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A hand that had been weakened, now slowly regaining its strength, skin slowly turning grayish and veiny from the rot within his body-grasped the handle of the massive door that he once feared. The agonized-filled statues, failing to escape his Pyra-….yes, his…his Pyramid Head's, massive blade as it sliced through the bottom half of the crafted steel door as they mixed with monsters, trying desperately to crawl to the ceiling, frozen in time.

No matter how many times he looked at it, only now did he realize that it was a beautiful piece of art-truth incarnate in black steel.

Chance stopped as he slowly pulled the door open, albeit with a little trouble, but successfully nonetheless. He had paused to ponder…was it really a good idea to venture out of the labyrinth? He knew the way now…but…the mere thought of wandering around alone in Silent Hill was unnerving enough. What really made it worse was thinking that perhaps…if he were to leave, Pyramid Head would return to find him gone, and…then what? Would the monster really bother to look for him? Would he leave him out there to rot?

Knowing the cruelty of the punisher, he couldn't be too sure.

Chance swallowed and gripped the handle tighter. What…what had he become? The fears that kept him here weren't his own…he knew that. But his feet remained rooted to the spot. A memory of his old self stirred his head to rise as he pulled the door open fully.

"I…have to get out…of here…" he said slowly, saddening when the words no longer stirred a feeling of charismatic hope in his chest, only serving as a strange taste on his lips as he said them.

He shut his eyes and leaned his head on the door, right where the crafted duplicate of the Great Knife lay slicing a mimic of a nurse in half. "….where…would I go…?"

Some, pathetic, stubborn shred of his sanity kept on nagging at him, trying to hopelessly push away at the darkness that now engulfed the whole of his being. He didn't know what he wanted anymore. What is right? What is wrong? Did it matter?

…how many times had that question come to light? Of…of course it mattered! But…the fact that he had no idea what to do still remained true.

"Please…" he said quietly to himself, "Somebody…somebody help me…tell me…I don't know…"

Gathering what was left of his courage despite the fact that his emotions were slowly fading, jumbling together in a near indiscernable mess, he stepped through the door, and made his way out of the room, down the hall, and up the flight of stairs. Only stopping when he came across those strange, hanging creatures on frames.

What…what were they called again? Flesh…Lips…that's right. That seemed to fit. He recalled an ancient memory of trying to avoid these, very same things…only now, he had forgotten why they were dangerous. Approaching them slowly, tired body aching as he did so, he eyed them.

The Flesh Lips made a strange noise, swinging awkwardly in the frames they were suspended in, before clumsily moving closer to the sides of the hallway, and farther away from the approaching boy. Little did Chance know, it was the strong scent of the monster they feared the most that kept them away from him. The scent of certain death. Of violent punishment. Of sick sex.

He peered down and stopped, gasping when he spotted the strange, women-like creatures, dressed in foreign clothes…Man…Mandarins…yes, that's what he had called them. Recalling the spiked tendrils that they shot out from between their vaginal-like arms, he sidestepped just short of one, shuddering as the angle he looked down at it in framed both the Mandarin, and an old, deep scar on the side of his thigh in his field of vision.

"Ungh-!" Chance stopped, holding his head, which had begun to throb painfully, visions of his failed escape returning from a time that was impossible to measure. "The door…and…" He remembered how the spike in the Mandarin's tendril had struck right where the deep cut from the hooks that hung in the labyrinth's maze was. "He…" Pyramid Head, raging down the hallway, only to stop and forcefully bring him back down.

He reached the very doorway, the very checkpoint where he had been stopped in his last attempt down this same path. It…it wasn't fair…why…why him…?

"Unghk-…khh-…huu…" And he began to sob, holding his hands to his eyes to wipe the tears in a constant motion, he kept walking.

It wasn't fair…! Why was he the only one to have to go through this? To live in such a dreadful place? Being forced to endure the nightly exertions of having his body violated, being forced to become used to never hungering, becoming…

He looked at his hands, the veins protruding now more than ever under the red light of the labyrinth.

…one of those things.

Fighting himself. Losing only meant degenerating into more and more of an animalistic, deranged, maniac…a true asset to this world. Winning only left him as he was now…regretting, wondering, angry, stumbling. There was no victory.

He sat down against the wall, taking in the scent of decay and shutting his eyes, thinking, thinking, and yet coming to no conclusions that comforted him. Only…only one thing comforted him anymore. The touch of the very same monster that plunged him into this hellhole. And he loathed himself for it.

"Big Brother…"

Chance looked up at the chime of Alessa's voice and she smiled.

"What are you doing out here?"

Chance stared dully at her, before averting his gaze to the floor. "…I don't know anymore."

He then felt a strange change in the air and looked up at her.

"Hey…what…someone's here…?" he asked, knowing the very feel of something foreign, something that…didn't quite belong in Silent Hill.

A new meal, perhaps?

"Yes." Alessa said with a simple nod. "…a monster."

Chance furrowed his brows. He didn't understand. "A monster?"

The Lying Figure screeched as the top of its head was busted through by a fist, just large enough to rupture the mouth and go right though the rest of its skull. No, it was not the punisher's hand that dealt the death blow, it was not crushing enough to be as deadly as his, but rather, more piercing.

"Kh-…" Seishiro growled, withdrawing his arm from the dying creature's head, which thankfully was covered in only a minimal amount of acid. "How many of you are there?!"

He kicked another one, sending it flying almost halfway down the hall before it landed on the floor to skid and ram into a stray bedpost that collapsed on top of it. The Lying Figure died, screeching. More approached, drawn by the scent of uncorrupted flesh.

"Maybe I shouldn't have asked." Seishiro frowned, "This is going to take awhile." he said, picking up a steel pipe and throwing it right through a couple of lying figure's heads, running past as they dropped dead on the floor.

The apartment seemed to go on forever, and there was no exit as far as he saw. Growing frustrated now, the boy sped down the hallway, the creatures giving stumbling chase. But they weren't what he was worried about, being just a minor inconvenience, in fact. Where most people would have viewed any of the monsters here as a threat, there was only really the big three he was concerned about.

Seishiro stopped in his tracks when he encountered the fourth-he had almost completely forgotten about. "…you…"

Valtiel lowered himself from the ceiling, landing just almost directly in front of Seishiro, their faces too close for the boy's liking. He sniffed at the other's face, blowing foul air at it from no mouth and no nose.

Seishiro glared back before an angry smirk overcame his lips, challenging, defiant. This caused Valtiel to spasm his head violently, threatening, responding to the challenge. Seishiro twitched and his jaw snapped open…

…to reveal large, thick, almost saber-length fangs. Valtiel snapped his head away as Seishiro tried to sink his jaws into the other's face. Or more accurately, lack thereof. The head with the leather made from it's own skin made a strange sound, an angry sound.

"HRRAARGH!" Seishiro hissed and made for another snap at the monster.

Valtiel made a strange screech in return, launching a large fist at the other, hitting him right in the jaw. Seishiro snarled and latched onto the jaw as his mouth was injured, but stubbornly he held onto it. Out of instinct and the rush of sudden, unfamiliar pain, Valtiel swung his arm around, whipping the human or…not-quite-human into the wall. Like a mongrel, the boy snarled and kept his fangs embedded into the rotting skin, pulling and pulling and pulling, even as he was forced a foot deep into the wall, causing the cement to crumble and turn to rubble.

"RRGH…" Seishiro's head suddenly snapped up, the skin he had been biting coming loose from the filthy flesh of the architect.

Valtiel writhed only for a few moments in pain, before recovering-his duty mattered more than any physical injury. And already, he had begun to fulfill it. Seishiro growled, snarling as Valtiel retreated to the ceiling, his task done for now.

"Khh…Khuh!" Seishiro spat the rotten, brown-blooded skin out of his mouth, wiping it on the jacket absent-mindedly before realizing he had to apologize later to the kid who owned it for the stains that, might not come out. "Shit…"

As he gazed at the blood, the liquid began to turn out on itself, expanding, before spreading and becoming a dark black puddle. A reflective puddle. A puddle that showed eerie dark brown skin that seemed burnt with fire, markings that tattooed a face that was adorned with almost white grey hair and bright, demonic golden eyes. Seishiro grunted and looked away from his own reflection.

…he knew he wasn't normal. But a reminder wasn't something he wanted.

And that, was what this warped insane town was going to play on. The boy knew this and scoffed it off. He'd been called a freak before. He didn't care then, and he didn't care now. He would never care. As he turned, calming down from the encounter, his skin returned to it's usual healthy light tan, and his eyes became the warm coffee brown girls fawned over back home, his spiked hair shortening and turning into a the long hanging bangs and loose ponytail of dark brown chocolate.

"Hmph." he frowned a little, watching Valtiel vanish into a hole that as soon as he had gone through, also disappeared. "…you're messing with the wrong guy if you think I'm going to make this easy."

But the fates have had practice. Chance, being their very first victim. Soon, he would come around to see things the way he needed to. Perhaps it was because of time, the right time or just…not enough time, that this boy had stumbled into this cursed realm right as Chance had. Perhaps it really was meant to be this way. Whatever happened from here however, this monster of a boy that was not entirely human, and the human child that was slowly becoming a monster would have to decide.

Speaking of the boy who was slowly changing into one of those wretched beasts…

"What do you mean, a monster?" he asked, surprised at how much he was uttering now, not used to speaking at all anymore.

Alessa, or rather…the dark half of her, smiled. "One who has many names. Like me. He will be…trouble." As she spoke, she held her head high, turning it and moving slowly, arrogantly.

"…" Chance's look of worry did not go unnoticed, and this dark being in the form of Alessa saw through the boy's confusion, taking that 'chance'. Haha.

"Yes…he'll destroy everything we have here, we we don't stop him." she said slowly.

"…destroy…" a vision of his captor, the punisher and wielder of The Great Knife, flashed into his mind. "Everything…?"

"Yes." she said, lowering her head. "He plans to take you away. To take you…home."

Chance's chest tightened at the thought and he stood as fast as he could. "I don't want to go back! There's nothing! There's…nothing for me there…"

But the girl had already vanished, in her mind she was…laughing. Laughing and laughing, laughing oh so hard.

"…he can't…" Chance said, eyeing the now empty hallway, his hands balling into fists. "…I won't let him…I don't…have anything else left…"

As if on cue, while it really was, dealt by fate's cruel, cackling hand, the executioner came, as if spat out by the darkness, dragging a fresh human corpse with him. Chance spotted the other and quickly made his way towards him, towards the bringer of death. Upon laying his eyes on the corpse, he recognized it as human, and his hopes rose.

"Did you…did you kill him…?" he asked, stuttering a little, not used to conversing with the beast.

Pyramid Head stopped in his tracks, gaze bearing down on the comparatively tiny being before him, he threw the corpse harshly before the boy.

"Ah-…" Chance's heart sank as he realized it was not a man's body at all, but a woman's.


That was the only word Chance heard uttered in the silent link between them. The boy's mind sparked, and he realized what he had been hoping for…the death of another, the death of someone he barely knew.

But…but was that so wrong?! If they were to take everything from him…like the Order…like his father…why is it wrong to wish them dead?

"…it's nothing." Chance said, scolding himself.

No…it's…not right…Chance shook his head. He was losing himself. Losing everything…but…he'd already lost everything right? Yes…so…what is there to lose?

The confusion tore at the boy's mind and he cringed at himself, holding his head in frustration as thoughts flooded his consciousness. Pyramid Head inhaled the sweet, polluted air of self-conflict and in one fell swoop, hoisted the mentally-suffering boy into his arm, placing him just high enough to allow him to lean his head on the monster's collarbone, under the helmet.

"What's…happening to me…?" he asked for the millionth time. "Why…I can't…think…and…"

Long, heavy strides carried both the monster and the boy back to the killing floor, laying the smaller body on the table post haste. That tantalizing smell of confusion and fumbling, hesitation was too much to resist for said executioner.

Eat. Eat! Eat him now!

Fingers did short work of the boy's little fuckhole. Prying, sliding, stretching, causing the one underneath Pyramid Head to cry out and writhe uncontrollably, straining to keep thoughts in the right mind.

"Hn-n-no-OH! Wai…ah…" Chance gasped, struggling to keep his mind on track. "HaAH…s-stop…you…"

Why was he fighting it? What was the use? Even if he did run away from this…feeling…what would become of him? Where-

"HAAHH!" he arched, thoughts interrupted as the hell-bringer jabbed at his sensitive, much-abused, prostate.

Erase everything. Just start again. Again and again and again. Yes…just like this. Every time they connected as one, filthy, disgusting body…like new. Like the first time. Just make everything disappear, Chance thought…he didn't need anything else. Nothing else.

He didn't want to care about anything else.

With heavy breaths the intrusion was made, spreading the boy as wide as he would go and then some. Tearing. Abusing. Hard and fast.

"URGH-!" Chance coughed as his throat burned with acid, and he expelled more of the black, rotten semen from between gasping lips.

All of it. All of his insides filled with the very vileness of this beast. He had housed his offspring. He had obeyed in the killing of his own father. He didn't…need anything else. Didn't have, anything else.

Chance swallowed the substance back down, not wanting to have any part of him untouched, unspoiled. "Mnh-hah! AH! More…!"

Seishiro breathed out hard, having to outrun those stupid Air Screamers was a pain in the ass. Not that he couldn't take them down-but that was if they had come only one at a time. These bastards had hordes now, something Seishiro attributed to the expansion of the town's dark power thanks to Chance. He really needed to get that kid back.

"Brookhaven Hospital." He read the sign as he stopped, gathering his courage to enter. "…one of the entrances to the the Labyrinth, if I'm not wron-…damn, Cindy's right, I need to stop talking to myself during solo missions." He almost chuckled, remembering her face scolding him for being so strange.

A screech, followed by several others signaled the arrival of the Air Screamers that had been tracking his scent, and the boy quickly darted inside. The crashing of a window was the only thing to alert him-

"Ghh-?!" Seishiro felt a set of sharp jaws dig into his shoulder as one made it through one of the more exposed windows. "FUCK-!"

"KKREEEEEEEE!" The Air Screamer continued to tear, before suddenly dropping dead, having gone past its territory.

The boy grunted as he pulled the teeth out of his shoulder, ripping the thing's head off for good measure. "Fucking little shit."

It was true however, that he was a lot more stubborn than Chance ever was, a lot more vicious in his retaliation. But a challenge was always fun. And, Seishiro thought the same. Who would win in this game however, it was still difficult to know.

Seishiro dropped the head and stomped it into the ground, the corpse-like condition of it making it even easier to crush. "Hmph. Pyramid Head's not the only freak 'round here with strength."

His senses alerted him to duck, just as a knife, a small one, came stabbing at his cheek when he stepped out into the main hallway of the hospital. The Nurse wielding it made an indecipherable noise, before trying to sink the knife into the boy's flesh again. Seishiro slapped the knife away, grabbing at the former-woman's wrist and twisting her arm completely, kicking the body it was attached to and dislocating the shoulder, the Nurse dropping to the ground in pain, writhing and thrashing, before slowly crawling away.

It appeared that as soon as a monster became useless it would die. Seishiro didn't want to know why this Nurse in particular was still alive, although he could take a few guesses. He's rather not.

"That's right, go home tail between your rotten legs." he spat before turning down the hallway, stopping. "Oh shit."

An army of Nurses, paused under a shadow-engulfed area of the hallway, stood between him and progress.

"…I fucking hate whoever had this idea in the first movie." Seishiro twitched-though he knew that it would take a lot more than this to take him down, the thought of having to traverse between and around a sea of standing corpses was not a pleasant thought in the slightest. "I'm going to fucking find them, and rip their balls off after this is over."

Or rather, if it was over, anytime soon. This particular person however, didn't think that way. Defiant. Stubborn. Interesting.

He approached the standstill crowd, one Nurse coming to life with a small gasp and raise of her head at the sound of his footsteps. He glared at it suspiciously, wanting to make yet another smart remark, but keeping his tongue tied. The silence between the two immensely different forces was deafening. At the very end of the wordless confrontation, the boy smirked.

A fast duck underneath one Nurse caused her to lash out at the feel of wind, causing her to stab another right in the gut, exposing rotten intestines, spilling onto the floor as it withdrew the knife with a clumsy slashing motion. The noise caused the other Nurses to stir, and it was now or never. Seishiro grabbed the heads of the two ahead of him, they reacted, but not fast enough-before he smashed them together, causing black blood to spurt between them-the boy, grinning like an excited child.

"Heh." he smirked, jumping over them, and snatching their knives, throwing them into the faces of two others.

Seishiro made quick work of the band of creatures, and in the end, not one was left standing. Their blood created a small pond in the hallway, and limbs and broken parts were spread about everywhere. He was grinning.

You had fun.

Seishiro's eyes flickered to the end of the hallway he had just come from. A Large, spider-positioned figure shaking it's head in every direction. Valtiel.

"…" he glared at it hard. "Did you just fucking talk?"

You are not human.

"…neither are you." the boy countered.

You do not belong in the other world.

At this, Seishiro twitched and fully turned towards the archangel of mutation. "And neither do monsters. Monsters like you. And I'm here to make sure that doesn't ever fucking happen."


This time, the boy paused. Before he could muster an answer in the short moments of awkward, unnoticeable silence that only Valtiel could ever measure precisely, another question came.

Why do you not come with us instead? Do you not…belong here, better?

"I don't kill for fun." he said. "You're a bunch of maniacal beasts is what you are. Leaving nothing but destruction behind you."

Are you really that different?

Valtiel approached the corpse mass, indicating, and if he could smirk he would. Seishiro glared even harder, angry, annoyed but also trumped…for now.

What a beautiful mess.

"Shut up." The boy snarled, revealing his fangs once more, hair spiking like bristles on an agitated jaguar.

…Only the tainted, can hear the taint. Why is it, you can hear me, then?

"I said shut the fuck UP!" Seishiro skid, grabbing the leg of a Nurse and yanking it off the limp body, flinging it at Valtiel who simply whipped it aside.

Only monsters, can naturally hear other monsters.

"GRRAUAUUURGH!" The roar was as if three voices were synchronized into one, screaming, screeching, and bellowing at the same time.

Valtiel once more scurried away quickly, Seishiro beginning to give chase before stepping in the blood puddle he himself had made. His reflection once more…stared right back at him. Hideous. Inhuman. He stared back before both their eyes-his and his reflection's-saddened. Seishiro knew, he was a monster of the worst kind.

After all, the more human a monster looks, the more dangerous it is.

His head snapped up and he continued down the hallway, grumbling to himself. "Gotta get that fucking kid. Get home."

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