Bruce's cock hardened more against Selina's traveling talons, the
polished burgundy nails, a somewhat abrasive contrast to her soft,
milky white fingertips.

Bruce bit his tongue as Selina casually flicked one of the mousetraps that she'd placed on each of his nipples. It felt as if the tender nipples, which she'd tenderized further by rubbing in Ben-Gay, were to be ripped off by the harsh metal bars of the traps.

Selina smiled and looked into Bruce's eyes, her left hand busy in his crotch. "I feel your pain" she said throatily, smiling

Her fingers toyed with his thrusting, purplish
erection as the raven haired beauty chuckled deep in her throat.
Selina looked over at the tormented, naked millionaire; muscled arms
bound behind him, and touched her tongue to her upper lip.

Selina Kyle's considerable bosom heaved as she suffocated another
laugh, slowly trailing a dark nail up and down one of the more
prominent blue veins that bulged from Bruce's throbbing tumescence.

Bruce leaned back and the trap on his right breast shifted a bit, and an involuntary tear came down his cheek. "Goodness, this is a large and pulsing blue vein on your penis, darling" Selina said, distracted by her torment of his cum-stuffed cock.

As Selina slowed her fingertip upon the vein, Bruce gasped, leaning a sweaty
back against the plush sofa in the elegant living room at Wayne Manor.
There was a roaring fire in the grate, and Alfred had just brought
Selina yet another Cosmopolitan, which she delicately sipped as she
tormented poor Bruce's groin just a little more.

Bruce stared hopelessly into the cleavage of Selina's black cocktail
dress, her full, heaving breasts nearly spilling out of the
front. "How's our handsome playboy now, Brucie?" Selina asked, laughing
as her forefinger slightly irritated the very tip, the glans of
Bruce's frustrated penis.

Selina leaned closer to Bruce on the couch, dropping one arm around his naked shoulders. The traps bounced again on his nipples. Casually she pushed a stockinged leg into Bruce's crotch, rubbing her knee against his tormented groin.

"You like the way my knee is teasing your little scrotum, Mr. Wayne?" Selina bared her teeth and Bruce closed his eyes, just for a moment...he couldn't keep from staring at the beautiful Selina Kyle.

Oh, I need to cum, thought Bruce. Tonight should be the night! I bought her a diamond after we went dancing at Belugi's on Tuesday, and she seemed to have a good time two nights ago at the Lung Association Benefit Ball.

Tonight they'd gone to Selina's favorite singles club, The Kat House, and Bruce had been forced to sit at a lonely little round table and watch his girlfriend dance and make out a bit with various men on the floor while he'd watched. Twice he'd had to give her condoms, and she'd disappeared into the men's restroom with amorous companions.

It had been disgusting, but Bruce had tolerated it, because it had been what Selina'd wanted. At one point, a figure in a wide fedora and purple pinstripe suit had glided by and whispered "What a chump you are" and then the guy had laughed wildly, so loudly that several patrons had stared.

Bruce had looked closer at Mr. Fedora, and noticed green hair and a dead white face, and had wondered whether the fellow was an aging New Waver or...HIM.

But of course Bruce couldn't pursue the green haired fedora guy, as Selina had ordered him to stay at the table until she'd gotten tired and they'd come back to Wayne Manor. It had been a spiffy ride in the Ferrari that Bruce had purchased for Selina the day before.

Selina allowed Bruce three dates a week to "impress me" as she put it. Usually they consisted of dinner, dancing, expensive theater tickets, sometimes the opera, which Selina loved, but bored Bruce to tears.

If Bruce was an extremely charming and generous companion, at least once a week Selina would bring him back to the Manor and order Bruce to disrobe, though he insisted on doing it in the closet, alone.

"What's wrong, Brucie, do you have frilly undies you don't want me to see?" Selina cracked more than once. "Do you wear a corset and panties under your Armani suit?"

This always added to Bruce's blushing humiliation as he emerged from the wardrobe, naked, except for the chastity tube. Tonight Selina had insisted that they "play" in the living room instead of Bruce's bedroom, and he was terrified that Alfred or one of the maids might spot him tiptoeing down the stairs in the nude to stand embarrassedly in front of the fully clothed Selina, who had been reclining on the couch.

Yes, he was naked in front of Selina, naked, except for the mousetraps and the hated chastity tube. Although Selina had, in the past, disrobed for Bruce and allowed him to worship her pussy with his tireless mouth, and even in earlier years, an occasional fuck, it had now been nearly eight months since he'd seen her naked at all!

Selina apparently was getting her sexual pleasure elsewhere, for she never took off a stitch these days, except on Bruce's 29th birthday, when she'd stripped to bra and panties before teasing him.

But tonight, sitting in the huge living room, in front of the glowing fire, Selina's glossy Cupid's bow lips had smirked at Gotham City's famous playboy, standing naked before her, except for the hated chastity tube he'd been forced to wear for the past nineteen months.

Selina's mocking eyes had glimmered as she'd snapped her fingers, and Bruce had obediently spun so his trembling wrists could receive the click of silver handcuffs.

It's so different, Bruce thought, when the cuffs are on me.

After Selina had locked Bruce's hands behind him, she'd taken out her little key from her tiny purse, and unlocked the chastity tube, which had prevented orgasms—nay, erections as well! And Bruce's cock had come painfully out…"Stinky stinky" Selina had murmured as she'd gently bathed Bruce's hardening member with soap, water and Wet Ones, before whistling for Alfred to come put the chastity tube in the dishwasher.

The washing had not taken long, as Selina had unlocked Bruce just a day or two before, as she'd dropped in at the Wayne Foundation offices and had bathed and teased Bruce for nearly an hour, casual in her denim cut-offs and skin tight Hudson U. T-shirt.

Oh, how agonizing it had been, having her kneeling in the position of a blowjob giver, but only teasing as he sat in his plush chair, pants around his knees, while Selina had done her good work of rubbing and toying with his gargantuan, swollen dickhead.

Secretaries and assistants, as well as that annoying Lucius Fox, had knocked at the door, and Bruce had had to ignore it, breathing through his teeth as Selina had reverted from a fast hand job to ultra slow, tender touching, just so he wouldn't have an "accident".

Then, just as Bruce was leaning over his desk to spurt, Selina had kicked him violently in the balls, Bruce's cock had gone limp, and he'd screamed, to the astonishment of the secretaries, assistants and Lucius Fox outside the office door.

Selina had locked Bruce up and left, tittering, as he'd bent back to his work on his desk, the poor penis compressed back in the cruel metal prison.

Through blurred eyes, Bruce had watched Selina's tight blue-jeaned ass, the pockets dancing, as she'd exited, flirting casually with the mail clerk.

Now, two days later, he was unlocked again. Selina had not allowed Bruce to orgasm in several weeks, citing "attitude problems"…but he'd been unusually generous, and after she'd gotten the diamond, she'd been very positive about his chances for tonight.

He sure hoped so, as she'd teased him a number of times in the past 24 days…the most dramatic being after she'd gotten out of his pool in her little black bikini, breasts heaving, and had put out a cigarette on his hard cock, and then led him up to his air-conditioned room, stroking his cock as she waved her boobs in his face…but never taking the bikini top off!

She'd had another date that night, and had left him, just after locking him up…ooh, he'd felt stupid!

Though previous to the orgasm 24 days ago, he'd gone without a "squirtie" for nearly four months!

But tonight it looked good…Selina's fingers played gently along his thrusting organ, and she kept tonguing Bruce's ear…oooh, it was good!

"Do you want to cum, Brucie baby?" Selina breathed in his sweaty ear as she jerked his cock faster and faster, "You know I waited…I've teased you in your car, your office, on picnics" Selina's fingers pulled and toyed with Bruce's shuddering frenum, "But I wanted to hold off until we were here in the manor, and you could have a nice orgasm in your own little sofa."

Selina pulled her hand away briefly to squirt a bit of Astroglide in it, and returned to lube up Bruce's cock, lubing it to heaven. "Do you want to cum, honey…are you ready?" Bruce gasped, feeling the roar in his balls. The cum was surging to the tip of his penis. "Yes, Selina…yes, please!" His hips were shaking, but he tried to hold them very still.

Bruce's Siamese kitten trotted to his trembling shoe and rubbed against it, purring, and idly, Bruce shoved the kitten away. He wasn't cruel to animals, but he had to focus…but Selina didn't understand.

SLAP! Selina's hand crashed against Bruce's face, just after she'd pulled it off his poor erection. Her other hand twisted the mousetraps off his nipples, but all Bruce Wayne noticed was that she'd stopped stroking his poor wee-wee.

"What the hell are you doing?" Bruce gurgled, and looked down at his cock, soaked with lube and precum. But it wasn't going to cum tonight, apparently!

"So," Selina snarled. "You like to kick your kitten?" Selina raked Bruce's cock and he screamed. Then she crushed his balls in her fist and his cock withered. "Now I can lock you up again…maybe next week we'll try again, eh, my darling?"

Bruce began crying and begging, as Selina briskly locked his cock into the chastity tube. "P-please Selina…remember the car, the diamond necklace? I was so generous?" Selina snickered. "The transmission on the Ferrari is a bit doubtful, and necklaces like that are a steal." Selina laughed at something funny only to herself.

An hour later, and Selina was sipping a bit of demitasse that Alfred had brought her in a small cup. Bruce was kneeling before her, still naked, and handcuffed, except for the chastity tube. Bruce had apologized to his little Siamese kitten, which was now purring in a tiny ball on Selina's lap.

Bruce had also agreed to contribute a rather substantial check to a Humane Society charity of Selina's, just for cats, as dogs, and bats (why did she bring that up) seemed to get on her nerves.

Selina was cheerful now. "Oh, honey, I knew you weren't mean to the kitty, you just nudged it with your foot…a man wants to cum, and I suppose you fancy yourself a real man, right?" Bruce's heart leaped. Selina was in a good mood.

"So, maybe you could unlock me and let me cum, honey?" Bruce wheedled. "It's been so long…and I am so horny, Selina." He looked imploringly at her. And he knew how handsome he was. Selina smiled briefly. "You think I should unlock you AGAIN?"

Selina sipped her tea, leaving a huge lipstick mark on the brim of the demitasse cup. She motioned for Bruce to rise, and as he stepped forward, she toyed with his chastity tube a bit.

Even though the tube was small, Bruce felt his cock attempting miserably to expand inside it…oh the metal was so cruel! He gritted his teeth, as Selina pulled his balls gently with her left hand as her right batted the tube left and right, as if it were an errant ball of yarn.

"You want me to unlock you and let you make a little mess, eh, Bruce." Selina smiled, and she reached down into her purse and pulled the little key back out. Bruce's heart leaped in his throat.

Selina unlocked the tube, and set it on the coffee table and began stroking Bruce's penis again, and it sprang to life. The kitten, annoyed by the shift in Selina's lap as she leaned over, departed haughtily, hopping off the couch to enter the next room.

"Yes, honey…I was too hard on you" Selina crooned as her fingers ran up and down Bruce's cock, his legs trembling. "You deserve an orgasm, don't you babe?" Bruce tensed. He knew this was a trap. If he said he deserved an orgasm, Selina might be offended, and lock him back up. How dare he tell her what he deserved?

On the other hand, if he said he didn't deserve a squirtie, Selina might humbly "obey his wishes" and lock him up. "It's up to you, Mistress Selina" Bruce said, cagily. Selina licked her upper lip as she continued to pull and stroke Bruce's stormy erection.

Up and down his shaft, the little white fingers tenderly went, as Bruce breathed in and out…oh, what fun this was! Oh, God yes. "But Bruce, honey…I think I have to go home now." Selina said casually, her nails scraping the underside of his engorged penis.

"Oh I'll be done in a moment, just a moment more?" Bruce begged. "Or if you want, I can jerk off…you can unlock me, and leave, and I'll jerk off, only once—" Selina looked skeptically up at him. She knew her Bruce Wayne, and he would have as many orgasms as he could, in her absence…he'd done it before.

"N-no, honey." Bruce babbled. "Alfred will lock me back up, if you have to go…he'll let me wank and shoot once, really." Selina giggled as she rolled his foreskin back. These Waynes and their tiny foreskins! Dr. Thomas Wayne, Bruce's late father had been circumcised as well…Selina's great-aunt had been a lover of his, though Bruce didn't know that.

"You'd actually jerk off in front of your butler, honey?" Selina pulled her fingers along the shaft. "And would you lick up your semen like you do for me? In front of Alfred, even if it nauseated the poor guy?" Bruce nodded in a hyper fashion.

"Miss Kyle." Alfred appeared noiselessly in the hallway. "You asked me to alert you when it was eleven-thirty." Bruce, forgetting that he was standing nude in the living room—Alfred was used to all sorts of odd things around Wayne Manor—looked down at Selina beggingly. "It's not even midnight, honey…please stay and let me cum…or if you leave, I really promise—" his voice cracked—"to just cum once. It's been nearly a month."

Selina winked at Alfred and began jerking faster and faster, and Bruce tried to hold still, staring unobtrusively into her cleavage as she bent before him…her hand went back and forth, he began to shake against his will…here it came, here it CAME….what?

Selina pulled her hand away, and snapped her fingers at Alfred, who smoothly stepped up and handed her a cup of ice. Bruce realized as the tears came into his eyes, that she'd told Alfred to bring the ice, which of course she was now applying to his erection, because she never intended to let him cum. DAMN!

The ice calmed Bruce's burning crotch down…and Selina locked him up. "I'm sorry, honey" she said breezily, as the little key left the lock. "I just am not up to it tonight." Bruce was enraged, and he noted the laughter behind his girlfriend's eyes. His cock was back locked up in the nasty tube, and she was dropping the key in her purse.

Bruce stomped his foot. "It's not FAIR!" If she knew who I was, I wonder if she'd treat me this way, he thought savagely. "Goddamnit Selina…it's not fair, and I—"

Selina gave Alfred a little smile. "You were the one who wanted to play these silly little games in the first place, Brucie—" Bruce kicked a footstool. "Don't call me BRUCIE!" he yelled. Alfred frowned. "Master Bruce, you are behaving like a child."

Selina rolled her beautiful green eyes. "Isn't he?" She shook her head, getting up. "I can't put up with this nonsense." Bruce's lip came out in a pout. He was a little afraid. Selina had whipped Bruce with hairbrushes, paddles, canes…but she'd brought nothing tonight, no implements.

"You are such a child, Bruce…but I can't give you what you are begging for…and it's not an orgasm…you are begging, BEGGING for a thrashing." Her eyes snapped. "I have a date later tonight with an adult male, and I don't want to get mussed up…now are you going to behave yourself?"

Overcome with jealousy and humiliation, Bruce growled. "Not in front of the butler, Selina." Selina snorted. "I give you ten seconds to control yourself…or there will be trouble." She looked at Alfred. "Do you have your cane, Alfred?"

Bruce closed his eyes, shaking his head. Oh, no. Once before, no twice, Selina had actually prevailed upon Alfred to take Bruce, in mid-temper tantrum, into another room, and give him a caning. It had been horribly humiliating, especially when Bruce had been returned, Alfred pulling him by the ear, into the presence of his girlfriend.

Bruce had been brimming with tears, and his buttocks and thighs had been covered with welts (Alfred was really in shape for an old fellow, and could swing a cane just as they did in the British public schools)…it had been horribly painful and humiliating for Bruce Wayne, millionaire.

"No, it's all right, Selina…I'm quiet now." Bruce spoke hastily as he looked nervously at Alfred. "I think it's a little late for that, my crybaby." Selina smiled at Alfred. "Are you ready to give it to our boy, Mr. Pennyworth?" Bruce spoke before Alfred could open his mouth.

"Selina, you promised that you wouldn't invite Alfred into our games—er, my discipline again!" Selina looked furiously at the quivering, naked millionaire, who was straining at his handcuffs.

Funny, he thought. I've gotten out of bonds a lot more serious than these many a time, sometimes while falling out of an airplane or out of breath and underwater…but she flusters me too much!

Selina snapped her fingers in Bruce's face. "And you promised me you wouldn't behave like a baby with a dirty diaper…but that's what you've done. Alfred?"

Alfred shook his head. "I am sorry, Miss Kyle, but I have a touch of rheumatism…it wouldn't be the best licking I could give, those high swings you know."

Bruce winced, thinking of the swings that Alfred had landed on his now scarred buttocks, the cane whistling through the air. But then he felt elated. Selina had to go fuck some asshole, and Alfred couldn't cane him either.

Alfred paused. "But there's another solution!" He smiled at the enchanting couple—Selina, who was shrugging herself into the mink that Bruce had bought her some months ago, and Bruce, who was of course, standing naked, except for handcuffs and chastity tube.

Alfred looked towards the kitchen, and a tall youth stepped in the room. Bruce's eyes widened as he saw the new visitor. His heart sank. When did Alfred—or Selina tell HIM about Bruce's predilections?

"Master Tim!" The butler smiled as Tim Drake, a protégé of Bruce's, stepped in the room. And to Bruce's horror, Tim was carrying a bamboo cane.

Two nights later, Batman pulled himself up on the roof of the Gotham City Gallery, and he watched a little sulkily as Robin followed. Batman's buttocks and thighs ached, well more of a twinge, and as he frowned at the Boy Wonder. Robin had less experience at climbing roofs than his mentor, but he got himself up at last, his yellow cape almost catching a nail on the roof.

"What's wrong, Robin…I would have thought with all the upper arm strength you showed the other night with that blasted bamboo cane, you could just drag yourself up." Batman said snidely. Robin looked at Batman, and giggled in spite of himself. "Dude, you howled like a girl…and it was only…twelve whacks?" Robin snorted. "Well maybe I gave you like, twenty." Batman bared his teeth.

"It was thirty, and you were very insubordinate." Robin looked defiantly at the Dark Knight. "Well, you told me to do whatever Alfred said in all matters."

Oh, the memory of that caning! How humiliating to have Tim Drake, the new Robin since Dick had become the hero Nightwing, first, find out that Bruce was a sexual submissive…Tim, who had always looked up to the Batman, who had made Tim Robin!

And then to have Tim give Bruce a caning…this time, not in the other room, it would've been bad enough for Tim to whip Bruce, and bring Bruce back as Alfred often did, sniveling, the mucus coming out of his nose, to apologize in his nakedness to Selina…

But having Tim—who had quite a vicious swing—land the bamboo on Bruce's behind as he'd bent obediently over the arm of the couch—had been almost intolerable.

"Why should I take him back in the bedroom?" Tim had asked genially. "Well, if you want to whip him in here, Tim…why not? I'll coach you on how to do it well!"

And Selina did! "There you go…lie Bruce right over the armrest of the sofa, push him a bit more over so his face is pressed into the cushion and he is on his tippie toes, so his butt is fully exposed, Timothy. Here, we'll push another pillow under his crotch so Bruce's butt is poked up. Yes, and spread his legs, so one is on the outside of the sofa leg. Concentrate the stroke, so it's a sort of burning in little lines…raise the cane just a little beyond shoulder height, Tim. Don't clench your buttocks, Bruce, dear…it makes the cane bounce. Remember that the tip of the cane travels faster than the length of the cane. I believe in giving a caning on one side this is a nice bamboo, Alfred. Did you buy this recently?"

Alfred: "I used a rattan on Master Bruce as a boy, until his late teens, when he would try to argue with me about his eight-thirty bedtime."

Tim: "He had to be in bed by eight-thirty in his late teens? What a wimp!" Bruce's face burned.

"Rattan canes are glorious!" said Selina. "They vary in thickness, flexibility, curvature. In my apartment I have a rattan Malacca and also a fiber-glass cane that I use on our Mr. Wayne when he visits."

"Now when you swing, Tim, you don't have to throw your whole body into it…the greatest accuracy is

achieved with the minimum variation of movement." Bruce felt the first stroke…oh it was horrible, but Selina went on, as Tim's arm fell repeatedly and the cane struck Bruce's bare buttocks…and Selina continued her lecture! "

This is probably one of the
reasons as to why the cane is such a favored disciplinary tool. The stature and
strength of the disciplinarian is immaterial as it is one's technique that is
all-important (the cane is certainly a great equalizer for women). Always use full force blows you'll only fluff it if you "pull" the stroke!.

There are two different techniques to caning someone. Firstly with a 'wrist
only' movement and secondly, with an 'arm and wrist' movement Hold the cane in your hand, tuck your elbow into your body and using only your lower arm, use a fast wrist motion to flick the
cane at the target.

If you cane without moving your wrist you cannot get any
speed into the motion of the stroke or that lovely 'swish' noise, as you are not
really using the flexibility of the cane.

The 'arm and wrist' movement involves lifting up and bringing down your arm,
putting the force of your shoulder behind the stroke, finishing the stroke with
the wrist movement. The arm can move either up or out for this motion. Make sure you practice the movement and measure the stroke lots of times before beginning the punishment because with this technique it is easy to be inaccurate, Tim dear!"

After the caning had finished, Selina had wiped Bruce's tear stained face with a hankie, and had helped him to blow his nose, as Alfred had unlocked Bruce's handcuffs. Then, mysteriously, Selina had taken young Timothy into another room to show him something…and there had been moans, but Alfred had ordered Bruce to go to bed! Oh what a bad night it had been!

As the memory of Tim's caning and Selina's laughs seared through him, Batman was glumly silent. But then he looked up, remembered he was now in crime fighting phase, and gasped as he noted the dark men down into the street. "Look, Robin! We were right!"

Sure enough, someone was breaking into the Museum. "Do you think it's the same thief that stole Van Gogh's "Sunflowers" from the Metropolitan Museum of Art?" asked Robin excitedly. "Yes, and also 'Poplars on the Epte', a painting by Monet, from the Philadelphia Museum of Art, and a famous tree sculpture from a park in Surbiton England."

As Batman spoke, he felt a shift in his crotch…his poor cock was trapped in that damned chastity tube. When would he see that dratted woman again? Already his cock had been in pain and torment, trying to rise and erect because of the hot secretaries on the streets, that day, as well as troops of high school girls who had come to see Wayne Foundation projects.

Batman looked irritatedly at Robin. Damn him, he gets to fuck who he likes, and he jerks off when he wants to…and I'm trapped. But I must focus on what's happening with this potential gallery robbery!

Robin was still going on." And there was a theft of Adolphe-William Bouguereau's 'Le Printemps (The Return of Spring)' from a private collection."Batman paused. "There is a connection, Robin." Batman stepped towards a skylight. "All of these works of art glorify some sort of plant!"

Robin, startled, attempted to follow, saying "And Zuko LaTieri's 'Ragweed to Riches' sculpture, worth about seven mil, is in the Gotham Gallery now!" Batman held up his gloved hand somewhat officiously.

"That's correct, Robin, but you can't follow me…keep watch up here while I drop down into the skylight!" And Batman followed word with deed, dropping in on his Batrope til he landed on the Gotham Gallery floor.

And there she was, as he'd expected, surrounded by her merry men—Poison Ivy!

Tall and beautiful, her red hair framed by a wreath, and her beautiful curves cinched in a bodysuit made of green leaves, the famous villainess looked askance at the Dark Knight. She lifted her shoulders, and shook her moss covered bosom, and Batman's penis surged, only to be quashed by its harsh metal prison.

Poison Ivy licked her lips slowly, and batted her eyes. "What's wrong, Batman…you look terribly uncomfortable…your gray and blue tights seem as if they are constricting you." Batman's mouth went sour. How could he tell the villainous eco-princess that, since he put her away two years before, he had become locked into the horrific chastity device?

He decided to take the offensive. "Ahah! Poison Ivy! I heard that you'd escaped from Arkham Asylum…and I should've known you've been on this crime spree of plant art work!"

As he spoke, Batman realized how beautiful the horticultural harridan was…her beautiful alabaster skin, the rosy tresses, long legs and considerable breasts. In the old days, when he'd had quite the sex life as a bed-hopping boulevardier, it was easy to put his feelings for a foxglovish fox like Ivy…but now he'd not cum in so long, his objectivity was going…he wanted to fuck her badly!

Poison Ivy tossed her strawberry locks and chortled at the Caped Crusader. "What's wrong…you think you'll stop me from my plant-art pursuits, Batsy?" Suddenly, Ivy stepped forward to Batman, and squirted him with a narcotic violet, and he became unconscious.

"Feel the microscopic electric tingles, Batman" Batman's eyes opened as he felt a particularly vicious stinging around his cockhead. Ooogh! "You see, Knuckles, the first touch of the nettle is very sharp, stinging, but then there is a pleasant glow. Besides the initial hot sting and later tingling glow, nettles leave the skin very sensitive.

The most efficient way to use nettles is to take one sprig or one leaf at a time, get down close to your target, and touch the nettle to the skin, with a close enough view that you can watch the hairs go in straight." Batman peered down to see Poison Ivy kneeling below him, talking to one of her astonished henchmen. "You should try it sometime, Knuckles" The henchman shook his head violently. "N-no thanks, Miss Ivy." He backed off, and sniggered as he saw the Caped Crusader's face. "He done woken up, Miss Ivy!"

Poison Ivy looked up at Batman. "Oh did little boog-ums wake up?" Batman gasped.

Outside the museum, Robin was getting impatient. Had Batman stopped the robbery? Jesus, it's been twenty minutes, Robin thought. Attaching the Batarang to the side of the building, Robin let himself down to a window and looked in, and recoiled in disgust.

What the hell's happened to him? Goddam…he is getting more and more pathetic. The windows were a bit misty on this foggy night, but the Boy Wonder saw it all. Somehow, Poison Ivy had stripped Batman of his costume, and even Selina's little metal tube that Robin had first seen when giving Bruce Wayne the caning. Poison Ivy must have a skeleton key or something, Robin thought.

Yup, except for his cape and cowl, which implied that Ivy was trying to respect his secret identity, Batman was naked…and tied to some sort of hook in the ceiling that was probably used for inside window washing, and he was hanging, with his crotch at the level of Poison Ivy's bare shoulders.

She has some big hootums, Robin thought. Look at those suckers nearly poking out of her ridiculous leafy outfit…but surveying his own red and green costume with yellow cape, he knew he was living in a glass house and should probably put his slingshot away. What the hell was she rubbing on Batman's cock? It looked to be some kind of leaves with little tiny hairs.

Robin took out his Bat-o-Scope and peered through it. Yes, these leaves were nettles, he realized…he'd had a botany course at Gotham High. He recognized the thin, delicate hollow hairs on the stems and underside of the leaves. Oh shit, that must hurt, Robin thought, as Poison Ivy delicately dragged the leaf down Batman's scrotum…Batman was screaming, but his dick was really hard.

Robin noticed that after a hair touched or scraped a bit of Batman's shaft, there was a tiny red mark, no a lump, like a mosquito bite. Poison Ivy had been working on Batman's crotch for a while, and his entire groin area was covered with these little lumps.

It might have helped if Batman had had any pubic hair, but just after Selina had given Robin (as Tim Drake) that awesome blowjob the other night, she'd told him that she routinely shaved Bruce Wayne's pubic area. "It's so good for his humiliation!"

He looked up at Batman's face, and Batman was crying. Robin was somewhat disgusted, as Batman had just been crying the day before. Jesus, he cries easily doesn't he?

Inside, Batman was in agony. His entire lower half, from waist to mid-thigh, felt as if he had just sat on a hornet's nest while being also afflicted with a particularly virulent form of chicken pox…oh, the agony.

Batman looked down through wet eyes, blurring his mask. Poison Ivy ran a pink nail across his shaft, dragging the nettle covered leaf. Oh it feels like a scissors, for God's sake.

Ivy ran another nettle leaf on the underside of Batman's cock, right on the frenum, and Batman bit his tongue…oh this is worse than when Selina put a clothespin on my frenum…oh it's awful. "P-please stop doing that, Ivy…I know we're old enemies…"

Ivy snorted, and three of her henchmen, two of which had been busted by Batman at least once, imitated him in horrible falsetto. "Please stop doing that Ivy…Pleeze Mommy!" The three thugs broke up with laughter, and even a museum guard, trussed up in the corner, and seemed to be smiling.

Poison Ivy smiled up a Batman as she dragged a nettle leaf over his sweltering glans. The henchmen were still snickering, and Batman wished he could get loose and beat the shit out of them...oh, it is so agonizing the way she rakes those nettles!

Poison Ivy was somewhat sympathetic, staring at the engorged, purple weapon... "It looks as if you haven't cum in some time, dear." Ivy observed. Bruce bit his tongue. Peering down into Ivy's cleavage wasn't helping things at all. The tops of Ivy's alabaster boobs were practically ballooning out of the greenery of her corset/bodysuit, and Batman was drooling.

Selina's breasts were incredible...but Ivy's shone with a glow that was intense! And of course Selina was old news in a way...she'd been the first villain Bruce had ever been involved with...but Ivy's figure was something to write home about...Aaagh...she keeps rubbing those damn nettles on me!

Poison Ivy looked up at Batman as she gently dragged the vicious nettles up and down his terrorized shaft. "What are you looking at, darling...are you admiring my outfit?" Ivy looked at her outfit admiringly.

" I recall seeing a hard-on in your tights two years ago when you caught me looting the Bludhaven Botanical Gardens...I know you like my outfit. but it's not that, it's my candies, eh?" Poison Ivy cupped her breasts and lifted them slightly. "Wouldn't you like to touch these honeys, Batman?" Ivy dropped the nettles, held her hands over her head, and shook her breasts, and laughed slightly as Batman's tortured member shot up even higher.

"Wouldn't you enjoy sucking my know they're the color of pink roses, have you eve heard of the peek-a-boo rose?" Batman though t of the bouquets of peek-a-boo roses, light pink that he'd purchased for young ladies in the past.

His cock swelled even more. "Yes, Harvey likes my boobs...Harvey Dent? You know him as Two-Face...he often sneaks from his cell into mine at the Arkham Asylum...I let him see my nipples, and suck them, and he BITES them. He's a real man."

Batman clenched his teeth. How disgusting that the horrid Two-Face, who had half his face mangled, could touch this exotic creature's nipples.

"And Mister Freeze?" Poison Ivy looked up at Bruce with a merry smile, as she resumed her work with the nettles. "He likes me. but he is afraid of heating up too much...but I've given his ice-cold cock a few licks...I'd never do it for a wimp like you, though!"

Poison Ivy smiled at Bruce. "You'd like to see the nipples, wouldn't you? I see you naked, you can't see me? It must be humiliating, and you'd love to touch them, eh?"

What the hell. "Y-yes, it would be wonderful to touch them, Batman said huskily. He felt so ridiculous, hanging from the ceiling naked except for his headgear and cape. "Does this tickle?" Poison Ivy asked this as she dragged a nettle down Batman's bare armpit. Batman burst into tears, which made the henchmen laugh again.

"Think fells" Poison Ivy said, turning to the uproarious burglars, "He's supposed to be the most frightening crime fighter detective sort...but here he begs to slurp my titties like a horny thirteen year old!"

Ivy raked yet another nettle across Bruce's glans, and laughed. " breasts are for real men...its cheek even for you to ask for them. Knuckles, hand me those thorny branches-the ones that are tied together like a headmaster's birch."

Ivy took the branches in her lovely white hand and frowned at the Dark knight Detective. "You have shown absolutely disgusting lust and perversion in propositioning me. I am disgusted!" Poison Ivy lifted the bundle of thorny branches and swung them hard against Bruce's nipples, and he screamed.

"You like that, asshole? Lemme give your breasts some unwanted attention eh? You like that, eh? You want to suck my nipples, eh?" With each "Eh" Poison Ivy landed the thorny bundle again and again on Bruce's nipples and he screamed and cried like a baby, even after he noticed Robin's nauseated face at the window.

Then Poison Ivy went around to Batman's back and lifted the cape and lashed Batman's bare ass and thighs with the bundle...this was a new development, as his backside had not been touched by the nettles, and it was not a welcoming shock. WHACK! WHACK! WHACK!

"You are a disgusting, WHACK! loathsome creep, Batman, WHACK! and you WHACK! should be censured WHACK! by the sanctimonious creeps at WHACK! the Justice WHACK! League WHACK! of America."

Batman screamed and cried. "Please-Ivy-Mistress-I-you asked-me what I thought of your breasts. I (sob) am so (sob) sorry...forgive (sob) me (sob) it's just (sob) been so long (sob) since I was allowed to (sob) orgasm!"

Suddenly the thorny bundle stopped its tattoo on Batman's tortured buttocks and Poison Ivy massaged Batman's buttocks with her fingers. "Poor baby...does that feel better?" the honeyed voice came, and Batman, hanging miserably, snuffled through his mask. "Y-yes ma'am."

Poison Ivy walked around to Batman's front, and began toying with his cock with her little fingers. "Sweetheart" her voice went low." I know you're human...and I know you are attracted to me...perhaps I'm being unkind!"

Poison Ivy rubbed Batman's cock just a little more and it became large and the precum began drooling again. "What a sweet man you are, Batman" she said sincerely." A girl should be flattered that such a great crime fighter would appreciate her humble breasts...right?"

Poison Ivy rubbed her lips against the side of Batman's cock, and it danced, though he knew there was a grave Poison Ivy's body was poisonous...and if she kissed him, it would be curtains.

Poison Ivy's fingers pulled and rubbed at Batman's shaft, and he gasped some more.

Ivy's fingers rubbed up and down Batman's shaft, creating a pleasant friction. "You poor baby." She crooned. Ivy then compressed the penis, rhythmically squeezing and releasing the base, and Batman shook all over…it had been so long since he'd spurted!

Ivy variated the friction and compression with a firm and consistent up and down stroking, and sped up as Batman's legs began shaking.

The henchmen watched almost enviously as the Dark knight Detective began moaning. What an orgasm he was about to have. I will have to tell the judge to give Poison Ivy some lenience, Batman thought. This is just wonderful.

Ivy's fingers slid over Batman's glans, and down to the other side, and then she grasped his penis, using a back and forth wrist movement, swiveling her hand sideways.

Ivy then placed her fingertips and thumb on the glans, and slowly opened them up, pressuring her fingers in a spider-like massage motion around the head and foreskin of Batman's penis.

Suddenly, Batman knew he was very close to orgasm once again...he might even let her go when she released him from this ridiculous ceiling...this would show Selina...but he'd not cum quite yet...he had to play his cards right.

Ivy smiled demurely up at the tormented Caped Crusader. "I realize that you came to stop my robbery of the Zuko LaTieri painting...and I really should let you down so you can arrest me and my boys. and I should thank you for your attention to my breasts, right darling..." Batman smiled weakly. "Well, that might be the right thing to do..."

Poison Ivy's eyes narrowed and she lifted the thorny branch. WHACK! The thorns hit Batman's erect penis for the first time "You arrogant asshole, Batman!" she screamed "You think I'll let you CUM?" WHACK WHACK WHACK!

Batman screamed as Ivy whipped his penis into limpness.

Outside, Robin used his cell phone to call Oracle...this was an emergency

WHACK! Jimmie bit his lower lip, as Babs's scourge crashed again across his reddened cheeks. "You are an embarrassment to this city, Jimmie!" Babs said as the scourge slammed Jimmie's left cheek.

Thirty minutes before, there had been a contemptuous knock on the Gordon family door. Barbara "Babs" Gordon had wheeled her chair to the door, and opened it casually, to find the Catwoman, dressed in her purple bodysuit and kitty mask, and cracking her long whip.

"What do you want, you slut-cake" Babs had asked in chilly tones. Ever since she'd been paralyzed by the Joker's gun during a visit to the Gordon residence some years before, Babs had been somewhat cold to super-villains, even more so than she'd been in her previous identity as Batgirl.

Now, Barbara aided her friends, the superheroes of Gotham City as a computer whiz called Oracle…but her personal anger towards the villains was still intense. "Why Miss Gordon…how you do flatter a girl" said the Catwoman in a Southern accent. "I'm not ten pounds overweight because I have to sit in a wheelchair all day…but that doesn't make me a slut, does it?"

Babs steamed. She knew that Catwoman knew that Babs was in surprisingly good shape for a paraplegic…that she worked out regularly with her friend Dinah Lance, the Black Canary. Oh, if I could stand up I'd knock her pretty little whiskered nose into the back of her head.

"Did you come here for any sort of reason, Pudding Paws, or just to compare tan lines?" Maybe I should run over her toes, the way Cutter John used to do in the "Bloom County" strip.

Catwoman smiled. "Well, no…I just brought you a sad little present. Your daddy, the Commissioner tried to apprehend me on his own tonight, and I'm afraid he may have gotten the worst part of the bargain." Catwoman snapped her claws, and a couple of her thugs dropped a sack at Babs's feet.

Catwoman sliced the bag open with her foreclaw, and a naked man in his sixties, with white hair and moustache rolled out. He looked as if he could command gravitas when dressed up, but now he was nude and covered in long, red cuts and weals, from his shoulder blades to just above his calves.

Babs looked annoyed at the Catwoman. "You couldn't just resist arrest, could you? You have to humiliate the Police Commissioner of Gotham City." Catwoman had laughed and departed. "You are a pathetic failure, Jimmie" said Babs to her foster father, James Gordon. "You know the punishment."

"B-but I just got whipped with her blacksnake, Babs, dearest…couldn't I have some tea?" pleaded the Commissioner. Babs spun her chair and rolled into the library, saying, over her shoulder "You'd damn well better be ready in the library, in your little girl uniform Jimmie…you've been bad, bad bad!"

Twenty minutes later, Jimmie hobbled into the room, wearing high heels, a baby bonnet, and pink panties. Babs frowned and pointed a magenta nail at her lap. "Since you are too much of a baby to be able to bring in a mere woman" Here she smirked "Perhaps you need a little reminder of what's expected of you!"

Jimmie looked at her in the most dignified way possible. "Barbara…I have done my best….I had my troops with me, and I just was taken by surprise by the Catwoman! I…" Babs shook her head. "You're lazy and old. Rene Montoya has often reported to me how little you report to the gym…you have a belly now…get over my knee, and pull down those panties!"

Jimmie tried to look severely at his foster daughter, but her glance was implacable. His lower lip came out, and trembled, and tears rolled down his face. "Jimmie, you are a pathetic man." Babs said more kindly. "You've lost your second wife AND had me paralyzed by the Joker because of your pathetic inefficiency…and now the Catwoman is making you look ridiculous. I only will thrash you because I love you."

Jimmie asked piteously." You'll just use the hairbrush? Or the switch, ma'am?"

Babs smiled, leaning back in her wheelchair. "And Jesus found in the temple those who were selling oxen and sheep and doves, and the money changers seated. And He made a scourge of cords, and drove them all out of the temple, with the sheep and the oxen; and He poured out the coins of the moneychangers, and overturned their tables." She paused.

"That's from the book of John, two fourteen, I believe in the Bible…you taught me the Bible, Daddy." Babs reached into her lap and brought out a three foot length of polished wood, to which was attached three eighteen inch

leather strands with little bits of metal interspersed with the leather up and down the leather strands.

"Remember this, Daddy? Remember the time you caught me talking on the phone to a boy, when I was younger, and you took me out in the back yard, and pulled up my skirt and pulled my panties down in front of all the boys in the neighborhood and whipped me with this until I was crying and sobbing…and everyone called me 'Babs the Baby' after that?"

Gordon's cock hardened against the panties as he thought of Babs's denim miniskirt flipped up over her back as he whacked her full, plump cheeks with the scourge she now held…and how he'd touched her bottom several times to "calm her down

" It's tough being a disciplinarian…his cock grew harder, remembering how he'd also tied her down upstairs and shaved her pubic hair off, so she would be "shamed"…but she wouldn't speak of this, he hoped?

" And no one wanted to date me?" Barbara's eyes met the Commissioners. Gordon coughed. "Barbara, I was humiliating you because I didn't want you seeing the riffraff of the neighborhood…I wanted you to have strong values…and you didn't date much…and you became a librarian, a nice, and virginal—"WHACK! The leather strands knocked Gordon's glasses off, and his foster daughter pointed to her lap, and he sighed and bent over…and the thrashing began.

As the thongs with their metal sparks ripped and tore the skin of Jimmie's buttocks, he screamed and wept, and Barbara laughed, remembering the old saying that "what goes around, comes around"

After about seventeen lashes, Gordon began screaming, and after forty, his sobs and hiccoughs were something to hear. Finally, Barbara pushed him off her lap, and ordered him to stand in front of her. Gordon hadn't removed his panties as instructed…they were in shreds around his waist, and his cock was stiff, in spite of the vicious whipping.

"You think this is a horny situation, Daddy dear?" abs screamed, and James Gordon gritted his teeth as the scourge hit his rock hard cock again and again!

Suddenly, Babs heard a faint buzz from her purse, and realized that Oracle was being summoned.

Oliver Queen, sometimes known as The Green Arrow, plunged his tongue into Dinah's mouth, reaching around her neck and massaging the back of it… "That's right, honey…whatever you want" Dinah Lance said, her mouth slurping Olivers…"Touch me, baby"

Ollie looked down into Dinah's chest. she was wearing a tube-top, bright pink, and was rubbing it against Oliver's chest…could he take a chance? Those supple breasts…and the little bitch has oiled the cleavage…Ollie gradually brought his hand up to grasp Dinah's breast, and he massaged it. WHACK! Dinah slammed her hand right across Ollie's Van Dyke yellow beard, and he fell off the couch.

"I didn't ask you to MOLEST ME, Ollie!" Dinah's teeth were bared, and a moment later she screamed shrilly…Dinah had the power to emit a siren, as she was the super heroine Black Canary, and Ollie plugged his ears, kneeling desperately. Finally, Dinah stopped, and pulled up her pink tube top.

"You are sickening, you know that?" Dinah pointed at her lap. "Pull down your pants, and hand me that Spencer paddle." Ollie looked in terror at the long, thin wooden paddle with the holes, designed for air to whisk through as the paddle hit a bottom.

"P-please Dinah…we've been living together for years, and you are so hot in that top." Dinah screamed again "PULL DOWN YOUR PANTS, AND HAND ME THE SPENCER PADDLE, ASSHOLE!" Ollie, near tears, handed her the Spencer paddle, and unbuckled his trousers, pulling them and his Brooks Brothers underwear down.

Ollie still had some threads from his days as a millionaire, though now he didn't have a great deal of money any more…Ollie bit his lip and bent over Dinah's lap. "You make me ill, Oliver Queen."

The stunning brunette coughed, making her pink boobs bounce, and began whacking Oliver's bare bottom. "You WHACK think you can WHACK objectify me WHACK WHACK just WHACK because I like to dress comfortably in WHACK WHACK a tube WHACK top?"

Dinah grimaced as she slammed the Spencer paddle again and again against Ollie's reddening cheeks. She was quite a pretty woman, Dinah Lance, but she had a frown that had quelled many a thug, and she knew how to make her boyfriend quail at her rages.

Dinah breathed in and swatted Ollie soundly as she continued to lecture him. "Can't you learn to be a good boy…and just kiss a girl?" Suddenly Dinah threw down the paddle and grasped Oliver's ear and pulled him off her lap, and looked somewhat petulant. "Why can't we just kiss like nice people?"

Ollie bit his lip, and the tears fell as he kneeled in front of her. Dinah hid her smile with a lovely, manicured hand as she watched the muscular, bearded archer kneel before her with his pants down…looking rather ridiculous.

Suddenly, Dinah reached out and touched Ollie's chin through his beard. "Why can't you kiss Mommy like a good boy?" she crooned.

A moment later, Ollie sat gingerly next to Dinah, who began rubbing his back with the one hand and smiling, and lightly moving tears out of his eyes with the forefinger of the other "I love you, Ollie, and I know you love me…let's kiss some more, eh?"

Dinah pulled Oliver close and began kissing him expertly, while rubbing her hand along his thigh, and slightly touching his hardening penis.

Oliver kissed Dinah back…and tried to remember that her breasts were off limits, though he could peer down into her 36DD cleavage as he kissed her lovely lips.

Dinah groaned, and began surreptitiously grasping Oliver's penis, and as it hardened further, she began pulling the skin up and down around the shaft. "You like my titties, huh, Ollie?" Dinah breathed in Oliver's ear as the sensuoushand job continued.

"I miss the way you used to kiss them, baby… the nipples would harden." Ollie thought dispiritedly that it was a shame that Dinah had gradually stopped letting Ollie touch her perfect breasts. They'd been living above her flower shop, and at some point one night, Dinah had said that her breasts were tender, and he couldn't touch them…

And then a few weeks later, she'd told Ollie that her vagina was also tender, and needed to be licked, rather than fucked. So each night, after Oliver had worked his ass off in her greenhouse, moving plants and preparing garlands for the florist sales, he'd make Dinah dinner, watching her beautiful breasts shift as she enjoyed a martini…

And then after dinner, they'd get in bed, but she always would push his face down between her legs…away from her breasts, and too low for his cock to have any action…Ollie would lick Dinah over and over again to many orgasms…and then when he came up to kiss her as a prelude to intercourse, she'd laugh and whisper that she didn't enjoy his cunt-scented breath, and then turn over.

Dinah's long fingers pulled and toyed with Ollie's cock as her cleavage was forced just under his chin…could he keep from touching her? But he wanted to, so much. Dinah ran her finger up and down Ollie's hard cock, and she kept whispering in his ear." You are so hot, baby…the Green Arrow is the hottest of the superheroes…I love watching you shoot-your bow."

Ollie knew he would shoot his load if he wasn't careful…there had been times that Dinah had given him long, teasing masturbation…and if he had an accident, often she would crop his penis with one of his arrows? She could hit hard, Dinah could…and he'd been trained to hold off from orgasming until she gave him the O.K., which usually was when he had to go jerk off in the bathtub…she'd become so cold, for some reason.

More usually, Dinah would order Ollie to go into the bathroom in the shop, or into a bathroom when he was out somewhere, and to jerk off in the bathroom for about forty minutes to an hour without cumming. Faster and faster, slower and slower, especially when he was delivering roses somewhere for her…he had to make a pit stop to play with himself…but not cum.

Dinah always felt his cock when Ollie returned to the shop, and smiled if he hadn't spurted…and of course there was trouble if he did spurt. He had to hold off, so she knew he was still interested in her…how could she not know that he was interested? But he did as she asked. and was horny a good bit of the time.

Now, Dinah rubbed her big boobs against Oliver's chest, and he thought he saw a hint of nipple under the tube top. It had been so long since he'd even been allowed to see the Canary naked, he thought. Soon, Oliver had noticed that Dinah had been spending a lot of time out on "dinners with potential clients" which in a way was true, as the guys seemed to order her a lot of bouquets from her shop.

Sometimes Ollie would see Dinah come in the door in her Black Canary costume, with the blonde wig and the low cut blue suit, and he would pant and gasp…one night, Dinah had kicked him lightly in the balls. Ollie had fallen over, staring up at her haughty breasts, and Dinah had ground Ollie's penis into the floor with her Canary boots until he'd squirted savagely across the floor. Then, emitting the Canary siren, Dinah had forced Ollie to sop up all the semen with his tongue and his beard, so the floor would be clean.

When Ollie seemed pained that Dinah spent so much time away, she became acerbic with him. "Don't you think I need a break now and then?" Less and less did they shower together, and Dinah was always clothed…though she often required Oliver to be naked. "I like to know when you're erect…you are so suspicious, Oliver."

More and more, Dinah wore see-through shifts, black bikini tops and little halters…she'd hug and kiss Oliver, but she wasn't much interested, it seemed, in further intimacy, though of course she allowed him to clean her out…it seemed a little wetter down there, slimier, after her late nights.

Now, it seemed that Dinah might be softening in her desire to allow Ollie to touch her full breasts…she was rubbing against his hands. "You know you want to touch them, honey…"Dinah murmured as she rubbed her nipples against Ollie's chest. "And you're such a good kisser." Suddenly Ollie took the plunge, and grasped Dinah's chest again.

Oh, those wonderful, soft breasts…he tried to kiss further, but all of a sudden, she'd slapped him off her lap again!

This time, Dinah was absolutely enraged...she hopped up, her breasts swaying in the little top and slapped Ollie forcefully across both cheeks. "How dare you touch my breasts like that, you animal!"

Dinah gave Ollie a karate kick, throwing him down on the floor, and then whacked his cock with the Spencer paddle. Oooh! Ollie tried not to cry. WHACK! Right across the stomach came the cruel paddle again. "You'll learn not to be a pervert soon, I bet...I'll give you the whipping of your life, you filthy pervert!" screamed Dinah...but suddenly there was a ring from her purse, and Dinah threw down the paddle. "Yes? Oracle?" Dinah crooked her head. "Of course I'm coming...let me just tie Ollie up so he doesn't touch his disgusting wee-wee and I'll be there!"

Ollie's heart, as always, sank.

The closet door seemed to vibrate, as Dick Grayson knelt on the gravel. His penis was bulging, and he gritted his teeth, as he willed himself not to cum. "Forced Edging", as Babs called it, was the toughest battle Nightwing had ever had to fight. To masturbate continually without being allowed to cum!

The gravel pieces bit into Dick's knees as he knelt obediently...Babs had ordered him to stay that way...and Dick was quite obedient!

Babs insisted that Dick wear a cockring around his penis and balls, which constricted Dick's penis until it was really, very sensitive to touch.

Last week, when he'd been beating his meat in the Bludhaven police station restroom, she'd been crooning through the cell phone "Am I making you hot, baby? "The husky voice had gone on, as Dick had lubed himself up on the toilet with that vile pink soap from the bathroom dispenser

Babs had gone on "If you jerk, jerk jerk…think about my red hair and my red bush…and my milky white boobies…but don't cum…you may avoid being whipped!" It had been especially difficult, as cops had been coming in and out of the bathroom, screaming at each other about perps and prostitutes, and peeing loudly.

It was much better touching himself here in the closet…though now he'd not cum in 53 days…

After hours of edging in his closet, as per Bab's instructions, Dick's dick was raw, red and leaking precum…oh, God, it was hard to keep from cumming!

Babs had sent one of her cruel tapes, with instructions "Dickie-bird…first I want you to jerk yourself quickly for 2 minutes, stopping before you're about to squirt…and then use one finger to slowly rub your glans for two minutes thirty seconds…and then wank slowly, baby for three minutes…

Then use a finger to rub the back of your glans…right where the frenulum is, big boy. for two minutes! And then I want you to palm the back of your glans…no fingers for five minutes."

After this, Dick had gotten so sensitive, that he'd known he couldn't touch his cock at all without a squirtie…and so he'd just played with his balls for about an hour.

Right now Dick was on a Closet Restriction at Bab's house but quite often he had to actually hang out in his own closet on his days off…he had to spend one of his precious days off from being a hard-working police officer in Bludhaven here in the closet…and his hot landlady, Clancy, had been banging on his door incessantly…he knew she wanted him to fuck her badly. And was she hot!

Thinking of Clancy, Dick rubbed a little faster, and then felt the surge again, and quickly put his hands on the back of his head, and waited for his cock to go down.

In the old days, as the able-bodied Batgirl, Babs and Dick had been a crime fighting pair in New York, where she was a librarian, and he was a student at Hudson University

...After Babs figured out Dick's submissive tendencies, she'd begun punishing him while IN her Batgirl outfit...Dick of course was naked on the floor...sometimes she'd burst into his apartment in her tight-fitting gray Batgirl costume, the black bat encircled in yellow bursting at the forefront of her breasts...

"Strip to be Stropped, Boy Wonder!" and Dick, who had been Robin then, before handing the mantle to Drake before he'd become Nightwing, would strip...and Batgirl would whip his ass bloody with a razor strop.

Sometimes Batgirl would tie Dick's hands and toy with his cock for hours with her high Bat-boots, snarling and chortling as he pleaded that her sharp heels were too much to deal with in his sensitive scrotum...

Part of the problem then, and now, was that Babs always, at least once a week would shave Dick's penis and balls clean, and then torture his cock with her boots...even after the shaving!

Once, Dick had been tied down and Babs had alternately stroked his penis, running her pink nails up and down his suffering cock...and then pounding his cock and balls hard with a high heeled shoe until poor Dick burst into tears, again and again.

After Dick dropped out of college, and became very involved with the Teen Titans, he'd had less to do with Babs, but they'd recently re-united, and he spent a good deal of time in her house...and going back and forth between his closet, when he was on Closet Restriction, and hers. He often wondered why he should visit Mistress Babs at all, if he had to strip instantly and go kneel on jacks or gravel in her closet, but that was her orders!

As Nightwing, Dick had had to fight the toughest criminals in Bludhaven…Blockbuster, all the rest. But to have to masturbate without cumming!

Dick move the flashlight against Barbara's glossy photos. None, of course had her naked. but the lingerie was quite revealing. Dick slowly pulled his finger against his bulging glans, but not too fast. He felt the semen rising against the base of his shaft, and he knew he had to be terribly careful.

Babs was so strict! Last week, when she rolled into Dick's apartment in her chair, Dick had greeted her in the nude, with a martini…he'd fed her, carefully, spoon feeding his home-cooked meal of vichyssoise.

As he'd rubbed her legs she'd occasionally brushed his erection with her fishnet stockinged toes, and he'd gasped. Oooh…what an evening it had been. Despite the paralysis, Babs could still feel Dick's tongue in her cunt, and he'd eaten her for hours that night, and then she'd sent him home, with strict instructions to not have any sort of accident!

Babs rolled her chair into her bedroom, leaving her pathetic, weeping father, the Commissioner, kneeling in a corner of the library. She blew a whistle, and the closet door opened, and Dick Grayson crawled out on his hands and knees, his cock rock hard. Babs smiled with amusement.

As she looked down at Dick, and watched his lowered eyes sneak up a peek at her, Babs glossed her lips with a dark ruby polish, snickering as she did so. Look at that cock! Dick's cock looked horny and miserable. It had been fifty-odd days since she'd allowed him to jerk off into an ashtray and lick it up…he was so obedient, Dick was.

"How are you doing there, Pinkwing?" That was Bab's little name for Dick, who always blushed when she said it. "I'm fine, Miss Babs…I've just been sitting in the closet, or kneeling, rather…I've been so good with the edging…do you think that perhaps I could cum soon?" Babs leaned her head back, the amber curls bouncing on the sides of her wheelchair. She laughed heartily. "Do you think I could cum soon?" Babs imitated Dick in a horrid falsetto. Dick burst into tears, and Babs laughed even harder.

"Is—oh, excuse me for laughing so hard, Pinkwing dear—"Babs snorted into a hankie. "Is that all you think about, CUMMING?" Babs shuckled some more. Dick was now staring fixedly at her…she had taken the trouble to change into a Merry Widow corset and panties, and was crossing and re-crossing her legs on the wheelchair. She could tell that Dick was in a lot of pain right now.

The poor thing! Teaching him Forced Edging had been immensely entertaining. Dick would spend an hour in front of Barbara, jerking his cock faster and slower, checking her reaction to make sure he was doing the right thing.

And truly, he was a splendid sight—muscled and handsome, Dick had always been in good shape, as he'd begun training with the Batman right after his trapeze artist parents had been killed during his eighth year.

It had been such fun landing her strop over and over on those gorgeous buns of Dick's, and watching him sob into his hands…WHACK WHACK WHACK…whenever Babs checked Dick's grades at Hudson, and saw anything less than a B, she'd thrash him unmercifully, and eventually Dick had just dropped out of school to avoid more punishment.

It had been glorious, too, to tease Dick for hours. Sometimes they'd come back from having foiled a heroin ring, or busted jewel thieves…and they'd celebrate! Dick would make Babs a nice dinner, and then strip his costume off…if she was feeling horny, he'd give her a full body massage, and lick her quim until she'd orgasmed for hours…then he'd bathe her, and help her with her nails…and then, if he was lucky…

Babs would tie Dick's hands behind his back and pour a bit of Lubriderm into her palm and begin stroking and patting that sweet cock of his. She'd smile, and run her long, pink, tongue across her even white teeth as she tortured the tip of Dick's glans with her long nails, and, ignoring his pleadings to cum, would run her fingers up and around his stolid shaft…

When her fingers tired of the work, Babs would lean back and run her toes up and down Dick's cock and he just went mad when this was going on. That was one of the many things that paralysis had ended…

Though Babs could still move her hands, she couldn't torture poor Dick with her toes any more…and to be honest, her hands were fairly tired with all the wheeling about, and being the key-punching Oracle…so teaching Dick to edge himself had been Babs's goal these last few years. She almost never touched Dick at all…though of course he was quite busy between her legs nearly all the time!

Dick of course was completely obedient, and understood and was quite sensitive to his disabled girlfriend's needs and limitations…but sometimes it was quite difficult for him to have patience. He really wanted to cum, and looked so pitiful.

Babs smiled at Dick. "Darling Richard…you really want to cum, dear…you can't get your mind off it, can you?" Dick shook his head mournfully as he knelt there, his cock bouncing like a diving board that had just dislodged Greg Louganis.

Babs shifted a bit in the wheelchair and her breasts fell together, and the cleavage looked oh, so enticing! Her nipples hardened behind the thin material, and Dick looked as if he might spring at any moment at his Mistress, though he knew that would not be kosher.

"You just can't help it, can you baby?" Babs asked this in a little-girl voice, and Dick began shaking and trembling. "It-it's so hard, Ma'am, and I've tried so hard to please you." Dick took a breath, and tried to keep his hands on his knees, and not touch his cock right now.

"I've been so hardworking as a super-hero, as well as being a police officer in Bludhaven…and then I come on my days off and I do so much! Today, I cleaned the entire house, even your dad's study." Dick paused for breath, and Barbara looked so understanding. "And then I went into the closet and knelt on those horrible rocks…for an hour and a half." Dick coughed. "And then you had a visitor—"

Babs smiled again, widely. "Yes, Gerry my hairdresser came by, didn't he? He did my hair since I can't go down to the parlor, being in the chair and all…and then I told him to come up and see you, baby!"

Dick breathed and nodded. "Yes, and he knocked on the closet door, ma'am…and I went out and he told me you had—you had—" Dick looked as if he might burst into tears. Yup, there was a tear rolling down his handsome cheek. He couldn't believe that she'd done what she'd done in the Gerry case…because men always had these ASSUMPTIONS about Babs…and they were always mistakes!

"Were you able to service Gerry, dear?" asked Babs gently. "You've had enough practice on the cucumber and all!" Dick nodded miserably. "I made him feel good—twice!"

Babs smiled again, remembering how pleased her overweight male hairdresser had been when he'd come back downstairs. "That gorgeous boy let me fuck his face AND his ass!" was Gerry's review, and he'd been quite happy…and had declared Babs' hairdo was on the house!

"And then I went back into the closet to kneel more, Miss Barbara…and I stroked myself—" Dick stopped, breathing and panting. "You did it slowly, right?" prompted Babs.

Dick nodded manfully. "But it's been so long since I came, and I am soooo horny"

"You want me to do something about that big cock, right Dick?" Babs smiled, and Dick nodded his head, and looked hopeful. "Well, you cleaned the house, and cleaned Gerry's dick, and you jerked yourself…and you deserve to have the erection go away, honey." Babs looked terribly understanding…"So bring that big dick right over here!"

Dick looked extremely pleased. It had been eighteen months since Babs had touched Dick's dick with her hands, and a full five years or so since she'd let it touch her mouth or vagina…he had just hoped that he would be allowed to jerk off completely…

But this might be his lucky day! Dick hopped up and trotted over to Babs, excitably. "Now I want you to let me blindfold you and cuff your hands behind your back—" Dick did both, so he was standing blindfolded and cuffed right in front of Barbara.

"Now, you'll get your surprise!" Babs pulled the Scourge out that she'd used on her Daddy and landed it hard across Dick's penis…WHACK WHACK WHACK Six to eight times the scourge landed and Dick screamed quite loudly, but his erection went down, and then Dick went down, on the floor.

"Now, darling" Babs continued sweetly, "I've gotten rid of your nasty little erection…and you must get into your Pinkwing outfit and go help Mistress Dinah to save your pathetic Batman! Get up so I can unlock you, you silly boy!"

"Well, goodness…darling…someone has been making mincemeat of you." Selina said, as she bent over Bruce's naked, prone body, cuffed as it was to the bedposts. Bruce was face down, as he was about to be punished, as Selina had noted that someone had removed Bruce's chastity tube.

Bruce could not very well inform Selina that he was secretly Batman, and that Poison Ivy had taken off the belt so she could torture his cock and balls…and so Selina assumed, wrongly, that Bruce had removed his tube and had an orgasm. Actually, when Nightwing and Black Canary had come to arrest Poison Ivy and take her away, the last thing Ivy did was lock Bruce up again…teased more and more…and still chaste! Alas…

So he had to be punished, for "suspicion of orgasm" But Selina could tell that there had been some other monkey business going on…Bruce looked like shit. He'd been whipped by someone, and poor Selina couldn't figure out whom!

"It looks as if—"Selina's delicious little red nail trailed across the many nettle scars around Bruce Wayne's upper buttocks, and accidentally poked a long, red weal that had come from when Poison Ivy had landed him a bit hard with the thorny bundle.

"What, what on earth happened, dear?" Selina shook her pretty head. "I can see where you removed your chastity device, and I feel great sadness and reproach that you would be so disobedient." Selina uttered a great sigh. "I can only imagine the young ladies you rogered when the belt was off…you must've had thousands of orgasms. I may not be able to allow you to orgasm for a year now." Selina ran her red nail across Bruce's buttocks and he quivered, and she reached under his butt, and pulled out his long, thick, cock, and twiddled it between his legs.

"I can't imagine who gave you this horrid whipping, though….someone did. I am afraid, of course that I can't use that as a reason not to give you the thrashing for removing the belt."

Bruce gasped, feeling Selina's soft fingers.."MissSelina, I swear to you, I've not cum since I saw you last…the tube was removed against my will, and then restored…and I didn't get to orgasm." Selina's laugh floated…Bruce could see nothing of course, because he was on his stomach, but he could imagine how amused she was by this unbelievable statement.

"All right then, give me the details of how you were de-tubed." Bruce sighed. "I told you, I can't." What could he do? First, he had to keep his identity a secret anyway…secondly, Selina Kyle was reformed now, or so Bruce thought…but she had at one time been the dreaded Catwoman! Actually…there was something he'd heard from Oracle that Selina had returned to her old lifestyle…so he really couldn't tell her!

Selina gently pumped Bruce's cock, as she questioned him."Did you see another domme? Is that why you have all these welts?"Selina took one lube-soaked hand and wrapped it around the top of Bruce's stiff cock, and stroked it all the way down to his shaft. Then she pulled her hand up slowly, let go and did the slow stroke with the other hand. "It breaks my heart that you would see another dominatrix…though I do appreciate her style with you." Selina let her fingers run from Bruce's balls to the tip of his glans, where she swirled her tips around and then slid her palm back down the other half and ended up back down at the balls.

"For seeing another domme I need to punish you for cheating…that's twenty whacks." Selina brought her palm up to the top of Bruce's glans and parked it there with her fingers held together and stiff, her thumb pointing straight out. She spun her fingers around as if she were attempting to open a jar.

" And of course I have to give you another twenty for suspicion of cumming, because you have obviously had your tube removed and put back on." Bruce was gasping with the feeling of having his long-denied cock massaged, and was trying to get his energy together to deny Selina's accusations…but it was difficult!

"And for being so reticent when I ask you about these experiences…there's a third twenty whacks…sixty in all." Bruce bit his lip and buried his face in the sheets. He was lucky she didn't have her Catwoman whip! Selina slipped her hand down into Bruce's testicles and grabbed them in her fingers, tugging them away from his scrotum.

"I can't believe you won't be honest with me, dear!" Selina let go of Bruce's testicles and brought her fingers together in a goosehead formation, and lightly began stroking his erection running them all over his genitals.

"You will probably start talking after I bring out my razor strop!" Selina said sharply, and Bruce groaned. That would be enough. Selinaidly scratched the inside of Bruce's thigh, and he moaned. It had been so long since he'd had orgasmic relief, and he might not be getting any now, either.

Selina took both hands, and brought them both down on his shaft, swinging Bruce's cock as if it were a Louisville Slugger. "You don't seem as if you came, though" Selina said, mystified…"You really must manufacture your sperm back fast."

Selina brought her left hand down, letting it stroke the penis from the glans all the way down to the scrotum. At the same time she brought her right hand up to the top of the shaft, before joining her hands together on Bruce's cock, having her fingers lightly touching the sides of the shaft.

Selina flicked the penis back and forth between her hands by holding on to the loose skin of the shaft. "You just are a glutton, aren't you, dear?"

Selina tightened her thumb and forefinger around the base of the shaft, and pressed down on Bruce's testicles, cutting off the blood, and engorging the shaft in her hand.

Bruce was going mad. How could he convince Selina that he hadn't cum? Just after Nightwing and Black Canary had taken Poison Ivy into custody, the Canary had grabbed Batman's balls and squeezed them until his cock was limp, and had locked him back in the tube, muttering "someone will be grateful I did this". And then she'd given Bruce forty whacks with Ivy's bundle of thorns for allowing Ivy to take him into custody in the first place. It had been viciously painful, worse than when Ivy did it, as the Black Canary was much more muscular.

So now Bruce's back and buttocks and upper thighs were a mass of welts and weals, and he was in terrible condition.

"I'm not going to start the whipping with the strop, Brucie" Selina remarked as she rose and went to her large bag, pulling out a large, polished wooden paddle.
Bruce sobbed loudly as Selina commenced the whipping. He was struggling and screaming…

"That's fine sweetie" Selina said soothingly, as the cane left a bright red weal across Bruce's left cheek. "I understand that you have a lot to announce with that sweet voice of yours...keep amuses the neighbors!"

Selina applied the strokes scientifically, emitting little coos when she noted that she'd burst a blood blister left from the thorn whipping of several days before, or when the cane had left a particularly gruesome mark. Bruce bit the sheets and prayed that he could live through this flogging.

Selina landed a few with the paddle, and Bruce screamed loudly…and then came the cane! After leaving a few inch long and quarter-inch weals, Selina began smiling broadly.

"You certainly are showing, dear." Bruce looked up weakly as Selina pushed her cleavage in his face. "Darling…you're such a brave boy…let Selina teach you the right way!" Lines of fire built up across Bruce's buttocks and he knew he had to get out of this one, somehow…he'd had just too much over the past few days.

Selina had fine form as she continued to land the cane across Bruce's buttocks and thighs. As Bruce bounced and screamed, Selina laughed and began quickening her work with the bamboo. Bruce thought of the times he'd defeated Selina when she was in her Catwoman guise…and wondered, Is this payback?

Suddenly, he got an idea of how to get out of this dreadful situation.

"I think I might have a cramp, Selina, please!" Suddenly, the cane stopped.

"Oh you poor thing." Selina purred." Have a cramp, do you?" Bruce felt Selina untying his wrists. He sniffled dramatically, as she helped him up off the bed. "You poor thing…we have to get rid of those cramps. Perhaps you should do some jumping jacks!"

"J-jumping jacks?" Bruce asked faintly. What with his Batman experience, he was not up for a lot of exercising, and he'd almost asked Alfred not to allow Selina in, not that the butler obeyed him at all. "Come on, let's start, darling!"

Bruce began halfheartedly bouncing up and down, clapping his hands over his head. WHACK! Selina's cane slashed him right under the arm, and he screamed! Bruce's armpit began to sting, and Selina chortled gleefully.

"No laziness now…I want you to jumping-jack faster, dear!" Bruce began trying to jump higher, but he felt so bad! WHACK WHACK WHACK Selina's cane hit his left thigh, then his right. Bruce tried to jump away from the slashing cane, but Selina danced right in front of him and landed the cane smartly on his stomach!

"Where's all the cramping?" Selina said sweetly, as she landed the cane lightly on Bruce's cheek right near his nose. WHACK! The cane landed again on his left shoulder.

"You aren't cramped, dear, you're just lazy!" Selina dashed behind Bruce and began landing her cane up and down and across her captive's buttocks. Bruce forgot the jumping jacks and began running around the bedroom, until Selina leaped-catlike over the bed and tripped him to the floor. "Push ups now!" she screamed. landing her cane up and down and across her captive's buttocks. Bruce forgot the jumping jacks and began running around the bedroom, until Selina leaped-catlike over the bed and tripped him to the floor. "Push ups now!" she screamed.

Bruce tried to get off the floor, just to feel Selina's cane slashing his shoulders and lower back. Again and again the cane landed until Bruce began doing regular push-ups. "There we go. I'll not touch you with the cane if you can do a hundred." Selina said stoutly.

At seventy-eight, the well-built Bruce Wayne collapsed, and the cane landed viciously until he finished the one hundred , and added three! "Now on your back, honey…I know it'll hurt with all those mysterious welts" Selina said, laughing. But Bruce rolled over, looking up at his gorgeous girlfriend's covered breasts. "Now up and down…sit-ups!"

After forty-two, Bruce began flagging. Selina bent down and began playing with his cock. "I know you can do a hundred, honey" she crooned as her crimson nail toyed with his bulging glans. Bruce gasped. WHACK! Suddenly, the cane slashed his penis.

"I don't want you to get too distracted, sweetheart!" Selina said, her cane lifting off the welted penis. "Now start sit-upping again." After Bruce had done twelve crunches, Selina began teasing him again; after twenty-four, the cane left another red mark across the shrinking shaft.

"Now deep knee bends!" By the time Selina had run out of exercises,

Bruce was happy to hop back on the bed and take the rest of his thrashing quietly.

The whipping was over, and Bruce was bent on his knees in front of Selina, who had changed into a tiny miniskirt and snug white T-shirt. "I am going clubbing…honey. Would you like to accompany me?" Bruce bit his lip. It had been an awful night, and he really wasn't up to dancing. "I don't think so, Miss Selina."

"You sure about that, Brucie?" Selina asked lazily. "You know, I might be well disposed to giving you some relief…if you gave me a good time!" Bruce looked hopeful, and his cock was swelling up again. Selina hadn't put the tube back on.

"C'mon honey…I am starting to believe that something might have happened against your will." Selina's high heel poked Bruce's strained penis. "And yes, it's quite obvious that you haven't cum!" She smiled, and Bruce watched hungrily as Selina put fire-engine red lip gloss on. "Come out and have fun with me, dear!"

She actually allowed Bruce to dress without putting his chastity tube on. He wondered if he should bring his Batman costume, and then figured it would be safe in the trunk of the limo. Alfred drove through the Gotham night, arriving finally at the Satan's Rectum, a club in Northeast Gotham.

" This will be quite a night, Brucie. 'Stuck Pig' and 'Richard Scalpel & the Abortions' are playing tonight." Selina said with a giggle. Bruce, whose tastes ran more to Mantovani, was silent. Surrounded by leather clad people with various shades of hair, ranging from hot pink to bright green (was it him?) the couple entered the club.

Selina backed up slightly at one point as they walked to the table, and stroked Bruce's leaden cock, heavy with unreleased cum. Selina smiled up at Bruce, girlishly, and he felt as if he couldn't place her with the evil Catwoman who danced from roof to roof, sometimes landing on a gargoyle by one palm, swaying her glorious suede covered body over the city streets.

Bruce watched dumbly as Selina greeted old friends, kissing their cheeks and hugging them. And then there he was—the Joker! The hair stood up on the back of Bruce's neck. Selina hugged the Joker, and then her crimson lips met his in a red smack. "Bruce, you've met the owner of the Rectum, haven't you?" Selina smiled as Bruce reluctantly shook hands with the white faced clown with green hair and red lips.

The Joker laughed uproariously at the look on Bruce Wayne's face. "Wonderful to see you, Mr. Wayne…Welcome to the Rec, as I like to call it!" The Joker snapped his fingers, and Harley Quinn, his clown assistant, showed them to a table near the stage.

Bruce noticed that Harley Quinn was not in her usual weird outfit…she looked quite pretty in a little blue dress, though the makeup was still there. God, her tits are big, he thought.

As they sat down, Bruce whispered in Selina's ear." The man is a mass murderer, a serial killer, AND an armed robber…he's a fugitive from justice, Selina." Selina looked at Bruce with an amused smile. "No, no…Brucie…the Joker has been pardoned by President Luthor…isn't that wonderful?" Selina's knee gently prodded Bruce's hard cock.

Presidential pardons had always bothered Bruce…but this was much worse than Ford pardoning Nixon, or Bush pardoning Weinberger…Jesus.

What kind of president would…oh yeah. Of course. Poor Clark. At least my villains don't seek public office…the Clayface would not have the brilliant profile, and the Penguin is too short. Bruce felt Selina's delicate little hand playing with the lump in his trousers.

"Forget about the Joker, darling…he's reformed…now I want to dance." Bruce attempted to rise, but Selina gently pushed him back into his seat.

"No, I want to meet different people here to dance, if you know what I mean!" Selina gave Bruce a big wet one on the cheek, and got up and began dancing with a thuggish looking Mohawk type. God, I thought we were engaged, Bruce blinked as he watched Selina grind into the guy's chest, her crotch almost making sparks against his.

"She's a friendly girl, eh?" Bruce jumped, as he turned and saw the garish Harley Quinn, standing next to him. Harley had a bit of clown makeup on, though not quite as bad as her employer. Harley sat down next to Bruce. "I really don't need any company." Bruce said shortly.

"Aaw…c'mon, Mr. Wayne." Harley gave him limpid eyes, as her little hand traveled to the even more present bulge in Bruce's pants. "Don't you like girls? She likes boys" Harley pointed out, as they both watched Selina plunging her tongue into Mohawks mouth, while another man behind her danced up and ran his hands over her breasts.

Bruce could tell that Selina didn't mind, as she was a 4th level black belt, and could debilitate both men in one swing. No, she was enjoying herself.

Bruce's eyes widened as Mohawk lifted Selina by her rear end, and pushed his crotch behind her, as she switched her wandering tongue to the other man's mouth. Bruce felt Harley's fingers unzipping him, and against his will, his cock shot out of the fly.

Bruce gasped as Harley began gently pumping his thrusting cock. "Really, this isn't a good idea" Bruce said, thinking: Selina will kill me if I let this little minx make me orgasm! He looked over at Harley, whose eyes danced, and watched her little moist tongue trot across her teeth.

"Why isn't it a good idea, Mr. Wayne?" Harley asked with a lilt in her voice. "Don't you like the way my hand feels?" Bruce closed his eyes, and silently willed himself not to cum. "Go on, honey…let yourself squirt…you deserve it. I know Selina's so mean to you…"

"Harley wants you to have a good time" the little voice whispered in Bruce's ear. "And she's going to see that you get it!" Suddenly, Harley slipped under the table, and Bruce felt his belt being unbuckled, and his pants being pulled down, and felt Harley's long nails massaging his cock, and then…miracle of miracles…his cock was being taken in her mouth! Bruce gasped as the clownesses long tongue began flicking his frenulum.

Bruce felt Harley licking his bulging glans and shaft, flicking her tongue rapidly around the glans, and then bending her head to nibble his swollen ball sack. Bruce saw Harley's hand come up and grasp her vodka, and bring it down under the table. He heard a gargle, and then his penis stung, but in a delicious sort of way…Harley was running her vodka lined mouth across his shaft!

"Are you having fun, Bruce?" Selina was leaning over the table, though Mohawk's hand was on her ass. Bruce bit his lip…what would she say if she knew that Bruce was getting a blowjob under the table? "I hope you're not bored…Iggy here is an old friend…"

"Oh, no…all's well" Bruce said, wondering whether Harley's long legs were poking out from under the table. She was sucking away somewhat nosily. His cock felt great…and he wondered if he should just risk it all and cum in Harley's velvety mouth. Selina winked at him. "Well Iggy wants to show me something in the back room" I'll bet he does, Bruce thought resentfully. "But when I return, I'll give you personal attention, dearest!"

Selina winked, and danced off, and Bruce's legs shook as Harley's soft mouth began slurping and sucking along. Bruce felt Harley licking his frenulum, the indentation between his cockhead and his shaft under his penis.

Bruce felt his semen charging from his testicles…oh, this is so wonderful, he thought. Harley's long tongue kept tickling the shaft with a rare energy…Bruce couldn't believe it was going this well.

Harley breathed deeply and began sucking faster. Bruce felt Harley reaching under his asscheeks, and felt her pushing her finger in his ass, tickling his prostate gland…this made Bruce crazy! Bruce felt Harley's tongue flatten, further dampening his frenulum, and then, amazingly, felt Harley's tongue inserting into his foreskin, encircling the head.

Harley pulled her finger out from Bruce's anus and began stroking the sensitive perineum area, between the scrotum and the rear end…oh this was wonderful!

Bruce began to gasp…It was coming, it was coming…Suddenly, he felt a harsh bite on the middle of his dick. Aaah..Harley was biting him, hard…he screamed, and everyone turned around, and all the music stopped, Richard Scalpel quitting his song in the middle of "My mother is a scum-sucking weasel".

Harley jumped up, and threw the table over, and the entire club looked at Bruce Wayne, standing up with no pants or undies on…his cock bleeding.

Harley turned to Selina, who came out, with her teeth in a grimace. "You were right, Selina" Harley said. "You wanted me to test him…he's a cheater!" Selina gritted her teeth. "You should have bitten his cock off." In the background, the sobbing Bruce Wayne could hear the Joker's screaming laughter.

Oooh, it's so disgusting…a big, hairy cock in my mouth. Bruce gagged on the big, veiny penis, and tried desperately to keep from vomiting, but his face shook a little. WHACK! The trucker's heavy hand boxed Bruce's left ear. "Suck, boy!"

Bruce Wayne, society billionaire of Gotham City, was kneeling naked on his knees, hands cuffed behind his back, in the filthy restroom of the Satan's Rectum punk club. Owned, unbelievably, by his archenemy the Joker. Bruce's jaws were exhausted. He was so tired of fellatio.

For the past forty-five minutes, Bruce had been forced to give blowjobs to all male patrons of the Rectum, or at least those of whom had donated a dollar to the United Way. Selina was not happy that Bruce had allowed Harley Quinn to suck his dick under the table, and as she said spitefully: "The punishment must fit the crime!"

Oh, God…it's so disgusting…like a train wreck, Bruce thought…you suck and suck on the damn things, and then you know it's coming…so to speak. and your mouth is filled with disgusting goo!

Bruce suddenly felt his ears grabbed by the burly trucker who's penis was in his mouth. The trucker pushed Bruce from the back of the head toward his crotch, sending the dick down Bruce's throat, and Bruce's gag reflex rebelled, but the trucker wouldn't let go of Bruce's head. "Skull-fucking, baby!" The trucker laughed as Bruce gagged around the cock "Come on, Wayne, you punk, you rich asshole" The trucker's laugh roared in Bruce's ears. "You better do a good job or I'll kick your fuckin' teeth in!"

Another guy, who Bruce had just finished off, laughed. "Yeah, he would give a smoother skull-fuck with no teeth, right?" All the patrons laughed uproariously over the music emanating from the club.

Through blurry eyes, Bruce saw some of the other fellows who had already spurted in his exhausted mouth, zipping up their pants and wandering out of the bathroom, snickering.

One guy, dressed in a Gotham Public Sanitation coverall, had actually peed in Bruce's mouth before the blowjob commenced!

Outside the men's room, the dancing was wild, and Stuck Pig's vocalist, Shithead Weinberg was singing a brilliant rendition of "Mama burned down my Montessori"

Selina Kyle was having a wonderful time, bumping and grinding with the Joker, who of course was laughing wildly.

This night was in full feather for Selina, who couldn't believe the degradation she'd put her Brucie through! What more can I do to him, she laughed. And the poor motherfucker still hasn't cum!

Harley Quinn was leaning on the wall outside the men's room, taking donations in a large glass bowl from the long line of men going in to be fellated by the unfortunate playboy. She was quite pleased with herself…what trouble I've caused, she thought.

Meanwhile, Bruce's eyes were filled with tears as the trucker finally shot his load, actually pulling his dick out after filling Bruce's mouth with spew to wipe the leftover cum all over Bruce's handsome face.

Bruce struggled with the handcuffs binding his wrists to his buttocks as another man's dick came up. Bruce looked up. A guy with a cowboy hat that Bruce had often seen panhandling outside the Wayne Foundation was looking down at him, unzipping his crotch. This one is too familiar. I just sucked him off twenty minutes ago!

Not to mention that he's unbathed, and I think a louse may have crawled in my mouth from this, Bruce thought. "Hey, I did you already…I already sucked you off!"

Bruce was immensely annoyed, as the last of the trucker's residue dripped off his chin. Oh, his knees hurt. He had to take a stand with this guy…"It's bad enough that I have to suck all these patrons, without repeats!" But the panhandling Cowboy was adamant. "Man, I paid for another shot…I bummed the change, and gave it to Miss Quinn, who said you'd suck whoever paid you, repeats or not! After all, it's fer charity, the Yew-Nighted Way!"

Another guy in a janitor's uniform, sitting on the sink said "That's right, you faggot asshole, don't you want the poor to get the money through this fundraiser?"

More laughter resonated through the men's room. Outside they could hear Harley's strident voice "Come one, come all, cum in the mouth of Gotham's rich prick!" Bruce tried to explain that the Wayne Foundation was very supportive to the United Way, but of course this plea fell on deaf ears.

Bruce Wayne so hated cocksucking! This bathroom experience was quite debilitating for him. Selina had begun him on forced bisexuality eighteen months before, when she'd first incorporated oral dildo worship, making Bruce suck larger and larger dildos, sometimes training by forcing him to kneel in the corner with a long, black dildo in his mouth… Other times, when they were making dinner at her house, she'd make him hold a cucumber in his mouth while he was cutting up other vegetables. It was incredibly annoying, but what could he do? Soon, Selina began fucking Bruce in the ass with strap-ons, and making him lick off the shit-covered strap-on afterwards. "Come on, suck my dick, sissy-boy." It wasn't that bad, as she was sexy as hell, and watching those huge tits bouncing above him brought him such joy, and made him forget that he was holding a fecal dripped plastic thing in his jaws. Bruce admitted that the humiliation of such a disgusting, repulsive act…being forced to suck a shit-covered pseudo-dick was quite humiliating. Selina had taken note, and promised to make things even more interesting. Selina had a regular habit of dropping in at Bruce's office at the Wayne Foundation on Fridays at closing time. Bruce worked with three women: Ashley, his strawberry blonde, chesty secretary, Sabrina, the accountant with the tight pink sweaters and beehive hairdo, and Krystle, the 19 year old typist who moonlighted as an aerobics instructor. Then there were two men, Phillip, the billing clerk, and Andre, the black fellow who handled Bruce's photocopying and mail sorting duties. On Friday nights, Selina would come by after the men had left, and the four ladies would close off the office. Ashley would order Bruce to strip and whip his ass, Sabrina would crush his penis with her high heels, and Krystle liked to give him the dildo…Bruce thought this was great…but then one night, Bruce was blindfolded for the dildo, and suddenly felt a real cock in his ass! "Who was that?" he asked Selina when they were driving home, later. "It was one of the guys you work for…but I'm not telling you who." Selina said with a smile. "He came in for something while we were in the middle of your blindfolded session, and wanted to get into it." On one hand Bruce was horrified…and humiliated! Either one of the two lowest flunkies in the office knew that he was a pathetic slave boy…and had SODOMIZED him! It was weird being in the office, looking curiously at Phillip and Andre. Was that a mocking look in Phillip's eyes, when he brought the invoices for Bruce to review? Was it Andre's black cock that had spurted in Bruce's puckered hole? Was either of them HIV positive? But then, within a few weeks, it happened again, while Bruce was blindfolded…and one Friday night, he felt the cock in his unwilling mouth. And then another cock. And then the blindfold was ripped off—and yes, Andre and Phillip were BOTH there, laughing at him! "You see, darling" Selina laughed. "I have no secrets, and now neither do you!" After this, the office was almost unendurable. Though the ladies refrained from dominating Bruce during the week, and treated him with some respect, every now and the then, Phillip or Andre would tap Bruce on the shoulder while he was bent over his ledgers. "Mr. Wayne…I need some relief!" In the bathroom Bruce would reluctantly go…the executive restroom, with one stall, to drop to his knees and take Phillip's cock in… Or Andre would look angry because Bruce had misplaced one of his copies, and take Bruce in the back room, pull his pants down and land the belt again and again as Bruce cried. Then of course, more sucking of the cock…to apologize to the angry mail clerk. Then came routine times, when Selina would bring home a guy…and invite Bruce to dinner…they'd have a charming conversation, perfectly normal, about sports or human events, and then Selina would suddenly say "Bruce, Gary/Lloyd/Billy has heard of your masterly cocksucking abilities, and wants to see you perform." Bruce would blush, and the guy would grin and begin unzipping his pants. If the man was a little unnerved by this sudden thing…thinking that a rich man like Wayne wouldn't like to be treated that way, Selina would order Bruce to strip to his underpants, and she'd thrash him until he willingly begged to take the man's cock in his mouth. It was horrible! But Bruce had become quite proficient at getting a man to cum in his mouth, and often Selina would not allow Bruce to jerk off himself unless he'd given some guy a blowjob within the past two or three weeks. Tonight, Bruce was wondering if Selina was going to let him cum, now that he'd sucked off all these patrons of the disgusting punk rock club, Satan's Rectum. "Come on, baby…you are going to suck my cock again" the Cowboy said menacingly… Bruce tried to close his mouth—his knees were in such pain, being immersed in urine and crushed against the hard linoleum—but as he closed his mouth, Cowboy bent down and twisted Bruce's right nipple, and he opened his mouth to scream…and the penis popped in! And of course it would take twice as long to make the guy cum, since he just did! The next hour was grueling…lots of guys came in for "seconds", and finally the club was closed, but Bruce knew he couldn't rise until Selina allowed it. Oh, his knees felt horrible…one was bleeding, and Bruce was freezing to death in this damn bathroom. Also, Harley Quinn had put blue eye shadow on Bruce's lids, and he knew he looked ridiculous. Will she come soon? Will she let me cum? Suddenly the door to the bathroom opened. "Thanks again, Harley…you've been a sweetheart. Seventy-five dollars collected? Marvelous." Selina's voice was floating in, and Bruce uttered a sigh of relief. Possibly he would be allowed to jerk off at this point, but at least he could get unlocked and go home! Selina's spike heels clicked up to him, and Bruce looked up from his kneeling position. Selina smiled, and knelt down a bit, and touched Bruce's neglected, horny cock. It had been casually kicked and stepped on by various drunks all night, as they'd come in to be serviced, or just to pee or shit. But Selina's fingers felt heavenly as she explored Bruce's hardening penis. "Poor thing." Selina said softly "I know the poor thing wants to cum…it's too bad it has such a capricious, dishonest owner…but you may have learned your lesson, Bruce darling!" Bruce looked terribly contrite. "I know I was wrong letting that Harley touch me, dear. Please give me another chance." Selina smiled, and stroked his unsatisfied shaft quickly, bringing Bruce very close to orgasm. Selina looked very gentle and somewhat sad. "I have one little favor, dear…and then possibly I will give you major treats! I'm afraid I have one more little dickie for you to service, darling… it's a big favor. If you suckle and fellate like a good boy, I will let you jerk off TWICE, and then take you home and give you a nice massage and dinner…and maybe a little more loving!" Bruce sighed. One more cock. But the promises were well worth it. "Will you do just one more, my dear?" Selina sounded as if she was pleading…"You can do it, can't you?" Bruce nodded, dumbly. His jaws felt as if he'd been punched several times…he'd been sucking dick for nearly two hours…but one more wouldn't be that bad. Bruce heard more steps behind him, and saw pinstriped purple pants. They looked somewhat familiar. "So what's the verdict, my dear…HAAAHAHAHAAHA! Bruce looked up in alarm. There he was, the Joker of Gotham City! He was supposed to suck off the Joker! "Selina…no, I can't." Bruce tried to get up, but of course the handcuffs were there. But this was no problem, for a man who was secretly Batman. Under Selina's spell he was powerless to unlock the cuffs, but this was just too much, and Bruce began fumbling with them, and they fell off. Bruce rose, trying to assemble his dignity. Bruce turned on Selina. "Selina, that man, pardon or not, is a ruthless killer, and one of the most gruesome criminals known in Gotham City, or even in America. He makes Charles Manson seem like Jimmy Carter, for God's sake. I can't believe you want me to service him…I'm not even sure he's interested in sex, but if he is, it won't be with me!" How could she? Bruce knew that Selina was unaware of his secret identity…Batman had been fighting the Joker for years, and after all the Joker had done…what was on Selina's mind?

Bruce took a serious stand…but in the end…he sucked the Joker's dick…because villain or not, fellating his arch-enemy led to being able to jerk off twice on a dirty bathroom floor…and isn't that what a submissive's life is all about?

Oooh…Ollie was in such pain. His chest and stomach felt horrible with the pressure of the board, and Dinah's weight. Sure, she was only about a hundred and five well proportioned pounds, but it was heavy!

Ollie looked up over the board at Dinah's beautiful legs, and the miniskirt she wore…and her tiny tube top. Dinah didn't sport the blonde wig she had as Black Canary when she was working in private life at the shop, but her bobbed brunette mop was quite pixieish…and those boobs! Oooh, Dinah stepped hard again. Oliver Queen, the yellow-bearded man known as "Green Arrow" was gritting his teeth, as a large wooden board, about the size of a length of sidewalk was on his chest, pressing him into the floor of Dinah's flower shop. Except, of course for the hole that Ollie's dick and testicles poked through. And on top of the board, was Dinah Lance, also known as the Black Canary. and even more peculiar, was Ollie being behind the counter of Dinah's flower shop. As Dinah danced about on the board, she was doing her receipts for the day before. "Ta-tatata TAH, tatatata TAH!" Dina was humming the "La Cucaracha song as she danced about on Ollie's board in her high heels, punching the costs of yesterday's carnations into the register. Suddenly, Dinah took one of her high spiked heels and pushed it merrily into Ollie's glans. "OOOOWH!" Ollie screamed. "None of that, slave boy" Dinah scolded gently. "You must take it like a man. What if I had customers in here?" Ollie bit his lip. Oh, it hurts so much when she presses down! "You got me" a male voice, belonging to their deliveryman called. "But I know Queen's a wimp…a queen." There was a garrulous laugh as the kid left. Ollie hated him…Dinah fucked the little bastard regularly, and also made Ollie prance around and serve them breakfast in bed in a little flowered apron. Ollie was roused from his resentments by another stab from the stiletto heel. Which was worse, Ollie contemplated, Dinah cheating on me regularly, or her pushing the board into my chest, or the sharp pain of the dart-like heel going into the cockhead? Dinah took her heel off Ollie's glans and began rubbing the toe part of the foot on his dick. "You like that, honey…?" Dinah asked. "Yes, Miss Dinah" Ollie said meekly. That felt relatively good…Ollie hadn't cum in some time. "Feels good…but you can't cum, still, Ollie!" Dinah said, laughing. "You wouldn't believe this, but your friend Batboy was so desperate to cum last week that he blew the Joker…gave him head, while as Bruce Wayne." Ollie snorted with disgust. What a wimp! Sucking the cock of his archenemy. Green Arrow would NEVER DO THAT! Oooh, Ollie's cock was rigid against the tender ministrations of Dinah's shoe. It felt soo good! Not as good, of course as if his cock between Dinah's full moist lips, or in her tender pussy…but it had been quite a while since that had happened… "Oh, please, Dinah…please let me cum" Ollie begged. "You wouldn't make me suck off a super villain would you?" Dinah's laugh floated across the shop. "But I'll think of something, honey!" Ollie sighed. What would Dinah do to him next? He felt so powerful as Green Arrow…sending the various trick arrows to foil La Costa Nostra, kicking the shit out of armed robbers, the great feeling of shooting an arrow through a burglar's bag…but now he was just a pitiful wank-boy…begging for a basic privilege! Ollie's breath went in and out as Dinah's toe prodded his cock, tracing little lines in the veins. It was amazing how graceful she was, jumping around on this board. Dinah began rubbing the toe faster on Ollie's glans, and he began breathing through his nose, trying desperately not to move. He had a straight shot of looking up her miniskirt, where Dinah was wearing a thong…her full pink cheeks were so glorious! Dinah looked down at Ollie's perspiring face. "You like that baby?" she asked in a throaty tone. "You like it when Dinah pushes your little wee-wee into the board, like she's butting out a cigarette?" Suddenly the heel came down again on his glans and Ollie screamed…but then the toe of the shoe began gently rubbing and prodding the injured penis again. Oh, and Dinah looked so good! She was wearing fishnet stockings, Ollie's favorite…he felt the pressure of the semen finally rising, which was a minor miracle, considering his balls were being trodded on. "Sweetheart, your dickie is trembling" Dinah said lazily, as her toe rubbed his penis more. "I think there's going to be an accident, Ollie." Oliver looked so hopeful. Dinah kept pushing and trodding, and Ollie began shaking…here it came! But then the flower shop door bell rang as a customer came in. Dinah slowed down her rubbing of Ollie's persecuted member. Ollie gritted his teeth. He'd been so close! But knowing Dinah, she probably saw the customer coming in, and had been planning to stop when the door opened and the bell rang, the bitch. Dinah rubbed a little slower. "Good afternoon, Mrs. Greenblatt, are you here for tulips today?" There was an elderly, quavering response. "Yes Dinah, Aye am gointa th' graveyahd to visit my Sid. He loved tulips ya know." Ollie smiled. That fat pig Irma Greenblatt. Always off to the cemetery to see her husband…hopefully she would follow him to the grave soon, as Ollie was sick of looking at her. Dinah, as if reading Ollie's mind, stomped her heel into his cock, and he bit his tongue to keep from screaming. "I know how much you miss Sid, Mrs. Greenblatt" Dinah said sweetly. "Sid and I were close friends, as you know." Lying under the board, Ollie rolled his eyes. That pathetic little man who worked as County Treasurer! What could a beautiful woman like Dinah have in common with an old Jew like Greenblatt? Dinah's toe prodded Ollie's balls a little too hard. Ollie, too well trained to need to have his hands cuffed as Bruce Wayne often did, put his wrist in his mouth and bit hard to keep from howling as Dinah poked his testicles more. Oh, why does she have to stomp my balls? "How is that handsome young man of yours, Dinah?" asked Mrs. Greenblatt. "I've always admired him." And that's as far as you'll get, Tubby, Oliver thought jauntily. Why don't these old hags just dry up and die after they stop being good looking? Oliver looked up Dinah's miniskirt again appreciatively. "Ollie's great, Mrs. Greenblatt. Right now he's neglecting his work here at the shop and lying around—" Ollie smiled grimly, as the board cut into his chest "—But he's a wonderful companion." Mrs. Greenblatt's voice came again. "Yes, I envy you having a handsome young man like that. Sid always enjoyed you, Dinah, he often came in to buy zinnia seeds and azalea bushes…you always made Sid laugh…I miss Sid so much, especially in the bedroom department." Now Ollie was chewing his wrist to keep from laughing. Although Dinah was prodding his cock with her spike heel again, Oliver barely noticed, as he was giggling. Mrs. Greenblatt was obese and smelled terrible. Her fat legs were covered in blue veins, the same shade as her grotesque beehive hairdo. She and Sid couldn't possibly have had much of a sex life, could they? "You poor thing" Dinah said…" I recall once you and I talking about oral pleasure, and how much Mr. Greenblatt liked performing on you." Ollie gagged. This conversation might make him physically sick. Imagine little Sid Greenblatt licking the smelly, disgusting twat of that fat pig! Dinah's toe was pushing Ollie's cock gently again, and he was aroused in spite of himself, but he did wish Mrs. Greenblatt would leave. "Yes, Dinah…and I know Sid brought you pleasure as well. We had an open marriage…" Mrs. Greenblatt said. This is really more than I want to know, thought Ollie, and winced as Dinah's heel stomped his shaft once more. Ollie did vaguely remember that Dinah had had some group sex thing with customers, but he didn't think it would be with a couple like the Greenblatts! "But it's been lonely…I'd like some oral pleasure like my Sid gave me just one more time, you know." Dinah climbed on Ollie's stomach, and looked very sincere. "You deserve that, Mrs. Greenblatt. And I am going to give you a treat, darling. Put the tulips down for a moment, and step behind the counter!" Ollie began twisting around, trying to get out from under the board, but then Dinah stepped on his wrist, pinning him down. Ollie saw the huge ankles, looking like those of an elephant, stepping around the counter. Oh, God, those repulsive rolled white socks that old women wear, and of course orthopedic shoes. "Why, Oliver Queen, what are you doin' behind there?" Mrs. Greenblatt asked curiously. Dinah smiled at Mrs. Greenblatt. "Don't you know, Mrs. Greenblatt? Ollie's my slave…just as Sid was yours. And Ollie is a good little cuntlicker…and I want you to have pleasure. In your eighty-three years, you've never had a cunnilingual experience like you're going to get now!"

Ollie looked up as Dinah moved back and forth on the board. "No, please…Dinah, don't do this to me." As Mrs. Greenblatt dropped her humongous panties and lowered herself on Ollie's face he screamed, "I'd rather suck off the Joker!" and Dinah laughed. "I know you would! Now get licking!"

It was just an outrage. Here he was, in his private life as a submissive, seeing his old partner in crime, the Catwoman, walking in here…it was awful! "What's wrong, Penguin?" Selina Kyle, the Catwoman said, smiling, "I got your tongue? Get it?" Oswald Cobblepot, the arch villain who terrorized Gotham City as the Penguin, was furious. Usually Cobblepot's four foot two frame was decorated in a tuxedo complete with monocle, top hat cigarette in holder and umbrella, but here he was, hanging from the ceiling of Mistress Julie's ceiling. And he'd been humiliated. "Julie, I didn't give you permission to violate my er-confidentiality!" Both women burst into laughter. The gall of the woman! They had a set routine. And it had been disturbed! Here the Penguin showed up as he did every Thursday, in his little outfit, grinning around his plastic stemmed cigarette holder. Javonne, the Caribbean maid with the big bazongas, let Oswald in as always, taking his envelope with his $1000 fee, and requesting that the little gangster strip naked in the foyer (except for the monocle, of course) Cobblepot always found this a little jarring, getting naked in front of a common schvartze servant, especially when he'd never seen the colored woman naked himself. But he had to admit it was arousing, in a humiliating kind of a way for Gotham City's major crimelord, or so the Penguin believed himself to be. Then Javonne would lead the Penguin into the "parlor" where he had to wait somewhat nervously for Mistress Julie to enter. It wasn't always the living room, sometimes he was brought into a dank dungeon, and locked into a rusty cage, and once in a while he was left in a schoolroom, complete with those little desks and a chalkboard, that Oswald recalled from his unhappy childhood. There had been an awful woman, , who had taught Oswald in junior high…and it had been a strict prep school…and she'd picked on Oswald all the time, though he'd been a model student. Once she'd found a minor error on a test and taken Oswald's pants down. Mrs. Pringle had then bent the future Penguin, in his prep-school jacket, tie hanging down, over her desk and thrashed him heavily, and he'd wept and howled in front of the other students… the girls had giggled and the boys had snorted, because Mrs. Pringle had never removed a pupil's pants for correction before Oswald had shown up…and he'd had to live down a lot of grief on the playground…which was probably why he was a criminal today! Once, Mistress Julie had taken Oswald into her office and pretended she was going to saw off his little dick with her paper-cutter…it had been quite frightening! Then she'd put binder clips on the Penguin's nipples and knocked them off again with a slide rule. Now, Oswald wondered what was in store for him with the vicious little bitch! Finally, Mistress Julie came into the parlor as she always did, this week she was in a snug negligee with a plunging cleavage that almost sent the Penguin around the bend. "Well, aren't you a ridiculous little man?" Mistress Julie had said. Oswald had gasped…there was nothing as beautiful as this woman. And he'd had a thousand molls…all sorts of whores, women after his money, turned on by his power (in a way they could never be turned on by him physically) Mistress Julie had stepped up to the little man, as she often did, and reached down, toying with Pengy's long penis with a manicured hand. Oswald had a surprisingly large member for such a small man, and Julie enjoyed playing with it. Oswald breathed through his nostrils as Julie's glorious little white fingers gently massaged his ever hardening organ. The Penguin gasped and bucked, his little legs trembling, and it looked as if he might cum. Suddenly, Julie slapped his cock lightly, and he gulped. "What's wrong with you…getting so hard?" Julie asked sharply. "Don't you have any respect?" Oswald bit down on his cigarette holder. Once, Julie had gotten so angry at an unauthorized erection, that she'd branded a little "J" on the end of his cock with a fireplace poker. Another time she'd used his cock for a dart-board…and her aim was frighteningly good! "So have you been playing with your little thingie?" Julie asked, giggling, as she tickled the Penguin's pulsating frenulum. Julie bent over the Penguin's turgid erection, giving him a nice glimpse down her extensive cleavage. Unlike many of the leather-clad Mistresses and dominatrixes that Oswald had seen in his life, Julie enjoyed wearing little teddies. This evening she was clad in a pretty sheer net thong, and a violet teddy embellished with sequins and pearls, asymmetrical Venice trip, adjustable straps and a sexy net bow at her adorable rear. It made her breasts look humongous, and Oswald had quite a revealing view! Julie stroked Oswald's swollen balls some more. "I know you've been playing with your doingie, Ozzie." Julie said softly, her Obsession perfume wafting past his sharp bird-like nose. Julie's russet curl dropped onto his shoulder as she bent over his erection earnestly.

Julie continued to toy with Oswald's tumescent testicles. Oh, he was sooo hard! "I know that's how you probably spent your sad little adolescence" Julie said with a chortle. "I can just picture you on the toilet in Mummy's bathroom now." As Julie's fingers tickled Oswald's glans, he turned bright red with shame. "Sitting on Mummy's toilet with your pants to your little sailor suit down, and your right hand in Mummy's laundry hamper, looking for a pair of her knickers to sniff, and your left hand choking your chicken…that pitiful little wee-wee you have." This was unfair, as Oswald was well hung, but he continued to burn with humiliation.

Julie went on. "You'd be thinking about the cheerleaders in their pink sweaters, marching past you and your geek friends at the Stamp Club, or the Chess club, or whatever Virgin club you were in—watching the girl's boobs bounce in their sweaters and their T-shirts." Penguin's eyes began welling up at the memory of his youth, his so lonely youth, and how painful it was having this lovely young woman mock him. But Julie went on…" I can just imagine them laughing at the short, pudgy Cobblepot wimp, and I remember you telling me about how Shauna Blum promised you a kiss and a feel in the locker room, and instead you were corn holed and whipped with a belt by her boyfriend and his buddies on the lacrosse team." Hot tears ran down the Penguin's chubby cheeks. He almost had to take off his monocle, it was so fogged. It had been horrible. The boys whipping him and fucking his butt, and Shauna laughing and taking pictures that were shown around the school. It had been thirty-five years ago, but Oswald remembered it as if it were yesterday. Oswald felt Julie's velvety fingertips gently poking and prodding his stiff cock. "Did you shave your crotch this week, Pengy?" Julie smiled. "Yes, Miss Julie" Oswald spoke the first words he'd had in this room. "I shaved like you told me too." Julie ran a long nail across Oswald's bald crotch. "Good boy. I like you to be hairless like you were in school when you were being raped by the high school jocks and bullies…you wimpie boy!" Julie let go of the Penguin's cock and stood on her heels, smirking at him. "What do you have to say for yourself!" Oswald always felt that in fact he was ridiculous, as he was stark naked in front of this woman, thirty years younger than he. "I-I've gotten here on time, as you asked, Mistress Julie, and Aagh—" Penguin howled as Julie twisted his left nipple, and then slapped it. She'd taken a long switch from the top of the piano and casually swatted it into her right hand, looking at Oswald through limpid eyes. "Playing with yourself this week, darling?" WHACK! Before Oswald could answer, the switch slapped him in the cock, and he bounced back. Oswald breathed in his cigarette, and coughed, and WHACK! Mistress Julie knocked the holder out of his mouth, and then she stamped on it. "You know how I feel about smoking, Oswald" she had said crisply, before whacking Oswald about five or six times all over his fat little body. "Admit it, midget-boy…you've been pounding that little pud of yours…I know you have!" The Penguin began protesting loudly. "No, no, my dear…I wouldn't (Ow!)think of it(ow!)I've been very (ow)good, please stop hitting me!" Oswald wriggled out from over Julie's gorgeous thigh and backed off, but she was relentless! Julie stepped back and whacked the Penguin on his nipples, and he stepped back. WHACK! "Admit it, darling…you've been toying with yourself." WHACK WHACK WHACK! Julie's switch landed all over Oswald's chest, and he dropped to his knees, and pulled his head under his stomach, as if in the fetal position, and hoped Julie would run out of whipping energy. Finally, after about thirty whacks, the switch stopped, but then Penguin felt Julie kick him in the stomach and he fell over on his side, and she stomped his cock into the wooden floor. Her heel pounded into the base of the shaft, and she began swatting the glans every ten seconds. "So tell me WAP the truth WAP how many WAP WAP times have you WAP touched that measly thing since I WAP saw you last?" "All-all right…it's true." Penguin finally confessed, tears freely falling down his face. "I did weaken and self abuse on Monday night, dear while looking at those expensive pictures you sold me of yourself in your nightie but I just came once…now will you let me off?" Julie stepped off Oswald's cock and helped the little man up. "I am so proud of you for telling me the truth, darling." Julie pulled Oswald over to some handcuffs protruding from a ceiling holder. Helping Oswald up on a stool, she manacled him to the ceiling, and pulled away the stool so he hung there, looking quite ridiculous. His monocle fell off and Julie stomped it with her heel, accidentally-on-purpose. Julie put her switch down and picked up a horsewhip. "You violated yourself…you little bastard…I was considering letting you cum…inside me. And now I find you jerked off…I should whip your narrow little ass with this horsewhip. but instead…I'm giving it to a colleague of mine!" The door opened, and The Catwoman walked in, smiling, and took the horsewhip from Mistress Julie. "I am letting my former mentor do my dirty work, Pengy…" And was the Penguin pissed off! This was an outrage! "So tell me. what's the Batman's identity?" the Catwoman laughed at the little man hanging from the ceiling, buck naked, squinting at her through his monocle eye. Oswald Cobblepot, the feared Penguin, did not appear to be too feared now! But he sniffed his pointy little nose at her. "Why should I tell you anything? Why would I know such a thing, first…and why tell a miserable slut like you?" This was outrageous, that his personal dominatrix, Mistress Julie, would sell him out to Selina Kyle, the most hackneyed villainess in Gotham.

Selina chuckled, and bent over a paper shopping bag near her feet. "I stopped at Home Depot before I came here today, Pengy." Selina pulled out a large wood-and-metal rat trap. "I picked up these expanded trigger, professional Spring-loaded rodent-backbreaking heavy duty snap traps are designed to kill giant sized rats, made by Gerbiljaws ™ with an expanded bait pedal, making trapping easier, or so they say in the advertisements." I think you DO know, and you're going to tell me, also."

Selina walked closer to the Penguin and smiled at him…he spat a wad of tobacco-laced phlegm at her, but she dodged her head, artfully. "No, no Nannette…" Selina giggled at the glowering dwarf, as she removed her gloves, and tossed them by the paper bag. Selina then took Oswald's penis in her long soft fingers and began toying with it, and against his will, the Penguin's pecker seemed to be swelling, filling with blood in her hand. Of course Oswald had often gazed at the Catwoman's generous breasts, her long raven locks, her shapely bottom and graceful legs…but he had never ventured further than that. Now Selina Kyle was toying with the Penguin's erection, rubbing his purplish glans surely and smoothly. "I supported myself as a child prostitute by giving hand jobs in the balcony of the Gotham Avalon…during the Police Academy series movies." Selina snickered. "As you can see, my dear, my skill hasn't abated." Selina's long nails tickled the tip of the Penguin's glans, and toyed with his frenum, as he tried not to moan. "You probably beat your meat all the time, eh, Pengy?" Selina murmured in the little man's ear. "You are the saddest little fellow…though your member seems to like me." The Catwoman touched her tongue to her teeth as she looked down at Oswald's swelling penis. He did look as if he wanted her, badly! Selina got up on tippie-toe so she was face to face with the hanging Penguin, and leaned over to his neck. Suddenly she plunged her tongue in his ear as she rubbed his stiff cock faster…"You like that, don't you Oswald?" Selina smiled and kissed the Penguin on his nearly non-existent lips slipping her tongue in his mouth, in and out with a little flicker. The Penguin tried to lean closer to Selina, to rub his penis against her crotch. "No, no…darling!" Selina was in her typical skin-tight leather Catwoman outfit, and the suede felt cold to his penis. But Oswald Cobblepot was in heaven. "You like this, don't you sweetheart?" Selina asked, kissing the Penguin's short little neck. "Oh, my dear Selina, you are making me absolutely delirious…Perhaps I misjudged your character." The little man moaned. "It feels just divine, your stroking." The Catwoman giggled, and tickled Oswald's balls…She brushed his narrow chest with her full, 44DD breasts, and winked at him through her Catwoman mask. Her fingers tormented and stroked his engorged erection. "Wouldn't you like to have me pull off my top, and let you feast your eyes on my strawberry colored nipples, Oswald" Selina smiled at the tortured little face. "Wouldn't you love to suck my breasts, eat my pussy, fuck my pussy…with this big dick of yours?" "Oh, let me, Selina darling" begged Oswald. "I'll pay you any amount!" The Catwoman laughed out loud at this preposterous offer. "Darling…you just don't have enough money in the world!" How Oswald Cobblepot hated her at that moment! But he loved her. too! His cock felt like lead…but it was enjoying the ministrations of Selina's velvety fingertips…she knew what she was doing, that girl. He wished he'd known her when she was a teen prostitute…he would have enjoyed that movie house hand job nonsense! As if Selina could read his mind, she smirked, and gently pinched his right nipple, before returning her fingers to business below. "Don't let the little bastard cum, Selina" called Julie, who had been flashing her tits at Oswald, as he gaped. "He doesn't deserve it, you know" "Oh, maybe he does" responded the Catwoman, laughing silently Selina began pulling Pengy's penis faster and faster…Oooh it felt sooo good. She knew exactly where all the sensitive spots were on his member. And he'd tried so hard not to touch himself that week, except of course for the fateful Monday…and that meant he was quite horny after four days. And you could tell that she knew it. She knew how desperate he was to cum. Selina spat on her hand and ran it up and down Oswald's straining shaft. "Like that, baby?" She smiled at the sweaty little villain. "You just want to make a nasty little mess in my paw, honey?" Selina purred at Oswald, who was now bucking and moaning. he was so close to cumming…it was coming faster…faster…FASTER Her eyes danced as she watched Oswald Cobblepot in the throes…his penis was slick with precum…the ecstasy was almost there… Selina stepped back suddenly, releasing the hard cock suddenly. "So who is the Batman?" The Penguin, jolted by the sudden lack of stimuli, clenched his teeth. "Never. I knew you didn't care about me…" "Well darling, you look like one of those hideous plastic yard gnomes that they put up at Christmas time." The Catwoman laughed, and Mistress Julie chimed in.."Or Ross Perot before his nose job!" Both girls chuckled uproariously. "I will never tell you who the Batman is!" The Penguin shrieked at Selina. "You are a treacherous slut, you Bathsheba!" Selina giggled, and stepped up suddenly, and lightly kicked the Penguin in the nuts, and he screamed again. "Darling…I think you mean Delilah…and Samson at least was a MAN…not some wiggling, flightless waterfowl archetype…you make Opus from Bloom County seem like John Wayne." The Catwoman laughed again. The Penguin struggled in his bonds, the hands cuffed implacably over his head. Oh, it hurt so much…his wrists were losing feeling. This was an outrage! He was the PENGUIN! He would get his umbrella and fill her with bullets. "You won't get any information out of me, you pathetic tramp!" Oh, how he wished he had a cigarette. Look at that whore laughing at me! "I can have any woman in town, I say…what makes you so special!"

"Well, that's the question, isn't it, dear?" asked Selina. "I think you'll tell me whatever I want to know!"

Selina bent down and carefully pinched some skin from the shaft of Oswald's hard penis, and placed a vicious looking rat trap on the fold of skin. Then she snickered, and put another one right on the Penguin's frenulum, the sensitive area just under his glans. "Oh, you are a vicious little cow!" The Penguin said through gritted teeth. The pain was agonizing. The Catwoman's tongue traveled briefly across her lips as she put a third trap right on the tip of the glans, crushing the bulbous head of Oswald's penis. "How's that feel, Pengy?" Selina purred, stroking the Penguin's penis. But as the cock head filled with blood as always happens with an erection, there was a terrible pinching, as the harsh spring of the rat-trap was pushing the glans in half…the blood couldn't get through! "Selina please…" Oswald Cobblepot said, with real tears coming down his face. "I am dying here…what the devil are you doing to my penile gland?" Selina laughed and rubbed Oswald's penis a bit more. "Don't you like the feeling, sweetheart?" she asked impishly. "How often does a short little loser like you get a girl like me to toy with his wee-wee? This is the big time. Sure, your glans is pinched with the trap, but it gives you something to think about, eh?" Selina reached over and took the Penguin's ugly little bullet head in her hands and gave him a long tongue kiss, rubbing her crotch against his penis, which was multilittered with angry little traps…the glans began to feel as if it were about to explode…the blood was pulsating it purple, and the trap's cruel metal snap was pinching it to a near unendurable point. "Have you ever felt anything so anguishing, darling?" the Catwoman said in a purring voice…"I guess not since the knitting needles, eh?" The Penguin gasped. How did she know about the knitting needles? Mistress Julie, watching the scene with interest from across the room, was curious. "What knitting needles?" The Penguin began to babble, so Selina put a large rat trap on his tongue, and his mouth just sat open as Selina told an interesting story. "Shortly before I left my parent's abusive home in my early teens, my sisters and I joined a group of neighborhood girls who had been invited by Mrs. Cobblepot from a ritzy neighborhood known as Gotham Central West End." The Catwoman continued to rub Oswald's trap-laden penis as she told the story. " We slum girls…about twelve or fourteen of us, all very pretty, black, Puerto Rican and poor white trash—that was my sister Ashley and myself—were paid twenty dollars each by the rich Mrs. Cobblepot to come over and watch an astonishing sight." Selina's fingers continued to tickle Oswald's tortured penis. How can she tell this story? The Penguin vowed to make the little bitch pay. And Selina went on. " Mrs. Cobblepot was punishing her twenty-three year old son, because he had stayed up past his eight-thirty bedtime, and been caught jerking off into Mummy's panties!" Julie laughed out loud. "Ah, that's where he gets that!" The Catwoman of Gotham City smiled and nodded. "So we all watched while she showed us her naked, bound up son…he was tied to a large stool, and Mrs. C began slowly pushing steel knitting needles into his cockhead—his glans, where the trap is doing it's good work. And we were fascinated…Oswald Cobblepot, her little boy, who was known in the neighborhood for pinching young girl's bottoms, and being generally snobbish, had to undergo this incredible knitting needle punishment for not being able to keep his hands off his willie!" Selina now batted the trap on Penguin's glans as if it were a ball of yarn. Oswald uttered a slight yelp, and miraculously, the trap on his tongue fell off, and both girls laughed. "So he's been through lots of this nonsense before, right darling?" Selina tickled the Penguin's penis again, and he grunted weakly. "I know you've unmasked the Batman" Selina said. "I hired Elwood "Knuckles" Malloy, who you fired over a salary dispute. Knuckles was your henchman during the Gotham Diamond Exchange robbery…" The Catwoman slapped the trap on Oswald's glans again, and the Penguin's penis bounced, and he shrieked. "Knuckles tells me that during a scuffle, you somehow ripped the Batman's mask and that you recognized him, and you called him Bruce!" Catwoman massaged the Penguin's right nipple expertly, and Oswald Cobblepot breathed through his teeth. Selina Kyle got up on her tippie toes and put her glorious full lips against Oswald's sweating, nearly nonexistent neck. "Tell your Selina who the Batman is…Bruce what? What's his name?" The Penguin screamed "SLUT!" in her ear, and the Catwoman stepped back quickly, but then began massaging his right nipple again. "Don't you know you're going to tell me everything?" Selina smiled and let go of the Penguin's nipple for a moment, and bent down and pulled another rat-trap out of the paper shopping bag. Oswald shook his head angrily. The Catwoman stepped up and placed the next rat-trap on the nipple that she had been so tenderly massaging. Ooogh. That was just too much, Oswald Cobblepot thought in anguish. "So tell me who he is, Penguin. I suggest you fess up soon. I've got lots of rat-traps here, darling." Selina walked daintily around to the Penguin's behind and he felt a trap being clipped to his left buttock. "Give me a hint at least, dear…what is the first letter of the man's surname that you recognized?" The Penguin felt another trap being locked onto his right buttock. Oh, hell. "It was a W. Bruce W. Like the man who founded Alcoholics Anonymous." "Aren't you the funny one" Selina's voice came from behind. "The man who founded AA was named Bill W. "Well" the Penguin snickered. "This fellow was Bruce W. That's all you get, dear." The Catwoman came from around to the front again, smiling. "Bruce W? You don't have anything else for your little kitten?" "You are a sordid little whore, Selina Kyle" Oswald said contemptuously. "You remind me of my mother and every other capricious woman who has tried to change me. Go fuck yourself." The Catwoman smiled and bent over the bag again, pulling out another rat-trap, which she put on the Penguin's left nipple. "Look, this is ridiculous" Oswald bellowed. "And Julie, you are fired as my dominatrix! Inviting this harridan in here was a violation of my privacy." The Penguin was shrill in his howling, and Julie seemed to be doubled over in a fit of giggles. "Think, you're giving up a thousand dollars a week from me, you little idiot!" Selina laughed. "You forget that we could just kill you and no one would know. No one knows, none of your men know, that you are a secret submissive, visiting dominant women in your off-hours. I could kill you and use your ATM card quite easily to pay Julie for a year…your password is 1957, your birth year… so give it up, fatty!" Within the next twenty minutes, the Catwoman had rat traps biting all over Oswald's penis, as well as hanging across his body—his chest, his glans, his shaft, his testicles and inner thighs, as well as a line of them, domino-style going up his side and decorating his armpits. Selina stepped back, satisfied with her work. She picked up a long, thin riding crop and began tapping it in her hand. "So you won't tell me who Bruce W is?" Selina smiled at the Penguin. "I'm surprised you wouldn't tell the world who he is…you'd want to bring down the Batman, who has ensured that you've spent eighteen of the past twenty-two years inside Blackgate Prison." "Well…" Cobblepot snarled…"After I discovered who was under the mask, I decided it wasn't worth the trouble to tell everyone. No one would have taken it terribly seriously anyhow." The Catwoman shook her head. "That's ridiculous. If it's the Bruce W. I know, it would ruin his very life…but I want to know who it is…and I want you to tell me. You seem to not want to just out of sheer cussedness." Selina stepped closer to the little man, littered with rat-traps and hanging from the ceiling. Methodically, she began knocking the rat-traps off with great vigor…and Oswald Cobblepot screamed with anguish once again. Finally, the last trap was knocked off the Penguin's glans. "You were bitching about this trap hurting you right?" Selina asked…and then she whacked it off…and Oswald howled. Ashamed of the tears coursing down his cheeks, Oswald Cobblepot could almost take no more. "I-it's too much…" The Penguin bit his lip and cried like a baby. After a moment, Selina began imitating him viciously "Wah-wah whah…I want my Mommy!" Selina reached over and rubbed Oswald's damaged cock gently. "You're such a wimp, Pengy…I can't believe that Darwin didn't think of some way to wipe you out…you are a shame to both the humans and the birds… there's nothing in the species for you, dear!" Selina shook her long hair out and waved her breasts in Oswald's face, and continued to play with his suffering shaft. Her mocking eyes were nearly too much for the naked little man. "You vicious little whore!" Oswald screeched at the laughing girl as he tried to loosen himself from the ceiling cuffs in vain.
Selina kept playing with Oswald's dick and smirking at him steadily." You don't think I'm a whore, do you, Pengy?" she asked playfully. "After all a whore is someone who fucks everyone, but a bitch is someone who fucks everyone but you." Selina threw her head back and laughed, and Julie joined her, and this was just galling to the Penguin. "I knew you when you were a two bit hooker, Selina Kyle…blowing drunks in the alleys of Bludhaven, for God's sake. And for my money you still are a hooker!" the Penguin continued this tirade, and then lapsed into a long trail of profanity. Selina finally pulled her hand away from the Penguin's shaft, and she shook her locks sadly. Snapping her fingers, Selina took a bamboo cane from Julie, and whacked Oswald's stiff cock sharply with it, and the little man screamed and finally quieted down. WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! Selina's cane landed five times on the Penguin's penis, and it died into limpness. "Dear dearOzzy's got quite a filthy mouth, eh, Julie?" Julie nodded. "Guess it's time for plan B." Selina motioned to Julie, and the younger dominatrix brought over a basin of water. "Open your mouth, darling…" Selina kicked the Penguin in the balls, and he opened his mouth to scream, and all of a sudden, the Catwoman pushed a bar of foul-tasting yellow lye laundry soap into his jaws. "Eat it, dearest…" Selina swung her cane, and whacked the Penguin several times hard on the stomach. "Are you going to chew that soap?" The Penguin's head shook violently. "But darling, I'm trying to help you have a clean mouth…so you won't be saying all those naughty words!" Oswald was gagging on the horrid taste of lye, but trying not to bite down. "No, you must bite it…or I'll squeeze your balls…you don't believe me?" The Penguin bit down involuntarily as he felt his testicles crushed in the Catwoman's grasp. "Chew or I clench!" Finally Oswald began chewing the bar of soap as if it were a giant Hershey's Almond bar, and blessedly, Selina took her hand off his balls. "Now open your mouth a little, and I'll take some of this nasty stuff out!" Thank God, Oswald thought, as the Catwoman pulled some of the chunks of lye soap out of his mouth…it was so bitter! She then scooped a glass of water out of the basin that Julie held and told Oswald to drink it. This didn't seem to taste much better, and the Penguin gagged down the soapy water. "Now this second glass you'll gargle and spit, like you were at the dentists!" Suddenly Selina had an electric toothbrush buzzing in the Penguin's mouth and she brushed his teeth assiduously. "Don't feel so sorry for yourself, Oswald" Selina said cheerfully. "This will help you appreciate your toothpaste. But you know, in olden times, people didn't have toothpaste, they had to clean their teeth with ground up chalk, charcoal, lemon juice, fire ashes, and actually tobacco, though that doesn't seem to have done your tootsies much good." Selina used short back and forth brushing motions with the electric toothbrush, scouring the outside and inside of the surfaces of the Penguin's teeth, and then rubbed more soap into the gum line. "And now for the back molars…where bacteria is sure to hide… and of course brushing your tongue…no darling, don't shut your mouth, Mama doesn't like that." Selina thoroughly pushed the soap around the Penguin's mouth and then she had him sip some more water. "That's right, spit it out, and now we'll brush your mouth out with a little powdered Tide detergent. no no…don't shut your mouth, Oswald…will I have to use the cane?" WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK "There now, you are opening your mouth, and crying like a little girl, but if that's the way it has to be…I think you'll keep your unpleasant remarks to yourself after this, eh dear?" "That's right…take in the Tide soap. Don't swallow it, Oswald, it's poison, you know." After five repetitions of brushing, gargling and re-brushing, the Penguin's mouth was hell. Oh, it was so awful. He'd never eat again, perhaps. His teeth and gums were caked with several different kinds of soap and he was beginning to have his mouth filled with suds! "Now then…that's interesting…look at all the bubbles you're blowing, Oswald!" Selina laughed. Julie set down the basin and took up the bamboo cane and whacked Oswald several times on the bottom, and every time he screamed, he blew bubbles. "This is quite amusing!" the Catwoman laughed. "I wish I had a Super 8 video camera…can you imagine? But people might use the image as an appetite suppressant or something, eh, Oswald?" "Glug!" howled the Penguin. Selina stretched out her hand pulled Oswald's cock again, massaging it quick and fast as he gasped, choking on the suds of the Tide laundry soap. He might go blind or something from this, for God's sake! Not the masturbation, but the soap. What would the she-devil think of next? Bleach? Selina's fingers had the Penguin's penis absolutely rock hard, and then she nodded to Julie and took her hand away. WHACK! Julie's cane slammed on the tip of the Penguin's penis, and as she lifted it again, there was a red mark. WHACK WHACK WHACK! The Penguin looked absolutely miserable at this point. But as he screamed when the cane landed on his cock, the bubbles came out anew, which made the girls increasingly hysterical! "So, now do you think you're willing to tell me Batman's identity?" Selina asked, as the Penguin spat the last of the soap bubbles out, about an hour later. "I can't remember it, Selina" the Penguin said wearily. Oh, how sick he was of hanging from the ceiling. "I recognized the fellow…and his name was Bruce, and yes, it was Bruce W-wuh, something." "Maybe you should be cleansed more." Selina said thoughtfully, looking at the miserable creature swinging from her rafters. "I think I have a plan." Selina disappeared and returned with a jar of Vaseline, a container of liquid Ivory soap and an enema bag. "Oh cool!" Julie said happily. "An enema…what will you give him, maybe a beer enema?" Selina shook her head sagely. "No, Julie, beer enemas are not good. Beer, on top of being dangerous for its alcohol content, releases a large amount of carbon dioxide, and will bloat you like a frog: one litre of beer equates, in volume, about four of salt water.
The reason beer is popular as an enema solution is that it somewhat tickles one's anal region during expulsion." Selina set the things up on a table. "Boil water for me, dear. I also considered soft drinks as an enema. Coca cola, Sprite, 7UP and many others all have their fans; the effect is similar in most cases, namely that of a moderately acidic enema causing some flatulence. The only type of soda to somewhat stand out form the crowd is Coke, which is very acidic, and therefore very hard to retain; furthermore, it tends to leave one's entrails sore for a while after the administration." Selina tittered, noting the Penguin's expression. "No, it will be a straight soap enema today, darling. Too bad I don't have a glycerin suppository" What the hell was that, the little criminal thought? "In Mexico, the police insert jalapeno peppers into the anus when giving punishment enemas to the prisoners…luckily, I have none right now!" Oswald watched in horror as Selina poured a good 3 ounces of the liquid soap into the enema bag, following this up with some boiling water that Julie brought from the kettle in the kitchen. Selina then shook up the bag a bit. "Good and sudsy." Selina giggled, and Julie giggled as well. "Now we'll put more boiling water in, three quarts, yes sir." While Selina was doing this delicate mixture, Julie was greasing the area around the Penguin's asshole with Vaseline. The Penguin felt Julie pushing with the nozzle. "His ass is too narrow, Selina" Julie reported dolefully." I don't understand it, because I've been gradually opening up Ozzy's rectum with hard plastic, graduated anal dilators…I thought we really had a good hole, there, but it seems like he may be too small for the nozzle." Julie shook her head, coming around the Penguin's front. "It's ridiculous, because I've used an eight inch long rectal protoscope in his butt…as well as several dildoes and vibrators." "Nonsense" Selina replied, annoyed. "Call in Stuart" Oswald watched in horror as a large black man was summoned to the room. "Stu, darling…do your fistie thing with Oswald here." As the Penguin looked on, faintly, the large black man grinned and put on a rubber glove, and came around to Oswald's backside, making a fist. All of a sudden, the Penguin felt an excruciating pain in his buttocks. "Aaaaagh!" he screamed. "Fist him once more." Selina said, and the horrible pain came again, and Oswald nearly passed out. Finally, the humongous Negro pulled his fist out. "Now Oswald, lick all that bloody, shitty mess off Stuart's glove." Gagging, the Penguin obeyed. "Now it should be nice and loose back there, Julie" reported Selina, and the girl went behind once more to see what could be done. Then the Penguin felt Julie inserting the enema nozzle, and releasing the clamp on the bag, and his anus filled with warm, soapy water. Oswald recalled the first enema his mother had given him, as punishment for losing his temper…oh, how relaxing it was!

Oswald felt the water flowing into his body, just as he'd had it the first time, flooding his rectum and moving into its intestines. He began feeling severe cramps "Hold it, dear…hold it…do we have the butt plug? No? Well…hold it anyway….Oh, dear!

All of a sudden Oswald Cobblepot let go, bursting shit, soap, water and Vaseline all over the floor. "Well now, are we going to have to bring you down to lick all this up, dearest?" Selina asked in a lilting voice.

There was a knock on the door. "Oh, she's here." Selina smiled at Oswald. The door opened, and Poison Ivy came in, followed by two men lugging a large box.

She walked calmly up to the table, and embraced Selina. "I have something that I think will work for you, Selina…" Oswald's eyes goggled as the two men put the box on the table. "These are Maroni and Moroney, an Italian and an Irishman, both horticultural experts" Ivy smiled.

"They've helped me create something marvelous!" The men opened the box and lifted out a plant. After a moment, the Penguin's eyes bulged as he watched a green hairy thing climb out of the box…no, it rose. It was a pair of short, hairy green leaves that opened to grin. Was the thing My God, it was…it was snapping its leaves together.

"Yes, you've guessed, darling…it's the Dionaea muscipula, mor e popularly known as the Venus Fly Trap!" Ivy said, smiling. "And if you can't tell Selina what she wants to know…it's going to eat your cock!"

My God, the thing is growing! Suddenly, it was too much. "Bruce Willis!" the Penguin screamed. Selina looked puzzled. "What? Bruce Willis, the actor?" Selina cocked her head. "What about him…"

"He was cute in 'Die Hard', and 'Nobody's Fool'" contributed Julie "And that Moonlighting series with Cybill Shepherd, remember in seventh grade, we watched it together Selina?" Ivy asked. "When we were in the Girl's Reformatory?"

"What about Bruce Willis?" Selina asked. "I was asking you who the Batman is!" Oswald nodded. "That's right! It was a diamond trade show we were robbing, and Bruce Willis was playing the Batman as a sort of gimmick…his career is down now…and so he was playing the Batman as a actor thing…I ran in to get the diamonds, Willis was in my way, and I ripped his mask off, I noted who the actor was, and then I took the diamonds….but I doubt he was really the Batman!"

Selina gasped. "You mean, it wasn't the other Bruce W.?" The Penguin shook his head as Julie disgustedly let him down from the manacles. "What Bruce W? are you talking about? I have no idea who the real Batman is, he's probably some super cop or something."

Selina gritted her teeth. "All right, you can go, Penguin, but not until you've licked up your shit and Vaseline from this floor!"

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