This is the sequel to "Chance" which is a fanfiction based off the Bogeyman's song, but I still do prefer to call that sexy mofo Pyramid Head. If you haven't read the prequel, please do!

So last time we left off with some nice smutty threesome rape, and Seishiro was rescued by Valtiel just as The Bogeyman, Pyramid Head, and The Butcher were about to rip him apart. Please enjoy this little snack!



Large splatters of blood and vomit mixed together on the pavement as the boy keeled over and regurgitated his very insides.

"Why…" he coughed, glaring at the very monster that had come to his rescue, as strange as it was, he wasn't ungrateful, and yet not entirely grateful. "What the fuck are you planning to do with me…"

For it was obvious he didn't save the boy merely out of whim.

"Talk!" he demanded, even as his body slowly began to give up on him, his vision blurring into red as his eyes bled for being overused. "Hhh…"

Valtiel crooned his head as he watched the red blood tears begin to flow endlessly. The boy held his hands up to catch them as they fell, staring down at red through red.

"Hh-?!" he gasped. "What…what's happening to me?!"


Something dire, finally shattered inside him. And the insanity leapt through, with flying colors, like a meteorite set on course to it's own destruction towards the sun. Where, it would soon be pulled in, incinerated, destroyed, and lost forever.


"STOP BULLSHITTING!" he cried, gasping as his eyes finally melted into pools of blood, dripping out of his sockets. "Hh-UWAAH! AAAAH!"

It's time to remember.

"AAAHH!" the boy continued to scream, agony coursing through his very arteries. "STOP! STOP IT!"

Remember your suffering.

Those who unjustly punished could not be forgiven. Therefore they themselves needed punishment. Those who forgave are weak. Therefore they themselves needed punishment. Those who forgot, were the those wretched of them all, and retribution of the highest order was to be brought to them until they realized their sin of letting such important memories fade.

Your deterioration.

"Ghh-aaah! AAAAHAAH!" The boy's body began thinking, thinking and thinning, his ribs showing through thin skin, screams turning dry. "Hhaahh…!"

Your abandonment.

A sharp sting pained his chest. And he recalled the native boy. How he had been there. How he had cared for him. How he had left him behind to rot in the bitter cold when his tribe moved on. Fresh, red tears emerged from his sockets for eyes, this time from his tear-ducts, and not the soupy substance that used to be his eyeballs.

Your violation.

Seishiro felt a part of him give way, and felt a sickening slickness flood out from between his legs, mixed with blood and the essence of several men. "Khh-…"

The reason for your rage.

Seishiro's eye widened, a flash of violent gold and wisps of white hair turning into whips with razor-sharp edges. Fangs, from every beat known and unknown to man, emerging from between torn lips that expanded even as his jaws could not handle it. "Why…?"

"This is the one they call Ammit. The egyptians believed that this thing was part lion, thanks to it's claws, part hippo, thanks to its strength, and part crocodile thanks to its fangs." the computer explained. "He was sent over as a package from the main office."

"Huh…looks like a punk kid to me." Pyry said. "This is also the demon they said's been alive for over a four-thousand years now, right?"

"Yes. By this time, this demon is about two-thousand, three-hundred, forty-nine years old." the computer replied.

"Two-thousand?" Cindy asked. "Why?"

"Because during the course of its life, its body was split into two, causing both halves to become younger than the original being. One became known as Ammit, by the Egyptians, Belphegor and Behemoth by the Christians, and Banshee, by the Irish. of course, there are a lot of names left, as we've yet to discover exactly where this thing came from and how many places it's already been. Perhaps other legends are also atone." the computer continued.

"Poor thing." Cindy said, reaching out to brush the young boy's hair. "Where was he this time? It's…a really long time to be wandering around. Was he looking for something?"

"Don't refer to this thing as 'he' or whatever, Cindy." Pyry scolded. "Remember it's a demon. It just so happens we might be able to use it."

"Pyry." Cindy frowned. "…just look at him."

The boy, though thoroughly out-cold on the examination table, where he was also restrained by many belts, his eyes were closed in an expresso of true longing for rest, as if he had not slept in the thousands of years he had been alive.

"He looks so worn." she said.

The computer beeped. "Excellent. Since Cindy seems to have taken interest, I will leave him to you to keep under control."

Cindy blinked. "Oh…he's…really going to be working with us?"

"Chh." Pyry huffed. "You've always been too soft. If that thing loses it, you're going to be in a world of hurt. It's better if we just get rid of it. Why did headquarters change their mind?"

"It is not so much as them changing their mind, Mr. Pyry." the computer said. "It is more…they failed to accomplish their main goal."

"You mean…they were trying to kill him?" Cindy asked.

"And failed miserably. There is no telling what can kill this boy."

"Tch." Pyry frowned even deeper. "Now you've even got the dumb machine calling it proper names."

"Why are you so hostile?" Cindy asked. "What did he ever do to you?"

"Have you read the texts? This thing, is a menace to everything we've ever worked for. Accidents. Disappearances. Kidnappings. Evil rituals. Demonic worshippers. You can trace everything all the way back to this fucking thing on the table." Pyry ranted. "I'm not going to be all buddy-buddy with something like that, but if you're going to, fine. Get yourself killed. I'm out of there."

The door slid open and closed as Cindy leaned closer to hear the boy on the table breathing softly, and she sighed in relief. "He's fine."

"It would be best to move him to one of the rooms here. It is not good to alarm him by having him awake here." the computer said. "I received reports that the boy threw a massive fit that killed several officers when he thought he was being experimented on."

Cindy frowned and looked up at the computer. "Was he?"

"….yes." the computer replied after some thought processing.

"Nobody would like that." Cindy said. "Come on, now." she said to the unconscious other, "Let's not have any of that here. I'll get you a nice cozy bed to wake up in."

Seishiro shook, staring at the broken pieces of road his arm was embedded in. He had hit the ground, over and, over, and over again in a mad fit until finally the concrete gave way, even in his weakened state. His eyes had returned. His flesh was whole.

"Why…" he whispered. "I was…used…?"

Valtiel crouched silently from behind the boy, watching, monitoring, chronicling.

Somehow, the boy felt it was not the first time this had happened.

"How…." he growled, standing and picking up a piece of concrete, flinging it into the sky as far as it would go. "DARE YOU?!"

A signpost was next to suffer the brunt of his wrath. Seishiro swung a mighty kick, his shin bending the thick steel and breaking it, like it was made of styrofoam.

"WHAT AM I?!" he demanded, turning his gaze, panting hard at Valtiel. "You…you knew…you….you must've been laughing! You were laughing at me!"

Sharp teeth, thick like a sharks bared themselves, he bristled, appearance contorting in a mess of brown and white hair, tanned and pale-grey skin, chocolate and gold eyes.

"ALWAYS! You're all always laughing at me!" he said, voice turning into demonic shrieks, "USING me! Like a THING! Like a TOY!"

The mere sound of the banshee-like howl made the building behind Valtiel crumble, crackling and groaning, falling backwards into an unrecognizable heap.

You will not get any satisfaction from merely destroying empty things.

Seishiro, shoulders heaving and eyes wide from what he had just done, straightened himself, looking at the broken ground.

Slowly, a smirk worked its away into his lips. "You're right."

Valtiel moved out of the way as the boy, like magic, appeared behind him, sending a fist right into the ground where he had been couched.

"I'LL RIP YOU APART INSTEAD!" he cried as his fist made contact with the earth.

Valtiel turned, facing the boy on all fours, ready, anticipating. Seishiro withdrew his arm from the ground, body starting to feel like lead once more. The sudden recovery of his memory taking more toll on him as already had from his previous encounter with the Pyramid Head and his sons. His vision grew blurry, and he wheezed, eyes fluttering closed and his body let go.

Valtel rushed forward, catching the boy in a long, lean arm. Fate smiled in her realm. Their beloved rage, was finally returning to them.

Chance hummed, tracing circles into the mighty, scarred chest of his god, lazy eyes wandering to the bones on the floor, even as soft, silent tears fell from them. The feeling of being trapped, saddening, exciting, poisoning and yet rejuvenating. A strong hand, gripped the boy's chin, making him look up into teethe helmet, where the scent of fresh blood and musk always lingered.

Pyramid Head gazed into the dead, and mourning eyes, feeling the boy's longing for the sun, and yet his intense hate for it. The boy's yearning for human company, and yet his complete abandonment of it. A clash of feelings that never seemed to end. When one seemed to win over the other, the two would simply mix and turn into the maddening yearning of the body, before going right back to their battles of equality.

"Please…" Chance begged-no more…no more thinking, no more longing, no more confusion…just…just everything go away. "Please…James…"

Chance moved, turning his body, still on the monster's giant lap. Fumbling hands snaking themselves around the thick, muscled neck as he lifted his face closer, and closer to the darkness under the helmet. Tongues met and melted together, flicking and curling against each other and with each other.

Hips ground down against hard muscle, the quivering, eager orifice engulfing the impaler, the boy arching and crying out before sighing in relief of all his thought. Yes. The deafening sound of flesh slapping against flesh, the stretching of his stomach and the pushing of his organs. This was all he needed. Wanted.

"Don't…ever go…" Chance found himself saying, his nails sharpening into claws as they dug into the broad shoulders that lurched forward, slamming his small back onto the floor, strewn with remains of corpses. "AH-! Don't…!"

He looked up at the punisher, destroying his very person, black and silver eyes glaring intensely even as his mouth moaned wantonly. Bringing the monsters shoulders closer, only to move his hips in time to the thrusts that ruined him every time.

"AH-! Ah…! HaaHH! Don't…! AH! Ever go….! Plea-UUH! Please…" He said. "James…! HAA-!"

Pyramid Head grunted, braying himself deeper into the fallen human, lifting the smaller hips higher, forcing the body into an uncomfortable ninety-degree angle, pushing his penis into it with more force.

"GUH-!" Chance's eyes rolled back as he felt his very ribcage expand painfully, body shuddering and shaking as it was violated again. "Haa-! AH-!"

In the very insanity that now made up Chance's mind, he knew. He needed this executioner. The very monster that killed his very soul, and devoured his body, time and time again. He needed him.

"UH-! AAH! GH-AAH!" Chance spread his legs wider, allowing the beast deeper access to him. "J-JAMES! HAA-JAMES!"

As he felt the hot acid pour into him, burring away his yearning, fulfilling his desires, and eating away at his body, he gazed into the darkness of the monster's hidden face and licked his lips in satisfaction. Chance drew his knees up, holding them and lifting his ass off the floor, the blackened semen dripping ever so slightly out of his hole.

"Mhh…" He said, feeling the heat sake its way between his cheeks.

Even as the intoxicating feeling reached far into him, going as far up as his throat, he swallowed it back down, reseting himself sluttilly. With a wry grin, hungry and gluttonic in nature, he whispered.

"…more…look James…it's dripping out…...fix it…"

Corrupt. Broken. Torn. Destroyed. It was one of the most magnificent things Pyramid Head had ever seen in his life.

"HNGH-!" Chance threw his head back as he felt Pyramid Head plunge into him once more. "Haaah…" he smiled.

Lisa Garland wiped the boy's forehead clean with the cold cloth, sighing as she set it down into the bowl. Seishiro twitched as he felt pain within himself, gasping eve in his sleep. The nurse did not say anything, but smiled when the boy opened his eyes.

"…welcome home." she said. "You've been asleep for a wh-GHKH-!"

Five, elongated claws dug into her smiling face, before her head was ripped clean off its shoulders. Seishiro flung it across the room, watching it bounce off the wall, then the chair, and the table, before finally hitting the floor, the happy smile still on it, mouth open in mid-sentence. He growled, knocking the sitting body over as he got off the bed, shaking with rage.

"Mngh-! AH!" Chance chuckled a little, an insane madman chuckle, soft and beautiful. "Hehe…mhhh~…"

He licked the black that bubbled up form his insides, dripping at the corner of his mouth, legs wrapping around the giant hips, bringing the ejaculating, growling monster closer.

Pyramid Head's hang gripped the boy's lower row of teeth, and Chance's eyes widened as he felt the pull and tug, the pain shooting through his body and causing him to peak and spill his head. The sickening sound of tearing flesh and fracturing bone accompanying his scream.

The jaw was licked clean before Pyramid Head's tongue cradled it, bringing it under the shade of the helmet, crunching into it, and swallowing it in pieces. Chance panted, streams of blood-colored tears making their way down from twitching eyes as he lay against the floor, immobile and filled.

The tongue ventured its way out again, licking up the neck, to the gaping hole that was once a set of jaws for a proper mouth. Chance's eyes slowly met with it, and though he could no longer smile, the expressed his affection by drawing his own, bunch of tentacles from within his throat, caressing the larger tendril.

"Hhh…" he hissed softly as they kissed with their tongues.

Alessa smiled, humming as she played with a blooded plush doll. "Big brother is coming."

Fate smiled from her skeleton throne.

Yes. He is coming.

"He's going to play?" Alessa asked, excitement in her eyes.


Alessa stood. "So he remembers how to come home?"

Just as she asked the question, from the floor that was not really there, came shadows that were there and at the same time not there. An explosion of black smoke that curdled outward, in intricate rivulets. From the mess of darkness, Seishiro emerged.

"….found you." he said simply, glaring at the not-female on the skeleton hand.

Fate only continued to smile.

Alessa pitter-pattered her way to him, pushing her hand into his and smiling. he gazed down at her, before wrapping his fingers around the hand tighter reassuringly.

"…I'm…home." he said, feeling a strange sense of rightfulness in the statement.

Alessa smiled. "Welcome home."

Yes. Welco-

At the end of his sudden leap, Seishiro sank his teeth into Fate's neck, tearing and ripping into it before taking another bite, ripping her face in half. Another bite had her torso vanish. Blood splattered everywhere, and Alessa watched, smiling as the red substance made its way onto her shoes.


Now that he had reclaimed his other half. He was ready. As he stood there, the hand began to crumble and fall, the false king of this realm having been destroyed. As he fell onto his feet on the floor that was not a floor, he breathed in deep, crying in a loud voice.


As he was summoned, the archangel emerged, out of nothing. Out of nothing, he crawled, making his way around Alessa and presenting himself to the boy.

I am here.

Seishiro, with gleaming golden eyes, lined with red, and reflecting against black sclera, pupil a strange slanted white, glared back at the servant over his shoulder. He huffed, before turning fully and making his way to Alessa, taking her hand in his.

"Show me." he commanded. "Everything."

Alessa looked up at him with bright eyes, leaning her head against his arm and closing her eyes. Finally. Safe. "You came back, just like you promised."


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