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Chapter 8:Battle and Body...

Danny sat up quickly, he swayed slightly but looked around. Clear sky and warm sun, they were in a clearing -he was beganing to really hate them- with lots of trees around and a pond, that even though it was small looked really deep. He looked of to see mountains, but they looked familiar...

Danny gasped loudly, he knew where they were, and it wasnt good.

He looked around the ground to see everyone -but Sam who was nowhere to be seen- were waking up.

"Ughhhhhh, Danny? Where are we?" Jazz asks.

"Some where we really shouldnt be." Danny says, worry covering it while bitterness sprinkled it.

"Where, dude?" Tuck says as he helps Maddie up, while Jazz helps Jack.

Danny swollows deeply and looks at them with knoted eyebrows. "We're in the Angel Realm."

"WHAT?!" All four humans say, making Danny wince at the volume.

"We're in the Angel Realm. The Darkened Angel must have planned for us to end up here. I dont know why though." Danny says, he points to the mountains. "Right over those moutains and a few miles away is my village, I wonder if my watcher is worried about me..."

"Of course he is, dude. We -or rather Sam did- meet him him and thats how we got in your head, he had told Sam he would meet with us later. Where do you think Sam is?" Tuck says, turning around to look for Sam.

"I dont know, but Im going to find out." Danny growels.

Suddenly clouds go over the sun, and a chilling wind wiped through the group making them shiver. Danny looked around as Snow began to fall around them in a manner of seconds and it seemed to only be in the area they were in.

"He's here." Danny hisses, his wings spread in threat as he took a fight stance as he waited for the monster to come out.

"Danny?!" Sam's voice calls out from his left.

Danny looks around to see Sam being held by the Darkened Angel who stood a foot or so from the deep pond, her hands were behind her back and she had a concerned and fearful look on her face. "Danny, run! He's going to kill you!"

"Hushhhh childddd, thisss issss betweennn himmm andddd meeee." The Darkened Angel says, it turned its 'gaze' back at Danny and seemed to smile eerily. "Hellooooo boyyyyyy, I seeeee youuu gottt freeee, congratssss!"

"Let her go, like you said its between you and me." Danny says, eyes narrowing.

"I donttt believeeee I willllll." It replied smartly.

"LET HER GO!" Danny screams, he shot a dulled knife at the monster's head, but he moved Sam to where it blazed her shoulder, making it bleed a bit.

"Its enwiseee toooo shottt withhh yourrr frienddd hereee, childddd." It says, moving Sam back and forth slightly to prove his point.

"Then what do you want." Danny asks, not daring to think even though he already knew.

"Youuuuuuu." It says with evil pleasure.

Danny's wings folded back in, his shoulders rested high on his neck, raven bangs hiding eyes from view, all was quiet.

"...Fine." Danny says, he looks up through his bangs and looks straight into the lifeless green eyes. "You must promise to let them alone...and you can have me."

All the humans were stunded into silence, not knowing what to say.

"Agreedddddd." The Darkened Angel purrs. "Comeeee hereeee, childddd."

Danny forward slowly, knowing his end was just in front of him. The Darkened Angel had made another nightmare, but this was shaped like him and it pulled away a still shocked Sam.

Danny stood before his parnets killer with his head lowered, he knew he should be showing no fear and standing tall and all of the stuff he had done not a few hours/mins or however long ago, but he just couldnt. He was tired of acting like he had no fear, he was just a kid, so he stood there staring at the snow covered ground between his and the Darkened Angel's feet.

A shiver ran down his spine when one of the Darkened Angels hands cup his chin and lifted it to look at his abyss black face and dead spring eyes, another shiver went through him. It was odd when it moved the bangs from his face in a seemingly fond way, very strange and shocking.

"Itsssss aaaaa shameeee fateeee willll haveee youuuu dieeee sooooo younggggg, childddd." It said in ...sadness? This was too confusing.

Before Danny could understand what the tone of the Darkened Angel's voice meant he felt an empty cold race through his cheast, he looked down to see a solid black blade in his cheast. His lunges began demanding air, yet he couldnt seem to get any no matter how much he tried to breath in. His vision began to go fuzzy and the edges were beganing to turn black, he could hear voices, but they seemed distant and echo-y, and he couldnt understand what they were saying.

Suddenly he felt him self falling and water seemed to bubble around him, did he fall in the pond? Was he just going to drown? Or was he going to turn to ash before that? Would he ever see his human family and friends again? Was he going to finally see his REAL parents?

The water was becoming a cold numb as he sank deeper, he really didnt want to die, but he didnt know how he was going to help his family and friends, or even the rest of the many worlds. The Darkened Angel had pretty much already won, so did it matter if he died now or not?

Danny was about to close his eyes and finally give into the tiredness when a voice spoke out.

"Time out!"

Danny shut his eyes at a sudden brightness that seemed to come from all around him. When it dimmed he opened his eyes, to see he was in the middle of a snowy forest. There was no clearing -thank goodness- and he was standing right next to a rather large snow and frost covered tree.

Danny looked around to see tons of animals around him, all jet black and snow white eyed, yet you could tell all their eyes were on Danny.

There was one of every animal, reptile, and another other name there ever was, all stood proud and at attence. Danny thought it wise to do the same, a sudden feeling came to him and he followed it.

He bowed low to the animals around him, and they nodded or bowed back. He looked over all of them before sighing.

"Im afraid I dont know why Im here, can one of you please tell me why?" He asks.

A doe walks forward and noddes, its voice calming and gentle. "Young one, you have shown bravery even when you though you weren't, so it is time to chose your guardian who will remain by your side for all time."

"How do I do that? There are so many of you, and all of you are amazing creatures, how could I chose only one of you?" Danny asks.

A rabbit gives a laugh, it had a manly undertoning to it, and hopped forward a bit to Danny's line of view. "While you do chose, child, the one you chose must accept you as well."

Danny noddes, and looks back at the doe. "So what do I do when I chose the one I would like to be with?"

The doe seems to smile. "You must show it respect and give it a gift, as a bond, if it accepts it will be tied to you forever."

Danny sighs and looks at the the creatures around him, looking each one over carefully.

There was a wolf, but it didnt seem like the one.

Doe? No.

Sheep? No.

Monkey? No.

Horse? No.

Turtle? No.

Rabbit, bunny? No.

Crow? No.

Danny looked at each animal on the ground before turning to the birds in the trees, he just couldnt find one that seemed feel right to him. "How will I know when I find the one?"

"You will feel a connection to it when you meet eyes." A lizard says.

Danny looked over the all the animals once, twice, three times, before he sighed. He looked back to the doe -who was more then likely the leader- and shook his head. "I dont think Im meant to have a guardian."

The doe looked at the ground and seemed to be thinking over something. She turned to the deer next to her and the other animals as well as Danny listened as he spoke to the male,

"Do you think..."

"It could be." He spoke back, looking Danny over.

"That's impossible! No one has had her as a guardain for centuries, are you sure?!" A random animal says.

"There are many things that are impossible, we are proof of that, and I think the boy has proved that he is not like any other angel in centuries." The deer says wisely.

"She's wild and immature!" A bird chirps down.

"Many of us are, are we not?" The deer seems to chuckle.

"Ummm...who are we speaking about?" Danny asks slowly.

"The one who just might be your guardian." The doe says. "Follow us."

The doe and deer lead Danny to a lone tree with no other trees around, it was a bit wider the the other trees and had a hole in its trunk.

"Come out, we have a guest for you." Doe says as she hits her hoof against the tree.

A blur of black and white shots out of the tree and flies in tight circles around the tree before landing on a branch just above the hole. When it landed Danny saw a gorgeous bird, but not just any bird but an owl.

Instead of being jet black like the others, the owl was snowy white with a few black feathers littering her slim body, her eyes were still white but seemed a bit more silver-ish and her beck was black as well. She looked at the doe and deer and nodded, then looked at Danny and seemed to smile.

"Who is this young boy?" Her voice was like the wind and it flowed smothly even though her beck didnt move.

"This is the new Raven Angel, and it appears that he can not seem to bond with any of the others." Deer says.

"Do you truely believe he will bond with me?" Owl asks, tilting her head.

"We do believe, say hello Daniel." Doe says, nugging Danny forward.

Danny looks at the owls cheast before slowly moving up to her silver-y white eyes. "Hello."

She seemed to smile and nodded. "Hello, Daniel. Do you feel anything?"

Danny knots his eyes brows and feels within him self, he looks into her sliver-y eyes and felt a chilly yet welcoming feeling, he smiled. "Yes, I do."

Her silver eyes twinkle, Danny bows and she bows back. Danny sweats a little when he tries to think of what gift to give her, he didnt have anything on him...

He smiled widely and made a snowball in his hand, he lets his ice powers take over and his china eyes turned icy while his raven hair turned snow white, he shaped the snow into a thin chained neck-lace with a small ice dimond with small owl wings on either side of it, and smaller pearls running up it.

The animals looked at it in wonder and a bit of awe, Danny smiled gently and raised it into the air to he could show her. "Would you accept being my guardian, owl?"

Owl flew down and landed on Danny's arm, she shook her head to make the neck-lace go down and it layed proudly on her feathery cheast. She nuzzled Danny. "I accept, but first thing is first."

"What?" Danny asks, confused.

"We need to give you a name, your spirit name, once you get your guardian you get a spirit name." She says, she flys around Danny slowly to look him over, then she looks deeply into his eyes.

All was quiet as she did this.

"I know what your name is." She proclaims, a happy tone to her wind like voice.

"What is it?" Danny says.

"Innocentem Noctuoam." She says wisely.

Danny tilts his head like she had before. "Innocent Owl?"

She noddes. "Owls are the symbol of:Protection, Secrets, Wisdom, Mystery, Transition, Messages, Intelligence, Mysticism and many others things as well but that is just a few. You are also have a soul of innocentance. So I just put two and two together, do you like it?"

Danny smiles widely. "Yea, I do." He frowns softly. "We need to give you a name as well, it would be shameful to name me and not you."

She noddes. "Name me what you wish, as long as it's not stupid or old sounding, alright?"

Danny laughs. "Deal."

They stood silently for a moment as Danny thought of for a good name.

"How about Nocte Flyer?" Danny asks, a bit unsure if she would like it.

"Night Flyer, huh? Not that bad, I guess I can go by that." She says playfully, she nuzzles the newly named Noctuam.

"So, Nocte, what do we do now? Is there a way to save my human family?" Noctuam asks softly.

"There is always a way, little one. Do you believe you can save them, because only then can you save them." Nocte says.

Noctuoam thought, then nodded. "I can save them. Will you be with me?"

"Of course." She huffs. "Do you have so little faith in me?"

Noctuoam laughs. "No, now come on. We need to save my family!"

Noctuoam races back the way the doe and deer had left and found he was back with all the animal spirits.

"I have a guardian! Spirits I would like you to meet Nocte Flyer!" Noctuoam says as Nocte lands on his shoulder and her feathers were ruffled in excitment.

"Congrats, young one. I believe you now wish to go back to save your family and the world." The deer says.

"Yes." Noctuoam says firmly. "How do I get back."

"Just close your eyes, and be ready to swim." The doe says. "Farewell, child, and good luck."

"Goodbye, be ready Nocte." Noctuoam says as he closes his eyes.

Sudden diziness hits him as he finds him self surrounded by water, he lets his eyes go icy and makes an ice bubble around him and Nocte, who were both soaked.

Noctuoam couched up a bit of water before breathing, he heard something that sounded faintly like 'Time In!' but it must have been something in his head.

"I -truely- hate water." Nocte says angrily as she shakes her fathers to get the water out.

"Me too." Noctuoam groans as he shakes his hair.

"So are you ready, Noctu?" Nocte says.

"Im ready to protect my family." Noctu says with a smile.

Noctu looks up and lifts his hands. "Here we go!"

They shot up in the water and when they reached the surface they burst out and the ice bubble breaks open as Noctu and Nocte shot out into the air. Noctu looks at his family and friends who are looking at him and Nocte in shock and happiness, and you could see with out a face that the Darkened Angel was beond angry.

"Howwww areee youuu aliveeeee?!" It hisses at Noctu.

"DANNY!" The others shout in joy.

Noctu, with Nocte on his shoulder, lands on the snow covered ground without a sound. "Well, I couldnt let you hurt my family or anyone else, I also got my guardian. Meet Nocte Flyer."

Nocte flaps her wings in threat, and hoots though it sounds more like an angry shriek.

"Charmingggg, buttt youuu stilll wonttt winnnn, childddd." It growels.

Noctu spreads his wings and makes a snowball in his hand, then it shifts and sharpens to a sword. Noctu smirks and points it at the Darkened Angel. "We'll see."

Noctu shots forward and ingadges in a sword battle with him. With his new found courage and power Noctu began to get the upper hand.

Suddenly without reason Noctu fell on his back, he looked up to see a second Darkened Angel looming over him while the real one walked up slowly.

"Youuuu willll loseeeee!" It yells, it tried to stab downward on Noctu's cheast but he rolled and shot a sharp frost knife at both, making the fake disappear and the real to hiss in pain and rage.

Noctu moves and stabs him in the shoulder, then in the cheast. "No. You have."

The Darkened Angel shrieks in agony before it sets its hate filled gaze on Noctu. "I willll beee backkkkk, youuuu cannn nottt killl meeee!"

"Maybe, but I can make sure your gone for a long time." Noctu says, he presses it sword in deeper. Black energy breaks out of the Darkened Angels body with a final cry of agony, before it disappears in thin air.

Noctu stands silently for a moment before sighing in relief and falls to his knees. Sam, Jazz and Tuck rush forward and catch him.

"DANNY!" They shout, making him wince.

"You know you just screamed in my ear, right?" He growels, but the amused look in his eyes tell he wasnt mad.

"Sorry, little brother." Jazz says as she gives him a hug.

"Yea, sorry dude." Tuck says as he pats him on the shoulder.

"I was so worried!" Sam said, she hugged him tightly, then she looked at Nocte who was on the ground next to her. "I see you got your guardian -your parents told us- so what's her name and whats your new name, they said something about getting a name from your guardian."

Nocte made a sound that seemed close to clearing her throat and she jumped to Danny's shoulder. "I am Nocte Flyer, or in english Night Flyer. The young one's name is Innocentem Noctuam or Innocent Owl."

"Nocte and Noctu for short for her and me in that order." Noctu gives a weak laugh.

"Noctu? That sounds pretty cool, dude." Tuck says.

"Yea, little bro." Jazz says.

"So what now?" Maddie says after she and Jack had gotten hugs from Noctu too.

"I believe I can help." A new voice says.

"Watcher!" Noctu crys happily.

Behind the group is a man that looked to be in his late 20s earily 30s with pale skin, dark brown hair, stone gray eyes, rich purple wings, royal purple vest and silk-ish pants, and purple sandles. His eyes were far softer then their color, and held a fondness when they landed on Noctu as he shot up and hugged the man, almost knocking them both over.

"Hello, Daniel." He sayd fondly say he runs his hand through Danny/Noctu's hair.

"Danny! Your wings!" Sam gasps.

Danny spreads his wings to see that the black was fading to white with only a few black feathers here and there, almost like Nocte's wings. "Woahhhh..."

Clcokwork shifted from his 'angel' form to his normal form, though his now blood red eyes still held their fondness and care. "It is time that I take you and your family back to the Human Plain, Daniel. Are you ready?"

Danny looked at him sadly. "Will I ever see you again?"

Clcokwork smiled. "Of course, you are like a son to me after all."

Danny smiled and hugged him then moved back so he was with his family and friends, Jack and Maddie putting their hands on either of his shoulders. "Yea, lets go home."

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