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Summary: AU. What if Goku had a daughter? What if Marron,Trunks,Goten,Pan,Bra were born earlier?And if Raditz had children? Dragon Ball Z, with a HUGE twist in it.


Goku will have a daughter. My oc, (Son Gomai,Gohan's twin sister.)

Goten will be born 2 years after them.

18 and Krillan meet earlier,and Have 2 children. Half-androids, Marron and Sai. (My oc.)

Vegeta will have another daughter. (Born a year after Trunks,and Bra is born after her.)

Let's say that Vegeta came to earth...earlier and mated with Bulma. He stayed on earth for about 3 or 2 years,thus having Trunks,Bulmettea and Bra.

Pan is Raditz's daughter. She has 2 siblings, Pepper and Guyin.

This story follows DBZ's original plot. Just with MY twist in it.

If you have Any questions...feel free to PM me.

Now...onto the story. Please enjoy...

Earth was a peaceful place. When it's not under attack. But whenever evil showed it's face,they were stopped by Son Goku, and his allies the Z-Fighters.

Speaking of our savoir, he is currently living in peace, with his beautiful wife Chichi, the Ox Princess. Who was giving birth-at this very moment.

''AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! GET THIS DAMN THING OUTTA ME!'' Son Chichi cried. Her husband and father,stood at her side in West City Hospital. The room was filled with the soon-to-be-mother's screams of agony and pain.

''1...2...3..PUSH!'' The doctor urged.

''DON'T YOU SEE THAT'S WHAT I'M DOING!'' She screamed, clutching her husband's hand.

''Come on, Chi. It's not that bad,'' Goku tried to calm hos wife down.

Through her tears, she gives her husband a glare,just promising death. ''Easy for you to say...YOUR NOT THE ONE WHO'S GIVING BIRTH!''

After hours...very painful hours,they finally heard it. A baby's cry.

"Congradulations! It's a boy!" The doctor said,handing the married couple a blue bundle.

A breathtaking sight.

Tuffs of black,wild hair lay on the newborn's head. He opened his eyes to reveal bright brown eyes.

Goku was nearly in tears. "Chichi...he's beautiful."

Chichi,who was in tears, nods. "Oh Goku, I'm so-AH!'' A sharp pain hit her abdomen.

The doctors quickly began working again. The doctor looked up and smiled at her. "Well Mrs. Son, your having another baby!"

"WHAT!" She cried,grabbing Goku's hand as if it weren't bruised enough.

Poor Chichi went through another painful hour of bringing her second child into the world. A beautiful baby girl...

Soft,silky black curls were on the child's head. Her eyes opened for the first time, to let those around her see her eyes...those big blue eyes.

"She has your mother's eyes." Ox-king said,smiling in memory his late wife.

''What should we name them?" Chichi asks,smiling at hernow sleeping children.

Goku thought for a moment. "Hmmmmm...what about...Gohan and Gomai?"

The newborns,smiled in their sleep. "They seem to like it...my little babies."

The doctor,who was smiling softly at the family moment,noticed something...very strange.

It appeared that the 2 babies had...tails?

"How strange...your children have...tails." The doctor said in awe.

Goku's face lit up."Hey! Like me! I had a tail to!"

Chichi smiled. "They'll be great scholars."

"And fighters to."

Chichi's eyes went wide. "What! No way! My babies will not be some some violent rough necks! They will be scholars!"

Goku was gonna protest,and if the Ox-king knew his daughter,it was that she didn't like when someone thought otherwise of her opinion. And if they did so,they would get the frying pan. So he decided to step in.

"Hey Chi...you must be exhausted. Take a nap will you."

Chichi groaned and lay back on the hospital bed pillow. Soon, she dozed off into a blissful dream.

Goku,on the other hand,smiled at his sleeping children."Well...you guys...your mother may not want you to be fighters...but I'll make sure you will be...The best out there." He kissed his son and daughter on their foreheads, and with that, the newborn saiyans...soon to be some of the most powerful children known to mankind..went to sleep.

2 years passed. As soon as they could even walk or talk, Chichi had them studying. Gomai didn't mind really,she found studying quite entertaining. Gohan, however,was a different story. He simply disliked studying,and when his mother wasn't looking, he snook off to watch his father train.

Not that Chichi noticed anyways...She was preparing for the new baby.

A couple of months later, Son Goten came into the world. He was an exact replica of Goku,and like him in every single way.

2 more years passed.

Gohan and Gomai were now 4 and little Goten was 2.

Goku hadn't heard from his friends in awhile, so he decided to pay them a visit.

"Gomai! Gohan! Lunch is ready!" Usually,the little saiyans were at the table when they heard their mother's voice,but this time,only Goten was at the table. He wore a baby blue and white kimino, with white pants,and black shoes.

"Goten,where are your siblings?" Chichi asked,placing a bowl of rice in front of her youngest son.

Goten replied," They out." Then he dug into the rice,as if it were his last meal.

Chichi sighed,and went outside,where she was greeted by Goku,who came in holding a large pile of firewood.

"Goku,where are they? You guys have to leave in a little bit,and they haven't ate lunch yet!" Every moment that the 4-year olds were not in her sight,she would simply start panicking,and having all these theories on what have happened to them.

Goku kissed his wife on the cheek. "Don't worry Chi,I'll find them. NIMBUS!" The little yellow cloud zoomed over to Goku,who hopped on to find his missing children.

"Gohan,where are we?" Gomai asked her brother innocently. The little girl had pretty long hair,that was kept in pigtails. She wore a blue and purple kimono dress,purple pants. Her brother the same,but his was yellow and green.

Gohan chuckled sheepishly. "Yeah...that part I don't know..." He said rubbing the back of his head with a small blush on his face.

Gomai frowned. Her brother always somehow gets them into these problems.

The 2 were in a clearing,surrounded by trees. A lake happened to be near,and Gohan saw a colorful bird. He rushed towards the bird,leaving his confused sister standing there.

"Hi there.I'm Gohan,who are you?" Gomai giggled. But all of a sudden she felt hot breath on her back. Gulping,she slowly turned around to see a giant,ominous dinosaur.

And it looked hungry.

She backed away from it,laughing nervously. "Nice dino...I'm obviously not food."

The dinosaur growled. Gomai gulped.

"Your such a pretty bird." Gohan said. The bird hopped foward,and pecked him on the nose with it's beak.

"OW!" The young boy cried. "What was that-" Before Gohan could finish his question,he was stopped when he heard a loud shriek.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH HHHHHH! PUT ME DOWN!" The shout belonged to his sister,which caused him to jump up.

"Gomai?" He asked looking around for her,His long hair swishing back and forth. His bright eyes went wide when he saw his sister become about to become food. The dinosaur held the little girl by the collar of her shirt with his teeth, and he looked like he was about to devour her any second.

"HEY!Put my sister down!" Gohan yelled charging towards the beast.

"GOHAN! HELP ME!" She cried. The beast was swinging her back and forth a couple of times. He was about to eat her! Gohan reached the dinosaur and started kicking and punching at him with his little fist. The beast simply flicked him away like a fly,sending the boy a few yards back.

He crashed into a bush. Gohan groaned,rubbing his head. He looked to the dino as he threw the screaming 4 year old in the air. His mouth was wide open,ready to catch his food.

Anger rushed through the young boy's veins. A red light appeared around his small body as he growled at the dino.

"I said...PUT HER DOWN!" Gohan screamed as he literally flew to the dino,who was unaware of the upcoming attack.

Gomai on the other hand,was screaming her guts off. She peeked down. She drew closer to the dinosaur's open mouth.

Closer...Closer...Then all of a sudden the monster was knocked out of her sight! It crashed into mountain after mountain. Still alive,but far from her sight.

She looked down and saw Gohan,on the ground trying to catch his breath.

She felt relief,but then it came to her. How was she gonna land?

She gulped. Gohan was to busy trying to get some oxygen back into his lungs,So he couldn't catch her.

She was whispering her prayers,when all of a sudden a streak of yellow appeared,and Gomai found herself in her father's arms.

She smiled at her dad. He was always there to protect her.

"Gomai,are you alright?" Goku asked,his eyes filled with worry.

Gomai smiled. "I am now daddy."

Goku chuckled and looked around. "Hey where's Gohan?"

"Right here." A tired voice said.

The 2 looked down to see Gohan,who looks like he's about to pass out. He laughed. "Don't mess with dinosaurs. They'll try to eat you."

The trio was now on their way to the Kame house. Chichi had decided to keep her youngest home,so when the 3 got back,ate lunch, she shooed them off.

They flew through the bright sky,as if they had no care in the world. Finally, a small house came in view.

Goku landed and pulled his children off with him as Nimbus flew away. "Hello,anybody home?" Goku called out.

Suddenly,an old man came out,along with a short bald monk,and a blond little boy. "Hey!Goku!" The 2 men cried. Goku smiled.

"Hey Krillan,Master Roshi." Goku greeted. He noticed the blond boy staring shyly at him.

"Who are you,little guy?" Goku asked kindly.

"I'm Sai sir." The boy said. He looked like he'd be around 4 years old.

Krillan smiled." Come on son,don't be shy. He won't bite."

Goku's eyes went wide. "K-Krillan! You have a son?" Goku was surprised.

Krillan smirked. "That's right. and a little girl to." As if on cue a little blond girl,who looked about 3 came running out. Her hair was in a pony tail,with a red bow in her hair. She wore a red sundress,and she had bright blue eyes.

She noticed Goku,standing there with a goofy grin on his face. She also saw that 2 small black haired children were hiding behind his legs. She smiled.

"Hi." She waved. Goku gently pushed his kids foward. "Go on kids,say hi."

Gohan and Gomai both bowed politely,with a "Hello."

"I'm Marron,and this is my brother Sai." Marron said pointing to Sai who smiled shyly.

Suddenly,A plane landed and out stepped a beautiful woman with blue hair. She got out the car with 2 small children with light purple hair and blue eyes.

One was a girl with her hair tied up in a ponytail. She wore a pink and white dress with C.C written across the front. The other one was a boy with short bowl-cut hair. He wore a green shirt and brown pants.

"Hey there guys." She called out.

She then walked up to them,the 2 kids trailed behind them.

Goku smiled. "Bulma,how's it been?" He looked and saw the 2 little kids. "Are those your kids? Boy,everyone's having kids huh?"

Bulma smiled. "This is Trunks,and this is Bulmetta." She introduced her kids.

"Hi." The 2 said in usion.

Bulma leaned down to the 4 other kids. "And who are they?" She asked.

"Hi,I'm Marron!" The blonde girl chirped happily.

"Sai,mam." Sai said,bowing. Bulma chuckled and rufffled his blonde hair.

"So Krillan,you took up babysitting.?"

"No. These are my children." The bald monk said. Bulma's eyes went wide like dinner plates.

"WHA? SINCE WHEN DID YOU HAVE CHILDREN?WHERE'S THE MOM?" Bulma cried. Krillan sweatdropped.

"I-I don't exacly know where she is. She just vanished one night." Krillan said looking at the ground.

Bulma looked shocked. "Oh,gee Krillan. I didn't know."

There was an awkward moment of silence when Goku spoke up. "These are my kids." He pointed to his children,who were now playing with the turtle with Sai,Marron,Trunks and Bulmetta.

"Oh there so cute!"

''Wait,they have tails?" Krillan asked.

Goku blinked. "Yeah,so?"

"Have they been around any full moons lately?" Master Roshi asked.

"No. We all go to bed pretty early. Well it's hard putting Goten to bed,but-"

"Who's Goten?" Bulma asked.

"Oh,he's my other son. He's 2. He stayed home with Chichi though." The saiyan explained.

"Oh. Cause if I were you Goku,I'd keep them in at my 3 were born,I cut there tails off." Bulma explained.

"Your kids are saiyans?" Krillan cried.

"Yeah. I just cut off their tails so that way they can't destroy Capsule Corp."

"B-But how? Yamcha's not a saiyan! How could you have saiyan babies if your with Yamcha?" Master Roshi asked.

Bulma scowled. "What is this 20 questions? I came here for a reunion,not a interview about who I have kids with! And before you ask,my 3rd child is Bra. She's 2,and she's at home with mom and dad. Any more questions?" She snapped.

The 3 men shook there heads. They knew not to never get on Bulma's bad side. Ever.

So the adults just stood,and talked about everything and anything while they watched their children play.

It was peaceful.

Well,it was until Goku felt a large powerlevel coming towards them!

"Hey,"He said,his features grew serious."Do you sense that?"

Krillan looked shocked. "Yeah. It's strong and it feels awfully threatning!"

"There!" Roshi pointed in the horizon. A small dot was flying to them. And it got closer!

"What if it's Piccolo? I don't want my kids near that monster?" Bulma cried.

Soon they got there answer when a large man with long,spiky hair landed on the island.

The kids all jumped and ran to hide in the protection of their parents.

"So we meet again Kakarot." The man said in a deep tone.

Goku growled as he and Krillan got into a fighting stance. "Who are you?!" Goku demanded.

The man laughed. "Now kakarot,is that any way to greet your brother?"

End of chapter one.

So,there's chapter one of my story, Dragon Ball Z: Alternate Universe.

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Bulmetta is Vegeta and Bulma's other daughter.

Sai is Krillans and 18's son.

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