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Chapter 4

So, the next day went pretty well, most of the day her mind was elsewhere than the blonde. She thought about sex and how ugly the customers were compared to Brittany. And she thought about more sex...

When her mind was on the blonde, she thought about how beautiful she was, how great she looked in every outfit possible. The girl could wear a potato sack and look stunning. She would be lying if the thought of Brittany naked and moaning didn't slip into her mind once or twice.

But she tried to look past that.

She wanted to get home from her shitty job, and the shitty customers, and their shitty attitudes. All she wanted to do was sit in her fifteen year old couch and spit-ball ideas on how to show Brittany that she was, and is, a sex goddess.

If it wasn't for this ugly ass man that couldn't decide what he wanted to order after sitting in front of the menu for a straight thirty minutes. Who the fuck takes that long to choose between pizza or pasta? He finally ordered and spent the rest of the night ridiculing how badly the service was and how Santana's posture should be the correct angle for her to achieve the best tips. She couldn't believe that the man was telling her how to serve food. The man later revealed that he was an undercover critic and owned a very popular food blog. The waitress wasn't surprised, he looked like he'd had a few too many nights out.

He told Santana that she hadn't earned the best review out there and that was when she decided that the man had to leave. Larry wouldn't be overly joyed at her decision. She picked up his food when he was half way through it and took it back to the chef politely. She then went back to the table and picked up his wallet off the table. She proceeded to take $100 for the food and another $200 for her bills this week. Politely placing his wallet back on the table, she escorted him off the premises and went back inside.

It was the best idea she'd had in her life but Larry wouldn't do shit about it. He couldn't do shit about it. Otherwise, she'd just refuse to be fired again.

She drove home that night with an extra $200 in her pocket and a proud smile on her face.

Later on, she received a not-so-happy phone call from Larry when he read the latest review on this so called 'blog'. She just said that the man was lying and she was the best that there could be of waitress'.

She sucked up to Larry after that because she was sure that he would have said she was fired. That could not happen, if she didn't go into work tomorrow, she wouldn't be able to see Brittany.

She'd be fucking damned if she wasn't going to see her again. Then again, she did know where she lived. Wait that would be stalker-ish, she could file some sort of restraining order.

Then they'd never be able to make sweet lady babies, and fall in love in an apartment suited for both of them. They'd never be able to have sex every bight before the went to bed, or the nights when they were too tired, they'd just snuggle.


The Latina snapped herself out of these thoughts before she became too attached to them. She could think that Brittany wanted more out of this little acquaintance. Brittany is probably just a flirty personality any way, she is acting normal around Santana and the brunette is replying in this weird flirty manor. Oh God, what if she thinks that Santana is not even cool and she is acting all flirty but she has a girlfriend. Or a Boyfriend...

No. Brittany is into her. She will throw herself out there tomorrow night and probably end up falling off a cliff. Well, it's worth a try, I mean look at her. Brittany has the looks and the amazing personality.

With all of these confusing thoughts in her head, she jumped off her couch and walked into her bedroom. She pulled herself under the covers and closed her eyes; letting her mind be invaded with dreams of Brittany and how tomorrow would go.

Most of them erotic may I add.

Only a few of them ending in Santana getting a slap in the face when she'd ask if she'd want to do something afterwards. Those dreams were immediately ended when Santana woke up alone.

She walked into work that day with the biggest smile on her face. If someone pissed in her cereal, she's pretty sure they could wipe off that smile. All she had on her mind was Brittany, like always for the past two weeks. She walked into work, completely ignoring all of the hate she was getting from Larry about last night. Seriously, it was one review everything seemed to be getting on his ugly ass head lately. She returned to her locker and shoved all of her belongings into it.

She began to get really frustrated with herself when she couldn't even function the lock properly, Brittany was the only thing on her mind. If this was any normal chick, Santana would be scared; I mean she couldn't even work the locker without drifting off into some world of hers. But it was Brittany, beautiful, sexy, quirky, all round adorable Brittany.

This was starting to cloud her judgement.

When she was around Brittany, she was off her game. When she is with Brittany, she is off her game and day-dreaming like a fool. And night-dreaming. Basically all-the-time dreaming because of one single person that has come to visit her twice - and the first time wasn't even for her!

She worked through half the day without asking for a lunch break, don't ask her why. She just didn't want to miss Brittany, is that so bad? But she gave in soon enough when her stomach grumbled at the most inappropriate time - when she was taking someone's drink order. It was then she decided she needed food.

She sneaked into the kitchen and grabbed half of the chicken that the chef was frying and put it on a plate. She sneaked back out the exit door and tucked into it on the bench outside her locker. She laughed when she heard the chef shouting about the other half of his chicken.

She finished up and headed back to work. If she missed Brittany, I'm not sure what it is she would do to herself. The blonde did mention that she would arrive in the evening, but you can never be so sure.

So she set on back to her post.

The Latina almost lost hope at 8pm when they were taking in their last customers to serve for the night. But, Brittany showed up, stunning as ever in a simple light pink dress with a lace bottom and thin straps. Santana was very happy that she decided to wear her low cut tank top tonight and her plain black shorts. The top accentuated her boobs perfectly, as did the shorts show off her tan legs.

When she saw the girl at the podium with a bored expression on her face when she didn't notice her, Brittany's face lit up. Her eyes sparkled and Santana couldn't believe that she was the cause of that beautiful expression.

Santana filled with hope like water filling a fucking jug.

With this new found confidence, she sauntered over to Brittany with a huge smile and a glint in her eye, grabbing a menu on the way there.

The blonde gazed back at her and blushed when she caught the wink that Santana shot her way. In Brittany's mind, it also seemed that the waitress didn't like her in that way and she came to her tonight to ask her about coming home with her. It didn't seem like the best approach but it sure was the boldest. So with both of their minds set on each other, they walked to the table that Santana allocated her.

"Hello there, what bring you here tonight?" Santana knew the answer, she just didn't want it to be as awkward as it was the night at Brittany's door.

"You know why I'm here" Brittany answered with a wink, completely throwing Santana off course and blush behind her notepad.

"True, so what can I get you?"said Santana trying to change the subject, as flirting wasn't her strong point. Well, it was, just not with Brittany.

"You. I mean some water, please..." Even Brittany's forwardness surprised herself. Reading Santana's expression, she kind of knew that went down well. So she decided to go straight in for the kill.

"Look, I want you. I am pretty sure you want me, I mean the amount of times I see you looking at my tits, it's quite obvious." She saw Santana's eyes fall down to her chest once again. "So how about we go back to one of our houses, or the bathroom, I'm not picky. All I know is that you're really hot and so cool." Santana's eyes snapped back to the face area when she heard about the mutual attraction. "We don't have to have sex but I know that I want to talk somewhere that is not here, and private." She couldn't believe that she got through all of those words without jumping Santana and dragging her to the restroom.

No a suitable area, but better than all of this teasing and desperation between them.

"Oh my god. Fuck this did you bring your car?" The sexual tension was too much to bare for Santana, she had to do something, whether it mean her losing her job, she really didn't give two shits.

"No, I walked here"

"You better get in my car right now. I am taking you to my house." Santana said in desperation. She couldn't take it any more, she could feel her pussy throbbing and was pretty sure that she was making a damp spot in her panties.

"God, Santana, what are you doing?" Brittany asked when she saw Santana leaving her notepad and pen on the table and signaling to the chef that she was leaving.

She walked past Larry and warned him that if he ruined it for her, she would 'ends' him. He didn't say anything after that, and honestly, it looked like he was about to cry. She couldn't really care less, this beautiful girl just offered to come home with her and confessed the same feelings. She couldn't be happier.

Or hornier.

They couldn't get across the parking lot and in the car quick enough. They looked at each other with such desire, Brittany would steal glances at Santana and how hot she looked in her work clothes. A million fantasies just popped into her mind, and she was pretty sure she was in one right now.

Santana was focused on the road but she couldn't help herself not to look over to Brittany every once in a while. Just to check if she was still there and this wasn't one of Santana's many sex dreams.

When Brittany couldn't stop herself any longer she reached across to where the girl was driving and reached over to touch Santana's thigh. Considering how short her shorts were, it didn't leave much to the imagination. She let her hand meet with the mid-thigh and then find its way up to cup her clothed center. Santana's breath hitched at the new sensation.

She missed the feeling of someone's hands other than her own, but she was even happier that it was Brittany touching her.

They had known each other for about two weeks and texted twice but she couldn't feel closer to the girl. And more turned on.

With one hand, Brittany continued her actions on Santana, she rubbed two fingers up and down Santana's clothed folds and kept feeling her legs that joined to the her sex. She didn't want to be apart from the girl any longer and she desperately needed to know what the girl tasted like, she lunged across and attacked Santana's neck with her lips.

The Latina felt like she was about to crash the car. She wanted Brittany to stop for their lives sake. Fuck that, they were two minutes away from the house and she couldn't bare to wait any longer.

She needed Brittany. Now.

As she pulled into the parking out front, she stopped the car and turned off the engine. All while keeping Brittany's lips attached to her neck, right where her spot was. And while trying her best not to orgasm from just being touched by Brittany, just where she needed her.

So without further hesitation, she grabbed the back of Brittany's neck and guided her lips onto the blonde's. They were hasty with their kisses, searching for each others taste. She kissed Brittany's soft lips, finally finding out how they felt against hers. They felt phenomenal. Brittany's hand fell dead whilst she was entranced by the plump lips. She was in pure heaven, they were making out in a steamy car, all sweaty, and she couldn't feel better.

Santana got a feel for Brittany's lips and once she found her confidence, she let her tongue push out past her teeth and explore Brittany's lips and mouth. She tasted like vanilla and cherries at the same time. It was instantly her favorite taste ever.

They made out for a little while until both of them couldn't handle it any longer, both of them were getting too turned on.

"Do. You. Have. A. House we. Could go to?" said Brittany in between pants and kisses.

"Yeah, just don't stop touching me. I need you." Santana answered, she needed to see Brittany, all of Brittany. And that would be pretty impossible in a small car. So they got out of the car, re-uniting at the hood and stopping for a short attack at the neck and moving on into Santana's apartment block.

The forced the door open with a bang, who knew it was almost impossible to open a door when you have a hot girl behind you reaching into your pants.

As soon as the door was shut behind them, Brittany was shoved against it. She was pressured against the door as she wrapped one leg around Santana's waist and assisted the Latina in the removal of her dress. She soon found out that the dress looked extremely better on the floor. Santana had to take in Brittany's body for a short while, she had beautiful boobs, accentuated with a light blue polka-dot bra. And she trailed her eyes down to her well earned abs. She had been blessed, or she worked really hard for them, either way, they were there and they were gorgeous. She let her eyes fall dow to her matching blue polka dot panties.

Overall, Brittany was an angel that had floated down to bless people with her presence.

Without letting her go un-touched for any longer she let the blonde step out of her dress and help the waitress become a little more naked as well. She pulled down Santana's all ready un buttoned shorts and revealed the subject of her dreams. She also watched Santana take off her shirt in front, she didn't reveal abs, but a soft tone stomach that was beautiful, she wouldn't have it any other way.

Brittany was in a trance, with all the strength she could muster up, she picked up Santana straight off the floor and started kissing everywhere. Her chest, she payed extra attention to, kissing every inch that wasn't covered by a bra. And then she moved down to the stomach. She kissed all around her and reached just above the panty line, making Santana's breath hitch for the second time. This was when Brittany realized that she was in the middle of the hall way. Oh.

"Where is the bedroom?" Brittany asked, still holding Santana like she was a delicate feather.

Santana remembered that she had to actually answer her so she caught her breath and let out a small "over there" with a point of the finger. Brittany practically ran in the direction of the finger. She opened the door of the room and threw Santana down on the bed, straddling both of her thighs when Santana elevated herself with her elbows.

"You're so hot" Santana accidentally voiced her opinion. Although it wasn't really a big deal. Considering they were a little caught up other acts.

"Fuck, Santana I thought about this for so long" She knew this was an over exaggeration as it had only been a couple weeks, but she had been the only thing that had occupied her mind since then.

Without wasting their breath anymore they pulled each other in for another long kiss, their tongues battled in a fight for dominance but neither of them were adamant to win, unless the prize was one another's body.

Santana reached around to Brittany's back and quickly unhooked her bra, it fell down her arms gracefully revealing small but perky breasts. She couldn't take it any longer without attaching her mouth to the soft pink nipples, she rolled them with her tongue and put a light amount of pressure between her lips. Earning a loud moan from Brittany and a tug on the hair, unintentionally. Santana could help but moan along with her.

Suddenly, she felt a light clip on her back and she found that Brittany had unhooked her bra without her even realizing it. In the sudden shock of her bra falling to the floor, she left Brittany's boobs un attended, causing the blonde to push her on her back and earn her a teasing lick on the left nipple, she grunted in pleasure.

Brittany was doing unimaginable things to her body, she was loving it.

After some teasing with the nipples each way, Santana mustered enough strength in her core to flip Brittany over and put her on her back, earning a squeal of surprise.

She quickly tugged down Brittany's panties and kissed down the valley between her breasts and long her toned abs. Grabbing onto each thigh she pushed them apart revealing a mouth watering pussy completely ready, just for her. Just the smell of Brittany sent some more jolts of pleasure down to the Latina's core.

Seeing the desperation in the blonde's eyes, she didn't want to keep her waiting any longer, she also really needed to taste Brittany. By the blonde's facial expression, it already looked like she was ready to explode.

Understanding Brittany's needs, and after hearing all of her cries of want, she gave a flat lick to her center. She felt thighs clench around her head at the sudden relief and she was determined not to stop. She kissed the outer lips a few times before giving her some more tongue again.

She wrapped her lips around Brittany's clit and continued licking at it. By Brittany's reactions and the tugging at her hair, the girl was about to come, she just needed that little bit more.

And then it clicked.

Santana added two fingers to Brittany's entrance while she was still lapping at her upper folds, her fingers entered in and out and she almost came at Brittany's beautiful whimpers and moans for more. She gave it everything that she had in those last minutes in an attempt to make the orgasm last longer. "Fuck, Santana! I'm coming!" She panted tugging harder at Santana's hair with one hand, and at the bed sheets with the others.

Santana payed extra attention to Brittany's face when she came, savoring the sight incase she never saw it again. It was a beautiful sight - her face was scrunched up and her eyes closed. In the short time Santana had known her, this had to be her favourite expression she had pulled yet.

When Santana's mouth filled with a liquid she wasn't familiar with, she finally knew that Brittany had come, she couldn't swap any of this for the world.

It was such a beautiful taste she wanted to bottle it up and sell it - too creepy? She greedily began to lap up every last bit of her come because it tasted so good. She almost wanted to go for another round just so she could taste it again but saw that Brittany was too fragile in the pussy area to go one more. Santana had never felt more achieved.

She just laid by Brittany's side and felt an arm drape over her and a nose nuzzle into her neck. She had never felt more happy. She was still extremely turned on, who wouldn't be? But by the looks of it, Brittany wasn't going any where.

"Santana, I..."

"Don't worry Britt, I felt it to." She knew what Brittany was going to say, and she was overall just relieved that Brittany didn't just up and leave. It

"Let me take a nap, after that mind-blowing orgasm you just gave me, and we can take it from there?" said Brittany in a hopeful voice, she was adamant that she was going to see Santana again, a bonus if she could make Santana come like she just did.

"You take a nap, and then we'll talk" answered Santana in a 1960s gangster voice that made Brittany giggle. It was the most adorable giggle.

Santana and Brittany could tell that this wouldn't be the last time they go to sleep together.

And definitely not the last time both of them were screaming out each others name at the top of their lungs. They both knew, they were just afraid to admit it, they'll get there.

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