Yo. Yeah I know it's a pretty quick posting just afterHidan's New Friend, but hey, I've been trying to get this thing out of the way for who knows how long, so there you have it.

(. . . No. . .) His hand was cold and limp when she reached out to it. (. . . It can't end like this. . .) His arms lost their protective strength, unable to embrace her with warmth like he had done so many times before to comfort her. (. . . Not after everything we've been through. . .) His skin didn't glow with the love he held for her, the happiness they shared together. (. . . I can't even stand on my own yet. . .) Even when she screamed his name and buried her face into his ghostly pale chest he didn't open his eyes or tell her heartfelt promises that everything will be alright. (. . . You can't leave me! . . .)

. . .

"Watching the heavens cry?" Her mother nodded with a loving smile. "It tells of an old couple that met a tragic ending, the man dying to protect his lover before she could find him. It truly is a sad folklore." Large innocent brown eyes lit up eagerly. "Will you read it to me, mommy?"

With a heartwarming laugh the mother shook her head and tucked in her lovable daughter, pulling up the light red blanket up to her chin. "I promise I will tell you the story when you are ready. Papa Bear is waiting for you to give him a goodnight kiss, and so am I, little butt munch."

"Mommy! I told you not to call me that! It's embarrassing!" With a laugh the single mother kissed the girl on the forehead and switched off the lamp. Hearing the door close with a soft *click* the child pushed off the covers and scurried over to the large window, where the full moon shone brightly as a natural nightlight.

Placing her hands together in a prayer, she murmured softly, looking up to the shining North Star. "I wish, I wish, with all my heart and above, to someday see, my one true love. Even I have to travel the seas, just to call him love dove." She giggled with a blush at the last part, but bowed with an amen and scampered back to bed with a smile. "Watching The Heavens Cry." she whispered, snuggling with her giant white teddy bear that was twice as big as her. "What do you think, Papa Bear? Do you think I might end up being in the story?"

Hearing no reply she sighed. "You can tell me tomorrow, love you." Reaching up to kiss him on the nose she lied back down and fell asleep with a small smile.