My first drabble fic! Hope you all enjoy! (P.S. I won't do an opening to each chapter unless there's an important plot piece I need to explain.)

Also, this is already completed. And a new chapter will be out everyday!

Summary: Eiji and Fuji want to conceive in the month of May, but there's always something stopping them whenever they try. Will they finally get their baby in the end, or will they have to wait until next year?

Pairing: Dream Pair (Fuji is neko, Eiji is tachi)

Rating: T—Most chapters will have this rating, but a few will actually be M. Really, this is only meant to be cute and fluffy frustration.

Disclaimer: I don't own any of these adorable characters!

May 1st

The apartment was rather peaceful that afternoon. Syuusuke was sprawled out across the couch with an old book from his father, and Eiji was humming happily to himself as he cooked a most glorious dinner for the two of them. Monday was always his day to cook (though Syuusuke insisted he not cook at all since he was the husband), but this time he was doing it for a very special reason.

He and Syuusuke had been dating for years. They went through university together, found well-paying jobs to support themselves with, rented a spacious apartment for just the two of them, and had gotten married only a few months after Syuusuke turned twenty-six.

And it was after only two short, sweet, years of marriage that they decided to conceive their first child. All of their friends had already started families—some were even very well-established—so why couldn't they have one of their own?

They decided that May was the best month; or at least Syuusuke did. He absolutely loved winter, and had always wished for a winter-born baby. So what better month to give birth in than January (the expected due date of the baby if he were to get pregnant at the start of May)?

He wanted them to conceive within the month or wait until the following year. He was truly intent on having a January child—or at least a December one, if he delivered early. And Eiji, being the good husband that he was, went along with his wife's every whim. All that mattered to him was the pretty smile that adorned Syuusuke's face whenever they spoke of their future children.

"Ne, Syu-chan," he called from the kitchen area. Syuusuke instantly perked up from his spot on the couch, and lean forward in interest; and they called him a neko. "Do you wanna do it tomorrow? I get to leave work early since my boss is gone, so we can spend all afternoon and night together. That should be enough time to make a baby, ne?"

Syuusuke smiled and relaxed back into their soft cushions. "Maa, you just love to keep me waiting, Eiji," he sighed in playful thought. "Tomorrow would be lovely though. Let's make our baby then."

"So it's all settled, then," the redhead announced. "The second of May is gonna be the day of our baby's conception."

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Posted: January 10, 2013.