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"Seishi…" Cindy said as she got to her feet, tears in her emerald eyes as she smiled. "I remember…"

"…I was going to kill you." The demon-boy said. "Why…? Why weren't…aren't you afraid of me?"

Cindy's smile softened. "Because humans are the real monsters."

"…." the boy averted his gaze to the spreading rot and filth, busting pockets of pus, and veins of black.

"You know, right?" Cindy said. "You saw me do it. You saw me murder my own parents. How my father treated me. How my mother never stood up to him. You watched everything. And then, you waited for me. You waited until I was thirteen years old…you went to sleep deep in the earth. And then you heard me."

"…I suppose, that's what happened." Seishiro said.

"We both know what happens now, don't we?" Cindy said knowingly. "I'm the last piece of the puzzle."

"…" the boy closed his eyes.

It was true. But he wished it wasn't. A part of him-that ignorant personality that he had developed without his memories-had grown attached to her. Liked her. Maybe even…loved her. Maybe…just…maybe-


Cindy rolled to the side, whipping out her gun just as the desk hit the ground where she had been standing. "Filthy ragdoll of a servant!"

Valtiel's head jolted back and forth violently as the girl fired, aiming for the shoulders where the tattoos of the Seal of Metatron were located.

"Val!" Seishiro cried. "Wait!"

Valtiel made an unintelligible groan, before whipping his head back furiously at the boy. Seishiro gave him a sympathetic look, before turning towards Cindy once more.

"….what I've done isn't wrong…" Seishiro said, swallowing. "You said it too…humans are the real monsters. Nobody came to save me…nobody came to save Chance from his life either…nobody came to save you…! YOu should understand…this isn't easy for me."

"I still have to die, don't I?" Cindy smiled.

Seishiro's gaze narrowed in a pain he didn't quite know why he was feeling.

Valtiel's non-existent eyes fell onto the expression, and in an anger-filled fit he launched himself at the girl, a frightening cry resounding in the air.

"Shit!" Cindy rolled out of the way, firing as best as she could as she did so, before the four massive appendages of Valtiel landed around her as the massive body almost crushed her smaller form.

She pressed herself against the ground as it turned into chunks of hardened black tar. Valtiel's large hand lifted and like a whip, it came rushing back down towards the girl.

"Valtiel hates you." Seishiro said as he watched this happen. "You, personally."

In his mind's eye he could see the tombstone in which he had carved his dead lover's new name. HIs clawed hand outstretched and covered in granite as he bit his finger, writing into the stone. An inscription that would breathe itself into the very rock, into his very heart, invisible to the unworthy and to be heard by the damned.

"His rage is cold and intimate, cruel and vindictive…he hates all those things that a make you weak or petty."

It was not a poem. It was not a set of rules. It was a re-writing of fact, and yet the preservation of truth. Valtiel, like Pyramid Head was a tormenter…only his cause was more wide-spread and undiscriminating. Even Seishiro himself was hated in that indiscriminating way, having been tormented to overcome…to become who he really was, once again. Forever, from now on, he would be tormented, to remain strong.

Cindy's eyes flickered in a moment of suddenly awakening, and a mad cry escaped from her lips as she pulled out a machete she had rarely used from a hidden strap on her back under her shirt. As Valtiel's large hand came down upon her, she met the whiplash with her knife, the rough leather skin impacting with the sharpened edge. The only blade untouched by the rust and decay of Silent Hill carved into the flesh with ease, stopping only when it met thick bone that must have been made from iron.

"I won't die…" Cindy said as she struggled against the great force of the arm, pushing against her machete. "I don't to die…if I die-"

Valtiel withdrew, taking the blade and the girl that grasped it to fervently off the ground.

"Ah-!" Cindy's legs dangled freely as she was suspended by nothing but her grip on the machete. "I won't let you…!"

Seishiro lifted his head in recognition of the madness in her vßoice, the same madness that exploded from within her many years ago. In the form of a small file. Tiny hands grasping a much smaller, but no less deadly knife. This was why he chose her. She was a human monster, in the purest form. A body innocent from the horrors in the hands of another. A soul tinted lightly with the anger and pain that Seishiro, and yet it's retaliation was pure.

"You never did hurt anyone that never hurt you." The boy said regretfully. "No real sin has been committed by your hands. I need you."

Cindy curled her knees up and kicked downward, just as Valtiel stood to grasp her around the waist with his massive gloves-for-hands. "I am not going to die!"

The machete skipped out of the monster's flesh, and she dropped to her feet. She pointed her machete at Valtiel, once shaking and frightened, she was now stiff and rigid with determination.

"My parents couldn't kill me." she said, voice being the only trembling part of her. "You won't kill me!"

Seishiro smiled nostalgically as she spoke.

"If I die then…" she whispered. "I'll be-"

Valtiel once against lunged, screeching terribly as he did so. Cindy struck back, swinging her machete with a battle cry that had not be uttered since the night of her parents murder. She was more than just an innocent bystander, more than just a useless pawn…the last key-that's who she was. A part of the beginning-and therefore, a part of the end. Her life was needed to bring everything together.

It was only fitting that she remained as rebellious, as pure, and as naive as she was when she first sunk the knife into her mother's forehead and her father's heart.

"I want to live!"


"I don't want to die!"


"I won't let you kill me!"


"If I die here-!"

Cindy jumped as Valtiel swung wildly, feet landing on the monster's shoulders, machete sinking deep into the monster's face.


What drove her was not purely rage or anger or neglect-just the fear. The fear of loneliness. The worst thing that could happen was to be left all alone. Alone, without anyone to hold her hand. Alone, without anyone to laugh with. Alone, without anyone to confirm her existence.

Say, Seishiro…you know, don't you?


After I killed my parents, I stayed in that house. That house…was my whole world. I didn't know anything else.

I was all alone. Was anything real? Did I really do this? Am I…myself real? That's what I was thinking, at the time…all alone…I didn't…

…I didn't want to be alone.

I…was alone too. But…I know I am real. And know this-I can tell you now, even if you die…


You're real. I know, you're real. You'll always be real. As long as I'm alive, I can confirm that.

Say, Seishi-

"-…" Cindy's body jolted back and she gagged, a bloody, clawed, tattooed hand poking its way through the middle of her body.

Seishiro stood there, between Valtiel's massive, bent arms as the angel hunched over them both in a horrific scene. The boy's hand gently held her shoulder, as his arm pierced through her body cleanly.

"aaa-aah….aaah…" a small, terrified laugh made it's way, bubbling up through. "HYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!"

-don't ever leave me alone, okay? Promise me.

Cindy frantically dug her nails into the arm, legs kicking in terror, as she turned her head, to stare into the cold, and yet pained eyes of Seishiro's behind her.


I promise.

Even if I die? Even then?

The girl's cries slowly quieted down as her struggling slowly decreased. Her limp body hung there, back bent in terrible pain, brilliant emerald eyes going dull green.

Even if you die. I won't ever leave you.

Seishiro withdrew his arm, the girls intestines catching onto his elongated claws and spilling onto the dirt road. He turned her over to gaze into those dead eyes, just as Valtiel hunched over them, watching.

Promise me~!

Deftly, he raised a hand, fingers finding their way to the girl's eyelids, and he shut her eyes, cradling her dead corpse in his arms. His eyes widened as he realized the cold drops of water that found their way onto her icy cheeks were his own tears.

I promise. I will never leave you alone.

What exactly is Silent Hill? It's a place of torture. A town of terror. A place for the damned to be punished. Where vengeance was to be reaped. There was no God here. Just Punishment.

But it was also a place where the lonely will be given solace-will have their sins made into salvation. A comfort. A rotten, twisted, angry comfort. An empty comfort.

…but it was the only comfort a demon could offer. Comfort, the world could never offer. The comfort of knowing the true, rotten nature of oneself.

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