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The next day...

Clarion sat on a log that was settled between Spring and Winter. She chewed on her lip nervously. She hoped talk about the war didn't ruin their date. What if Milori was so upset he just didn't come at all? Clarion knew he wouldn't do that but she couldn't help but glance at the sky, waiting to see his if owl flew overhead any minute. She looked back down at the ground. Suddenly, a shadow passed overhead and she let out a breath she hadn't known she had been holding. Her eyes visibly lit up.

"Milori!," she exclaimed, running to hug him.

The owl made some chirping noises that could be loosely translated to, "Sure, don't say hi to me. I'm just the bird."

Clarion smiled at Archimedes. "Hello, Archimedes. How are you today?"

"Not that well. It's been forever since I've eaten a good rat(A/N: Percy Jackson reference)."

"Oh, really? I'm sorry to hear about that," Clarion said, secretly feeling relieved.

"Maybe I'll pick up one of those mice the Tinkers' bring to the Winter Woods," the owl mused. Uh oh. Mary won't like that. Seeing the look on Clarion's face, Milori decided it was best to interject.

"How about you leave us alone now?," Milori suggested but it was clear by his tone it was more of a command. If the owl's wings could've sagged, it did.

"Fine, but you owe me a rat," he said before flapping off and leaving his master alone with the golden fairy.

"So difficult," Milori mumbled, watching Archimedes fly off. Clarion smiled.

"I actually like talking to him. He's funny," she said. Milori looked at her and smiled. He leaned over and kissed her on her cheek. "Ready for the date?"

Her cheeks felt slightly warm. "I should be asking you that. Aren't you nervous?"

He chuckled. "I try not to think of it."

Milori and Clarion had been planning to go to the beach. For Winter fairies, it was possible to cross the border with a magical gem that kept them cooler than normal. When it touched the skin, it lets coldness go through the body. What would normally kill a warm fairy, was an antidote to one of the Winter fairies problems. Clarion had suspected Milori was nervous about the beach because as far as she knew, no Winter fairy had dared to go that far yet. Was the crystal enough to keep him cold?

Now, seeing him here with her, she had another thought occur to her. He is probably nervous about crossing the border in general. He had only crossed once after that incident. The incident that broke his wings and almost separated them forever...

"Ready to go?," Milori asked, stepping off the log. He held out his arm for her. She flew over and wrapped her arm in his.

"Yes, let's go," she said.

At first, she had been worried that with the war looming overhead, they wouldn't be able to enjoy their date. But it was quickly apparent that it wasn't going to spoil their time together. In fact, it was, in Clarion's opinion, one of their best dates yet. They talked about the upcoming wedding and what they had planned for it. They also talked about casual things, like how each others' days went etc.

The walk was long but Clarion didn't mind. She loved spending time with Milori. She leaned her head on his shoulder and gave a content sigh. Milori smiled and gave her hand a slight squeeze.

"I am enjoying myself," he whispered in her ear.

"Me too," she whispered back. The only reason she would hope to hurry up their pace was so they can get to the beach in time for the sunset. She would love to see Milori's reaction when he saw the orange-golden light across the ocean waves. They were getting close though. She could smell the salty scent in the air. Palm trees started to become more frequent.

"We're almost there, my love," she told him, lifting up her head. Milori got visibly excited. He probably wondered what the beach looked like.

As if speaking what Clarion was thinking, Milori said, "I wonder what the beach will be like. I've only read about it in Dewey's books."

Clarion nodded. Hearing him say that was a sudden reminder that he wasn't a Warm fairy. That he shouldn't be here. That the only thing keeping him from getting to hot was a gem. She started to get worried.

"Are you feeling hot, Milori? I mean, like are you going to pass out or your wings...," her voice faltered. There wasn't much damage left to do to his wings, they were so mangled after that incident. She winced for having brought that up. "I-I'm sorry Milori. I'm just worried that it'll happen again-."

Milori cut her off short when he held up his hand to stop her. "It's alright, Clarion. I'm feeling fine," he told her. Then, he added, with his eyes sparkling, "Now, let's see that beach."

It took Milori's breath away. He'd never seen a place like it before. The beach was covered in tan rough dirt and melted ice was directly in front of them, going on over the horizon. The light of the sun sparkled on it, making it look like a thousand jewels. Not too much unlike frozen ice, except that the melted ice was animated and constantly changing and with it, the light reflecting off it.

"What's this?," he asked, grabbing some of the tan dirt. Clarions smiled.

"That's sand," she said. He ran over to the edge of the beach. She cautioned, "Not too close!"

"This melted ice is huge!," he exclaimed. She giggled. She has never seen him like this. It was sort of cute. Like when a clumsy child gets a present for Christmas.

"It's called the ocean," she explained. His eyes were wide, drinking the scene in. She flew up to him and placed a hand on his shoulder. "I take it that you like the beach?"

He nodded; he looked positively awestruck. "It's amazing."

She pointed over to a palm tree that was bent horizontally. "Perhaps we can sit and watch the sunset."

He smiled and gently took her hand and led her over there. She flew up and sat down on the tree. After she had situated herself, Milori hoisted himself up on the trunk and sat beside her. Once again that day, she gave a sigh of content.

Nothing can ruin her day...

A slow smile spread across Vidia's lips. She had finally found what she had been looking for in Queen Clarion's dairy. She had found the skeleton in Queen Clarion's closet. Of course, she didn't plan on telling the Ministers. Oh no. This was her blackmailing material for her and her only.

"Blackmail," she heard the Voice muse. "We think so much alike. I still don't get why you refuse to eliminate the problem."

Vidia scowled and rolled her eyes. When the Voice first came, Vidia had been panicked thinking that she was going insane. Now the Voice was just irritating coming at the most inconvenient times and giving her the stupidest of advice.

"Why don't you eliminate the problem?," Vidia mentally snapped. She also thought of a few words that would make Clarion wash her mouth out with soap.

"I'm... currently in a position that makes it impossible," the Voice said carefully.

"Well, I'm not yours, or anyone's, pawn. So you might as well forget it. Besides, I have my own plans"

"Don't we all?," was all the Voice responded by.

"Ugh. Why don't you get Tink to do it? She'll probably do it anyways, being the troublemaker she is. I'll bet she'll trip over one of her own stupid inventions and accidently push Milori off a cliff!," Vidia growled, somewhat sarcastically. The fast-flyer had no doubt that Tinkerbell would cause trouble but she didn't honestly think that Tink would kill somebody. "Actually, at the rate things are going for her..."

"If that's the way you want it to be," the Voice said, sighing. Then it went silent. Vidia frowned a bit, hoping that the Voice seriously didn't take what Vidia had 'said' into real consideration.

Never mind. She had more important things to attend too. First things, first. Vidia placed the dairy in her drawer and smiled. She hadn't finished it and probably wasn't going to any time soon. But she had found out enough for now. Vidia had enough information to help her and the ministers. All she had to do was tell the ministers about the whole 'fairy of war' sitch and Queen Clarion's dirty little secret was her tool for now.

Wait... how was Vidia going to use this information? Vidia frowned. Yes, she has her blackmail material but what was she going to do with it? It wasn't really in her heart to break lovers apart from each other and Vidia could tell it wouldn't work that way anyways. She wasn't even sure the war would break them apart.

" 'Till death does them part'," the Voice quoted, a bit sadistically. Vidia shivered. She was really beginning to hate that Voice.

Anyways, maybe Vidia will have the chance to finally confront Queen Clarion about all she's had to put up with. They fairies talked about how mean Vidia was... hah! Hypocrites. Did they ever stop to think of the stuff Vidia has been through? The day of her arrival, she had been as sweet and innocent as Prilla. On that day, she had lost that innocence.

Everyone gossiped about her. How odd she looked because her 'face was an odd shape' or 'her hair was ugly' or 'she was freakishly tall'. She hadn't known at the time what she had done to deserve that constant bullying and snickering. Of course she grew bitter and the more she retaliated, the more they had reason to hate her. Also, Gale the cheating idiot ex-boyfriend was no help. That had been the last straw.

What's more, Queen Clarion always took the other fairies' side. As far as her queenliness was concerned, Vidia did nothing but cause problems. No matter how great she was at her talent or what she accomplished, her majesty could only look at the bad and reprimand her for all her mistakes. Then Tink had come along. Everyone immediately liked her.

Nobody talked about how odd the Tinker looked, she only received complements and every sparrow man was swooning for her. Was she isolated like a disease? No, she made life long friends on her first stupid day! Did the ever so gracious Queen Clarion cut Tink down on all her obvious faults? No! Queen Clarion plays favorites and Vidia has grown tired of it. Vidia smiled.

It was time the world knew about Clarion and Milori's child.

Alright, that was the longest chapter yet! And here's the reasons why I had Clarion have a kid in the past:

1. The skeleton in the closet- What better secret could Vidia figure out in the dairy? It seemed fitting.

2. Fitting the pieces together- It'll help fit some pieces together on how certain characters are related to others. It'll fill in the gaps(hopefully).

3. Out of place- I mean, here is a war coming and what is more inconvenient than Queen Clarion being pregnant? Here is two countries, ready to go to war about the marriage and here is them going 'by the way, we're going to have a child!' That would probably fan the already growing flames of hate.

4. Awkward- It is sort of... awkward to be writing about her being currently pregnant. I'm sorry, but I don't feel like writing that kind of stuff. I'm not good with that.

5. No Clue- Besides, I have no clue how pregnancy even goes. I mean, of course I have a general idea but not enough to write about hers. It's just easier to say it happened sometime in the past.

P.s, Notice how in each of my Tinkerbell stories that there is a number in the description? It's the chronological order of when these stories happened(in the Tinkerbell universe). Princess Clarion happened first so it has a one, then Christmas Ball and then this story. Just thought I'd let you know.