Chapter 1

Rachel's P.O.V:

"Rachel Berry?"

This was the moment of truth,i was now going to find out why i had been so ill and coughing up blood.I made my into the room shaking with fear, why was I so scared now? Rachel Berry is not scared of anything.

"Miss Berry... we have received your test results back im sorry to say you have been diagnosed with lung cancer and do not have long to live as your type of cancer is very serious im really sorry Rachel i'll give you a moment to yourself"

I brought my knees up to my chest and began to cry, i wasn't going to be on Broadway i wasn't going to win a tony heck i don't even think I was going to make it to sectionals. I decided to go home i needed to tell my dads.

"Rachel are you okay?" The doctor asked as i made my way out the door.

"Yes i'm fine i need to go home and tell my dads."

"Okay Rachel i'll see you soon."

I nodded and made my way home i could hardly see, my vision was blury from all the tears forming in my eyes.I parked my car in my driveway and walked into the dads were already sat on the sofa you could tell they had been waiting for me because they were both staring at the door.

"Rachel,hunny what did the doctor say?" My dad said.I burst into tears.

"D-d-daddies the doctor told me i have lung cancer and dont have long to live because the type i have is very serious... i-i- dont know w-what to do i don't want to die" I told them crying so hard i gave myself a headache and made my stomach hurt. They craddled me up into their arms and let me cry then we decided to watch some movies, I fell asleep after 20 minutes, my dad carried me up to bed.

I have had a month of school because my cancer was getting worse I was having trouble breathing, I would keep fainting and coughing up blood, i dont think my dads really wanted to send me which I was in this state but i had to face school at some piont, sectionals was only a couple of days away, even though i wasn't to take part I wanted to be their for my team and help them with as much preperation as with my cancer getting worse i knew my time to go would be arriving soon and i couldn't go without saying goodbye to the glee club so i decided to go into school today.

I made my way into school with everybody staring at me. I just ignored them i couldn't be bothered to put up with them today.

"Rachel? Rachel! how are you feeling?" Will said as i walked into glee.

"Im not getting any better i just needed to come in today to try and help with any preperation needed and to make sure before i go i have chance to say goodbye to everyone."

"Wait... what do you-."


"I'll tell you when i tell everyone else, it's very important so i might aswell tell everyone together." Everyone finally started pouring into the room all happy to see me. The only person not here is... Finn.

"Guys where's Finn?"I asked.

"Oh Coach Bieste kept him behind to talk to him."Puck replied... Finn then walked into the room with Miss Pillsbury. He was shocked to see me but soon came sat next to me and gave me a quick kiss while i snuggled into his side. and made their way to the front.

"Right guys and I have 2 announcements then Rachel had one I think she wants to tell everyone together." I nodded so he carried on.

"Right. As you know me and have been together for a while now and we have decided to get married also Miss. Pillsbury is pregnant and we have picked 2 people in this room to be god parents, Rachel and Finn would you do us the honour of being the god parent, by the way you are all invited to the wedding next june just before some of you graduate." I burst into tears of joy, finn was rubbing my back he was in tears too. But then it hit me i won't be here for the wedding and by the time the baby is born around august time i definatley wont be here. Everybody said congrats to the teachers.

"Ok Rachel, come and give your accouncement" Will said.

"Guys you know I have been ill that's why i haven't been here and thank you and for picking me to be a god parent to your child I am flattered but I cant... I have lung cancer its a very serious type and my life time has been limited,i'm so sorry i didn't tell you guys sooner, my time to go is arriving rapidly but i knew before i go i had to say goodbye to you all thank you so much for supporting me through every desion ive made good or bad you guys are my family, we've been through alot together but we've kept our chins up and we're still here. When i started here i thought i was just going to be an annoying jewish girl who had big dreams for herself and spent her high school years trying to find a friend. I'm still annoying, still jewish and a still a girl but i have a family and a georgus fiance who are willing to support me through anything and i know its going to be hard to say goodbye and leave you all but we will meet again someday and we will show everybody up there we are stars. Guys dont give up on your dreams you are all starts belive it or not, you are going to graduate high school as national champions just remember i am going to be looking down on you and guiding you every step of the way. I love you guys." I said, everybody had tears streaming down their face even Noah and Santana were crying. Everybody ran up and we all had a group hug.

" You will fight through this Rachel we will all fight together." said. Every body nodded. I saw Finn let go of the group and go over to the corner and cry, i walked over and wrapped my arms around his weigst he turned around kissed me sat me on his lap facing him and leant my head against his chest. I started to run out of breath i turned around jumped of Finn ran into the middle of the room and kept coughing up blood the last thing i heard was..

"RACHEL!" i heard Finn scream.

"I love you." I whispered before my world turned black.