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Amongst the circle of college youths, who no doubt were drunk in a smokey haze of cigarettes and racing hormones, sat Ace; who was quietly reserved before he suddenly gained the attention of everyone in the room. Realising what had happened; freckles danced in a light shade of pink that blushed his cheeks as the young man was rather abashed to see that the neck of the empty beer bottle had pointed itself to him. And in a game of Spin-the-Bottle, where an attractive gentleman was up for stake, the girls within Ace's social clique could not resist a suggestive purr to the possible opportunity of kissing Ohara State University's most wanted man.

"Well, well, well . . ." Grasping the bottle within her slender fingers and playfully tapping the cool tip against her vibrant coral hair, Nami let out a sly smirk as she deviously posed, "Who's the lucky girl who gets to kiss Mr Portgaz?"

Excitement was escalating throughout the whole room as Nami placed the bottle on the carpet and whirled it in a spinning spasm. As the bottle hastily rotated in a fixed circle that discriminated nobody from being chosen, silence consumed the clustered room; breaths were suspended, adrenaline-shot eyes were widely opened in budding anticipation and the crunch of plastic sounded as some girls may have gripped their cups a little too hard. An anxious wreck behind his solemn mask, Ace felt unsettled as gray eyes trailed the gyrating glass that had now began to gradually slow down and come to decide the receiving end of his kiss. Shifting from Vivi . . . Sanji . . . Nami . . . Himself. . . Perona . . . Usopp . . . Johnny . . . Yosaku . . . Tashigi . . .

Then it finally stopped and Ace felt his eyes lift in surprise in identifying his destined recipient. . . Oh man. . . Howls of laughter erupted throughout the circle of friends at the reaction of the person pointed out by the bottle. His nose flared and onyx eyes fuming as he ran a hefty hand through his emerald hair, Zoro irritably kicked the bottle away and openly declared, "No WAY in hell, am I kissing freckle-face over there."

Bending over, Nami mischievously grabbed Zoro's broad arms, despite his muscular frame, and shockingly tipped him towards a startled Ace, "Come on Zoro! Just a small kiss!" At this, Ace felt his heart abruptly heave and his stomach begin to pool with nauseating butterflies as the tinge on his cheeks tinted darker. He shifted uncomfortably in his spot, inclining his head to let the lustrous tresses of his ebony strands obscure the blush that was starting to heat his whole face.

"No!" Zoro furiously barked, jerking himself away from Nami's insistent grasp, "I'm not fuckin' gay."

Frustrated, Nami huffed before looking over to Ace, "Ace, how about you come over, and set this idiot's mind straight with a nice kiss?"

Before he allowed a chance for the swirling alcohol within his body to decide on anything stupid, Ace shook his head with a gawky laugh, "I don't kiss guys. I'm not, you know. . ." he begun trailing before timidly murmuring, "gay."

With a frown creased on her face, Nami shook her head, "You two honestly suck." She then grabbed the bottle, disregarding all the rules as she instantly directed the neck to a smoking blonde, "But the game continues, and it looks like its Sanji's turn."

With a quick flick, the bottle began its immediate rotation again, that discriminated nobody from being chosen. But despite knowing that it was not his spin, despite the little chance he had at kissing Sanji against 8 others, despite the fact that he had just stated that he was not gay only moments before. . . As the bottle continued twirling in a dance of chance and luck, Ace found that his heart never stopped abruptly heaving, his stomach never stopped pooling with nauseating butterflies, the deep blush that shaded his cheeks never faded. . . And that he might just be in denial of himself. He also found himself lowering; glossy metallic eyes sinking to the carpeted floor in a blanket of self-loathing and a sad smile edging his lips, because Ace hated what he had become.

I say I'm not, but I am.

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