It's a little snack. But I had to do this. I HAD TO. You don't understand. this beautiful, disgusting mental image just came into my head, and I had to write it down. Hell, I might even draw it later. Who knows?!

You'll see what I mean.


Things were a complete mess after the incident. There was no explanation as to why the boy sudden reappeared. Alive and well, when his entire body had previously vanished. To be woven back into the fabric of existence and so perfectly, seamlessly, was suspicious. They ket him under care, watching, investigating.

Chance gave them nothing. Not a single clue to why he had returned.

"Hey." Cindy said, smiling and setting down a sandwich she had made onto the table before him.

Chance stopped fiddling with his own fingers, a depressed stare turning in her direction. "…"

"I've heard you don't like to eat…? Everyone's getting worried about you, you know." Cindy said. "You should have something in your stomach."

The blonde's eyes flickered for a fraction of a second upon hearing those words. His hand slid its way down to his stomach under the shirt. Sure enough, he could feel something…squirming.

"…I do." he replied simply.

Cindy blinked. "Huh?"

"James…" Chance breathed, smiling a little.

"James…?" Cindy asked. "You mean…Mr. Sunderland?"

The blonde boy did not reply, gasping when he felt the thing in his stomach writhe and press against his wall. "Uh-…haa…"

"What's wrong? Is your stomach hurting?" she asked. "Let me have a look."

Chance turned away from her, "It's nothing!"

"Ah-…oh..okay…" she said nodding slowly. "It's alright, I won't look then…it's alright…"

The girl sighed and pushed the plate closer to their guest, before getting up.

"You should eat something if you're not feeling well, alright?" she said.

Chance rubbed the growing being in his stomach through his skin and smiled as she left, turning to sit on the chair sideways, leaning his head against the headboard of it. Shutting his eyes, he concentrated on the feeling of the 'child' inside of him, remembering his two already borne 'son's.

"James…" he said softly. "I knew you wouldn't leave me."

Pyry stood before the casket. The body inside was frozen in time, not by its own inability to rot, but by the sync that lined the inner walls of the case. Black roses surrounded the body, which was clothed in a white shirt and pair of trousers. A single black rose was clasped in the boy's dead hands, over his chest. In it's entirety, it looked like a hilarious reenactment of Snow White's deathbed. Only this time, it was not a deep sleep that Seishiro would not awake from.

"…look at you." Pyry said, gazing down at the elevated case. "Even after a week you look as fresh as when you were alive."

He chuckled, shaking his head. To think the kid really would die. It was a shame really. It was fun to tease him. But he also hated him. He wanted to destroy him. To ruin him. At the same time, he wanted to hold him in the palm of his hand forever. This strange mix and clash of desires always bubbled to the surface, whenever Seishiro was around. And the fact that he was now somewhere nobody could reach was almost too much for Pyry.

"You stupid shit." he said under his breath. "What makes you think it's alright to just up and die like that?"

Pyry lowered his hand into the casket, fingertips brushing the cold, hardened skin of the boy's cheek.

"It doesn't matter." he said, smirking. "I'll keep you here. Like this, for as long as time passes by. Nobody else can see how pretty you look like that."

"Ha-…uuuh…." Chance's body burned, the sinful lust instilled in him unrelenting, as he fingered his dripping wet tightness. "James…Jaa-uh…Jame…s…"

His body craved. Craved for that cruel, crushing caress. The unrelenting force in those uncaring thrusts. The burning acidity of the saliva that slathered the long, tongue. He couldn't hold out like this. He needed his god. Desperate tears of longing stained the sheets as he continued to violate himself with his fingers, on his knees, ass in the air.

The child within him squirmed, a hissing sound came from the wall that was his stomach. The heart within his mock-womb had melted into the acid a lot time ago. The hard, round object which he now knew was an egg had hatched. This beautiful monster of a child pushing against his flesh made him only more excited.

Now, he was nothing more than a vessel. A breeding tool.

"Mhh-…" Chance was startled, when a shadow cast in the door that let in too much light for his liking. "Uh-!?"

Cindy froze at the awkward sight, swallowing. Confused. "Ah…"

Chance's look of surprise turned into an enraged glare, which he directed right at her. Cindy's face grew red, and she turned, running out of the room. Her steps carried her down the all, right past Pyry, who was just leaving his own chambers.

"Cindy?" he asked as she ran by, covering her reddened cheeks with an arm. "Hey!"

She didn't reply, only making embarrassed cries as she rushed into her own area of the building.

"What's got her all worked up?" he wondered out loud, turning his head to look down the hallway she had just come from. "hmmh…"

"Haa-…ah…" Chance shuddered, gazing down at his soiled hand, white cum with traces of red and black. "Mh…James…I need you…"

The sound of releasing pressure echoed into the room as Pyry entered, stopping and eyes widening. Chance lay there on the bed, spread eagle, with a hand at his own weeping cock and another sticking fingers into his asshole. He panted hard, turning his head slightly, tear-blurred eyes looking at his second intruder.

He panted hard, dazed and mind blank.

Pyry swallowed hard at the supple, tender, pale skin, the bare body in the most provocative pose. Chance stared him down, chest heaving, a sly tongue licking his lips as his eyes raked down the taller man's body. As the boy's eyes reached the area of his crotch, Pryry was suddenly aware of his own racing heartbeat.

Chance heaved himself up, leaning against the pillow and the headboard of the bed. His smoldering gaze met Pyry's.

"You…you're the kid…" Pyry said, breathlessly.

Chance had a sudden thought go through his mind, and he smirked. "Yeah…what of it?"

The silence between them was tense, heavy with Chance's lustful breaths. Chance's eyes turned hazy and enticing. What he needed now-was the seed of a human. Not that he desired it-it was part of his duty as a breeder.

"What are you looking at?" Chance asked with a coy smile.

Pyry swallowed again, feeling a hard lump in his throat. "Wh…at…?"

Chance breathed in deep, spreading his thighs a bit wider, exposing a messy, delicious sight. "You like this sort of thing…?"

Something inside Pyry snapped.

"You pervert." Chance chuckled.

The boy yelped in surprise as the man flew across the room in a single leap, slamming his free wrist against the headboard. "….big mistake."

"Ungh-!" Chance gasped, cheeks turning red at the feel of the other man's finger's joining his own. "Ahh-!"

"You like that? You're a real piece of work, aren't you?" Pyry said in a low voice. "I wonder what they did to your head, over there in that fucked up place."

"Ahh-…!" Chance pressed his head against the board, eyes pleading for the other to stop.

"You look like a kicked puppy." Pyry laughed. "Come on then, I'll pretty up the inside of your ass."

As his attacker removed the fingers and his own hand from his stretched hole, chance wrapped his legs around him, licking his lips again, like a hungry animal. "Heh…"

He lurched forward, pinning the other man down onto the bed with his hips, enticing a pleasured grunt from the man's lips as his ass ground onto the covered erection. Chance sighed as he increased the friction between his hips and the clothed groin, feeling the hardness against his balls.

"Haa-…ugh…" the boy on top closed his eyes, leaning his body back as he popped open the other's pants, allowing the cock to spring free.

"Gh-…eager little fuck…aren't you…?" Pyry gasped, hissing at the cold air against his raging hardness.

Without a moment's hesitation, Chance impaled himself onto the other man, gasping at the strange feeling of a warm cock.

She really should apologize. It wasn't intentional that she had ignored him. Cindy sighed and leaned he head against the wall, sitting on her bed awkwardly. Her head a racing mess. What was Chance doing? And why…why was he….

"Mhh…" Cindy felt her stomach churn and decided it was best not to think about it too much. "I should say sorry…"

She sighed and got off the chair, turning to push it back into her work desk as she left the room and ventured down the hall to Pyry's territory. Usually, the other would be busy looking at potential items to be used for their strange arsenal of weaponry and tools for missions. It was his major priority other than looking after the other matters that were their business.

"Ah…that reminds me…" Cindy had just remembered to ask what he had done with Seishiro's body. "…I wonder if…he's already been cremated."

It was common for those that worked in this line to be erased completely once they had expired, so as to prevent any confusion and conflict if any evidence of their tampering in the other worlds were to be found. Nothing should be traced back to here.

"…Pyry…?" Cindy asked, lifting a hand to knock on the sliding door, which-due to the fact that Pyry liked to keep to himself, was usually locked.

Cindy half-stepped back out of surprise when the door slid open.

"…huh? Pyry?" she asked, staring into the wide expanse of darkness, with nothing but a single dim light on something at the centre of the room. "Pyry?"

What…? What was a that? A box? A long box. But it was too big to be a box. And it looked like it was made out of gold. Hesitantly, she poked her head into the room. Why hadn't it been locked? Could Pyry have forgotten?

"Pyry?" she asked again, stepping into the room.

Upon sensing the person in the doorway had fully passed, the door slid closed, and made a hissing noise as it fitted into place.

"Uh-.." it seemed he wasn't here.

Curiosity got the better of her-and was it really her fault? The casket had become the main focus of this room. The sweet smell of flowers and the burning odor of incense drew her even closer to the object she now knew was a coffin. The room had become a shrine.

"…." Her eyes widened as she recognized him. "…Sei…?"

Oh god. Oh no. It…it was really him!

"SEI!" she said, running to the display.

As she reached it, her hand shout out to caress his cold cheek. But surprisingly, it was soft to the touch. How…? He had been dead at least a week.

"Sei?" she asked, her hopes rising slowly, at the feel of a slight warmth underneath the skin.

Was…was he coming back?

"Sei?" She asked again. "AH-!"

The girl gasped and backed away, tripping over herself as the entire body that lay on the bed spontaneously caught fire. The flames were hot, consuming the body entirely. The clothes turned into oohing, and the bare flesh, instead of turning a charred black, began to break into pieces, evaporating into the tongues of fire.

What?! What happened?


Pyry grunted as he came, shooting his own seed deep into the constricting tightness as the boy rode him, pumping him for everything he was worth. "Gh-uhkh-!"

"Haa-…aaaah…" Chance moaned, feeling the milky white coat his insides.

Both panted hard, Chance making no move to remove himself from on top of the man. Pyry stared at the tired boy, whose own erection was still very much present.

"Looks like…you haven't gotten enough…" Pyry said, trying to sit up and overtake him.

Chance's head, which had been hanging low, suddenly snapped up to face him, a jawless, top row of teeth grinning wide at him, black and silver eyes wide. Pyry cried in surprise as Chance laughed, a choked, muffled laugh as blood bubbled up from inside his throat, the boy's hips twitching and thighs trembling. He spread his legs, leaning back, supporting himself with his hands on the mattress.

"Hah-! HAHA-uuh…Ahhh~!" The laughter turned into pleased cries as the boy's stomach churned to life, expanding, something clearly alive inside of him moving its way lower, and lower.

A blood and black-semen-covered hand, clawed at the nails stretched the asshole from the inside, slipping out from between the boy's spread thighs.

"WAAAAAAAAAAH!" Pyry screamed, but Chance decided that he had more use for this one. "GET AWAY!"

"The boys are hungry." Chance said, speaking without a mouth.

Before the man could even register what was happening, massive hands, one fitted into a tight, rubber glove, the the other covered by a yellowing, bloody cloth glove.

"GHH-!" Pyry shrieked at the sight of The Bogeyman and The Butcher, one at Chance's right, and the other at his left, glaring down at him menacingly. "NO! STOP! GET AWAY!"

First, only a long, black tip was visible, and slowly, the rest of the large oxidized, pyramid shaped helmet rose from behind Chance, the hulking shoulders, followed by a mighty torso. Chance tilted his head back, smiling with his eyes at the punisher.

"AAAAHHH!" Pyry continued to yell, but his screams went unheard.

Pyramid Head's strong hands grasped at Chance's ass cheeks and thighs, large fingers pressing into the flesh enough to bruise as he lifted the boy off the bed and the man slightly, opening his ass further.

"Aaah-…uuuh!" Chance gasped, grappling onto the strong shoulders behind him and leaning into the scarred chest. "Aaah! HAA-! UUURGH!"

The rest of the clawed hand emerged in a swift motion, slipping out all the way up to the shoulder, dripping with sick fluids onto the bed and Pyry's pants. The blackness burned into the fabric, and soon stung his skin.


"Gh-uh-! Nghu…I CAN'T…" Chance choked, eyes rolling to the back of his head as he came.

The top of the head soon emerged, the face, with a grin so evil and yet so familiar, it was unmistakable.

"Hehehe…" Seishiro chuckled, slowly removing his other shoulder, and soon his arm from the constricting opening. "Hello, Pyry."


The scream turned into a frightened gurgle, as large fangs dug into his throat, ripping his larynx messily from the neck. Pyry fell back, choking and coughing blood, body writhing in pain.

The Bogeyman tore the man's left limb off with his bare hands, whilst The Butcher used his favorite knife, the Great Cleaver-embedding it into the thickness of the joint, both inflicting excruciating pain. Pyry gurgled louder, kicking and thrashing. Pyramid Head lifted Chance off the bed completely as Seishiro fell out onto it, emerging fully.

"Gh-…ugh…" Chance's eyes were dilated, flicking as his body twitched in the executioner's arms.

The Butcher dragged Pyry off the bed, throwing him onto the floor, where the his back was stomped into the floor with a massive boot. Pyramid Head lifted the boot off and grunted, cradling his abused toy closer. The display of what he took to be jealousy made Chance lift a tired hand to caress the monster's chest, though he could not do much more than heave in breaths.

Seishiro turned his neck, cracking and loosening it as he stood fro the bed, covered in slime, blood and other telltale oozing fluids. "Mhh-…"

He slowly turned his gaze to Chance, who lay his head against Pyramid Head's massive shoulder, shutting his eyes. He smirked an unspoken, silent thank you before a great fire engulfed his body, disappearing into taboo-covered skin, pale white hair and golden, vengeful eyes. The twisted horns on his head stood proud, and the two long openings on his back that were stitched up slowly popped open to let out a flow of black, steel blades, forming into a mockery of angel's wings.

"Huh…" he grinned, large fangs for teeth proudly displayed.

Cindy gasped as the casket's fire finally subsides, but a sick, strange rotten substance began to emerge from inside it. The roses wilted, and turned into strange, cockroach-like creatures, screeching and scrambling towards her. The rot spread like a wild set of roots, taking over the casket and spilling onto the floor.

"YAA!" she screamed, getting up from it as the of the Creepers nearly touched her foot. "Pyry! PYRY!"

She continued to scream, all the way out the door, even as the rot overtook the shrine of a room, turning it into a dilapidated shell of what it was.

I needed to make sure I never forgot this scene. The whole Chance getting pregnant and giving birth plus gore just made my day. I feel so good right now I'm even going to wash the dishes that have been piling up. HEHEH!

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