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You want a friend, Kise-kun. And it's too late for me to be just a friend.

It's silly of me to still be clinging to this one-sided love for all this time. For how long, I wonder.

The two boys were standing in Seirin basketball club's locker room. Kise was leaning against the door, blocking the way.

The sheer pressure of Kise's presence made it hard for the other boy to breathe. He was choking for air but his small body refused to cooperate. His throat burned and a lump was starting to form deep inside.

Kuroko gripped the fabric on his chest to calm his heart down. He levelled his head. The model was still looking at him intently.

"We can make up for the time we lost, right? There's always a way, right?" He repeated, voice sounding a little desperate now.

Kuroko peeked through his baby blue locks. Chills ran down his spine. He knew that expression on the male's face. Resolution. Kuroko shook his head. He's saying that to a friend. That's all there is.

His ex-teammate's hand rose slightly. He swallowed. It rose higher. It was almost touching the smaller male's palm. He could almost feel his warmth radiating. Kuroko could step back, but all he could do was stare at the outstretched hand. Perhaps he took it as a permission and he grabbed his fingers. Kuroko flinched slightly, as electric sensation tickled his fingertips.

"Kise-kun?" Was all he managed to squeeze out.

The warmth felt nostalgic. Kuroko has forgotten the feeling of being embraced already. He missed the feeling of his breath tickling his hair, his wide smiles, his voice and his glittering eyes.

"Kurokocchi, did you start to hate me?"

"No such thing."

"Really?" He perked up a little. "But if so, why? I missed you so much and yet you rejected me. I don't know what to do anymore!"

Kuroko didn't want to have this conversation. He tried to yank his hand away, but to no avail. Kise's hand was starting to tremble a little, but he was still squeezing it. He looked like a little boy, lost and scared. The very boy he was in love with.

Kuroko knew full well that he couldn't hide his feelings forever. It would be best if he took the role of the bad guy and was hated than to make the love of his life suffer so much because of him. He squeezed the other teen's hand back and smiled his miniscule smile.

"I didn't want you to hate me."

"I could never hate you!" He interjected, but Kuroko shook his head.

"I didn't want for you to feel disgusted by my feelings. Because…" He took a deep breath. "Because I love you, Kise-kun." His voice didn't have even the slightest tint of doubt. Rather, he felt calmer and as if a great weight was lifted from his chest.

Kise was silent. His mouth gaping a little, while he was digesting the statement. Sure, he's gotten lots of confessions from loads of girls, but this time it was his friend the one confessing to him. Of course he liked Kuroko, but he wasn't certain it was that kind of like. The confession didn't disgust him at all, but was he ready to accept the other teen's feelings?

Kuroko freed his hand and stepped back. "And that's how it is. Good bye." He finally turned the handle.

"Wait!" Kise caught his hand again. "You like me, don't you?"

"I do."

"I like Kurokocchi too, but I'm not sure if it's that kind of like yet…" He grinned. "But I would love to hang out with you more. So what do you say? Wanna see what happens?"

Kuroko smiled. "Yes."

I'm done with the first chapter. Split it into two parts because I'm a failure. Guessing I'm not too good of a writer, huh.

I glued this from the pieces I wrote while preparing for my exam, so it may be slightly fragmented, but I hope I smoothed it out.

And I can finally write fluff. I hope!