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The King perched on the banister of the balcony, his heavy cape wrapped tightly around him as he looked out over his Kingdom that had hardly changed in all of the centuries that he had ruled over the wasteland. The landscape remained muted tones of brown, with the odd sprinkle of foliage here and there breaking up the bleakness with lush shades of green.

His mismatched eyes travelled the intricate twists and turns of the structure that lay just beyond the Goblin City, a structure he himself had created: the Labyrinth. The ominous maze stretched out before him, a constant reminder of the one runner who had bested its deceitful design and refused everything that he had to offer her.

Tracing the route the champion had taken from memory, he frowned. Sure, he had made it easier for her than he had for anyone else, but he had also stolen some of her time in the hopes that it would hinder her progress. And yet she still prevailed.

Lifting his face to the slight breeze, the King sighed. It had been far too long ruling with no one by his side, and the Labyrinth itself called out for its queen. He gave an amused smirk; the maze wanted the champion just as much as he wanted her for himself. They both understood that not just any woman could become Goblin Queen; it was a position only for HER.

Through the lack of a queen, the Labyrinth had gradually become an unfriendly territory, making it a dangerous place for anyone to venture into due to its unruly nature. It was as if it was rebelling against the King's order, continuously growing harder for him to control. He could no longer deny the fact that it was slowly slipping into ruin. Watching as that very entity began to shift its walls through no action on his part, his thoughts turned to its current runner, who right at this minute in time was most probably questioning her sanity.

A disturbing shriek soon rang out, causing a flock of blackbirds to fly away from an expanse of the Labyrinth easily identified as the Bog of Eternal Stench. The air above it rippled with distortion, a result of the noxious gases that escaped from the foul swamp.

Scowling, the King turned to peer into the throne room that the balcony jutted from as the raucous sound of sobbing could be heard coming from within. Disappearing from his perch in a shower of glitter, he instantly manifested on the outskirt of the room so that he could watch the scene that was unfolding before him.

A screaming golden haired infant, who was sat in the centre of the throne room, had an army of goblins of all shapes and sizes gathered around him, cooing and making what they considered to be funny faces in an attempt to soothe the boy.

The toddler reminded the King of the child that the champion had wished away. He smiled at the thought of young Toby. He had grown quite fond of the boy in the short amount of time that they had spent together, so much so that he visited him occasionally in his owl form, leaving a gift each time. Toby had grown considerably.

Pulling himself from his thoughts, the King headed over to the bawling babe, his heavy cape whipping out behind him, causing the goblins who sat on the floor to dodge the hefty material as he passed. He scooped the child up in one fluid movement and continued to walk to his throne, where he took a seat and placed the boy on his lap.

"No wonder he was crying, you're all utterly hideous," he spoke in a clipped English accent whilst he began to bounce the youngster on his knee. Most of the goblins chuckled at his remark and a few even gave a cheer, interpreting the insult as a compliment.

The King shook his head; I'm surrounded by idiots, he thought, looking down at the now-soothed child, whose blue eyes were wide with awe as they studied his face.

"Hello, little fellow," he greeted, giving a wicked smile that caused the boy's bottom lip to begin to quiver, which instantly ceased when he was bounced once more.

"No tears," the King said, stealing a glance across the room to a spot where a large black clock was affixed to the wall directly above a set of double doors. The larger hand shifted towards the top of the dial, hitting the thirteenth marker to signal another hour passed.

All that remained of the runner's time was a further two hours in which to solve his maze, but her progress was slow and she had not even made it to the Two-Faced Doors when he had last been watching her.

"Would you like me to tell you a story?" the King asked, turning his attention back to the once again content child, who was now sucking on his thumb. At the mention of a tale, the numerous goblins began to gather around the throne, taking up places on the floor in front of their King.

He started his story right from the beginning, telling of how the one and only champion of the Labyrinth, Sarah Williams, had wished her younger sibling away to the fearsome Goblin King, and how she had made it through dangers untold to progress through the Labyrinth. He also recounted that she had danced within a crystal; the King had paused momentarily at that part, remembering how Sarah had felt in his arms as they had swayed together. He cleared his throat and hurried on with the account.

"Sarah Williams stormed the castle, dispensing of the city's foolish guards rather easily," he gave the goblins seated around him a pointed glare, who in turn shifted awkwardly and glanced off in to different directions. "And once she was within the confines of the castle, she entered into a room twisted in unimaginable ways. In that very room Sarah was offered her dreams, but she refused them," he paused once again, staring blankly out into the room, his eyes fixed on nothing in particular.

"In doing so, she saved the child that was never in any real danger, and refused a being that would have given her everything that she would have ever wanted and more. All that the King had asked for in return, was for her to give herself to him willingly for all eternity," he sighed and looked around the room; most of the goblins had fallen asleep and were snoring loudly, even the child had drifted off long ago, but he finished his tale anyway.

"But little did the champion know, she had eaten from the King's realm, so therefore was always bound to him whether she liked it or not, and the date to claim her hand in marriage was fast approaching".

He sat in relative silence for quite some time before deciding he was fed up with this particular runner's lack of progress. It was evident that she would eventually fail, so he saw no reason to allow the woman to waste anymore of his time, even if he did have plenty to spare.

Standing from the throne, he placed the child down gently on the pad of the now vacant seat and materialized a soft blanket to shield the youngster from the chill in the air.

Turning his attention to the clock once more, he raised a black leather clad hand and pointed to the ornate timepiece, forcing time itself to speed up. He left the runner a mere ten minutes before he exited the throne room, only to reappear in one of the many identical passages within the Labyrinth where he leaned against the stone wall, impatiently waiting for the woman to pass by.

When the runner eventually reached the spot that the King occupied, she froze as soon as she caught sight of him and screeched at the top of her lungs.

"Where is my Joshua!?"

The King simply eyed her with disinterest.

"He is safe, but you, my dear, have run out of time," he replied coldly before the woman broke down in hysterics, her body flopping to the hard ground in front of him. The action seemed almost exaggerated.

"No, it can't be over, I have more time!" she wailed to the uncaring man that stood before her.

"On the contrary, I grew tired at the lack of intelligence that you possess to defeat MY Labyrinth," Jareth said as the ground gave a slight rumble in protest; the construction was calling out for its rightful owner.

"What will you do with him?" the woman asked through her sobs.

"I have told you already, he will become a goblin," the King replied, his face emotionless. Yet another flood of ear-piercing wails rang out, and he decided it was time to send the woman home before her banshee-like cry caused the already unsteady walls around them to crumble into nothing but dust.

Pushing away from the wall, he approached her and flipped the bottom of his cloak out, using it to completely cover the form of the crumpled woman.

When he pulled the material back she was gone; back to the Above, back to her home and back to her bed, minus the child that she had called Joshua. The King felt nothing for her loss, she had decided to make a senseless wish regarding something so precious and now she would have to deal with the consequences.

Beginning a leisurely stroll through the tricky turns of the Labyrinth, he ran a gloved hand along the crumbling wall, watching as small pebbles fell away and clattered onto the stone floor. His creation was slowly dying before his eyes.

As he walked along, his hand never leaving the decaying surface, the walls began to shift so that they completely boxed him in to allow no escape. He could easily just teleport himself out, but instead he chose to stay.

"We're not so different are we?" he asked with a chuckle, laying his palm completely flat to the cracked brick. "The champion stole my heart and your loyalty away in less than thirteen hours."

The floor rumbled again as if in agreement, the sound similar to a pained moan.

"She will be our queen by any means necessary," the King said, reassuring himself more than anything. At his statement, the walls began to shift once more, revealing a straight path directly to the Goblin City.

The King followed the trail silently, until he emerged from an opening in the Labyrinth's outer barrier. He had been brought out by a fountain decorated with miniature statuettes that strangely resembled that snivelling dwarf Haggle pissing into the pool below. He pursed his lips; he had no recollection of installing such a piece.

Turning around to look back at the path he had just travelled, he inclined his head.

"Thank you," he said sincerely. "You will have your queen before the year is out," he told the structure, whose stone slabs instantly began to rattle, making what sounded like a low hiss. The walls also seemed to double in height, towering high as if making a threat for the King to keep his word.

Turning away, he walked towards the city gates. He would be counting the days until he could return for his queen, but right now he had a wished away child named Joshua to deal with.

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