Terri Shuester

Hey Rachel, I know you only met me one time but you mean the world to so many are all

saying memories about you out there and the one Will brought up when you had a crush on him and

came to our house and cleaned the whole house just to see him. All the memories any one can come

up with is how you stand up to any one to protect the glee club. When Will and I were together all he

talked about was glee club, glee club, glee club and glee club and I never got to spend time with him

because he would always be planning set lists or choreographing a routine for you, but now I

understand why you were so special you meant the world to him. To everyone. They were just afraid

to show it, now they can't. I remember once coming to see you guys at a competition I think it was

regionals where you sang Faithfully. As soon as you started singing you blew me away with your voice

the power and the emotion you put into it was absolutely amazing Rachel. The chemistry you and Finn

had made the song work so well. The other two songs you sang Any you want it mashed up with

Loving' Touching' Squeezing' and Don't Stop Believin. I really don't know why you didn't win but you

guys were the winners to me. In that moment I understood why Will had spent so much time with you

guys trying to get everything perfect, I could see in your eyes when you lost how much it hurt and how

much it meant to you. Don't worry the New Directions won Sectionals and are going to go to Nationals

which are in New York I looked it up. You didn't deserve everything you went through in your life you

didn't do anything you only showed who you truly were and we are all proud of you for doing that you

inspire so many people who think they can't be who they want to be because other people don't like it

well we can don't listen to the haters they were just jealous of you Rachel, your stunning, your voice,

you have people who care about you so much who are sat out their heartbroken because your gone

and they never really got to say goodbye to you before you went well this is there chance and I don't

want to take it from them so i'm going to go but just know Rachel we will all see you up there some day

you won't be alone for long just shine bright at night Rachel so we all know your doing okay up there.

You were a ball of talent we all knew you were going to make it out of Lima everyone know that even

people who didn't know you but had seen you at your competitions knew it. You had the passion, the

commitment and you defiantly had the talent to do so. Goodbye Rachel see you soon.

Sorry I have been on as much, had alot going on, I've moved to another part of my school and am now taking my gcse's so hardly have any free time but im in my summer holidays at the moment so I'm going to update everything while I have the chance :) Thank you for being patient and i'm really grateful for you reviews thank you so much ox