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Chapter 1:The Begining...

Sam felt sick. No not like the flu, or anything like that, she got over those easily. No she fell emotionally sick, fear and depression knoting her insides tightly for the past 3 months.

If you hadnt had guessed it they still couldnt find Danny.

It had been 3 LONG depressing months without any sight Danny anywhere. Mr. Lancer had asked all three high school students what made them so depressed and would always ask where Danny was but they would always remain quiet, not even 'Perky Jazz' was around when Spirit Week came and gone.

Who could have known that Danny had effected their lifes so much?

It had felt so right, so normal to have Danny in their lives, it flipped their world upside down when Danny disappeared.

Danielle had been hit hard when she found out. After she had 'found out' about Danny they had gotten along pretty well and sometimes Danny would let her blab on about the lastest teen gossup and all that, and after a while she began to think of him as an other brother someone besides her sister and grandma she could tell everything to.

Tucker didnt try to hit on many, if any, girls anymore and just stayed close to Sam, as if afraid she would disappear too. He didnt have his PDA out as offen as he use too, and when he ate he just didnt to seem as delighted about his meat streak as he did when Danny was around to cheer him on.

Jazz hadnt given up yet, every night she still when around town looking for any sign of Danny and would come home tired and sad around midnight, and pass out on the couch. Her homework and classwork had been becoming sluggish and some of it didnt get turned in or finshed completely. She seemed to have a perment distant look on her face, at home and school, but when Sam got her alone that semmingly empty face would creak and small tears would fall down her cheeks. Sam had told Jazz that there was nothing she could do but wait for the right time, though she knew she had sounded like she was trying to reasure her self as well as Jazz.

Sam mostly felt hollow. Thats really all she could think to describe the feeling that was plaging her cheast. She had long sense stopped crying, what was the point? No matter how much she wanted to cry and curse who ever took her first crush away she knew it would do no good for anyone, so why waste the time she would have been using crying in some dark corner and put it to use. She took a picture of her, Tucker, and Danny at the park all arms wrapped around another in their small trio and had photoshoped Danny's face out -she couldnt bring her self to cut up the meaningful photo- and made signs:

Missing Boy: Cash reward if found!

Name: Daniel (Danny) Fenton


Hair:Black and spiky

Eyes:China blue


If found please call: ...-...-...

Sam at posted them on billboards and telephone poles, anywhere she could think of, she had even posted some in the next town over (thanks to her own privite jet she got for her birthday) she and Jazz had talked an they knew -somehow- that Danny disappearing was not him going back to the Angel Realm, Danny would have told them if he was going back, though even if they tried to do their hardest they couldnt block out the doubts that haunted the back of their minds.

What if Danny didnt know he was going back?

What if Danny got kidnapped, or caught by some goverment people like the GiW or someone else more dangerous?

If he did go back, did he not tell them because he didnt want to see them?

Did he just act like he cared about them, just to throw them away later?

These and many more floated around their heads as the days didnt seem to want to end. Sam was at school right now with Tucker, doddling in her book absentmindedly. She was drawing in different ways from stick angels to really detailed wings and feathers, she even drew Danny's loop-sided smiling face on her page. Looking at her with lightly, just barely, shaded eyes that held trouble and kindness as well as child like innocence and laughter.

"Sam? Sam?!" Tucker said, breaking Sam's musing over the drawing Danny before her.

"Wha-? Oh Tucker. Dont scare me like that! What about the teacher, wont you get in trouble for talking?" Sam as blinking lazily as she looked over to her remaining friend.

"I might, if class was still going on. You, like, totally zooned out and when the bell rang you were still just sitting there! It was kind of freaky." Tucker says with a small shudder, looking at his friend with concern. "You alright?"

"No. Its been 3 months, Tuck. 3 Months! And we have yet to even find a Hint of were Danny might be." Sam says angerly, though its not pointed to her friend but to who ever though it would be funny to mess around with their lives. She sighed, "Im sorry, Tuck. Its just...I just...Im afraid, Tuck. Where could Danny be?! He doesnt know his way around earth, he still has problems with remembering whats where in Amity! Im...Im worried for him, where could he have gone, and why did he go?"

"I really dont know, Sam." Tucker sighs as he sits backwards in the chair infront of Sam's desk, that just so happened to be Danny's. "All I know is there aint much we can do. Sam he was my friend too, but believe me, killing your self over where he might be wont help him or you in anyway. We just have to wait,' He rasied a hand when Sam was about to interupt him,'think about it Sam. We have nothing that can track him, or anything that could find him, we have nothing that can help us, we are at a stand still and all we can do is wait for the next card to be handed out to see what we can do, do you understand Sam? Making your self crazy with worry wont help us and it will most surely not help Danny. Do you trust me, Sam?"

Sam sighed, he had a very valid point. She hated it on the rare times when he was right. To add some humor into this depressing chat at even she as a goth though was to dark she said with a small smirk, "For once he has shown more brains then whats in his PDA."

Tucker smiles proudly and puffs up his cheast, "Why...' he froze when what she said kicked in, then he frowned at her, "heyyyyyyyyyy...that was cold Sam, even for you."

Sam gives the first laughs she has had in a while, and smiles at her friend. "Maybe, but your just to much fun to pick on."

"Here I thought, having you back to normal was a good idea." He pouts.

Sam got up and gave him a light hug. "Thanks, Tuck."

He hugs back with a sad soft smile. "Your welcome, Sam. Now come on, Jazz is going to kill us for being late for meeting her at Fentonworks." He laughs the last part as he and Sam grab their bags and take down the halls.

How long had he been trapped in his own body? Days? Weeks? Months? Nothing changed about the forest except it got darker, like a dark blue but not like night, and lighter, light a clear sunny day.

Danny sat on the same bolder he had been on when he had had his first dream of this place.

"Danny? Baby, are you up there?" His mother's vocie calls out from below.

"Yes." Danny says, a tired sigh following it.

His mother appeared at the edge on growing stairs, once both of her bare feet were planted on the hard stone the snow stairs plopped back to the ground, leaving mother staring sadly and son who looked back tiredly.

"Are you ok, my child?" She ask as she kneeled infront of him, taking his small hands in her own small ones.

"No. What am I to do, mother? Im trapped here and cant do anything! I cant even see what that monster is doing with my body, for all i know he could be spilling innocent blood with it!" He said, destressed and fearful as he ran his fingers through his spiky hair. "And who knows how long I have been here, or how much longer I will be! I could be here forever! Not that I dont love being with you and father, but..." He trailed off, rubbing circles in the back of the hand that had a long scar on the palm of it.

"You miss your human family and your friends too, correct?" His mother said softly, as she pushed a few bangs behind his ears as she looked at his lowered crestant face.

"Yes." He said regretable. "I love you and father greatly, but...I have come to love them and my friend just as much. Do you not want me?"

"Not at all, child. I knew you were to have a new family, when your watcher came to take you away, he told me that you would find a family that loved you and you would love them in return, and I have accepted that. I am just thankful, that you love them as greatly as your father and I. So dont fear, child, I told you I would always love you and I will always keep my word." His mother said gently, kissing his head.

"But what am I to do?! I have no power over my own body and-"Danny was cut short, but his dad jumping into the air and landing behind his mother with his trust wolf, Shera, by his side both looking slightly winded and worry in their eyes.

"Father? What's wrong?!" Danny said as he looked over his father and wolf, worriedly.

"Son *pant* the *pant* walls! *pant* Going *pant* unseen!" His father said, tiredly and breathing harshly like he had ran all the way here, which he might have.

"My walls?!" Danny gasped and jumped off the edge, swiftly landing and sprinting to the closes side of his walls as he could find.

When he got there, he gasped in horror. The walls were flickering!

"NO, NO, NO, NO!" He shouted, running foreward and pressing his hands to the the solid though flickering wall, putting as much energy into the wall to keep them up.

An icy current went through the wall as it spread making the walls stop flicker. Danny panted and sat against it as his vision spun harshly.

"Son?! Son! There you are! Are you ok?!" His dad shouted as he and his mom dropped to their knees on either side of him, he panted softly but nodded. "Y-Yes, just ti-tired th-thats all."

"You must stop using so much power, son. If you use to much soon, then you would put your self to danger of being taken over." His father said worriedly as he pressed a hand to Danny's forehead, which was a it warm. "With the walls flickering, and you using so much energy to keep them up is letting him in more and more, you must use less son, or else keeping the walls will not matter."

"Ok, father." Danny said as he stood, but froze stiff when a chill ran through the air that was not apart of the normal cold air.

"Hellooo, childdd." A cold, dangerous voices cooes.

"Leave, monster! Leave him be!" His mother shouts to the wall, anger glowed in her brown-gold eyes.

"I fearrrr I cannnnn notttt doooo thattttt, myyyy dearrrr." The cold voice said with amusement.

"LEAVE!" His dad roars, his wolf howling harshly at his side, its eyes glowing a brighter red.

"Neverrrrrrr." The voice hisses.

"What are you doing here?!" Danny says, he looked pass the blue colored though still see through wall to the dark figuer that was just a few feet away from them on the other side.

"Theeee boyyyy speakssssss!" It says in fake astonishment, "Assss forrrrr yourrrrrr questionnnnn, childddd, youuuu wishedddd tooo seeee whatttt I ammm doinggg withhh yourrrr bodyyyy? Welllll I haveeee comeeee toooo asnwerrrrr youuuu."

It disappeared with a spine chilling laugh and a small portal appears and when Danny looks-

Danny gasps again in horror, as well as his parents and his father's wolf whimpers.

In the vision is Danny, or Danny's body with bright green eyes and an evil but calm smile, holding Vlad as Plasmis by the throat as black laced up his face and down his suit.

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