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Where are you?

Kise Ryouta was overjoyed to practise every day with Kurokocchi as a partner. Every day was exciting. Basketball secrets and Kuroko's hidden expressions were much more interesting that anything he had experienced before. The ever so rare miniscule smiles Kuroko gave him spread warmth through his body. Just by thinking about the hours he's going to spend with him made his heart beat faster. He thought that these days would last forever. But Kuroko disappeared.

I miss you.

Kise could still catch glimpses of the other boy here and there, but he would disappear the moment he had appeared. He couldn't find him. He couldn't even see him. It was frustrating.

Do you miss me?

And then Kise enrolled to Kaijo. He had little hope to see the boy ever again, as Kuroko was clearly avoiding him. When he heard that a match was decided and it was against Seirin, against Kuroko, he was dumbfounded. The rest of the day was all fuzzy, as if he was in a daze. His thoughts were only about Kuroko, not noticing his surroundings (which earned him a kick to the back from Kasamatsu). But the memories came rushing back.

Why are you hiding?

Kise felt fidgety all of a sudden. He couldn't wait any longer. He went to see the opponents, he went to see him. He went to find answers.

I will find you.

When Seirin club's practise ended, Kise loitered around until he was sure that Kuroko's inside. Alone. He peeked through the slightly ajar door. There was nobody there. Confused, he opened the door and come inside. He was sure that Kuroko hasn't left yet.

"Kise-kun?" Kise heard Kuroko's voice. He turned to see the source of the question. Kuroko was standing beside the door to the showers. His hair was still beaded with small water droplets which were dripping down his neck, running down his bare chest. He was fiddling with a small towel around his waist.

Kise jerked his head and turned around, his back facing the smaller boy. The blonde's face felt hot.

"I-I'm sorry, Kurokocchi!"

"I'm not a girl, Kise-kun." Kuroko responded flatly, pulling a T-shirt on.

Kise didn't reply. He didn't know what it was yet, but something changed inside of him when he finally saw Kuroko again. And that made his heart beat faster. It felt different from the heartbeat during a match. Kise just stood there, not knowing what to do. He had never felt like this. Not even being with a girl could compare to this feeling. It was more delicate and pure. But at the same time, it was frightening. As if something uncontrollable was hidden behind it. As if it was trying to get loose.

"Kise-kun? Is something wrong?" Kuroko asked, shrinking the distance between them, his bag hanging by his hip.

Kise shook his head, still avoiding looking at the smaller boy, but still turned around to face him.

"I.. Uhm.." Kise stuttered, not knowing what to say. "I just came to see you, Kurokocchi." Kise smiled sheepishly.

Kuroko's eyes turned dark.

There were so many questions Kise wanted to ask before he came here. But none of them came to mind when he could finally ask them. Only one question. One would be enough.

"Uhm, Kurokocchi.. Can I ask you something?"

Kuroko sighed. "Yes. But only one question."


"That counts as a question, you know." Kuroko deadpanned.

"That's not fair, Kurokocchi!" Kise pouted, grinning widely.

"But I'll be able ask you one later, too. It's only fair that way." Kuroko met Kise's honey coloured orbs. "So, what was it?"

Kise nodded and swallowed. "I just wanted to ask why.. Why did you leave us? Why did you leave me?"

Kuroko's expression turned grim. He sighed and turned his head away from the blonde. "Those are two questions, Kise-kun. But you already know the answer, right? I disagreed with Teiko's ideals." The blue haired answered in a monotonous tone, as if he had told this to himself millions of times.

Kise looked unconvinced. He shook his head. "You know that's not true. Did somebody do something to upset you? Was it Aomine again?" His own questions felt like daggers. "If he was, then I.." His body was shaking with anger.

"No, it has nothing to do with Aomine."


"Kurokocchi, please.." Kise sounded desperate. "Did I do something to upset you?"

Kuroko averted his gaze. "It's impossible for you to do anything bad to me. And there's no way to undo what I did."

Don't you see?

"We can make up for the time we lost, right? There's always a way, right?" Kise felt an urge to take Kuroko's hands in his, hug him, comfort him, kiss him. After such a realisation the blonde found it hard not to blush. The clubroom felt suffocating.

You still love him.

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