This is the sequel to "Chance" which is a fanfiction based off the Bogeyman's song, but I still do prefer to call that sexy mofo Pyramid Head. If you haven't read the prequel, please do!

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The hand that held his was warm. Too warm to be real. Like a dream. How long had it been, since he knew warmth? True warmth. Not a hallucination by his own starved mind for something to hold onto. Not a dream conjured up by his own will to be punished.

…so weak. Urges like an animal. Drive to kill like a beast. This…this was not what he had wanted. He…he had a life. Something to live for. Everything was gone.

But it was a warm. Small hand.

And yet…it was so tempting. So, so, so tempting to crush it. To suffocate it. To make it as dead and as cold as everything else. To kill it. Though these thoughts had not been his own, they were now. Driven by madness. Turning into…this thing.

He had lost everything once. So selfishly. He would now keep everything.

Pyramid Head slowly let go of the small hand that held so desperately held onto his. Chance still breathed gently as he rose, but the clanking of his Great Knife soon awoke the boy.

Kill everything that hurt him. Murder every last thing that could take anything away from him. And take everything away from them. EVERYTHING.

That, was his role as the punisher.

"Nhh…" Chance's raspy voice, though he would never know it, made Pyramid Head pause. "…Ja…mes…?"

The voice was croaky and weak. Riddled with weakness and worn by time, by strain.

…just like Mary's had been.

"Hmph-…aa…" Chance gasped, feeling the slick, slimy tongue push its way between his lips. "Mmhh…pu…"

The mighty, gloves hand found itself tugging mercilessly on the boy's soft blonde locks. Possessively. Punishingly. Warningly. As if to tell the boy that he was never…ever, ever going to let him get away.

Not the way Mary so easily slunk into the depths of insanity, the woman he loved turning into a mad, moody, angry monster that only unsalted him as she slowly deteriorated. Not the way Mary intoxicated his thoughts and drunken mind, enticing him to commit his first ever murder. Causing him to be drunk by it. To become the bringer of death itself.

Even after turning into this…this wretched thing. He would never, ever give in.

Take everything. And leave NOTHING to them.

Pyramid Head wrapped his tongue around the boy's neck, like a chain, owning him like a dog.

"Mhh…" he sleepy boy caressed the tongue with that wonderful…warm hand.

The appendage slunk back into the helmet, and Chance stared behind him, eyes boring into the back of the monster as he left to do his duty. Unknowingly, and yet knowingly…leaving him to be taken by the intruder, still hanging from the ceiling his his arms.

The warmth of said hand would never be felt by Seishiro. What the boy held in his own, now fully repaired palm, was a cold, dead corpse of a living appendage. The boy was a thing of this world now. A thing.

Though Seishiro did not say it out loud as they ventured up, up, and up, he felt it in his very bones.

"…how…" Chance began, swallowing awkwardly.

It had been a long time since he'd had a conversation with…well, anyone really.

"How…what?" Seishiro asked, never looking back, cursing as they hit another dead-end…the fifth one.

Chance hadn't spoken a word, even though he knew these halls well and exactly where they had headed each time. "How…did you find me? Why…why do you know about me?"

Seishiro's gaze only flickered at him for a split second before they turned had headed away from the obstructing wall. "There are people out there who care you know. Who make it their business to know-ugh-…!"

As they headed up a spiral stairway made from the same rusting metal, hanging cages game into view, the rotting, festering corpses, whose decay was only sped up by the foul water that cascaded over their now exposed ribs and flesh, within them made Seishiro turn his gaze.

"Ghh…sick…" Seishiro gagged, "Who could…"

"Why bother?" Chance asked almost at once, unfazed by the sight.

Seishiro took a little while to realize that the boy was continuing their conversation. "Well…why not?"

"…" Chance gazed at the corpse. "Because it's not worth it to care."

Seishiro smirked a little. "I care. Cindy cares. We came all the way to the hospital to see you. To save you."

"Some people don't want to be saved." Chance said.

"…" Seishiro stopped. "….why not?"

Chance looked at him with dread-filled eyes. "Some people…just want to be happy with what they have left."

"Even if there's something better waiting?" Seishiro asked, taking a step forward once again, leading the other boy-who should have been the real guide, on.

"You can't be sure of that." Chance said. "I…I don't want to take useless risks. I don't need empty hopes."

"…" Seishiro sighed as they walked-those feelings, resonating with something inside him. "Sometimes…hope is all you have left."

They came upon an empty room, that, instead of being the frightening red that the rest of the place was, it was an empty grey. Seishiro sighed as they entered, letting go of the boy's hand. Chance watched him carefully. Apprehensive.

The latter pulled up a chair and Chance flinched, making Seishiro pause.

"…I'm not going to hurt you." he said.

Chance glared. "They always seem like that. And then they turn around and stab you in the back."

"…" Seishiro recalled something from the report he had read up on. "Did John and Kurt ever do that? Is that why you let them get killed."

Chance's eyes widened angrily and he grew tense. "They were just fucking waiting for the right time! Everyone is the same! They always…leave me behind."

"…" An inkling of a vision…a man and a woman happily married…the same woman, crying over the same man who…looked far too old to be the same man-came to Seishiro's mind.

Loneliness settled in both their souls.

"…did it hurt?" Chance asked.

Seishiro snapped out of his thoughts. "…did…what hurt?"

"When you lost your heart." Chance asked. "I poked around a lot…you didn't seem to have one. Why is that?"

"Don't know." Seishiro asked. "Guess I was born heartless. But that way, even if you stabbed be there, I wouldn't die. Actually. If you stabbed me anywhere, I wouldn't really die."

"What happens to you, then?" Chance asked.

"…I see fire. I feel it. I scream. I come back." Seishiro replied. "It's…more than that but…I don't really…I can't seem to remember beyond that. Sorry."

Chance looked at his feet. It had been a long time since…did he ever hear anyone apologize before?

"Why don't you sit? We'll go in a bit." Seishiro urged. "Go on. I won't do anything."

Chance swallowed again and looked at the room a little, noticing only a small desk, and three chairs in the corner. A former office, perhaps. He ventured over to said corner and slowly took a seat, clutching the jacket around him all the while.

"…" Seishiro eyed the boy's lack of cover and wondered if there was anything he could do. "Wait there."

He got up and searched the room, but there wasn't much. Just a stray basket near the desk that used to be a dust-bin, and a shelf that contained old papers. He sighed and removed his current blue shirt, which was torn down the middle anyway, thanks to the Great Knife, and Chance's constant poking of his insides. He tore it some more before shiftlessly walking over to the curious, but hesitant boy.

"Wh-what are you going to do with that?" Chance asked, feeling like he should get to his feet.

"Calm down." Seishiro said. "Stand up for a second." he said has his hands worked the fabric, twisting it in some places.

Chance stared, but Seishiro finished messing with the cloth and looked at him expectedly. After a few moments, the boy stood, and Seishiro took the opportunity to kneel and tie the cloth around the boy's waist.


"I've seen a lot in my life." Seishiro said. "There's nothing embarrassing about a human body."

Chance's blush was apparent though as the other boy positioned the width of the cloth at his behind, before pulling it between his slender thighs and tucked it over the cloth tied to the front of his waist, to let it hang down.

"Back home, that's how they traditionally had men's underwear." Seishiro explained. "Better than running around with your junk hanging out."

"I don't need clothes." Chance said.

Seishiro knew why, but he felt it too awkward to ask, not wanting to be sure at all as to what the reason was.

"Why did you start doing this?" Chance asked suddenly.

Seishiro straightened himself. "Doing what?"

"…finding people? Rescuing them? I think." Chance said, staring up at the slightly more built chest, awing at the natural tanned color that was smooth and unmarred.

"...don't really remember." he replied truthfully. "All I know is…they needed me to do this. And…its the right thing to do."

Chance pressed his lips together in doubt. "…I see."

"…." Seishiro breathed in deep before he took a seat next to the other boy. "I remember feeling…sad. Enveloped in darkness. A lonely feeling. All before I remembered doing all this. But…I don't know why."

However, he did know that the town was trying to tell him. The question was…did he really want to know?

"They're all horrible feelings." He said. "All I know is, somehow…everyone…Cindy…saved me. I can only repay them by doing the same for others."

"…" Chance looked away from the other boy as he sat back down, adjusting the jacket and wearing it properly, despite the massive bloody hole in the side he himself had caused when he struck Seishiro in the side with the Great Knife. "James saved me. I'm…not lonely anymore. And I don't have to worry about being left behind ever again."

"…he loved Mary, you know." Seishiro said. "And he killed her."

"I've already been killed. I've already died inside so many times." Chance said smiling. "The old me…he's long gone. What I am, is his now. He doesn't need to love me, as long as he doesn't leave me."

"…" Seishiro…knew that feeling.


"What I said earlier." Seishiro said. "I said I would take you with me. Leave."


"I…I said it because you looked so…miserable." Seishiro said. "Now listen to yourself. This isn't you."

"I don't need that." Chance growled. "I don't want it. I just want James…that's…all that matters."

"…they really fucked you up."

Chance smirked, growing irritated, eyes turning wild and angry. "You have no idea…"

He rose from his place, approaching the other boy so grew suspicious and shot him a warning glare. "If you're going to slap me again-…"

"Would you like to give me a try?" Chance asked.

"…that's not even funny." Seishiro frowned. "You're not a thing."

"That's not what you were thinking on our way up here." Chance chuckled. "I know…I could feel it in the way you held me hand. I'm just that. A thing."

"…thinking that, doesn't mean I'm right." he replied.

Maria's scream echoed through the hallway as she felt thick, juicy blood bubble up from her throat. Pyramid Head lifted the body high, causing more pain. Suffering, slow. Torture, intense. Wonderful. Perfect. She was so useless. He didn't need her.

He watched as a reflection of his old self screamed her name as the elevator doors closed. An endless circle. A punishment of himself that lasted eternity. A well-deserved hell.

But he never grew bored of it. As long as there was always blood. As long as there was always something to inflict pain on, he could do this forever. He slashed the remaining woman's body in half, a chuckle resonating in his mind rather than with his voice as he did so.

A clang on something heavy falling onto metal made him turn his attention, an eerie feeling overtaking his senses, feeling that this needed more attention than his duties.

Valtiel's head swayed back and forth, vibrating disturbingly as he groaned low, calling Pyramid Heads attention. Pyramid Head's shoulders tensed and he growled angrily upon understanding what the archangel's message was. He swung his Great Knife at the other, who promptly removed himself from the pathway of the swing. The Knife made an incredible dent in the floor, Valtiel snarling back at the other monster.

Valtiel tried reasoning with the other, though this obviously proved of no use. Pyramid Head needed no reasoning. He cared none for it. All he knew, was murder and violence. Valtiel sensed the bloodlust and quickly scrambled up the wall. Pyramid Head's large hand just barely touching the end of his deformed foot.

The punisher's rage-filled roar caused every monster in Silent Hill who heard it to shudder with fear. The red rot crept up the walls, and the sky turned the color of blood.

"…!" Seishiro looked up at the sound. "What the fuck was that?"

Chance looked up slowly from his stare at the ground. "…James is angry."

"That thing? The red pyramid thing?" Seishiro asked.

Chance shot him a glare for being so rude.

Seishiro sighed and grabbed the boy's wrist, taking him to his feet. "We better get out of here before that thing finds us."

Chance frowned, even as his footsteps took after Seishiro's. "He's not a thing."

The other boy's shoulders fell as a second, tired sigh left his lips. Without another word, he led Chance out the door and towards a hallway they hadn't ventured to before. Unbeknownst to Seishi, Chance knew this hallway well. The grating, suspended above cogs and unidentifiable noise stretched before them. Chance felt a wave of giddy nostalgia fill him, as he recalled this exact path he had taken, what seemed to be years ago.

"There's nothing here." Chance said.

Seishiro turned his head slightly, still heading headfirst into the dead end. He stopped as he saw the suspended grating, blocked by what used to be more grating, the very tip of the 'hallway' falling torn off it's mounting and fallen at their feet.

It was the very hallway Chance had first been cornered by Pyramid Head. Said boy smiled at the thought-how ridiculous he was…to have feared the one thing he now cared for. Foolish. Blind.

"What's down there?" Seishiro asked, peering over the edge.

Chance slipped his hand away from the boy's wrist and chuckled a little. "Nothing."

Seishiro uttered a little gasp as he felt himself fall over the edge, he turned just enough to see Chance's poisonously sweet smile as the boy gazed down at him, growing farther and farther away.

Cindy turned to face her superior, sighing. "I can't go on another mission. Not alone. Not without Seishi."

"That monster's not coming back." Pyry said, white hair accentuated by his cold as ice blue-eyes that matched his bitter character perfectly.

"Don't call him that." Cindy said, looking sad. "You always get in a bad mood when you talk about him."

Seishiro turned his head in the darkness, unable to see where the voices were coming from.

"The only reason he's here, is because there's no better way to fight monsters than with a monster, and you know that." Pyry looked away. "You next mission is with me, we leave in three days. Long term, so pack."

Cindy sighed heavily, shooting him an angry glare. "I'm not going."

"He doesn't belong with us, and you know that. It's probably better off that he went back to the put of filth from whence he came."

"…" Cindy's eyes widened a little. "What are you…what are you talking about?"

He knew them well, though.

"They never told you, did they?" Pyry said, smirking a little. "That thing. The kid you hang out with. It's obvious he's not a human."

However, when he opened his mouth to call for them, no sound came.

"You're not a follower of this series, so I doubt you know." Pyry continued. "It's based on a true story, of a little girl, whom they thought really was a demon, and they really did bun her alive."

Cindy's breathing grew a little heavy as she felt more and more disturbed.

"What they really don't tell people, is that there really was a demon."

Seishiro's eyes snapped open, the weight on his waist waking him and drawing his attention and he panted. Chance sat on the other boy, blinking and staring curiously.

"God…you…!" Seishiro sat up, about to lift a fist to knock Chance right in the jaw when he noticed their surroundings.

Where he lay was suspended grating, and behind him was a missing end of a deadened pathway. But…hadn't he just fallen off the grating? Hadn't Chance pushed him?

"…are you okay?" Chance asked as he sat on him. "You passed out."

Even if that seemed true, he hadn't fallen at all. Seishiro's breathing was heavy, and he felt like he needed to vomit, the confusing weighing down on him. He was slowly, slowly fearing that he would lose his mind, like Chance had. They needed to leave.

By the way mentioned boy was behaving, he really had lost it. Seishiro couldn't blame him.

"Yeah uh…get…get off me." Seishiro said, shaking his head a little, trying to rid himself of the thoughts.

Chance moved off of him, and Seishiro stood, noting how fidgety the other was being. Chance sighed and flinched, shuddering as he felt something ooze out from his behind, a black substance dripping down the back of his thighs.

"You okay?" he asked.

"…my body feels weird…" Chance said, sounding slightly breathless. "…like…I'm floating, and I can barely keep my eyes open…"

"Hmhh…" Seishiro frowned, growing worried. "The sudden change back to normal may have made you a little light-headed. We have been walking a lot since we left the room, you didn't feel anything then, did you?"

Chance shook his head.

"Alright. Let's get up and out of here as fast as possible, and then we'll find a place to rest."

Little did he know, that all the while they had been wandering, Chance had been deliberately leading him to dead-end hallways. There was no desire to leave, or to be 'free' as Seishiro may have stated thousands of times. What was the intangible thing called freedom, Chance wondered. As long as he knew safety here, there was no need for it.

"Again…" Seishiro breathed, as they reached yet another obstructing wall. "How the hell do we get out of here?"

"…you get out by wanting to get out." Chance replied. "…do you, really want to leave?"

"Sure as hell I do." Seishiro said, sighing heavily and turning to head back.

"I don't." Chance said, "And I know you don't. We feel the same way, I can tell."

A low, tell-tale screeching, that made every hair on Seishiro's body stand on end with the high-pitched, irritating tone it made when it dragged metal against metal. He knew, who was coming.

The other boy grew frustrated. "You may not want to really get out of here, but I do. There's someone waiting for me. Let's move, before that thing blocks the only way out!"

"…" Chance's eyes wandered and his body shook slightly, sclera already fading into the light grey. "…you don't know that."

The screeching drew closer. And an angry roar sounded, a smile, slowly gracing Chance's lips from the beautiful, familiar sound.

"See…?" Chance chuckled. "I knew…he'd come for me. He's the only one, who ever comes after me…"

"Hey!" Seishiro grabbed the boy's shoulders and squeezed them. "Don't think like that, it's thoughts like that, that'll make you like one of them!"

"What if…I want to be…" Chance whispered, skin turning a sickly pale.

The screeching rounded the corner, and already Seishiro saw the tip of a giant helmet poke it's way into view.

"Shit!" he cursed.

"It's not right you know."

Alessa's voice drew Seishiro's attention to her for just the right moment. She stood there, in the hall, blocking their way and looking as dead and pale as ever. For a moment, the sound of cogs, of screeching, or Pyramid Head's roar, were muted, even as his approached was slowed by time and the space around them was warped, the air growing heavy and thick.

"Look at him. He's dying, because of you." Alessa said, raising a blaming finger and pointing it at Seishiro. "Because you took him from the very thing he loves the most."

"Shut up, Alessa!" Seishiro growled, baring his fangs. "This has nothing to do with you, just leave him the fuck alone!"

"You used to play with me." Alessa said sadly.

At this, a jolt of deja vu went through Seishiro as Chance collapsed against him, shaking and groaning. Seishiro held onto him fast, gaze never leaving the girl.

"What…" he whispered, her face suddenly meaning everything and yet nothing.

"You used to be so nice. We were the same, and then…you became one of them. And you left me all alone. Now, you're trying to make him all alone too." she said.

Even though the girl vanished from his sight. He…yes…he knew here. He'd known her long before all of this. But when? And why? Somewhere, in his chest, he felt a pang of guilt and deep sadness.

He didn't notice when Chance's head snapped up, tongues bursting from his mouth.

What he did register, was Chance's weight suddenly bearing down on him, pinning him to the ground. "GAH-!"

"Hehe…you've been a bad playmate." Chance's voice chimed into Seishiro's ears, even if the boy's mouth never moved and no air ever blew through his windpipe.

Seishiro was about to resort to punching the boy in the face, when torn, bloodied lips meshed into his own, his mouth and throat filling with those wriggly, slick, slime-covered tendrils. "MPHH-?!"

The pinned boy's toes curled and he squeezed his eyes shut in disgust as he wrestled, wondering why the one on top of him seemed so heavy despite his meager size. Seishiro was choking now, running out of breath. If this kept up, he was going to die.

"GUKH-!" He coughed, feeling the tendrils leave his throat.


Seishiro opened his eyes, finally realizing why the boy had seemed so heavy.

Pyramid Head pried Chance's legs apart, burying himself deep inside the boy, growling low as Chance cried out, arching away and yanking his saliva-covered tendrils away from Seishiro's face. The punisher's large hands held Seishiro's shoulders down as he thrust into Chance, who gasped and raked his nails across the expanse of Seishiro's chest.

His mind raced and felt like it had crashed against a solid brick wall at a hundred miles per hour, thoughts jumbling everywhere as he tried to comprehend the fact that someone, was being raped right on top of him.

The executioner hunched over them both, uttering guttural groans as he fucked the sweet softness of Chance's insides.

"Haa-aaauuhh…" Chance shuddered, looking high as he arched upwards.

Seishiro yelped as he noticed thick red blood seeping into his pants from the boy's asshole. "HUAH?!"

When he finally registered exactly what was happening, he struggled against the large hands on his shoulders, accompanied by Chance's constant clawing and pushing at his chest as he writhed in torturous pain and pleasure.

Chance grunted as he straightened himself, leaning closer to Seishiro once more and licking his torn-up lips. "Mhhh…yeah…"

"FUCK! GET OFF! GET THE FUCK OFF!" Seishiro frantically screamed as he kicked and flailed.

Pyramid Head lurched forward, drawing his hips back and Chance cried, whimpering as the wonderful penetration left him.

"GHH-!" Seishiro flinched as the end of the pointed helmet came too close to his eye and nearly blinded him, jabbing into the grating next to his head.

Chance groaned as he moved lower on Seishiro's body, parting his thighs and impaling himself on the massive penis once more. Seishiro uttered a cry of fear, as he watched Chance's mouth split in half, the long tongues easing their way out, caressing his hips, and slipping into his pants.

"Fuck! Chance! STOP!" Seishiro cried, trying to kick and push Pyramid Head's massive helmet away from his view. "What the FUCK are you-"

Chance's torn mouth managed a weak smile and his eyes closed as he felt his stomach stretch with the intrusion. "Hmmaah-! Jamhss…!"

"Whh-WOAHAH!" Seishiro's head snapped back as he felt a sharp pain in a place that was never supposed to be touched that way.

Chance's tongue inched its way, deeper and deeper than he thought possible. The strange sensation made Seishiro gag as he felt his ass rip and blood trickle down to stain his pants.

"Gh-! Ungh-…" the boy covered his eyes with an arm, suddenly becoming more quiet than he'd ever been before. "Ow…"

He held back hot tears, a sudden embarrassment settling into him, a feeling he hadn't…felt in a…long, long time.

"You're really pretty for a demon. Even when you're a boy."

Soft caresses turned into painful fistfuls of hair. Sweet whispers turned into perverted, scorn-filled taunts. A pain deep inside the most precious place, tearing, violating.

"Ghu-…" Seishiro uttered, sounding more like a cry as he felt tears sting his vision, covering his face with his hands as if to hide. "Py…ry…s-stop…it…hurts…"

Chance purred, slipping yet another tendril into the torn asshole as he rode Pyramid Head, tasting the strange bitter-sweet blood of the hybrid boy. "Mngh..-ah…agh…ugh…"

"S-stop…!" Seishiro gasped as he felt a spot he knew was far too personal get caressed by a slick tendril. "Uwa-! Ngh…"

Chance forced a third, then fourth of his tongues in, while the others continued to rub and prod at the other male's cheeks and around his member, wrapping it in a tight constriction.

"NO!" Seishiro cried as he felt the slick tip force its way into his urethra and the hands that were at his face went to Chance's shoulders.

Pyramid Head's thrust were deep and slow, allowing Chance to concentrate on both his own pleasure, at the feast that he was enjoying. Chance groaned as he felt his own prostate pounded against in deliberate, steady rhythm. An addicting feeling.

Chance forced the last of his tendrils into the tight ring of muscle, causing Seishiro to arch and vomit blood for his stomach was empty, feeling sick. "KH-GUH-UUUGH!"

"Haa-! Mphh-!" Chance latched onto the area between Chance's ass-cheeks, suckling onto the hole as his tongues did work, thrusting in and out at different intervals, tasting everything, stretching and forcing.

The tendrils rubbed at prodded, pulling apart from each other and meshing together. Seishiro's hands shot to his mouth, groaning low as he felt his stomach stretch and his intestines rub against each other as they expanded, slowly being filled by the tongues that snaked up and into them.

Just like before, when it had been Pyry…Seishiro felt a strange jolt within his body as his prostate was prodded ad poked and teased. "Ngh-…no…khh…"

"You're awfully quiet now." Chance said without words, even as his own mouth uttered moans, drawing up the exact words Pyry had said to the boy underneath him from a repressed time. "What happened to all your attitude?"

"Sto…ngh…" Seishiro's voice shook, anger ripping through his veins as Pyramid Head's thrusts were channelled through Chance's body, meeting Seishiro's hips roughly.

It was so, very wrong. Seishiro could barely see past the helmet, which only intensified the feeling, heavy breath from under the pyramid hitting his shoulder in bursts and grunts with each buck into the smaller body.

"Ah…ugh…AAAH!" he cried, feeling sharpness rip into her neck and shoulder, his jugular spraying out like red velvet, caking the helmet, his own and Pyramid Head's chest in thick oozing red blood. "Khu-uh! Ughk…"

Pyramid Head's thrusts grew stronger, he growled in rage, bucking harder, harder, and harder. This was retribution for both of them. Chance was his, and his alone. Rightful claim had already been laid, and this was simply a warning to anyone that had ever dared to cross him.

"Gh-…mphh…umphh-! Ja-James…! James! Mph-AH! JAMES!"

Chance shut his eyes against the mad thrusting, which was harder, angrier than he'd ever experienced. He braced himself against Seishiro's thighs, claws digging into the lean muscle as he uttered a muffled cry, spilling his seed onto the floor and all over Seishiro's lower pants. The tight constriction from his muscled milked the penis inside of him, until Pyramid Head too, groaned in sick pleasure, filling Chance's insides, burning them.

"MPHAH-!" Chance snapped his head back as he came, his many tongues pulling out halfway from Seishiro's intestines.

"GH-!" Seishiro bit his own lip hard, fangs drawing and skin turning a threatening burnt colour, lip bleeding out onto his shirt. "Haa-…"

Chance unintentionally jabbed deep as he felt his own ass leak sweet, hot, black acid, withdrawing slowly. As soon as he felt the intrusion leave him, disgusting squelching sounds reaching his ears, Seishiro snapped up, slamming his still healing shoulder against the helmet. Pyramid Head budged only an inch, before Seishiro scrambled backwards, kicking and scraping at the ground as fast as he could, even as his back hit the wall of the dead-end.

"Ungh…" Chance's eyes fluttered as he collapsed, Pyramid Head removing himself from his asshole. "Gh-ah…hah…aah…"

Seishiro shook, drawing his knees up against his chest as he huddled against the wall, eyes wide and hysterical as he glared, breathing heavy and wild, mouth opened with the gasping to reveal sharpened fangs. long spiked hair that fell in a mess framed his face which was blocked just below his glaring eyes by a clawed hand, cursed tattoos engraved right into the burnt skin, the other hand on the floor, ready to push himself, ready to flee. Despite all that, the tears from his reddened eyes were visible.

"When you're like this, you can't remember anything, can you?" Pyry said, chuckling low. "Does it hurt? I heard that demons get burned very easily by talismans. In this case though, all I can see is that you can't move…that's good…"

"Hrrghh…grrrhhh…" Seishiro hissed and snarled in warning, like a pinned, injured animal, trying to press his back into the wall more, even as he glared at Pyramid Head.


"Oh, I suppose that hurt…" Pyry said, smirking and slipping another finger inside. "I forget you recover quite fast…does that mean this hole here has been used before…?"


Pyramid Head lifted himself off the floor, his full, glorious height and mass filling the hallway, completely blocking the exit.

"I've read the stories…heard all the rumors…you are the real thing, aren't you?" Pyry grinned. "I've had a lot of bodies keeping me warm in bed. But never such a pretty boy. In fact, you'll be my first, fine, piece of ass…"

"Ah-! Ngh…kh…uu…mngh…hgnh…"

"You're awfully quiet now. What happened to all your attitude?" Pyry chuckled as he pushed in further with each thrust. "I like that though. You're always so stubborn. That's how you should be."

Chance moaned as he used the smock, gripping onto it and lifting himself up and off the floor. His tired legs, propelled by nothing but the will of the punisher, carried him as Pyramid Head lowered his helmet, Chance's mouth opening up to allow a tendril to snake under the helmet and lick against sharp, hidden teeth.

"Look at that. What a mess…" the man said, slipping a hand between the slick ass cheeks to rub at the boy's abused hole. "I wonder what dear little Cindy would think if she saw you like this?"


Pyry dropped the used body onto the floor, staring down at the dying eyes and the gaping mouth, still dripping with force-fed poison. "You'll wake up in maybe an hour, knowing how you heal…but don't worry, you won't remember a thing."

Seishiro shivered at the sight of what had just violated him, and he bared his teeth even more, rational thought flying out the window, only knowing anger and raw, primal instinct. Chance retracted his tongue, licking his lips and purring, gaze wandering until it finally rested on Seishiro's shaking form.

Chance approached the other slowly, letting go of the smock, allowing his palm to slide gently off the human flesh material.

"A pretty face like that…" Pyry said as he grabbed Seishiro's now effeminate chin, gazing into the genderless, but beautiful face, before he turned and headed for the door. "No wonder you're so used. My dear 'princess'…hahaha. Well, goodnight."

"RRAAARGHH!" Seishiro sprung from the floor, launching himself at Chance, face contorting into a mess of something animalistic, inhuman, and evil.

Pyramid Head's blade caught the boy halfway to Chance, slicing right into the shoulder and partway into the former-boy's torso. The punisher's knife however, stopped just there, as Seishiro, with an angry grinned crazed eyes, stopped the blade with nothing but sheer force of pressing against it, by will alone, stopping the blade in it's tracks.

Chance's eyes stared in surprise at the other's true form. "Liar. You said you were normal." he said, emotionlessly, plainly. "You're nothing but a horrible liar.

"SHUT UP!" Seishiro commanded, even as the sinew, muscle and bone, skin formed over the knife, trapping it in his own body.

It was as if his body wanted to encase the very symbol of death into it. Those who could not die, yearned for death. Death upon others. Death upon the world. Death upon themselves. It was like a sweet treat that they came so, so close to savoring, and then was quickly pulled way from them.

Everything made sense now.

He could not die, therefore everything and anything in this world would remain here forever. Suffering. Being put through the same remedial boredom of life going in an eternal loop. Just like his.

He had everything taken away from him, being used and abused beyond his control. Always, always. So it would be. Just like him, this place would be an eternal torture chamber, the monsters here devouring everything, destroying anything and anyone they could, until there was nothing left.

Loneliness. That was all he had. That sinking, sad, depressed feeling. The feeling of being abandoned by absolutely everything, more than just the world. If he had to suffer this, endure, so would they. So would everything and everyone else!

Hate everything that ever hurt him. Destroy everything they ever cared for. Plunge them into suffering. Then, they would know his pain. True pain. true loneliness. True sorrow. True despair.

The wild grin plastered onto his face signified all of this. And he knew, all of this had been his doing. With a loud, three-voiced cry, he yanked the blade out from his torso, feeling the stinging pain it caused, savoring it, allowing himself to know-that he was real. That he was alive. That it wasn't over until the whole world knew his despair!

The very despair that new reflected ever so gracefully in Chance's staring eyes. Even as that beautiful pair of torn lips smiled, dripping blood. His body worn and abused. His soul, contorted into something that craved only pain and suffering. He had been the key. The bait Alessa used to bring him back here.

Seishiro swallowed as he stared at the boy and his partner, the giant punisher and realized…everything was his fault.

"Now you understand…?" Chance said, cocking his head to the side and smiling, a sad, crazy smile. "Everything was because of you."

"No…I…" Seishiro breathed, feeling his chest sow itself back together.

Chance took a step forward. "I'm here, because of you…"

"No! I didn't know!" Seishiro said, covering his ears. "You're lying!"

"You're the liar here." Another step. "My pain, is a mere reflection of yours."

"Stop it!" Seishiro shook his head and closed his eyes. "I've got nothing to do with this!"

"Did you come back here…to see what they did to me?" Chance asked, voice growing pitched and sorrowful, ready to cry. "The very thing they did to you…? How they always, always treated you…? Like a THING."

"SHUT UP!" Seishiro howled. "Don't look at me!"

"Then look at yourself." Chance said, voice dropping into a serious, demeaning tone, as he stood, not even inches away from the boy.

"Hh…uuh…" Seishiro panted hard, hearing everything stop. "Ghh…Cin…dy…please…help me…"

Slowly, shaking, he opened his eyes.

The Butcher had his Cleaver, right at the boy's temple, just barely grazing it. "Look!"

The Bogeyman's giant hand, digging into the wall, at his other temple, taking a few of his white hairs with it. "At!"

Pyramid Head plunged his knife into the boy's chest, right where his empty cavity, where his heard was supposed to be but was not. "Us!"

Chance smiled. "Do you see yourself, yet?"


Seishiro panted heavily side bleeding, eye missing, half a thigh just…gone. He struggled up the staircase, the telltale dragging of blade on grating just a little behind him. Taunting. Teasing.

This was retribution for forgetting everything. For running away. For not wanting to face them. To face the truth. And yet, he knew he deserved it. Deserved to die for everything. To pay for his sins. And once he had done that…there was no going back.

There was no way he was going to let that happen.

The Butcher appeared, right from the shadows, blocking his path. But his bloodlust was held back, steady, drawing out the boy's fear.

"S-stop…" he growled in slight warning, injured and still struggling to repair himself. "I'm telling you now…"

The Butcher uttered a low growl and chuckle, taking a step towards the limping boy. The sooner they ended this, the sooner they were free. The more fun it would be.

The Butcher swung his cleaver, Seishiro ducked, just losing a few hairs, which were already turning back to his more human, brown locks. The weakened but stubborn boy rolled to the side of the platform, still determined to leave.

Just as the Butcher's sibling, the Bogeyman appeared, casting a large shadow behind the boy and lifting his sledgehammer, he toppled over as an extra weight was added to the lifted cinderblock on a pipe.

Valtiel leapt off the sledgehammer, propelling himself towards the fallen Seishiro, snatching him off the ground, just as the Bogeyman grunted, breathing hard, the cinderblock smashing into the grating.

They had their fun, but now it was time for progression, Valtiel appearing as per his duty. Seishiro's head was spinning, the landing his rescuer had taken, not really a gentle one, though a large, gloved hand pressed his beaten face into the leathery chest of the magician, the momentum and jolt of the landing wracked his brains.

"Ugh…!" he choked, feeling his stomach lurch as Valtiel leapt once more, using but a single hand to bound his way.

Down below, The Butcher and The Bogeyman watched, growling, angry at the end of their playtime. But obediently, they allowed Valtiel to carry his catch away. Up, up, up and away from the red into the grey, ash-covered surface, that though visually, the difference was great, it was no less a hell.

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