Hello readers! I'd like to make this first part to explain a bit about this story and why I'm writing it, and a bit of detail. First off, I am not sure if I want to include the New York aspect of it, which could mean no Gregor, although I would want to use an OC in his place. When I first read this series, I loved it. But as I've grown up and entered my senior year of High School, I'm still in love with the story. Plus I hated the ending how they cut off so many questions. It's like Avatar The Last Airbender but make it so that Aang flys away and never comes back at the end! But I've always been fascinated by the idea of the Underland, and what if a normal person went there? What if the events of the Books never took place and I made it start about 2 years after? Of course the Underlanders would be the same characters, otherwise how would this be a fanfic? I really do want to just use the Underland though. I love the pairing Gluxa/Gruxa/Insertcombinationoftheirname shere and I do love the New York cast of characters, but I feel like I want to do it from a kid from today's times? Not that Gregor was from the past, just maybe someone more average than the poor NYC boy? Perhaps just an average High School student? I guess I'm sort of taking notes, but I'm going to upload this anyways. If you absolutely CANNOT handle the idea of Gregor in this story, there will definitely be similarities between him and the protagonist and by all means you can take this story and change his name if it makes you feel better :P But for now I feel like changing it up a bit. I want the Underland's cast of characters to meet a new protagonist. A new warrior. I hope you guys follow my fic, and I'll keep writing for you! I have written a lot but never uploaded anything and as this is my first fanfic where I want to do something majorly different, it seems this is the time to make one upload worthy. Just feels like all the fics here are becoming too similar. Also, if any of you are a fan of Collier World's Underland fics? Join the club I love them to death and hope he continues the sequel. Well we can dream can't we? But seriously finish them and I'll love you forever C-Dawg. Ohgodwhy did I say that. Anyways, it's time to get to work. I will try to upload AT A MINIMUM once a week, although to be honest I'm excited about this story and will probably do more often than that depending on how I feel. Also if I have a lot of homework and projects from school I will have to take that as priority, sorry. As a last note, if you like my name it's because I had a dream journal of stories I write, and that's where many of my ideas that end up in some stories start? I'll probably leave some messages in me in the end to talk about interesting tidbits like that. Anyways I've rambled off topic! I do that a lot! I hope you read my story, and enjoy it.

-Warmest Regards,
Dream Journal

P.S. I try hard on grammar but sometimes I make mistakes!