

"I won't let you just waltz out of police custody to go to some school that I've already denied!"


"No! You will never go there!"

"ARGHH! You are the worst family EVER!"

"No, I'm not the problem here, Fyrus. You are. If you would just accept things as they are..."

"Can't you just understand that I'm not happy here? Can you?"

"Fyrus, if you would just listen to me..."

"I stopped listening to you since I was six."


Fyrus knew he would never go with his uncle's consent. So, he took matters into his own hands. He wrote to the school about his problems, and his pleading to accept. The didn't say no. They listened. He was accepted to the academy. He planned it all out. He managed to sneak out of his house at midnight and went to go wait for a bus that would take him to his new life.


Why it's so friggin cold at night near the end of spring, I'll never know.. Fyrus shivered as he waited for this bus. He hated the cold. It wasn't just a quirk, his body literally cannot handle the cold due to his monster type. But, if this was the only way he could go there, he had to take it.

If my uncle really cared about me, he'd would've let me go a long time ago. Guess he really doesn't.

Since it would be a moment before the bus came, he decided he had some free time on his hands. That, and he needed to warm himself up before he froze to death. He took a long, deep breath and then concentrated on his right hand. He saw a spark or two, then a small, red hot flame ignited in his hands. He made another with his left hand, and then proceeded to combine them. He brought the flame close to his body, and felt as the heat from it washed over him. He lost his concentration, and the flames disappeared when the bus arrived.

He walked to the doors of the bus and they swung open, making a strange mechanical sound. Inside, there was nobody else in the bus, except for the creepy looking bus driver staring at him with his shining white eyes.

"Well, you finally decided to come." The bus driver said impatiently. "Trouble getting away?"

"Well, it's kinda hard to get away when you're on house arrest." Fyrus said, still shivering from the cold. "I can't believe that you came."

"You did tell us to get you at night in the last letter you sent us, right?" The bus driver said. "We keep our promises."

"Well, I couldn't leave any other way, you know, the accident?" Fyrus reminded him.

"We don't do this for everyone, you know. So, you comin or not?"

"To the school?" Fyrus asked.

"Where else?" He chuckled to himself. "Find a seat, and get some rest. You got a big day tomorrow. Ain't easy being a new kid on your first day."

"Story of my life." He said and got on the bus. The mechanical doors closed behind him. He found a seat close to the front and then proceeded to take a well needed nap, if he could. Before he did that, he put in his headphones for his music player and put on his favorite song. He yawned, feeling his eyes flutter. He wasn't going to let himself fall asleep. Not after the nightmares he been having. The bus driver saw him almost dozing off.

"You tired?"

Fyrus yawned again. "Yeah. I told the Director about my sleeping problems I've been having lately. Haven't slept normally in weeks."

"Try sleeping here. It's gonna be a while until we cross over dimensions and into Youkai."

"I'd rather not. These dreams are terrible. Trust me." Fyrus rubbed his eyes.

"Suit yourself." The bus driver went back to focusing on driving.

He felt it coming on again. The same feeling he had in his gut he had every single night he slept. Not again... He felt his eyelids getting heavier and heavier. When he had no more strength to fight it, he closed his eyes, and fell asleep. It was like a poem that you memorized over and over, his nightmare. It never changed. The same screams, sounds of pain, all sounded the same. Fyrus felt the sense of guilt, anger, and the pain that had happened on that day. He never forgot it. He felt the screams and images fade away, as if toning out to something new. This is different. Must have a new show playing at the theater tonight.

These new images felt cold, but this cold was entirely different then the kind he hated. He couldn't move an inch. He then realized he was completely encased in a huge shard of ice. Then he noticed a figure approaching him. it kept walking and stopped right in front of the shard of ice and put a hand out to touch the ice. He felt all the grief, pain, and anger disappear from him. He couldn't see any recognizable features, leaving Fyrus in the dark about who this person might be. He saw images flash around in his mind, blurry and rushing through, which made no sense to him. Then, the figure spoke in a soft, quiet voice.

"You chance for redemption is approaching." The figure said and walked away.

"Wait, what?" Fyrus tried to say, but this figure was long gone, and he was awake.


"Wake up!" He heard from the busdriver and he was awake instantly.

"AHHH!" His music player was still on, roaring in his ears. He turned it off and put it back in his pocket.

"We're five minutes away from the drop off area. I woke you up so you would be ready as soon as you got here." The bus driver explained.

"Thanks a lot." He told the bus driver and opened his eyes again to see a forest ahead.

"That's what I'm here for. So, your first year here?" The bus driver asked.

"Yep, I'm a new kid. Like always." Fyrus said not looking at the bus driver, but admiring the wooded area through the window.

"In your letter, you said you had only been to human schools until now?"

"Yeah. Is this school everything they say it is? Monsters and all?" He asked.

"Would a bus driver lie?" He smirked.

"Oh good." Fyrus stretched out his muscles in his back.

After a short moment, the bus driver spoke up.

"We're here." He told Fyrus.

"Where? I don't see it."

"This is as far as the bus can go. You'll have to walk the rest of the way." He said and then opened the bus doors. "Welcome to paradise."

"Great. Thanks anyway." He said and then got off of the bus.

"Have yourself a real nice time." The bus driver said and the closed the doors, and drove back the way they came.

Creepy guy... Fyrus thought. That dream... What did it mean, exactly? It was different from the same one I've been having all this time. He puzzled. He then proceeded to walk into the forest that lay before him.

After a while, he wondered if he was walking in circles. All the trees, tombstones, looked the same to him. But, after he turned the next corner, he sensed a change in temperature. He decided to follow it and soon enough he ended up at a crossroad. Looking to the right, he saw the academy in the distance, relieved that he finally was on the right track, he started toward the right, but then stopped when he felt the cold again. It was coming from right in front of him and he looked to see who it was.

This girl had long purple hair and was wearing a white wide-necked sweater with blue sleeves over a black tank top. She had a short plaid yellow skirt, pink and violet striped stockings, and a belt that is wrapped around her left thigh. She had her hands on a tree and was peering out from behind it. Fyrus walked toward her. The air around her was really cold, like ice. He kept his distance.

"Uh, what are you doing?" He asked this girl. She answered him, still looking in the same direction.

"..I lost something. I'm looking for it." The girl said not looking at him.

"Evidently. What is it?"

"Why does it matter to you?" She said.

"Well, what was it, exactly?"

"My journal. I was walking to school, and lost it while I was walking." She still wouldn't look at him.

"Need any help? I can-"

"I'm fine." She interrupted him and continued to search.

Fyrus was put off by her hostile attitude. "Okay, I know when I'm annoying. I'll go." He walked around her and headed down the path to the school. That girl was CREEPY.. Not to mention cold... Really cold. Fyrus told himself. "I'll look for it along the way."

The weather here was not cold or warm, to suit all monsters who came here. Paradise, huh? Looks like the back end of the woods from here. Why put a school here?

He saw a three guys walking ahead of him, talking and laughing. He lightly picked up his pace and shouted.

"Hey, you three! Did you happen to find a journal lying around here?"

One of them whispered to the tallest of the three.

"Who's that guy? New kid?"


The leader turned around and faced Fyrus. He spoke in a loud, intimidating voice.

"You mean this?" He walked toward Fyrus, holding the journal in his left hand.

"Yeah, that's it. Some girl back there is looking for it. Could you hand it over to me, so I can give it to her?"

"No." The kid said.

"No? Why not?" Fyrus asked.

"Well, we found it first, and you think I'm gonna listen to some new kid?"

In Fyrus's right hand a flaming sword materialized, in the shape of a katana.

"I'm tired of asking you idiots."

The leader grinned. "Guess I'm getting my exercise early today."

The three guys ran toward him, the first one transforming into a stone golem. The golem brought his fists down on Fyrus. Luckily, he sidestepped, barely, almost tripping. He slashed the golem's right leg, causing the golem to topple over.

"Timber!" Fyrus shouted as the golem went down.

"NONONONO!" The golem Shouted as he fell over onto his back, struggling to get up.

The next one transformed into a spider and began to shoot sticky yellow silk at his body. He moved to the side and cut the web in two, but the next one hit his chest and he was covered in the sticky substance. "Geez, talk about crazy glue..." He put his hands on his chest and and it dissolved instantly, he then grabbed the flaming katana and ran toward the spider dodging another shot and tripped one of the spiders legs. It toppled over and Fyrus watched as the spider moved its legs trying to get up.

If there was anything he had learned from his uncle that he took to heart, it was combat training. He showed him hot to fight back. Ironic on his part for that.

The leader then transformed in to a troll, about 8-9 Feet tall. He then throwing swipes from his hands, trying to grab him by his neck or one of his limbs. He dodged the first and second swipes, but as he dodged one more he felt one hand grab him by the neck. The troll, taking advantage of this laughed.

"Whats wrong, can't talk? Don't bother!" The troll laughed and then brought a fist down on Fyrus's neck, nearly crushing his windpipe. This made Fyrus angry, which made both of his eyes and hair turn into an auburn color, a part of his monster form, but not all. If he used his powers frequently, his eyes and hair would turn red. He never got that part exactly figured out.

The troll was about to bring down another fist to choke him but then his hand stopped moving. When he looked at what was happening, he was dumbfounded. Fyrus was blocking it with only his left hand that was holding another katana. His blade started to burn the troll. He pressed it against the trolls flesh tighter, it got hotter. The troll then shook his hand away, howling with pain at the the wound he received. Fyrus, seeing this opportunity, slid out of his grasp and fell to his knees, he rubbed his neck, coughing.

"Dude, what the hell do they FEED you?!" Fyrus said, laughing.

"Now your just pissing me off!" The troll screamed, baying for Fyrus's blood.

"Too bad." He said and he clapped his hands together creating a mega sized fireball and then sent it flying toward him. "Byebye."

"Let's get out of here!" The golem said now standing up.

"What about the journal?" The spider hissed.

"Screw the journal!" The leader said. And they ran for their lives as the fireball chased them down the trail. He waved goodbye to them. He saw a stray flame on his jacket. He wiped it off. He still felt the pain from the hit he got, but he willed it away as best he could.

Fyrus dusted himself off and got to his feet. He walked over to the journal and picked it up. Fyrus cleaned it off and began walking back the way he came. He looked over the journal as he walked back. It was a light blue color with a rabbit playing a trumpet on the cover. It must have been an old journal because the name on the cover was fairly faded. The name the was written on the journal was Mizore in big black letters.

Mizore, Huh? Interesting name.

Fyrus didn't try to open the journal and read it. Probably one of those 'confession' diaries, or whatever. I don't need to throw up today. Wait, scratch that. I think I already am. He clutched his stomache while he walked. He got to the crossroads and found her at the same spot.

"Hey." He told her and held the journal out in front of her. "I found it."

She turned around to look at him. She had the most beautiful eyes he'd ever seen. They were nearly completely blue and had a bit of purple at the top of them. She was missing pupils, which Fyrus wondered in his mind on what type of monster she was. She took the journal from his hand. Fyrus backed away. She looked at the contents of the journal for a moment, and then closed it. She then put it into the big pouch on the sweater she wore.

"I didn't look at it, if that's what you're thinking." Fyrus said.

"..Where was it?"

"Some guys were walking around that had it." He laughed a little bit but then winced as he grabbed his neck in pain.

"Are you hurt?"

Fyrus waved her away. "Just a few cuts and bruises. What's your name?" Fyrus asked.

She hesitated before she told him. "Mizore. Mizore Shirayuki."

"I'm Fyrus. Fyrus Kasai." He told her as he put his hand out for her to shake, but remembered the cold vibe she gave off, and he pulled it away.

"Thanks, Kasai-san. I should go before I'm late." She started to walk away in a quickened pace.

"Wait!" Fyrus shouted, but she was long gone. He watched her walk to the academy, he himself still in the same spot. He sighed, and kicked the dirt. "Oh well. I better hurry to the school. I'm already late as it is." He started running towards the school. He thought he was lost for a moment, but found the right path when he saw a pumpkin headed scarecrow hanging a a long wooden pole impaled into the ground. He walked up to it and read what was written on a wooden plank that was there: YOUKAI ACADEMY

He stared at it and shrugged. "That's SURE to get some tourists in." He walked around it and double timed it to the school.

It was more of an old mansion than a school, as if someone had perhaps given it to them. He walked into the building and stopped at the office to receive his classes's info. Let's see...Okay, my first teacher of the day should be Nekonome Shizuka. Second floor. Great, stairs...

He put the schedule in his backpack and went up the stairs, hoping that he walked into the right class. He checked the schedule again for the rooms number. The number was 207, last room on the right. He picked up the pace he was walking and hurried to the room. With luck, he walked into the right one.

"Sorry I'm late, sensei." He said as he walked into the room.

"Hmm? Oh yes, you." She said and walked up to the side of him.

"Class, This is Fyrus Kasai. Kasai-san, introduce yourself please."

"Greeting, everyone." He bowed. He was answered with murmurs and whispers from classmate to another in the room.

"Lets see...Why don't you take the seat in the back?" Shizuka-sensei suggested. He looked around the room for her and saw it in the back of the room.
He quickly sat down and pulled out something to write with. Shizuka-sensei started calling off the attendance she was looking over.

She went down a list of names that Fyrus rolled his eyes through, until one name interested him.

"Shirayuki Mizore?"

"Here." He heard a familiar voice that raised it's hand.

Fyrus looked to see Mizore over to the far right. She had her face buried in her journal, scribbling something that Fyrus could only guess at. Speak of the devil...

"Kasai Fyrus?" Shizuka-sensei called off. Fyrus didn't hear her. "Kasai Fyrus?" She said again, getting his attention.

"Oh, sorry. Here."

The teacher got out of her desk. "Tsukune-kun. Can you show Fyrus around the school? You should have some time when we break for lunch later today."

"Um, of course, sensei."

Fyrus looked up to see the speaker was a boy his age with black hair and brown eyes. He was nothing special, no different than most of the humans Fyrus had met over the years. The only odd thing was the boy was hemmed in by girls on all three sides, Mizore being one of them.

It was tough to stay awake through the first half of his courses. It was nice to have gym right after homeroom, but these lectures were so awful. They actually expected students to pay attention when the only thing that mattered was the one or two mentions of what they had to read and homework they had to do. Some would write this on the board making it completely optional. He doubted any would call him out on his first day.

Instead he spent most of his idle time regarding the trio of pretty girls around the ordinary guy. During the small breaks between subjects, the ponytailed girl with the ribbon would chat amicably with the longhaired pink one. Occasionally they would say something to draw a slight smile from Mizore, but the girl would not initiate any conversation.

He yawned as their next teacher walked in, closing his eyes for a moment.


He blinked. The room was bustling with activity, several students heading for the doors. His appointed tour guide stood next to him with a mild smile.

"We should make this quick since I'm sure you want to eat."

Fyrus got out of his desk and headed for the door along with the other kid. Fyrus thought this whole thing was stupid, but if the guy was going to play along like the dutiful student, he probably should respect that.

The two walked down the hall and stopped at the end of the floor. For some reason, he felt cold. He shivered a little bit, looking around to see what it would be. Nothing. This chill felt familiar, but there was no sign of that girl.

"Is everything alright, Kasai-san?" Tsukune asked him.

He shook his head, knowing he did not have time for this. "It's alright. So." He asked him. "Where would you like to start, Tsukune-san?"

"Well, we should start with the main hall of the school first. Follow me, Kasai-san." He told him and they both began the the tour. The school was bigger on the inside than it had looked from the outside. It had a full gymnasium, auditorium, and everything that a high school would need and more.

At some point the chill had left them, which made Fyrus feel a whole lot better. Still with a glance at the clock, he saw that more than half of their lunch break had been squandered on this pointless task.

"So, what do you think of this school, Kasai-san?"

"Honestly, it's ten times better than any human school I've been to." Fyrus answered trying not to sound too sarcastic.

'You went to human schools?" Tsukune glanced at him.

"More than one, It's hard to fit in when your different. Like me."

"Well, this school has helped me in more ways than one. It'll do the same for you."

"What do you mean?" He asked, curious.

"I've met some great people here. You will too." Tsukune gave a smile of assurance.

"Right, right." Fyrus nodded and rolled his eyes. "By the way, I noticed you were with a bunch of girls. What's up with that?"

Tsukune looked about, nervously. "It's a very long story, but I think it's safe to say that those are the great people I have met. I consider them all very close friends."

"Dude, I wish I was you. I'd settle for having one girl as a friend." Fyrus continued to talk with this person. He nodded. "Any guy would want what you have."

"There are times I wish it was only one."


Tskune brightened up. "Hey, Kasai-san.."


"...Do you want to be friends?" Tsukune asked him.

Fyrus didn't think he was serious. "Just like that? Don't you have any guy friends?"

Tsukune looked ahead. "Well, there's Ginei, but he's not exactly the best with advice. I need help. Like a wingman, of sorts. Before coming here, I used to only hang out with guys so I sort of miss that."

Fyrus and Tsukune were in simliar sitautions. Fyrus didn't think he could relate to anybody, but here this guy was, telling him he wanted to be friends. Though he was skeptical, he had no real reason to deny the olive branch.

"Sure. I can be your friend, if you really want me to." Fyrus said.

"Really? Thanks so much, Kasai-san!" Tsukune relaxed his muscles and put his hand out. "My full names Tsukune Aono."

"I'm sure you know mine." Fyrus reminded him and the two continued to walk.

"Well, it's pretty late and we still need to eat. You hungry?" He asked him.

"Dying of starvation." Fyrus rubbed his tummy.

"I'll take that as a yes. Well, follow me then."

Apparently they had already been walking in the direction of the cafeteria as it was only a minute or so before they arrived in the noisome place. As it was so late in the hour, there was no lines. Fyrus made a slight bow of thanks to his guide and bolted to the stations to see what was left to be had. In moments he had a tray full of goodies and was looking for a place to sit while stuffing a bite or two in his mouth.

Fyrus found a table that was empty and sat there. He ate his food quickly, trying to look as insignificant as possible. As he took a swig of his drink, he saw a familiar shade of purple in someones hair across the room. It was her again.

He noticed she was seated with the same girls from the class. As she turned her head, he looked away, hoping she didn't notice him. He went back to his food.

"Why not sit next to me? You don't have to sit by yourself."

Fyrus sighed, glancing up at Tsukune. "We may be friends, but they aren't friends with me. I don't want to trouble you. I'll be fine."

"Just follow me, Kasai-san." He said and he led him to their table. He looked at the people Tsukune was sitting with. He took the time to look at them all extensively. One of them had long candy pink hair, and dark emerald green eyes. The next one he looked at was younger than the rest. She had short, black hair, and purple eyes. She wore a witches hat and cape that gave her identity right away.

Great. A witch. Or is she cosplaying? I can never tell... He groaned inside his mind.

The other girl he found remarkably enchanting. She had ocean blue hair that was wrapped up in a purple ribbon with stars on each side. She had purple eyes as well. He found his gaze to be stuck on her, mostly.

The last person was they were all staring at him.

"Uh, greetings." He bowed.

The first one to recognize him was the blue-haired girl. She looked up at him with her lavender colored eyes.

"Oh, right! Your the new kid I saw today in homeroom! I'm Kurumu Kurono." She said and patted the spot between her and Mizore. "We don't mind. I could something to separate me from Mizore-chan anyway. She's being particularly brooding today, for some reason."

Mizore glared at her and went back to her eating.

"Shut up, Boobzilla." She responded rudely. "I'm not in the mood today."

"Huh?" He wondered. He then looked to Kurumu and stopped. He found himself staring. Would you blame him?

"Uh...Oh wow." He said, his mouth now open slightly. She caught him staring.

"I'm special." She looked at him in a very seductive manner. Fyrus blushed a little and looked away.

"Uh..." He looked at the other two girls to change the subject. "What are your names?"

"I'm Yukari Sendo." The black haired girl said.

"Ah, the witch." He replied.

"You know?" She replied confused.

"Your wearing a witch's hat. Isn't it obvious?"

"You never know. I could be anything." She said to Fyrus.

"And you are a witch. Hah."

He then turned his attention to the pink haired girl.

"I'm Moka Akashiya." She said to him. "Nice to meet you, Kasai-san."

"Hi..." Fyrus said.

Mizore finally decided to say something.

"...Why is here he with us?" She asked.

Tuskune answered her. "He was sitting by himself, and the least I could do was give him somewhere to sit. That, and the Newspaper Club..."

Fyrus looked confused. "Club? What club?"

"We all work on the schools newspaper. We highlight what goes on in Yokai Academy." Moka explained.

"Do you really want me to try it out? We only just met and everything. I don't want to be the one who messes it all up." He asked them. He never did have good experiences with clubs last year.

"Its your choice." Tsukune told him. "But it would be nice to have a new face in the club."

"When will this meeting start?" He asked them.

"After school today." Kurumu reminded him. "Don't be late, Kasai-san."

The bell rang and he watched Mizore and the rest of them went to their next class. He had a feeling this would be day was just getting started.

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