Chapter Seven

JJ opened the door for Emily and the brunette stepped in, allowing her eyes to take in the inside of JJ's house. Their home. She smiled and realised not a lot had changed since the last time she'd been here, despite the fact that had been a long while ago. Emily waited next to the door and JJ stepped in, placing her hand on Emily's arm softly. The brunette smiled and JJ locked the door, turning on the lamp as she walked into the lounge. She pulled her coat off and tossed it onto the back of the sofa. She threw her keys onto the table and looked at Emily.

"Why are you still stood next to the door?" JJ asked softly, her eyes gleaming with amusing.

"I… I don't want to intrude. I feel like…" Emily trailed off and cleared her throat in a sign that made it obvious that she was nervous.

"Emily… This is our home now. It's not just mine," JJ reminded as she slowly walked over to Emily, a smile playing on her lips. She wrapped her arms around Emily's neck and began to slowly dance in circles.

"I know but…" Emily rested her hands on JJ's hips. She swallowed thickly and locked eyes with JJ.

Emily nuzzled her nose against JJ's and the younger woman bit her lip. She gripped the back of the brunette's neck with one hand, pulling Emily's lips to her own. Their lips glided over one another's as hands softly caressed and roamed. Emily slipped her hands underneath the hem of the blonde's shirt. JJ gasped and rolled her head to the side as Emily began to place gentle kisses and nips along her neck. She wound her hands into the brunette's hair as she pulled Emily even closer, massaging Emily's scalp with her fingertips.

Emily pulled back and looked at JJ, her eyes nearly black with desire. It took JJ's breath away and she cradled the older woman's face in her hands. The brunette wrapped her slender fingers around JJ's wrists as she nuzzled her nose into the blonde's palm. She closed her eyes, relishing in the feeling. When she opened them again, JJ's eyes had turned to a cobalt blue. Emily gasped.

"Emily… I was ready before you left and I still am…" JJ admitted softly, resting her forehead against Emily's.

"Jennifer," Emily groaned, knowing exactly what they blonde was going to ask of her.

"Emily… I want you to… Please," JJ whispered. "Make love to me."

Emily was more than ready to make love to JJ, she had been for a long time, but she wasn't sure if it was the right thing to do. She wasn't sure what the younger woman's reasons were, and although they might be genuine reasons, she didn't think JJ had fully thought everything through. Emily had returned a few days ago and a mere hour ago, admitted to JJ everything she felt about her. Emily thought it might be a bit too early, especially considering it had been a long while since the last time JJ had done anything with anyone. She remembered JJ telling her.

"Jennifer, are you sure?" Emily asked, pulling back to look into the blonde's eyes.

JJ bit her lip and then slowly nodded her head. "I've never been more sure of anything," she promised Emily. "I want to do this with you."

A small smile graced Emily's lips. "If you want me to stop, tell me."

"I will," JJ smiled.

Emily took hold of JJ's hand, entwining it with her own as she guided the younger woman to the stairs. Downstairs hadn't changed, so she hoped upstairs hadn't either. She walked along the hallway and into JJ's room, pulling the younger woman inside before slowly pushing her backwards again, effectively closing the door. She remembered JJ had told her that she always liked to be kissed pushed up against a wall. Emily never asked her why and had just chuckled, but she wanted the younger woman to feel as comfortable as possible. She also wanted to make this night as pleasurable for JJ as she possibly could.

Emily placed her hand either side of JJ's shoulders as she pushed her body against the blonde's. A small whimper passed JJ's lips before she could stop it. Emily bit her bottom lip before dipping her head forward, capturing the blonde's lips with her own. She slowly swiped her tongue along JJ's bottom lip, asking for permission to enter. Emily's silent request was immediately answered and the brunette slipped her tongue into the younger woman's mouth. She took her time exploring.

JJ reached for the hem of her own shirt, taking hold of it and lifting, pulling it off of her and discarding it onto the floor. Emily's jaw dropped, her eyes roaming the sight in front of her. The blonde smirked and pushed Emily. The older woman stumbled backwards and collapsed onto the bed, sitting on the end of it as she watched JJ saunter towards her. JJ smiled and straddled Emily's lap, pushing the brunette's shoulders, telling Emily to lie down. Emily pulled her own shirt off before lying down.

JJ gasped, she'd never seen a woman in such good shape as Emily. She teasingly ran her fingertips along Emily's abdomen, feeling and watching the muscles tense and flex. Her skin was soft and JJ trailed her hands lower, stroking over the brunette's defined abdominal muscles. She added her other hand, completely perplexed by the sight in front of her. Her hands reached the bottom of Emily's stomach and JJ bit her lip as she stared longingly at the barrier that was Emily's belt buckle.

"Jennifer…" JJ looked up at the sound of her name and Emily was watching her with an intense gaze.

Emily wrapped her arms around JJ's waist and slowly rolled them over, switching their positions. She moved her attention to JJ's slacks and she was quick to pull them off. Emily allowed JJ to rid her of the belt and then tugged off her own slacks, using her feet to kick them onto the floor. She lay down on top of JJ and gasped as her skin touched the blonde's. The only barrier between them now was their underwear.

JJ opened her legs and Emily comfortably settled herself on top of JJ. She bent down and kissed her passionately, conveying all her wanton for the younger woman into the kiss, trying to express her desire and raw need. The younger woman moaned and rolled her head to the side, allowing Emily to move her lips to her neck. Emily reached the muscle that joined neck with shoulder and she sunk her teeth into the flesh, sucking harshly. JJ moaned and her hips bucked involuntary, pushing herself into Emily.

Emily pulled back and their eyes locked as she snaked her arms to JJ's back, taking hold of JJ's bra strap and unhooking the object, tossing it to the side. She lost her breath when she saw the sight of JJ's breasts, flushed with the nipples peaked. Emily couldn't help herself… She took a nipple into her mouth and sucked. JJ let out a whimper and Emily groaned as she felt a hard twitch low in her stomach. She wanted to take it slowly and worship JJ, but her own need for the younger woman was beginning to catch up to her and she didn't think she could hold out for much longer.

JJ reached her own arms around to Emily's back, undoing Emily's bra clasp and dropping it onto the floor next to the bed. She gasped as Emily's breasts pushed against her own. She reached her hands between them and cupped them, softly rolling the nipples between her fingers. Emily's head dropped back against her shoulders as her eyes fluttered shut. Her jaw was agape and as soon as JJ stopped, she pulled the younger woman into a deep kiss. Emily removed JJ's panties as well as her own.

Emily pulled JJ into another kiss, her tongue creating an intimate dance with the blonde's. She allowed her hands to wander over JJ's skin, almost as though she was mapping out the blonde's body. Everywhere she touched caused goose bumps to rise on the younger woman's skin. JJ let her own hands wander along Emily's back, racking her nails along Emily's sides.

Emily finally allowed her lips to move to JJ's neck. Perspiration was already covering the two women's skin and Emily could taste the younger woman. She used her teeth to nip JJ's skin before soothing it with her tongue. JJ tilted her head to the side as one hand gripped the bed frame behind her, the other one tangling itself in Emily's hair. Emily continued to kiss and suck on the sensitive skin of JJ's neck, conscious enough to remember not to mark JJ where it would be visible whilst she was at work.

JJ's nails dug into her back and Emily hissed, arching into JJ as she momentarily forget it was the blonde she was supposed to be pleasing. Emily took hold of JJ's wrist, pushing them above JJ's head and pinning them there. She looked at JJ, daring the blonde to move her hands before she raked her nails along JJ's arms to her shoulders. JJ shivered and let out a long breath of air, clenching her muscles. She already felt as though she was on the verge of an orgasm, despite the fact Emily was no where near the apex of her thighs yet.

Emily paused once she reached JJ's chest, pressing her ear against the skin as she allowed herself to listen to JJ's. She smiled and pressed a kiss against the same spot before moving lower. Emily pressed light kisses against JJ's breasts, allowing her tongue to peak out from between her lips as she ran it along the valley between the blonde's breasts. JJ mewed underneath her, her body writhing with the pleasure, her hands clenching into the bed sheets. The noses JJ was making were only spurring Emily on and the brunette pulled a peaked nipple between her lips, sucking and lashing her tongue against it.

JJ's back arched, forcing more of her breast into Emily's mouth and the brunette eagerly complied, kneading JJ's left breasts with her hand. She paid an equal amount of attention to both of the younger woman's breasts, not moving any lower until they were flushed and JJ's breathing turned into more of a pant. Emily paid plenty of attention to JJ's abdomen, dipping her tongue into the blonde's navel as she passed it. JJ's back and neck arched off of the bed, her hands once again tangling in Emily's hair. She pushed Emily's head down, urging the brunette to hurry up.

Emily nipped the inside of JJ's thigh and the blonde gasped, not expecting the pain, but Emily quickly soothed the skin with her tongue and lips. JJ was soon writhing and moaning under Emily's ministrations again.

"Oh God… Emily, please," JJ urged, sitting up slightly so she could watch the brunette. "I can't take it much longer."

Emily looked at JJ and hooked her arms under JJ's thighs, pulling JJ down the bed as she settled between the blonde's legs. She nuzzled her nose against the inside of JJ's thigh before she finally positioned her mouth above the younger woman's centre. She blew gently and JJ whimpered, pushing her hips forward. Emily made sure to pin JJ to the bed before she finally gave in to the blonde, allowing her tongue to peek out from between her lips and taste the younger woman.

Emily moaned at the taste. She'd wanted to taste JJ for so long and now she was finally able to, she wanted to quench her thirst. She ran her tongue from JJ's centre to her clit, lapping eagerly. JJ had collapsed back to the bed, not able to hold herself up. Emily clamped her mouth around JJ's clit, sucking the bud between her lips. She teased the blonde's entrance with her fingers as she continued to lash her tongue against JJ's clit.

After a few long moments, Emily slipped one finger inside of JJ, groaning at the feeling of being inside someone so intimately. Emily started at a slow pace, not wanting JJ to feel any pain the first time she made love to her. JJ's walls immediately clamped onto Emily's finger and she moaned at the intrusion. Slowly rolling her hips to each of the brunette's thrusts.

Emily added another finger as she pried JJ's clit from under it's protective hood, dragging her bottom lip over it. JJ tensed and cried out, closing her eyes. Her nails racked over the brunette's scalp. Emily moaned against JJ's centre and the blonde felt as though the vibrations ran through her whole body. She sped up her thrusts and the pace of her tongue against JJ's clit, knowing from the euphoric cries and pleas that JJ was close.

JJ screamed out her lovers name as she was thrown over the edge, her hands clenched in the sheets in a death grip. Emily continued to lap at JJ's clit before slowly moving up the blonde's body, placing kisses in random places as she did. She reached JJ's face and gently cradled it in her hands, scattering kisses over JJ's nose, forehead and cheeks. JJ eventually came back around.

"Emily…" JJ whispered, her eyes fluttering open.

"Hey, Jennifer," Emily chuckled. She leant down and kissed JJ softly.

JJ wrapped her legs around the back of the brunette's legs, rolling them over.

Emily looked at JJ incuriously. "Baby, if you need to rest…"

JJ slowly shook her head, biting her lower lip. "I don't need to," she promised. "You've made love to me and now I want to make love to you."

The two women spent the rest of the night demonstrating their love for one another, until two became one and they were physically unable to continue. In the early hours of the morning, JJ was lying on top of Emily, her head resting on Emily's chest as she listened to the brunette's heartbeat. Emily had her hands wrapped securely around JJ's waist, her chin resting on top of the blonde's head lightly.

"I was such an idiot," Emily confessed quietly, not sure if JJ was nearly asleep.

"Why were you?" JJ asked, her eyes still shut. She was so physically exhausted that she couldn't muster up the strength to look at Emily.

"Leaving this," Emily answered honestly. "I don't know what I was thinking."

"Well let's not think about that… Let's think about the future," JJ told. "The past is behind us now, there's nothing we can do about it," she managed to roll onto her side and Emily rolled to, enabling her to face JJ. JJ kissed her softly. "Besides, you have all the time in the world to make it up to me," she chuckled.

"I do… And I will," Emily agreed with ease.

JJ bit her lip and smiled. She curled into the older woman, wrapping her arms around her. Emily did the same. "I love you."

"I love you too," JJ nuzzled her nose into Emily's neck.

JJ knew that there was a lot they needed to talk about and a lot they needed to discuss. She also knew it wouldn't be easy and there'd be a lot of challenges she'd have to over come, but she was willing to face them. JJ was completely content to be lying in her lovers arms. This is where she belonged, this was home to her. She was glad Emily was staying and even happier that Emily had come back.

This was how life was supposed to be and this… She hoped… Was as it always would be.