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Kling Klang


"This is the Lieutenants gym." Ash said to his little yellow friend. Earlier he had spoken to Electrode and the Pokemon had agreed to train with him. They were standing in front of the doors, both with determined looks. It was a bright sunny day in Vermillion City, and as Ash put his hand on the metal handle, he-
"Son of a fucking bitch! That is hot!" Ash shouted and grabbed his hand in pain. He kicked open the door while still cringing about his burnt hand.
Pikachu whispered into his ear.

"Ash!" Was screamed out. The massive man was standing in almost complete darkness, with one spotlight on him. "Did you catch every electric type pokemon in Kanto and Johto?" Ash nodded meekly.
"All of them and then some." The blonde man smirked and ran his hand through his hair.
"Now you are ready to get your ass kicked into shape."

"First, you and your Pokemon must be in complete physical shape." The lights came on, and a massive obstacle course appeared. It was different then most obstacle course, it seemed quite customisable. "Your pokemon must be able to complete this course in three minutes. Of course, we understand that it is harder for some in some areas. So, the three different paths have differed lengths in some areas. Strength, speed, and ability. Each path has a little of each, but more of one. Oh, and you have to complete all three in under three minutes as well. We will be doing this every day all day until every single one of your pokemon can complete one of these tracks." Each path was actually quite long, and it looked like it would take someone of an average build at least ten minutes. "Good luck, because I can only complete one in under 5 minutes."
"But then why would you make me do it in under 3?" Ash questioned.
"Because I'm not training you to be as good as me, I'm training you to be better. So you better get started if you wanted to move on to strategy training." Ash got a look of steel on his face and called out all of his Pokemon.
"Let's do this."

Eight Hours Later

"It's impossible! It is impossible!" Out of the eight hours, only four pokemon had managed to complete a course in under 6 minutes; Pikachu, Electivire, Zapdos and Thunderus. A few had come very close to the six minute mark, but had failed in certain areas- Charizard and Elektross just seconds out. Ash had managed to cut his time from 15 minutes to 8, and now he was drenched in sweat, dirt, and grime, and felt a centimetre thick on his skin. His legs felt like lead, and his head kept bobbing off to the side. His eyelids were drooping and he felt like he was about to pass out.
"I agree, the fuck is this shit?" He heard in the crowd of Pokemon.
"Your day is over kid." Surge spoke to him, putting his hand on his shoulder. "You did a lot better than I did on my first day. It'll take you a while but you'll get it."
"What's the secret man? What can I do to cut my time?"
"The secret is knowing there is no secret. There are no shortcuts. You train a lot, and you eat right. Look, take this." Surge handed him and piece of paper with some scrawl in it. "This is a diet plan for you and your Pokemon. It'll help you build muscle and bring down your body fat level. Now get some rest, you don't want to be exhausted for tomorrow." Ash nodded, returned his pokemon and started to leave the gym. "We won't be training on Sundays. That's gym battle day. But you are more than welcome to use the gyms, er, gym."
"Got it. I'm staying in room 74 in the PokeCentre if you need me." It was Surge's turn to nod. Ash turned away and left the gym, and was just in time to see the sunset across the horizon. "Beautiful, isn't it, Pikachu?" With no response he turned to his shoulder and realised that his pal had passed out from exhaustion. He turned his head back and walked briskly to the Centre before dark fell.

"Nurse, would you please check over my pokemon for me? None of them are particularly injured, but a few cuts and scrapes. Could I also order these meals in?" He handed her a small scrap of paper. He usually ordered whatever was on the menu at the canteen, or ate what Brock had prepared the day, but he was told to eat right, so that was the plan.
"Of course. It is rather expensive though. It'll be 600 Poke per day, for all 3 meals."
"That's fine." Ash smiled. I'll come collect my pokemon in the morning. Thank you very much." He placed 4200 poke on the table. "That's the meals for a week." Nurse Joy smiled and wished him a good night.

He walked up the steps to his room and almost passed out, after he had had a shower. He limped to his bed and fell face first on to the mattress, but didn't even care. He was about to fall into a deep sleep when-
Ring Ring! Ring Ring! Phone Call!
Ash reached to his bedside table, and managed to groggily mumble "Hello?"
Ash, it's Surge.
"Hey Lieutenant, what can I do for you?" He was very slightly more alert now.
So, my daughter just dropped by from Unova.
"Elesa?" Much more alert now.
Indeed. So, we sat down and had a late dinner, and we talked, and I asked if she had presented romantic interest in anyone lately.

"Yes, and?" Ash started to see where this was going.
She mentioned your name. And I just want to say, that I don't care. Oh, and that if you hurt her I will break your legs. She's coming up to your room now. She doesn't know that I've called you. Have fun, you cheeky bastard.

Ash gulped and heard a knock on his door.
He opened it with a worried expression. Instead of who he expected, it was his Pika Pal being help up by his armpits by Nurse Joy. "He wanted to stay with you. The rest are in this bag." She handed him his pokemon and Pikachu leaped from her hands onto Ash's hatless head. He thanked her and the Nurse left. He closed the door, put his pokemon on his bed and ten seconds after he heard another knock.
"Elesa!" They hugged, sat down, and started talking.

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