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Author's Note: Here is the Royal Wedding I promised at the end of my Christmas Ball story. I hope you guys enjoy it and it lives up to your expectations. ^_^

Clarion slipped on the ice and fell on her butt for what seemed liked the hundredth time that day. Milori skated up to her, and tried to suppress his grin. He held out his hand for her to take.

"You alright?," he asked, sounding as if he was trying not to laugh. She smiled and took his hand.

"You find this very humorous; don't you?," she asked him.

"Very," he replied back. She pulled on his hand and stood up on her ice-skates shakily.

"You just wait, I'll be skating circles around you eventually," she told him. He smiled some more.

"Like Fairy Mary?," he asked. Clarion laughed.

"No, not quite like her," she admitted. "But close."

Milori laughed too.

"You bring a lot of amusement to my day," he said to her.

"Amusement? I am a very practical and serious woman," she said. He snorted.

"Oh, yes. You are a very serious woman," he said, in a joking tone. He skated around so he stood in front of her.

"May I receive a kiss, from my very serious wife to be?," he asked, wrapping his arms around her waist.

"On the ice?," she asked.

"Of course! I'd kiss you anywhere," he told her, giving her a devilish smile. She found herself blushing down at the ice. He cupped his hand beneath her chin and raised it so her lips were close to his. He leaned down for the kiss and...

"AH!," they both cried as something very fast sped by them on the ice. That thing leaped into the air and did a triple spin, landing in a perfect skating stance.

"Mary! What are you doing?," Clarion called out.

Fairy Mary gave them a sly grin and responded, "Oh, I'm just here with my boyfriend. How you doing, Dewey?"

Dewey, or more commonly known as the Keeper, came slipping and sliding around the corner, trying to get his bearings.

"C-can't you slow down?," Dewey asked, panting with the effort of staying on his skates. Fairy Mary giggled.

"You speed up!," she told him. Fairy Mary skated over and dragged him over the ice by his staff.

"Aw, Mary. Don't you think you're being slightly... assertive?," Clarion asked carefully.

"Assertive?," Milori asked.

"I meant another word but I just can't think of it...," Clarion's voice trailed off.

"How about bold? Vigorous? Exuberant? Abrasive?," Milori suggested.

"No, I don't think that's the word...," Clarion said. Then she shrugged her shoulders. "Never mind. As long as your here with us Mary and Dewey, would you like to skate with us?"

The Keeper and the Tinker exchanged glances.

"As long as we're not imposing," Dewey said. Milori smiled.

"Of course not! We would enjoy having our friends around," Lord Milori told them. So they went on to skate with each other. Clarion started to notice just how bad of a skater the Keeper was. He was worse than her. She felt sort of smug about that.

"I'm better than a frost fairy," she sang-song inside her head. Then she ran into a snow bank. Everyone started laughing.

"Ok, maybe not," she thought, slightly annoyed. Milori came skating up to her.

"Perhaps we should try a different sport first. This seems a bit too dangerous for you," he joked. Queen Clarion hoisted herself back up with his hand.

"Fine, but the next sport we will try will be a Warm fairy one and I look forward to seeing you make a fool of yourself," she told him.

"We'll see about that," Milori replied, his eyes twinkling.

"Ah-hem," they heard someone cough rudely from behind them. They turned around to see none other than the Minister of Winter.

"Oh, hello Winnie," Lord Milori greeted. She scowled fiercely.

"How many times do I have to tell you?! My name is not Winnie! And I'm not a bear!," she growled(it should be noted that her growl sounded just like a bear's). Lord Milori waved his hand dismissively. Queen Clarion raised her eyebrow at the critical minister.

"And what pleasure do we get of seeing you this fine evening?," Clarion asked, as politely as possible. The minister's scowl got deeper.

"Well, somebody," she said in a way to let them know that she was not happy with that certain-somebody. "Decided I needed to be the one to bring you guys to the meeting."

"Meeting? I was not aware I had a meeting," Milori stated, his eyebrows knitting together in suspicion. The Minister of Winter ignored this and turned to Fairy Mary and the Keeper.

"You two have to come too," she commanded.

"But-," Fairy Mary started.

"-It's that meeting we've all been talking about having," the minister explained, somewhat impatiently. Fairy Mary paled slightly.

"Today?," she whispered.

"Now, tell me minister. How is it that we've all been talking about it, but yet, Milori and I have heard nothing about it?," Clarion asked, letting her eyes bore into the Minister of Winter, colder than the coldest icicle. The minister suddenly looked nervous.

"This is why I didn't want to get you guys," she mumbled. Lord Milori placed a hand on Clarion's shoulder.

"It's alright, Clarion. I'm pretty sure there's a good reason we were not informed of it," Milori said gently, trying to calm her down. Clarion's shoulder's sagged. Then she straightened back up, looking like her regal self.

"Well then, we better get going," she said, smiling. It's times like these that Clarion was glad that she was a good actor. She was very suspicious about what was so important that it had to be held in a required meeting but not important enough to tell her and Milori. It annoyed her. As they flew off(Milori walked beside them), Clarion dropped back so she was in line with Fairy Mary, who seemed to be avoiding the queen now.

"Mary, what is this meeting about?," Clarion inquired, her right eyebrow raising. Her old friend bit her lip. Seeing that the Tinker wasn't going to tell, Clarion continued to pry. "You know Mary, you really don't want me figuring out after the meeting starts."

Fairy Mary sighed and looked down at the snow. She mumbled, "It was the Minister's idea."

Clarion's face remained impassive though she was starting to lose patience. The queen said gently, "That wasn't my question, Mary."

"I just wanted you to know that right off the back," Fairy Mary added hastily. "I didn't agree to it."

Clarion nodded. "It's alright, Mary. I wouldn't get mad with you anyways. What do the ministers wish to talk about?"

"...Possible canceling your wedding," Fairy Mary whispered, her voice trembling slightly.

Well, there's the first chapter! Was it good? did it live up to your expectations? Is it too soon to say?

Also, incase you have to know, Mary is Clarion's nickname for Fairy Mary. No one else calls Fairy Mary that. It is a nickname, unique to them. Also there are things I will tell you upfront about my story:

1. Fairy Mary is dating Dewey. And she used to date Fairy Gary but they both were too hard headed to ever get along.

2. Milori proposed during the Christmas Ball(that is my other story, check it out if you like this story).

3. And it's been three months since Milori has proposed.

4. Milori's bird's name is Archimedes'. I named it that because A) it sounds cooler than Snowy, B) Merlin's owl's name is that, and C) You all know it's a kick-butt name. It's only a matter of time before you admit it.

5. The next chapter is going to be the meeting. You'll see why anyone would want to break apart the one of the most romantic couples ever.