Chapter 2 - The Drop

"If I had just caught the bus. That stupid bus. I wouldn't be kidnapped by a bunch of creeps in cloaks and being taken under here" Thought Zach mournfully as he was being taken down the steep rocky decline.

"You've given us a lot of trouble, you're lucky the Queen is here or I'd have taken your head off myself, boy." Said the one known as Quicksilver in his raspy voice. Everyone stopped and Quicksilver looked at his partner and they both laughed.

"You sound just like him sometimes, it is quite frightening!" said the girl, in a humorous whisper as she rounded under the bridge.

The bridge was over a river that got very high when the spring and summer rain came, but during Fall and Winter there were times when the water was low enough to go under the bridge. What Zach saw as he rounded the post that supported the bridge surprised him. An old bunker it looked like, from when people were afraid of nuclear war. The hatch was wide open, and the thing looked like it locked from the inside.

"Sometimes I can't help it, his mannerisms are so hilarious!" said quicksilver and gave a small chuckle. They both turned to face Zach, and the girl spoke first.

"In here is where we will begin, but you are going to have to start off by learning a few things you might find unsettling." Said the girl in a very serious tone, much different than a moment ago. "Show him, Quicksilver. That will be one way to start."

"Wait wha-" But Zach was cut off by Quicksilver removing the hood from his cloak, and in the ever increasing light of the early morning, he could see what looked like a very hairy creature of some sort. "What the hell is that?!" Zach exclaimed in shock of what he was seeing.

"I am a Gnawer, and you'd best remember it because if you see one it's probably not best to scream." Said the creature, trying to stay serious.

"In your tongue I think he would be called a rat..?" the girl added.

"But you… You can talk..!" said Zach, dumbfounded.

"Oh damn so can you! Crazy world we live in! Now get in here." Said Quicksilver, no longer attempting to keep serious apparently, picking Zach up and pulling him over the hatch and into the bunker.

The girl punched him in the side "Be serious, he doesn't know. Now, Overlander, where you are heading you're going to see a lot of things like this. Just try not to freak out too much, you'll get used to it."

Zach was speechless. Here he was. A regular kid, who missed the bus, and now he was dragged under a bridge and about to go into an abandoned bunker with a Giant rat, and a girl who was some sort of queen apparently. Perfectly normal.

"By the way, my name is Luxa." She said "And as you may have gathered this is Quicksilver."

"Where are you taking me? My family will notice I'm gone, the police will be after you guys!" Said Zach. "You can't just kidnap me and drag me off somewhere, why can't you just let me go, I didn't do anything!"

"You don't get it, Overlander. Neither of us want to bring you along, but if the council found out that an Overlander overheard us and we didn't take them with us then they would be furious." Said Luxa. "I would much rather get home without them knowing I came here but there's no use hiding that, now that you are here."

"Oh it's just my fault you had to freaking kidnap me and drag me into some spooky bunker" Which now that Zach thought about it, was getting a lot less like a bunker, and more like a cave or a tunnel of some sort. "Speaking of the bunker, what the hell is all this?" Said Zach as Luxa picked up a torch that was sitting on the wall. She then struck it across the floor, and it ignited, giving a lot of light, a welcome change from the darkness.

The light gave Zach a good look at Quicksilver. He really did look like a rat, he had a long nose, wicked fangs, and a tail he must not have noticed in the dark. And then Luxa. She was unlike any girl he had ever seen. She had silvery blonde hair that went down to around her shoulders, and her eyes were a bright shade of violet. He probably would have thought she was pretty if she wasn't kidnapping him.

"Currently we are on our way to the drop, where we have a flier waiting for us." Said Luxa, all business.

"Two questions, whats a flier, and what is 'the drop' or whatever you called it?" Asked Zach, now genuinely curious.

"A flier is another thing that might scare you, but if you freak out too much you'll probably fall to your death. The drop is where we meet the flier, its just a landmark."

"Wait what? Fall? How would I fall?"

"If you insult her, she is more than likely to throw you off, it's that simple."

Zach was getting more confused by the moment. Wherever Quicksilver and Luxa were taking him, he had given up all thought that this was a bunker. "How long has this been here? Nobody has found it." Asked Zach.

"Well you seemed to think you knew what it was, so why wouldn't anyone else? It's hidden quite well, I think." Said Quicksilver.

After they had walked for about 20 minutes down this tunnel, it ended. Nothing buck rocks, and the tunnel walls. As Zach was about to ask another question, Quicksilver crouched down to a particular large rock, and moved it aside revealing a hole about 4 feet in diameter. "Aurora! We have arrived!" cried Luxa through the hole. A moment later, a voice was heard from the hole, it was a low purring voice. "Drop."

Quicksilver looked at Luxa with a look that said "You take care of the new guy!" And jumped through the hole.

Luxa looked over back to Zach "Alright, you're going to have to trust Aurora. She will catch you when you drop. When she does, hang on to Quicksilver and you'll be fine." And with that she jumped through the hole before Zach could say anything.

They didn't seriously expect him to jump through that, did they? He sat with his legs dangling, freaking out. But then he realized something. He could just leave now, there was nobody watching him he could just get away now! No sooner did the thought cross his mind did he feel a tug on his leg and down the rabbit hole he went. Before he knew it he landed on something, and the torch Luxa had before was gone, so all he could do was hang on to Quicksilver in front of him as he could feel the rush of air as they flew.

At this point Zach's adrenaline was pumping, but the feel of flying was exhilarating! He had no idea how it was happening, or how he got here, or why the damn bus didn't stop for him, but right now he didn't care. He was flying.

"Well hey you're not choking me anymore, Overlander! First timers at this age are always terrified, when they have not learned to trust the fliers." Said Quicksilver, which Zach realized that there was no wind so they could talk normally. "What's your name, Overlander?"

"My name is Zach, and im slowly starting to hate this less and less."

Quicksilver laughed at the comment "Oh but you we're so mad about us bringing you here!"

Zach thought about this, he had always dreamed of a real adventure, like the ones he read about. He would dream about them, even write about them, but in the end he thought it would never happen. But here he was, flying through a cave, talking to a giant rat and a queen. "I've always wanted an adventure, so I'm willing to go along with this. Sorry I gave you so much trouble. Both of you"

Luxa spoke up from in front of Quicksilver "You need not worry, it is Quicksilver's fault for being late."

"Oh please, Would you rather I have gotten caught?" Said Quicksilver.

"Maybe then I would finally be able to stop looking after you!" Laughed Luxa.

"How long will you need me here?" Asked Zach.

"You will likely not be here long." Said Luxa

Zach had more questions, but he was cut off by the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. As the tunnel they were going through approached what looked like a light at the end, it opened up into a massive chamber that must have gone of for miles! He could not even see the end of it! But what he could see was the massive stone city that lay below him! It was lit up from torches being everywhere, and the light reflected off of the stones and made it the most amazing city he had ever seen.

Whatever it was he was riding spoke up "Welcome to Regalia, Zach the Overlander."

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