The story idea-HP-journalist Harry

HP meet LL on his first visit to DA.

LLLHP about the fictional BWL (these are HP as person, not hero/save your/celebrity. this makes HP happy).

LL tells HP about her theories (i.e. CHS) and happy 'HP does not to dismiss them.

HP tells LL about UFOs. LL asks why people believe that (wizards have no concept of outer space) HP explains about the space landings (on the Moon) and how some people first quarter was a hoax. Always up to the ISS and the exploration to Mars.

LL asks what evidence there is for this. HP says there are pictures and video. (LL fascinated by moving pictures with sound). HP opposite to get some pictures (LL explains how to use owls. HP talks about the difference to non magical post)

HP says goodbye to LL as RH takes HP home.

HP by some space pictures of the rockets, walked on the Moon, satellites, planets and some of miscellaneous (black holes, nebulous, galaxies and a supernova) from the library and also a star gazing magazine (LL asks for some written facts). Hg ecstatic at her first delivery.

LL amazed at pictures and astounded by the magazine (HP explains the large variety and availability of magazines, of freedom of press (MoM restrict what can be published) and privacy rights of the individual

Of all chose her father who was the equally astounded at these findings.