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Crane loosened his grip on the fabric of his grey tie, clearing his throat and breathing in. He quickly finished compossing himself and picked up his pace, walking steadily to the glass doors of Bruce Wayne's newly brought and very extravagant hotel. He felt slightly out of place around all the rich people of Gotham, all the plastic people. He knew he didn't belong in a place like this, but he had been invited and he knew he couldn't turn it down, he needed to be seen tonight. He had planned a ship load of his toxins to be sent through the Narrows tonight. He didn't want any suspicionin any way floating around his name, but if he was seen here, no one would suspect him. He knew he was being overly safe on this, the police would never be able to link it to his name. The Batman however, he was another story. Jonathan liked to play it on the safe side, especially with something like tonight.

He clentched his jaw stiffly, awaiting behind a few people in front of him to shuffle in. He had to suppress the urge to turn back now, escaping the horrid nightmare of this whole ordeal of having to socialize with these people. He by no means wanted to be attending tonight's festive activities held by Mr. Wayne himself, he'd match rather be in his apartment, ordering chemicals and improving his new toxins. He had much to do and little time to do it in, Falcone's gang of thugs are expecting a new shipment of his 'drugs' in by next week and he still hadn't managed to finish off his second loading.

Sighing, Jonathan walked ahead inside the glass doors held open to him by one of the many butlers working for the over done hotel. He almost flinched when he felt a hand on his shoulder, not because he it wasn't expecting it, but because he had always hated physical contact and tried to avoid it as much as possible.

"Jonathan, it's wonderful you could join us," a tall middle aged woman dressed in an a long red gown exclaimed, squeezing his shoulder in what he expected was greeting.

"Yes, deliteful to see you too, Dr. Rosemary," Jonathan replied rather coldly.

Dr. Rosemary was just another on the list of many things Jonathan couldn't stand at Arkham. She was head of office in his department, just above him, earning herself a higher stature then he, giving him all the more reason to dislike her. Without her, he would hold the highest stature, if only she wasn't standing in his way.

He was hoping he wouldn't have the missfortune of running into her tonight, so he could stay a very short while and then sneak out, while still being on record for attending, just as she had asked him. But here she stood in her wedged heels, smiling up at him. She obviously hadn't picked up on the coldness of his voice or the annoyed tone he had shown at her presense. But then again, she never does.

"Jonathan, how many times must I say it, call me Helena, we are friends after all and it's not working hours right now anyway. Even so, you're welcome to call me by my first name."

Jonathan nodded and replied shortly with a "Very well, Helena."

She beamed up at him, glad to see him using a more personal touch to their 'relationship'. He always did act so coldly to others, but deep down Helena knew that they were friends, he just needed a little more time to adjust.

"Oh!" Helena exclaimed, clutching onto his shoulder once again. "The reason I asked you here tonight, of course was because i've been dying to introduce you to someone. Her name is Katherine Grant. She'll be working closely with our Asylum from tomorrow onwards, as a new psychologist. She moved here not so long ago actually, she's staying not far from here in a hotel until she can get her hands on her own apartment. She'll be working in fields below you of course, since she hasn't had much experience in Arkham. However she did study psychology for a time, and in that brief time topped her classes with extrodinary marks to her name. She's a very bright girl, very beautiful too. I'd like you to meet her now, she's on the fourth floor, where the most of this party is being held. Charming girl, very charming girl," Helena informed him, ending with a small smile.

Jonathan breathed in, he really wasn't in the mood for socializing, especially with those who would call themselves his co-workers. Instead of saying this, he just nodded slightly. "I'm sure it's going to be a pleasure to meet Miss Grant from what you've just told me."

"Yes, i'm sure you two will get along greatly. She reminds me a great deal of you Jonathan," she told him, pushing her way to the stairs, Jonathan following closely. "I think you'll find her quite interesting. She takes a great interest in the study of fear and the effects it has on the mind. She rambled on quite a bit about it when I talked to her earlier, telling her about you and your studies around it. She seemed to be extremely excited to meet you and talk about some of your thoughts on the matter."

Ascending the stairs, he gripped onto the firm and shiny railings, moving past the great crowds of people standing around, all pretending to be someone important. He tried to hide the disgust he felt for the people. They all seemed so happy with the lie surrounding them, the whole idea of them being more then just blood and bone because they had expensive cocktails in their hands and dressed in gowns that probably cost more then his apartment.

"Up here, up here," Helena said, guiding him to a large function room. "Last time I saw her, she was sitting beside the barside table. She's...um, she's not the biggest socialite. She's been sitting there for most of the night from what I know."

"I see," Jonathan replied.

"Right, right. I'm sure she'll come out of her shell now that she has you to talk with though, quite sure. As I said before, she's very interested to meet and speak with you. She talked very highly of your work."

"My work?" Jonathan asked, raising an eyebrow. "My work in Arkham interests her?"

"Yes, very much. She's read through some files on Arkham and it's inmates, while also taking the time to read up on some workers. She was very impressed with your file."

Clearing his throat, he felt himself stand a little taller. "Yes, well, i'm glad to hear me and Miss Grant share similiar interests. Although *ahem* Dr. I was certain those files were under some form of protection from wondering hands."

"Oh no, Jonathan, anyone who works above level in Arkham can access these. It's mostly done for inmates, to further understand their patterns and personalitites, but there are strictly professional files under each worker. It's not a big deal since only a few people work above level and can access these, and they're all very trusted and practiced. Although, most people don't seem to bother looking into their co-workers files, Katherine was very interested when she heard about your fields of study. She asked for the files in fact. But don't be worry, I know you like to keep to yourself, these files are only written to show your progress of work with the inmates."

"Ah," Jonathan said, nodding. "And I am to understand she will be working closely to my department?"

"Yes," Helena replied happily. "I'm excited to see if you two will work together in future. Both brillant minds, it'll be grand to see your fields connecting."

Jonathan followed Helena across the floor, where people were swinging in and out of the crowd, chatting happily and holding cocktails and expensive wines. He dodged a group of younger ladies, all gossiping about something or another.

"I left her just here somewhere," Helena said, peeking above the crowd to the bar.

He followed her eyes to the sidebar, where rows of wooden bar stools were placed along the serving bench. Behind the bench were all kinds of alcohols and beverages, resting on glass cases. Helena moved forward, a slight swing in her step.

"There she is," she beamed as she moved faster.

Looking over to where Helena's eyes were, he noticed a girl sitting by herself to the left of the bar. She looked hidden away behind her straight long hair that covered her face, sipping at her glass. She didn't seem to fit in very well, from what he could see she was trying to hide away from others. He couldn't make out much of her, only her long black hair and what looked like a silky black dress.

He swallowed his complaints of having to socialize with this girl. He already didn't like her from what he had heard. Sure, she seemed smart and interested in similiar topics to himself, but all together she was too interested. Snooping around his files, even if allowed, was something Jonathan didn't want people doing. She could put his whole plan at stake now that she'll be working in his department, she seemed like someone who couldn't mind their own business. What if she started sneaking around? What if she happened to find out about his little experiments on the inmates while sneaking around? What if she stumbled apon his secrets? He was sure she would put everything at risk, he had to get rid of her as soon as he could.

"Katherine, this is the good Doctor Crane and Crane, this is Katherine. I'll leave you two to better know each other," Helena's voice boomed through Jonathan's thoughts. "I'll be over by the buffet, I simply must greet Mr. Haltz."

Helena waved quickly before sweeping away into the crowd, leaving Jonathan alone with Katherine. He quickly gathered himself, clearing his throat and straighting his glasses. "Good evening."

He noticed her eyes light up slightly at his presence and she put her glass on the bench of the bar. She gave him a crooked smile, showing white teeth and wide dimples. "It's wonderful to finally meet you, Dr. Crane. I've been waiting quite the while."

Jonathan noticed she didn't extend her hand like most people to greet him, instead they stayed folded in her lap. She did offer him a sit beside her though, and a drink if he'd like. She seemed a lot more confident then she looked. Her voice even had an almost seductive chime to it, making her appear older then she probably was. She did only look early 20's, maybe a year or two younger then Jonathan himself.

"No thank you," Jonathan declined her offer of a drink, sliding into the chair beside her.

She smiled up at him and nodded, ordering herself a new glass. He took this time to take in her appearence. She wore a long black strappless dress, it fell down below her ankles. Around her waist was a white bow, stitched into the dress going all the way around and drooping slightly. The bottom of her silky dress was scrunched into small folds, giving it a rippled look before falling back into it's normal shape. The dress complimented her slender figure greatly, showing off her small waist. She allowed a small among of clevage at the top of her dress. It wasn't distasteful, nothing about her outfit was, she made it look elegant.

Jonathan couldn't deny that she looked quite stunning, especially with her long hair falling straight down to her waist. Her skin was a pale shade, while still having a nice glow to it. Her nose was small and button like, whereas her lips were large, concealing a white shinning smile that lit up her whole face. Her eyes were the peek of her features, pulling together her whole structure. They were blue, with an almost green tint to them, sparkling lightly as she spoke.

"So Dr. Crane," she began, turning back towards him. "Your work is very interesting. I hope you don't mind but I read your open file, as well as other workers, and yours was by far the most interesting. I'm fascinated by your line of work with the mind."

"I'm glad to see you're so interested in my work," Jonathan replied in his husky yet calm voice. "Most people overlook certain parts of the mind, parts that I rather like to look into. Feelings, thoughts, phobias-"

"Fears," Katherine chimed in.

Peeking through his glasses at her, he blinked. "Yes, fear. A rather intriguing subject for myself."

"I feel the same," Katherine all but blurted out. "About your thoughts, about your studies from what i've seen, which isn't much but..." She trailed off, looking down. Then almost as soon as she looked down, she raised her head back, smiling brightly. "Tell me, doctor, do you find joy in your work?"

"Yes," Jonathan replied right away. "It's why I do what I do."

"Me too," she replied, picking up her glass and sipping. "I absolutely love what I do."

"I can see from your love of research that you're very fond," he said, folding his arms and crossing one leg over the other.

She smiled again at him, in an almost devilish manner. "I do love my research."

"I see that," he replied more harshly then required.

Katherine bit down on her lower lip, avoiding his gaze for a moment. She then turned back towards him, looking straight into his cold blue eyes.

"Look, I know you probably don't like me very much. New girl moving into your area of the playing field and all, I understand. But...I was hoping we could work together. Not all the time of course but, sometimes prehaps. We could share ideas, combine thoughts. I feel like we would make a great team, us two."

Slightly taken back by her sudden out break Jonathan raised an eyebrow slightly. "Miss Grant-"

"Call me Katy," she interrupted.

"Katy," Jonathan began, clearing his throat. "I understand your interest in my area, obviously your very taken with my studies. But I must tell you this now, i'm not very fond of 'Sharing ideas'. I tend to keep to myself and work alone, that's how I like it. I hope you don't take it personally, it's strictly business purposes."

Katy's mouth twitched slightly, before she licked her lower lip concealing it. "It's understandable. Although Dr. Crane, i'm sure my work might come of interest to you too. It could go both ways."

"I'm sure your work is very interesting, Miss Grant but i'd rather stick to mine...alone."

"Alright," Katy said, nodding and blinking several times. "Still, i'd like to talk about some things with you, right now if you don't mind."

"Go on," Jonathan told her.

"Your work on fear is increasingly growing as a topic in my mind. If you don't mind, I'd like to...further understand. Your theories, your ideas, everything in your file I read always came down to it, fear. You seem to be quite knowing, quite knowledgable on the topic. Please, tell me more about your dive into the subconscious mind and the control your patients have over themselves when their fears come into play, which has been recorded quite a lot. Often in the case of schizophrenia."

Jonathan was very taken aback. How much had she read on him? How much did his files have to offer on him? He clentched his jaw softly, slightly annoyed at her constant need for conversation. He'd need to check up on these files later, to see just how much she knew. Of course she still wouldn't know about his toxins or his experiments, but he still didn't want her to know much about anything concerning himself.

"What would you like to know about this topic?"

"Well, there's no need to rush, after all Doctor, we have all night to discuss said topic," she said smiling and rolling her eyes slightly.

He noted her smile was fading and growing slightly more tired and he looked at the clock, it was now 10.15pm. They had been talking for 15 minutes, meaning he had only been here for less then half an hour. Already he felt like excusing himself and leaving, he had attented and spoke to Katherine just as Rosemary had asked, he could leave now and be free of the ordeal.

"Tired already?" Katy asked, grinning as she watched Crane stare at the clock.

"Yes. I had a long day today at the asylum. I really should be leaving to get home," he said, trying to shake her off.

"Ah," she spoke. "Well, I won't keep a man waiting in that case."

"It was a pleasure to meet you," Jonathan lied.

Looking over at Katy, he noticed she had a saddened expression on her face. She looked disappointed at his sudden excuse to leave. She licked her lips, nodding again. Then, her expression changed and her frown turned into her crooked smile. She stood up, tucking away her stool, just as he had just done.

"Is it okay if I walk down with you?" I really don't want to have to be around these people anymore," she said, gesturing to the guests. "I can make a quick escape to a cab and be out of here too."

Her eyes almost pleaded he say yes and let her walk down to his car. She seemed to really dislike the surrounding guests. Jonathan was trying to think of an excuse to shake her off once again, but before he could say anything he noticed Helena walking up towards the two. He turned to Katherine quickly, choosing her over Helena to deal with.

"Let's go then," he said.

Turning, he made for the elevator, Katherine following beside him. He heard Helena call his name and then when he didn't respond, instead pretending he couldn't hear, she called Katherine's name. Jonathan prayed she didn't turn around or go back. And she didn't.


The elevator doors closed, shutting him out before he could reach them. Helena was now closing in, her voice still faint in the crowd. He was desperate to leave before he had to have another conversation with that overly annoying woman.

"Over here," Katy said suddenly, taking Jonathan's hand in hers.

He looked to where Katy was taking him in a fast pace. He could feel the bracelet on her hand hitting against his and he felt suddenly uncomfortable. He didn't like having interactions like that, it was too close to confort for him.

Pulling him around a crowd of passer byers, she moved to a stair railing, where a spiral of stairs lead. She walked down the stairs swiftly, turning to him as he walked behind her and threw him a devilish smile. She then turned back around and finished climbing the last stairs, letting go of his hand as he came down also. He was glad she had released her grip on his hand, it felt annoying to have any skin other then his own on him.

"Thank god," she puffed slightly, obviously happy to be away from the crowds.

He gave her the best fake smile he could muster up. "Well, my car is just down there, so again, it was a pleasure to meet you."

"Yes, it was. Thank you for your company, I look forward to tomorrow."

"Tomorrow?" Jonathan asked, curiousity lacing his voice.

Surely she didn't expect to be bothering him at work tomorrow. No, he had things to do, toxins to test and experiments to run. He couldn't have her tagging along or even bothering him at all while he did these. What if she found the basement where he tested his drugs and experiments? He couldn't let her, he had to find a way to get her away until he could get rid of her permanently. He only had to say the word to one of Falcone's men and he could have her done away with, but even so he would have to wait until he could talk with one of these men. Until then, he had to make sure she didn't bother him.

"Yes, didn't Helena inform you?" she asked, tilting her head slightly. "Tomorrow we have to share an office. I'm sorry, she didn't tell you?"

Jonathan held back a frustrated breathe. He could feel his grip tighten slightly, but he tried to keep his air of calmness. "Why?"

She shrugged her shoulders. "My office isn't ready yet and Dr. Rosemary said she wanted me in that block, so until it's done, which will be the day after tomorrow, i'm to be placed in your office."

"Done? Exactly what is being done to your office?" he asked, annoyance clear in his calm voice.

"I'm not sure, Dr. Rosemary said she wanted to surprise me with a new office space to do my work in," Katy told him, biting her lip.

Jonathan felt his cheeks redden in anger. So it was Rosemary who did this? He felt his anger for her explode inside of him, but he held his tongue. He always compossed himself as a calm man, he wouldn't want to ruin his reputation.

"I see," he said.

"I'm sorry, I know you wanted to keep our work seperate but I won't be much of a bother. I'll do my work and you do yours, it's only one day after all."

Licking his bottom lip slowly, he adjusted his glasses. "Very well, Miss Grant. I shall see you tomorrow in that case."

Before she could answer, he turned away, walking stiffly to the exit without a second glance.

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