April 16th

Eiji felt bad for Syuusuke—he really did. Not only had the baby's conception actually come three and a half months after they planned, but the darn brat had decided to come a few weeks too early as well.

And that was why he was currently stuck in a hospital room, having his hand practically squeezed off, while Syuusuke screamed and cried and pushed with all of his might.

He had been in labor for almost twelve hours, before he finally felt the contractions reach their peak, and announced that the baby was coming. The doctor had told him to go whenever he was ready, which he knew he more than was—the pain was absolutely unbearable—so he began the process right away. His body would tense up for twenty seconds before he relaxed back against the hospital bed for five. And in that short strip of time, Eiji would wipe at his sweaty face, maybe even kiss his forehead, before telling him to push again.

Almost an hour passed (the longest hour of Eiji's life), before Syuusuke was falling back against the bed for the last time. The room filled with the cries of a newborn, and as the doctor announced it was a girl, she was placed on her mother's chest for him to see.

"She's… so beautiful…" Syuusuke panted, whilst one of his fingers caressed her bloodied face. "I'm really… happy…"

Eiji smiled and distracted his koi with a kiss as the nurses cut the baby's cord and pulled her away for her first bath.

… … … … … … … … …

"It looks like she's gonna take after her Tou-san," Eiji announced as he stepped into the hospital room, his daughter snuggled deep into his arms. "She's got the famous Kikumaru hair."

Syuusuke sat up in the bed—not without some pained winces—and reached his arms out to hold the sleeping infant for the first time. Eiji placed her down gently, and kissed at her socked foot, before he ran a finger through her small tuft of fiery red hair.

"That she does," Syuusuke murmured softly in agreement; he didn't want to wake her, after all. "And his nose, and maybe even his ears."

"True," Eiji nodded, "but she has her Kaa-san's eyes for sure."

The two smiled and exchanged a kiss. They finally had their baby. True, she had been conceived later than they had expected, been born in a different month from what they had hoped for, and arrived half a month before she was supposed to, but she was there with them—living, breathing, and existing.

And in the end, that was all they really needed to be happy.

A/N: There you have it! All finished! So how was it? Good or bad? Cute or weird? Does anyone else besides me like when Eiji is tachi (top), instead of Fuji? Because when I envision Dream Pair, I always see Eiji as the playful daddy, and Fuji as the caring and pretty mommy. So it would only make sense that Eiji tops, right?

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Posted: February 1, 2013.