So it's me again! Sorry I've been always late with the chapters. But I've got a job for now, thanks to the fact that I need the credit for my schooling. It's stupid, really. And I started witting this chapter thanks to the smog/haze/smoke/fog happening in Singapore right now. Where I'm living currently for college. I look outside and…it fucking looks like I'm in fucking Silent Hill. So I had an idea.

Thanks Indonesia for gassing us all out and trying to kill us and then asking for MONEY to fucking STOP. Greedy bastards. At least you guys get another chapter from all this. I'll be uploading it shortly.

Please hope that I don't die, as I've been inhaling the fumes of major forest fires for the past week now. It's slowly killing us. The birds have already begun falling out of the sky, the cats are also dying on the side of the road, and even my friend's pet gerbils died. Indonesia is acting like a bunch of spoiled brats and won't stop unless we PAY them, and other countries don't know what's happening to us.

Please, someone help us.