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Santana fixed her bun in the rearview mirror of her Ford Pinto, she knew from the start that she owned a shit car - but it was all she could afford with her wages. Not dwelling on the subject, she hopped out of the four wheeled satan and made her way through the car park into her work. Working in Lima's number one restaurant, BreadStix, was a dream come true when she first got the job in her graduation years; now it was an utter nightmare. The food got boring, the breadsticks went moldy, and the people gradually turned meaner, of course she had to keep her cool otherwise she would be the one losing her only way to pay for her shitty one bedroom apartment.

The only thing that could make her day worse would be if she ran into her pervy boss on the way in, he liked to hit on her, even though he knew that she was a straight up lesbian and there was nothing he could do about it. Still, the man was very persistent. Just to her luck, as she was walking through the back door of the establishment she was stopped by the exact same person she tried unsuccessfully avoiding.

"Santana, you're late! Again! What is wrong with you, you knew I only hired you because of your fine ass, why can't you just be on time like Kim over there! She lives further away than you and she gets here five minutes early! What is wrong with you?" Larry rambled on as he always did when the Latina was late. What made it even more annoying was the fake tinge of an accent in the back of his throat that he thought he needed because he ran an Italian restaurant.

He was wrong.

"Fuck off Larry, Kim is only here early so she can suck your dick in the supply closet like we all know she does!" Santana answered when her boss really got on her tits, earning a glare from Kim in the bar. The two girls had a fling in early last year before the brunette broke it off because she got too clingy, Kim had gone back to men after that, clearly.

Lucky for Santana she had never been one for girls that were on the fence about their sexuality.

"Santana! You do not talk to your staff like that and you certainly don't talk to me like that!" Larry shouted to the girl when she would make any eye contact with him and blanked the man completely, she just carried on putting her belongings in her locker.

"Whoops, oh look Larry, guess who doesn't give a fuck!" She always loved to press her boss' buttons after she knew that he had had a long day, she also loved to find a different outcome each time.

"You don't talk to me like that, you're fired!" persisted Larry when he saw that the Latina's mood wasn't going to budge.

"Oh fuck off Larry, let me get ready for my shift." Santana answered as she metaphorically spat right on his manhood by refusing to be fired. She knew that her employer would back off once she really stuck it to him. When he saw that she was in a particularly stubborn mood and found that he wouldn't win this fight, he ran back to his office like a little girl.

Santana grinned at her accomplishment.

She began to set the tables for the evening and prepared for her shift, earning a glare a few times from Kim when she deliberately did a flirty smile. Kim still had a crush but she would never admit it, unlucky for her, Santana had known about this for a while and took full advantage. She knew that this would be a boring night when only two groups had reserved their tables.

About half way through her shift a large group stumbled into the doors; it was clear that they had had some drinks before hand. Swallowing her insults she plastered on a fake smile and led the team to the table, she also handed them their menu's and told them the special.

It was then that she noticed a shy blonde in the corner, her eyes were as bright and blue as the Caribbean sea, and her skin was pale with a clear bronze tint to it from a recent holiday, she was guessing. She couldn't take her eyes off of the girl in the yellow summer dress with her fringe clipped back and the sides falling to about shoulder height. Simply put, the girl was stunning.

She took extra time handing her the menu and extra time explaining the special to her and only her. It felt like she and the blonde were the only people in the room, so when one of the particularly cocky guests coughed to get her attention, did they snap out of their dreamy gaze.

The only thing about the blonde that confused the waitress was the fact that she was beautiful and adorable, but extremely sexy at the same time. The way that her toned legs went on for miles, the way her dress pushed up her boobs in a sexy, not slutty way. It turned the girl on when she found pink thin lips that were perfects for biting on, she knew that the girl would be a good kisser by the looks of things.

Without trying to make her small crush too obvious, she took their orders politely and checked them in with the chef. The group were the only people in her section at the time so she didn't have to worry about keeping anyone else occupied whilst she day dreamed about the heavenly blonde. When the chef waved his hand in front of her face to get her attention, she saw that the blonde was giggling at her antics. The girl had the most adorable laugh. She panicked when she saw the blonde getting up from her seat in the booth and come towards her.

"Hi, Do you know where the restroom is?" the delight was talking to her, her! She paid extra attention to the girls tongue when it moved when she pronounced certain words. She could think of better places to put her gorgeous tongue to use, she flew of into some hazy images of them having passionate sex in the toilets, kitchen, on the tables, in her bed...

Oh shit! She just asked me a question um um umm what did she say? Oh yeah! Restrooms!

"Uh uhh umm o-over there!" she pointed the best that she could when she lost her skill to speak. She couldn't get her head around the way that the blonde made her feel inside, she made her heart melt, but she also made her panties wet. The mix was unbelievable. She knew that she wanted to see the girl again but she wasn't sure how she could ask when it was difficult to form a coherent sentence.

"Brittany, you are?" the beauty held out her hand to the waitress to introduce herself. Brittany. The name sounded sweet, just like she thought the blonde would taste like. She realized that she had to reply to the girl.

"Santana" she smiled when Brittany beamed her white teeth at the introduction, and took her hand with all the strength that she could muster. Brittany's hands were soft like silk, the brunette thought about how good they would feel inside of her. She must have looked so strange drifting off into oblivion every other minute.

"Well it was nice to meet you Santana, but I really have to pee so I'm gonna go." Santana. She loved the way it sounded on Brittany's tongue, it would sound even better in the bedroom but the Latina wasn't one to jump to conclusions. Before she even got to reply to the stunning girl, she had headed off to the restroom, she watched Brittany's hips have some extra sway in them as she walked away. Santana knew that she wanted to she the girl again. Soon.

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