You's think that after seven years of killing innocent children, a head gamemaker would start to feel remorse for all the lives that their creations had taken. But after seven years and one-hundred and seventy-five deaths, Amaya Cane still felt nothing. No, she did feel something. Pride. Most head gamemakers barely lasted a year, even the tiniest mistake could provoke the wrath of the presidant. And then it was over. A gunshot, a hanging, maybe even being killed by their own mutts. Whatever the methord, they always died. But not Amaya. There she was, after seven glorious years of games, still breathing.

But that didn't make this years games any less important. In fact, they were the most important games yet. The one-hundredth games, a quarter quell. These games were to mark a centuary of blood, and they had to be perfect.

The exact details of the quell didn't concern Amaya. She knew that the tributes must be brother and sister, but her job was to create the arena, not worry about the quell.

Amaya's arenas always followed the same basic theme. Since she was a child, the past had always fascinated her. Long fallen civilisations, great wars, people who changed everything. It was incredible to think of what might have happened if even the tiniest detail had been changed. Amaya loved history, so she reflected her passion in the arenas she designed. The first had been the Roman colloseam. A fitting choice considering how similar it was to the games of today. Then it had been the long trenches of world war one, the towering castles of medevil times, the sprawling cities of aincient Panem, or America, as it was known then.

This year was what it had all been leading up too. A moment in history so full of death and destruction that it was perfect for the games. She had wanted to do something similar to her first arena, the Romans had always been what had fascinated her the most, and she wanted to show them in her arena. And this was perfect. A moment of such shock and terror, fire and death. It would make the perfect site for the games.

Hope you enjoyed this little prologue, I've had this arena in mind for ages, see if you can guess what it is! If any of you are wondering where my other SYOT went, it was deleted for being an 'Interactive story'. I'm so sorry to anyone who submitted tributes to it, I really loved all of your characters and I'm so sad that I won't be able to write about them. Thankfully, my longest SYOT was saved since I had removed the form, and I will try to update it at least once a week. Anyway, this story is totally not an SYOT, but maybe you should go to my profile and fill in that form just for fun. And maybe I will accept twenty six of your tributes and use them in this story. But it's definatly not an SYOT *cough*itisreally*cough*