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Uh.. hi? This is my first story. It's RaimeiShipping (Ash x Elesa)

Ash decides to take the Kanto/Johto Elite 4 Challenge before he leaves for Unova. His friends laugh and doubt him; so do his pokemon ~ except Pikachu. He leaves, and attempts to do what others could not.


Ash strolled off the ferry, which had just docked after travelling across regions from Sinnoh Harbour to the Kanto Port that was in Vermilion City. He tried to get a ride to Cinnabar Island, but the recent eruption called off all travel. Ash had spent a few months in the Lily of the Valley area, training in Sinnoh, while Brock and Dawn had left to their respective home towns of Twinleaf and Pewter City. It had been a rather lonely few months, lumped in with gruelling training and only Pikachu and the other Pokémon to speak with. Ash could swear he could sometimes hear the little yellow mouse talk, but he was better off ignoring it. Pikachu was probably the type of best friend that was a total dick; like Gary more than Brock, and Ash didn't need any more narcissistic comments after travelling through Sinnoh being stalked by a purple haired freak.

Ash had spent almost two hours walking in the direction of Pallet, in the baking Kantonian Summer. With Pikachu fast asleep on his cap, Ash could do nothing but keep walking. He encountered only few trainers, and none engaged him, for the temperature reached forty degrees celsius outside during the evening, and no one bar him would want to be out participating in Pokémon battles. Most were too lazy to leave the air conditioned centre.

Ash checked in at Cerulean for Misty, and at Pewter for Brock, but he had gotten the same response from both Daisy and Forest. "They aren't in at the moment, but you might see them around, sooner thank you think." Ash took it with a pinch of salt; he hadn't seen Misty in years and Brock for months, and he couldn't expect them to always be around. Either town hadn't changed much since Ash's last trip around the Battle Frontier - Cerulean stayed blue and Pewter remained brown. The forest seemed exactly the same as the day he departed, and he could almost swear that even the Pokémon in Route 1 were in the same position.

"Hey mom!" were Ash's first words as he walked into his house in Pallet Town.

Well actually, they were; "Finally, my feet hurt." But that isn't as sweet, so we'll stick with the former. To Ash's surprise, he got more than one response: Several replies came;

"Mime Mime!" cried Mr Mime,

"Surprise!" A crowd of teenagers shouted at him which caused Ash's to have a mini freak out and knock his head against the door frame.

"Honey, you're home!" chirped his mother, while handing him an ice pack like she had prepared for this eventuality.

"Ashy boy." Gary casually smirked, and nodded his head in Ash's direction, trying to hold onto his laugh at his rival's misfortune, preferring to remain collected and calm. Gary was always Gary, whether he was Professor Oak Jr or not.

"Ash!" All of his friends shouted simultaneously. Misty, Brock, May, Max and Dawn were all there, getting up in his face to greet him.

"Jesus Arceus - how long have you all been here? Actually, I don't want to know. Thanks for welcoming me home everyone." The crowd dispersed, and Ash was able to catch his breath.

"Ash, Professor Oak said he wanted to speak with you later once you were well rested." Delia let him know, while he was busy engaging with his old friends. Pikachu chattered away in the corner with the aforementioned friend's Pokémon - they were quite chatty, and must have had some real catching up to do after a few months, or even years.

"Oh, that's cool." He replied. "But can we have lunch now? I'm starving!" His stomach agreed with a loud grumble. His friend's chuckled at the trainer's never ending metabolism.

"Of course. Lunch is served." His mother laughed pointing to the dinner table next to her, which was loaded with all sorts of Ash's favourite foods, and piled high over his head too. It was a mystery that Ash somehow had devoured it all before the rest could blink, sitting there satisfied rubbing his belly, next to Pikachu who was avidly licking the ketchup from Ash's fingers. Delia just laughed and began to serve up the second portion for the guests.

After catching up, Ash headed over to Professor Samuel Oak's Laboratory and Pokémon Ranch, or better known as The Oak Ranch to the natives of Pallet. He planned to go alone to see all of his Pokémon family, but Max begged him to go to see his Pokémon and Misty wasn't going to let the two go unsupervised.

"Ah Ash," Professor Oak greeted him with a hearty laugh and a hug, before continuing. "I'm guessing you want a new region to go to, hmm. I have just the place for you. Unova. My hot intern - er, I mean dignified co-worker, Professor Juniper gives out the starter Pokémon. It's filled with Pokémon never seen before in any of the 4 regions."

"Actually... I was thinking about doing the Kanto and Johto Elite 4 challenge. I think I'm ready after all my training in Sinnoh. I reckon I can challenge the first level or two, and certainly give Bruno or Lorelei a run for their money."

Max and Misty didn't seem impressed.

"Ash, you haven't won a league before, how do you expect to go up against the strongest in the world?" Misty exclaimed. "Lorelei isn't just a pretty face - she's trained for years and has Magikarp, plural, that could take Pikachu for a whirlwind!"

"Yeah Ash, don't be stupid!" Max shouted. "Bruno would make you his bitch." There was a few seconds of shocked silence at Max using profanity. "Don't tell my sister I said that." Everyone kind of agreed, after Misty gave him a stern telling off.

A few of his Pokémon voiced their concerns about going up against the best. Pikachu shouted back in anger, and a large debate was sparked between the Pokémon.

"So you guys don't think I can do it?" Ash asked perfectly calmly.

"I'm not saying you couldn't do it eventually." Misty let him know she still had some belief in him.

"But you're certainly not ready now." Max finished, pushing his glasses up his nose with his know-it-all tone.

"I'll prove you wrong. I'll train hard for the next year, since my Kanto badges are still valid. Next Summer, I'm going to take the Kanto League by storm, and I'll take Red's position., and become a Pokémon master." Ash said with quiet confidence.

"No one in the Kanto-Johto alliance bar Ethan have even managed to get close to taking Red's position, and he still failed to beat him on Mount Silver." Max recited the fact from Bulbapedia - I mean, his Pokédex.

Ash ignored him and spoke softly. "Professor, what are the rules to challenge the Elite Four?"

"Well, if you're sure - " Ash gave a confident nod. " - You must have completed in three regional leagues, and you must specialize in one Pokémon type, unless you challenge Cynthia or Alder, the champions of Sinnoh and Unova. Although, that doesn't mean you aren't allowed to enter Pokémon which aren't the type you are using. If your Pokémon show strong affinity for a certain type, such as Lance's Charizard or Gyaradosfor the Dragon typing, and you can get Mr Goodshow and a licensed Professor to agree, you may use that Pokémon in the challenge.. You can use any Pokémon that you have captured, purchased, or traded legally. No illegal matchups, record of crime or unnecessary force, and no verbal or physical abuse towards Pokémon or trainers is tolerated. No legendary Pokémon - if you wish to challenge the Elite Four. You can still compete in the league - as you unfortunately know with Tobias's Latios and Darkrai. That's about it."

Ash sat in silent thought for a moment.

"Well, seeing as Pikachu is my oldest partner, I'm off to capture some more electric Pokémon and train." As soon as he finished his sentence, Max and Misty were silent, and all his Pokémon suddenly had an aura of sadness. He. turned to face the crowd of Pocket Monsters. "Don't worry guys. I'll be back sometime soon, and any of you that want to join me on my journey can, in a little while. But for now, Pikachu and I need to get some of the native Kanto and Johto electric types. I'm sorry this visit was so short; I promise the next one will be longer. If any of you want to join a friend's team or gym to keep your training up, or go help my Mom out, feel free. I'll see you soon!" His Pokémon roared a strong, heartfelt goodbye, and Ash headed out of the Lab towards the outskirts of Pallet Town to begin his journey once again.

Okay, end of the prologue. I will update either tomorrow, or on the weekend. I promise that the other chapters will be longer. I will be giving Ash a Lucario, using an idea from the games. If you can guess then I'll give you a shout out. One clue- it's linked to the azure flute. Also, the skill swap Shedninja Spiritomb is a little glitch on D/P/P, if you go into a double battle and use skill swap on Shedninja, switch shedninja out into a Spiritomb, and use skill swap again you will get an invincible Spiritomb, because it has no weaknesses and the ability wonder guard.

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