Hello everyone...yeah sorry that you're all bloody eager for an update, but I have good news and bad news.

I guess I'll start with the bad news; I decided to label this story complete since I don't exactly know how to continue it the way it is right now.

The good news, however, is that I'm going to start a sequel to this story. It'll seem like a few things had changed, mainly because I'm trying to get the story on the track I want it to be on. Basically, it'll be focusing entirely on Pein and Sarianah's "relationship", with a bit of Kisame in there as well since there's obviously a thing going on between the shark and the brunette, but don't worry, I'm not spoiling the finalized pairing. Only time will tell.

Also, Kakuzu is stalking Sarianah's mom while she's on the business trip. Wonder how that'll go? :3

And to that random person that wanted Sarianah to be chased by animals again, IT WILL HAPPEN! But I also promise that one of the Akatsuki will get hurt by it, in a comical way of course. Not tellin who though ;)

Anyways, I WILL start on the sequel once I get some stuff out of the way. Semester exams are coming up, and last minute make up work is a real bitch when I forgot my textbook at school for the weekend -_-' I hope I miraculously pass this year. Or I'm definitely screwed.