Authors Note:

Uh.. hi? This is my first story. It's RaimeiShipping (Ash x Elesa)

Ash decides to take the Kanto/Johto Elite 4 Challenge before he leaves for Unova. His friends laugh and doubt him; so does his pokemon~ except Pikachu. He leaves, and attempts to do what others could not.


Ash walked off the boat from Sinnoh that was in Vermilion City. He trained in Sinnoh while his friends went off to their respective home towns. He walked off in the direction of Pallet and eventually got lost in thought.

"Hey guys!" were Ash's first words as he walked into his house in Pallet Town. Several replies came;

"Mime Mime!" cried Mr Mime,

"Honey, your home!" chirped his mother.

"Ashy boy." Gary casually smirked as he talked.

"Ash!" All of his friends cried. Misty, Brock, May, Max and Dawn were all there.

"Dawn? How are you here?" He asked, confused. Dawn had gone to Twinleaf town after the Sinnoh league.

" I caught an Abra and teleported!" She shrieked.

"Oh, that's cool." He replied. "But can we have lunch now? I'm starving!"

"Of course. Lunch is served." His mother laughed pointing to the dinner table next to her, which was loaded with all sorts of food, pizza, pasta, chicken nuggets, beef, lamb, pork, burgers, fish, and so many others.

After lunch, Ash headed over to Professor Samuel Oak's Laboratory and Pokemon Ranch, or better known as Prof.'s Oaks Lab. He went to see all of his Pokemon family with Max and Misty.

"Ah Ash," Professor Oak called. "I'm guessing you want a new region to go to, hmm. I have just the place for you. Unova. It's filled with Pokemon never seen before in any of the 4 regions."

"Actually... I was thinking about doing the Kanto and Johto Elite 4 challenge."

"Ash, you haven't won a league before, how do you expect to go up against the strongest in the world?" Misty exclaimed.

"Yeah Ash, don't be stupid!" Max shouted. His Pokemon cried in agreement. Pikachu shouted back in anger.

"So you guys don't think I can do it?"

"Of course not!" They screamed.

"I will prove you wrong." He said with a quiet voice. "Professor, what are the rules to challenge the Elite 4?"

"Well. You must have completed in three leagues, you must specialize in one type unless you challenge Cynthia or Alder, the champions of Sinnoh and Unova. You can use any Pokemon that you captured , or traded legally. No invincible Pokemon, such as the illegal Skill swap Shedninja Spiritomb move. That's about it."

"Well, seeing as my other Pokemon don't believe me, and my friends think I'm stupid, so I'm off to capture some more electric Pokemon and train." As soon as he finished his sentence, Max and Misty were silent and all his Pokemon suddenly had an aura of sadness. Wait, aura? how had he knew that? He shrugged it off. "Any of my friends that want my Pokemon can take them." He told the Professor. Then He left.

Okay, end of the prologue. I will update either tomorrow, or on the weekend. I promise that the other chapters will be longer. I will be giving Ash a Lucario, using an idea from the games. If you can guess then I'll give you a shout out. One clue- it's linked to the azure flute. Also, the skill swap Shedninja Spiritomb is a little glitch on D/P/P, if you go into a double battle and use skill swap on Shedninja, switch shedninja out into a Spiritomb, and use skill swap again you will get an invincible Spiritomb, because it has no weaknesses and the ability wonder guard.

See you next chapter,