Introducing the Hamster-Hover!

Stop! You there!, Yes you!

Spare a thought for your poor Hamster, stuck in his cage, with nothing but his wheel to run round in. Yes that's right it's tragic isn't it. But worry no longer and ponder on this wonder of modern Hamsterific technology.

The Hamster-Hover is your new best friend, it will change your life*

It's quiet, clean, great value, it never stains, and above all your Hamster will just love it****

"But where do you put the coal in?" I hear you ask, well, do not fret friend, the Hamster-Hover requires no coal to run.

The Hamster-Hover is totally safe and non-toxic**

Just read the testimonies of some of our satisfied customers:

"Geez, what is this sh1t"

"Hey! Come back here..."

"Does it come in silver?"

"This damn product killed my Hamster"

"Hello, is that the Hamster-Hover helpline? Will it work on my Rabbit?"

These are just some of the many 1000's of satisfied customers of the Hamster-Hover. Now you too can join them, with three easy payments of 99Cubits***, the Hamster-Hover can be yours (Postage and packing extra, except when it isn't)

Simply call out Toll-Free ***** number: 0800 I AM DAFT

Don't have a Hamster? Well what are you waiting for? Go and get one, then get the Hamster-Hover.

Tchoh! Some people...

The Hamster-Hover is just part of our Range of Rodent Rovers.

Check out our other exciting products:

The Rabbit-Rotor, perambulates up to three bunnies at a time.

The Gerbil-Gyrator, perfect for lazy land-loving Gerbils.

The Mouse-Master, make your mouse glow in a fascinating ever-changing luminescence.

And many more!

The Hamster-Hover, from Crumbelux Inc.

*Unless you're a Hamster

**Except to hamsters

***1 Cubit is approximately equal to the GDP of Uruguay


*****Still requires money