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1. Mesmerizing eyes.

As crazy as it may sound, nine o'clock at night, I was walking home from work, alone. You would expect a seventeen-year-old to have a license by now or at least have a parent picking them up from work. However, I had convinced my mum not to pick me up since she had been working late hours. After all, my workplace was only a ten-minute walk from home.

Cold air of winter whistled into my ears causing me to shield them with my scarf. Like any other work night, I was walking in a deserted street, with a forest on my left and houses on my right. It was surprisingly quiet for a school night. I picked up my pace as the wind violently swayed me from side to side. I clutched my jacket strongly around my body to send away the cold chill that made its way down my back.

Suddenly, the feeling of being watched fused into me like the anti-virus liquid, except there was no piercing of my skin. As a strong girl, I decided to brush it off. I have walked down this road for as long as I can remember and nothing had ever happened to me. Yet. Amoris Hills was by far the safest place in the whole country. The last ever crime to be recorded was five years ago and it was theft of earrings from a jewellery store.

You know what let me take back what I just said.

I suddenly heard a WOOSH sound coming from my left. My thoughts started going wild with vivid images of what could possibly have made that sound. A predator? A thug? A stalker? Even worse, a rapist? I stopped in my tracks and squinted my eyes as I searched my surroundings for a sign of one of these images. However, nothing was visible in my blurring view. Instead, I sharpened my ears for a definite sound but it was quiet, except for the whistling wind.

I resumed walking still feeling uneasy, for the first time. Wrapping my arms around my body, I picked up my pace. Whatever that was out there, I could put some distance between us if I walked faster. Another shuffle sounded from my left. I broke into a run.

I did not get very far before two strong arms pulled me off the ground. In a matter of seconds, I was pinned on uneven ground. I stifled a scream but my mouth was immediately covered by a cold hand.

I did not want to open my eyes. I did not want to see what was in front of me.

I waited to be to be barked orders at, but nothing came. The wind seemed to have stopped whistling. All I could hear was my uneven and loud breathing. I slowly opened my eyes, scared of what I would see.

I meet a pair of crimson red eyes. I would have panicked if they did not belong to the most handsome young man I have ever seen. Half of his face was hidden by a shadow, but I could still see his beautifully shaped nose, chiselled and strong jaw. I closed my eyes for a brief second to brush away the tears. What was I thinking? All I could do in this situation was to take in the details of this predator to pass on to the police department.

I opened my eyes and slowly took in the criminal's face again.

His skin was attractively pale, his deep red eyes were surrounded by a thick layer of dark lashes and his full lips … full lips. I could not concentrate. I felt entranced by his beauty, especially his lips. I felt like throwing my own lips onto his. How could something as scary as this be very attractive at the same time? What was I thinking?

I was quickly brought back to reality by his hush words against my neck. "Don't scream."

His chilly breath sent shivers down my back. He removed his hand from my mouth. Somehow I could not scream. I willed myself to scream, but I just stood there having a hard time breathing. The man pressed both hands against my shoulders, so hard that my eyes began to sting from more tears.

Thoughts rang in my head. What did he want from me? Was my life going to end now? God, I was too young to die.

I closed my eyes to blink the tears away from my eyes. They flowed from my eyes, running rather gently down my cheek. This was the end of Mary-Kate. I closed my eyes preparing for the worst.

His grip on my shoulders started to loosen a bit. I opened my eyes and met his eyes again. I could not look away; their rare colour made them so mesmerizing. He looked deeply into my eyes and his angry, ill-tempered expression began to change to a sad expression.

He quickly let go off me.

"I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you." He apologised moving away from me with his hands raised as if I was a monster he was trying to escape from.

I on the other hand just stood there crying with my hands against the barky tree to support myself. I watched him as he sat down on a rock nearby. He buried his face in his hands and started mumbling something.

I caught the words "control" and "monster"

I agreed with his words. Yes, he could possibly be a monster. I mean, who goes around stalking people while wearing red contacts. I was not sure about what he meant by "control" but I was not going to push it.

I wiped my tears away and backed away from the man. I cautiously reached for my purse that I did not realise had dropped on the ground. He might have been good looking but I could never trust anyone. Looks can be deceiving too! Just like the masked dudes and dudettes from the Scream movies. Many of them were beautiful but what they did was beyond compare.

I broke out into a run. Of course, he was not going to let me go. I felt two arms pulling me off the ground again. I screamed but it is quickly covered by the man's hand again. Dogs barked in the background.

"Please don't leave me." The man said releasing me again. He pulled me with him to sit on the rock he was sitting on just a few moments before. "I'm so sorry for scaring you."

I did not have a reply for him. Instead, I began weeping like a child who did not get candy.

"I'm really sorry. Forgive me please?" The man continued, dropping to his knees to be at the same eye level as me.

His eyes had turned into a vibrant ultramarine colour. The blue in them was exceptional and striking. No human being would have eyes like that. Again, I was captivated by his stare. For a few seconds I forgot what was happening. It felt as if an invisible force was pulling me towards him.

I was brought back to my senses by his deep, cold and raspy voice. "I'm sorry."

I turned my focus to my frozen fingers resting on my lap and dared to speak. "What do you want from me?"

He let go of my arms and took a few steps away from me before running his pale fingers through his dark hair. This time I did not bother to escape. He would just drag me back here again. I pulled my legs in towards my body and rested my forehead on my knees and continued crying. Only if I had continued my karate lessons. I would have taken him down.

My bag vibrated, making me flinch. I quickly opened it and took my phone out. My mum was calling me. I looked at the man briefly, he was pacing around which made me more nervous.

"Can I?" I croaked. The man stopped and glanced my way before nodding.

"Honey, where are you?" My mum's voice cried from the phone's earpiece "Do you want me to come and get you?"

"No mum. I'm fine." I said sniffing. I looked at the man again. He watched me intensively as if warning me to not say anything that will get me in more trouble.

"Why are you sniffing?" Mum barked into the phone. "Are you sure you are alright? You know what, I'm coming to pick you up."

"No mum, it's fine." I stopped her before she could have a chance to hang up on me. I did not know why I was defending this man, but I continued. "I'm only a block away."

"Okay then." Mum sighed." I'll be waiting for you."

I ended the call and looked at the man before me. "Can I go?" I asked unsure of myself and what the man will do to me.

The man watched me for moment before replying. "Yes, but do not tell anyone about me. You understand?"

I nodded and quickly got up. Within a few seconds the man was right in front of me. "I mean it. Don't breathe a word to anyone about this." He growled before releasing me.

I nodded again and ran.

I ran, as fast as my cold feet could take me.

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