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I hear the beeping and a little bit more of my heart is torn out. The bruises have almost faded. But she still hasn't woken up. I've fought with every single person who has walked through that hospital door to see her: Mom, doctors, Harrison, and myself. I blame Nicole but I blame myself more.

It was because of her that I did so many of the things I did. My party and who was invited and who wasn't because of image. When I gave Sam the invite I actually wanted her to come. I wanted to hang and talk to her. She had been friendly. Funny but when she and her friends crashed and challenged me.

I tried to save face.

I was always trying to save face.

And she broke it all the time.

She could make me feel.

Change my views even when I fought it.

I fought her for things that I didn't even understand. Now she is here fighting, not me, for her life. For the chance to breathe one more time, to open her eyes and smile at someone she loves.


I love you. I hope that when you wake it will be me you can smile for.

I regret never figuring it out.

I regret every fight and cruel word between us.

I have so many regrets when it comes to you and me.

Leaning down I whisper in your ear, "It's time to wake up Sam. I'm waiting for you."