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without further udo, Special thanks to T1gercat, without her, violet would just be a heartless, emotionless gal.



I hummed to myself as I let my hand wonder on the covers of the books in the library. Well the school's library. Looking for a book that might touch interest for my third graders.

My phone vibrated I flipped it open, "Hey sis" I said into the silver phone, propping it between my cheek and shoulder.

She doesn't usually call when I'm at work..

"Vio hurry home!" My sister's frantic voice shocked me.

"Rue, what's wrong?" I said, trying to calm her down

"Its mom"

Two simple words left me frozen in shock.

"Violet come home!" she said as she hung up.

I dashed to the nearest exit, the book long forgotten, and went to my car as I yanked the door and road in.

I had to go back. I dodged the cars on the highway– probably looking like a crazy driver while doing so– but I had to make it home, fast.

My mom, Lillian, has a really bad medical record. With high blood pressure, high blood sugar, cholesterol, you name it.

She can't walk out now, Rue is still a teen, and personally, I'm not good with teens.

If you're asking about 'dad', I'm not his favorite person, neither is mom.

When he's around it's always Rue.

I just sometimes can't get the age differences from their anniversaries to me and then Rue, something was off.

I never spoke of it though.

I also don't look like any of my parents. Rue had mom's red hair and Sebastian's
bronze-auburn eyes.

I have a lighter shade of brown hair, sandy. And as mom used to say 'stunning' hazel
eyes, that look lighter in a distance.

Where I got them from, who knows,' it's in the genes.' Mom would retort.

I pulled into the drive way forcing the door open. I almost didn't catch that there was an ambulance car in front of the house.

Mom was on a stretcher. Not moving.

Sebastian is nowhere to be seen. I never call him dad anyways.

I heard my sister's sobs and saw her tear stained cheeks.

''no" I whispered. No, no, no, no.

This could not be happening…it couldn't be real. I tried to swallow the lump that was forming in my throat, my vision blurred as I leaned into the wall for support.

She was gone.

Three little words that failed to register in my mind. Just this morning, she was laughing, eating cereal at the breakfast table as I finished off the scrambled eggs and did the dishes.

but..Rue is so young! Thirteen years. She can't-not have a mother in her life.

I pushed myself of the cream-colored wall and made my way over to my sister.

Her reddish hair was in a mess, some sticking to her forehead in a messy pony-tail I sat next to her on the stairs and hugged her close, feeling her tears on my shirt as I rubbed comforting circles on her back.

"We're going to be okay" I said, my voice raspy, barely over a whisper.

I felt her nod as I hugged her tighter.
. . .

Three days had passed. Three whole days, I had requested a leave of absents from the school, they happily agreed that I was not the best influence on the kids at this time.

Even though the kids wouldn't leave me alone, always calling or dropping by. I seriously had kids to die for, my homeroom class.

Reality snapped back when I took a deep breath before opening mom's room, The White room.

White walls. Filled with paintings, drawings, sketches, she actually drew on the walls themselves.

The first time I ever muster enough courage to walk in.

There was a brown desk in the middle of it all.

With a letter on it?

Curiosity took over me as I carefully made my way into the room, careful not to step on any paint equipment.

I looked at the letter, giving myself a little conflict wither to open it or not. I ran my hand through my hair.

I sighed, picking up the letter as I walked out of the room, and sat on the second step of the stairs, my back to the wall

Taking a deep breath I flipped the letter, reading who it is from is and who's it to.

My breath hitched, 'from Lillian Valentine to Alexis Violet.' I blinked; mom used her maiden name, not her married name. I tried to not unleash my literature side now and start to analyze her letter.

I opened it taking a deep breath in the process.

Unfolding the paper carefully, staring at her elegant handwriting, a thing I didn't have.

'Dearest Alexis,

If you are reading this, it means that you where curious enough to look into
the white room.

Something I always admired about you, your courage and the need to fulfill your
needs, even though you weren't the greatest risk taker, you rationalized everything.
Thinking a thousand time before doing anything.

But, it also means that something happened to me, and… I'm not around anymore.
Please darling don't be upset, don't be angry, frustrated, or any of those things

Oh, I know, I'm not the best letter writer around, I'm trying to make it work
but, as you can see, I can't. You were always the writer. You were always the
literary person, just like your father.'

I stared at the paper. Sebastian Levi doesn't have any connections to English words, much less write his own speaches.

I ran my hand on my face and sighed, deciding to continue and get this thing over with. I took a deep breath then re-opened the white parchment.

'I know what you're thinking, 'Sebastian doesn't do any of that stuff' he
can't even spell darling.

You know this thing I'm telling you, you should probably be sitting down.

Sebastian is not your Father.

Take a deep breath honey and please don't freak out.

I never loved him, Sebastian. And I know you don't either.

You're a free person, and he was holding down your wings, it's time to spread
them and fly darling

I know you always knew it though. Too smart for your own good, just like your
biological Father.

You mirror him in many different ways and you have no idea how it scared me. Made my heart leap, or miss a beat (no pun intended Hun.)

Every day, especially with those hazel eyes of yours.

So it's only fair you know his name...'


*bites lip*