Zack wasn't sure if it was his imagination or not, but as he watched London head towards the elevators, he could have sworn she looked back to check him out. Well, she definitely doesn't think I'm a kid anymore, Zack thought to himself.

"Uh, Zack?"

When London stepped into the elevator and out of his line of vision, Zack turned towards Cody, knowing that his twin noticed him staring at London.

"What?" Zack asked as innocently as possible.

"She's out of your league, Zack. Plus, she's our friend, not some hood rat you could hump and dump."

"Cody!" Bailey exclaimed.

"Sorry hunny, but it's the truth."

Giving Cody a dirty look, Zack said, "Cody, I don't need advice, and who I hump and/or dump is none of your business. Besides, who's to say that me and London can't be more than friends?"

"Alright, I'll stay out of your business, but I just want to say for the record that one of you is going to get hurt," Cody said as he took Bailey's hand, "We're going to go get something to eat, want to come?"

"I think I'll just head up to my room and change. I'll probably just order room service. What are you guys doing after dinner?"

"We're going to call it a day so that we're up early tomorrow morning. I want to hit the slopes since I didn't get out there today," Bailey said.

"Alright, see you guys later," Zack said as he headed towards the elevators.

As Zack waited for an elevator to take him to his floor, his thoughts turned towards London . . . and Maya. He had known London for over a decade and at one point, before Maya, he even had a crush on her. But he never tried to go out with her because she had always thought of him as a kid. But seeing her now made him re-think his plans of hooking up with one of the cute girls he saw earlier. Why couldn't he and London be more than friends? Zack asked himself again as the idea of them together solidified in his mind.

Then there was the whole Maya thing. He didn't know how he felt about the news that Maya was marrying Lance (of all people). On one hand, it sort of felt like closure, even though he never once thought about trying to contact Maya in the past six years. But on the other hand, he felt like he was being rejected by her again. Maybe he should go up to her room to say hi and get the awkwardness out of the way, Zack thought but quickly decided against. I don't want her to think that after six years I'm still heartbroken because of her!

The distinctive "ding" that announced the arrival of the elevator broke his thought process, and he saw two of the cute girls he had seen earlier walk out of the elevator. They looked at each other, then turned and smiled at him. He returned their smile before stepping into the elevator. Either one of them would be an easy lay, Zack mused. But remembering that strange squeezing sensation in his chest when he first saw London in the lobby, he realized that the only girl he wanted to be with this weekend was her.

Knowing that Cody & Bailey were doing their own thing in their room, and being that it was only 10pm, Zack headed over to Woody's room to see if he wanted to hit up the bar and grab a drink.

Knocking on Woody's door, Zack said, "Woody, open up. It's Zack."

Hearing groaning on the other side of the door, then the sound of shuffling feet, Zack knew that Woody wouldn't be going out with him to the bar.

When Woody opened the door, Zack's thoughts were confirmed. Woody had a greenish tinge to his face and he was wearing a bath robe.

"What do you want?" Woody asked weakly while he leaned against the door, clutching his stomach.

"What the hell's wrong with you?"

"I think I ate some bad pizza."

"So, I take it you wouldn't want to go out with me to grab a beer?"

The thought of beer must have been repellant to Woody because he heaved, covered his mouth, and slammed the door in Zack's face.

"Okay, then," Zack said to no one in particular.

Zack was headed back to his room, when he suddenly remembered that London said they could hang out in her suite. So he changed direction and headed towards the elevators.

When he reached the third floor, he tried to remember London's suite number. Luckily, as he reached the end of the hallway where the suites were, he heard London laugh, so he was saved the trouble of guessing which suite was hers.

After knocking on the door, Zack was a little surprised when the door opened and it wasn't London on the other side. It was actually one of the cute girls he had seen earlier. Looking past her, he saw a group of about 4 girls in the room. His eyes zeroed in on London who was sitting on the sofa, and he saw her eyes widen when she saw him.

"Girls! It looks like our entertainment is here!" the girl who opened the door yelled over her shoulder before grabbing his hand and pulling him inside.


Laughing at Whitley and Portia's antics, London didn't hear that someone was knocking on the door. Then again, she was a little buzzed, so she wasn't really paying attention. In fact, all of the girls were either buzzed or getting there fast.

London was sitting on the sofa with Maya, who was pouring another round of shots, while Whitley and Portia were showing them what they learned during the pole dancing class earlier in the day. Chelsea was standing in front of the mirror that was hanging in the lounge area, applying lip gloss and fussing with her hair.

Amazingly, London and Maya became good friends while Maya was in the Peace Corp, stationed in Chad. Having gone to Paris right after high school graduation, London never thought that she would ever run into anyone from high school while walking down the Champs d'Elysees. But lo and behold, Maya was there shopping too. She was on a break from her duties in Chad, so she decided to fly to Paris to shop. They stopped at a café to chat and London discovered that Maya actually came from money. The Bennett's weren't as wealthy as the Tipton's, but they could hold their own. Since that fateful day in Paris, London and Maya became really good friends.

When Maya went to Boston to visit London one year, London introduced her to Lance, and the two of them hit it off. They dated for two years before Lance popped the question. So, besides Maya and herself, the bachelorette party consisted of Chelsea (London's BFF), Whitley, and Portia. Whitley and Portia were Maya's best friends that she grew up with.

"I'll get it!" Portia exclaimed a little excitedly as she ran to get the door.

London started to smile, knowing that the stripper had arrived. Maya is going to be so surprised! London thought to herself gleefully.

When the door opened, London looked over to have a look at the stripper. Her eyes widened when she realized it was Zack standing on the other side of the door. London knew the exact moment he spotted her because she felt the same electrical current run through her body that she felt the last time their eyes connected. Am I drunk? That can't be Zack!

"Girls! It looks like our entertainment is here!" Portia said as she pulled Zack into the room.

As the door closed behind Zack, Chelsea went over to the iHome and turned up the music. She then walked over to London and sat next to her.

"He's really cute! I feel like I know him from somewhere!" Chelsea said into London's ear.

London was still in shock over why Zack would be their stripper, and she was getting pissed that Portia was practically salivating all over him. I must really be drunk!

"Zack?!" Maya exclaimed incredulously. She must have gotten over her shock faster than London because she then shrugged as if to say "Oh Well", and then took a shot of the tequila she was pouring. She then laughed as both Portia and Whitley started dancing with Zack, who was just standing in the middle of the room with a slight smile on his face.

"Take it off!" Chelsea yelled as she bounced in her seat, waving a twenty dollar bill in Zack's direction.

Chelsea's yell snapped London out of her daze, and she suddenly got up out of her seat. Portia was already starting to unbutton the first button of Zack's shirt, when London nudged her aside. The two shots of tequila London had taken earlier must have gone straight to her head because in her mind it made sense that if anyone was going to take off Zack's shirt it was going to be her!

London was aware of the other girls hooting and hollering behind her, but as she put her hands on Zack to unbutton the first button of the shirt, she looked up into his eyes, and froze. He was staring down at her and he had an amused smile on his face, like he was daring her to take his shirt off.

Seeing that smile triggered something inside of her, so she grabbed his shirt and ripped it open, scattering the buttons all over the suite. London heard the screams of delight and laughter behind her from the girls, but she was caught up in the moment and it felt like it was just her and Zack in the room.

She looked into his eyes again, and she could have sworn she saw hunger in his gaze. She put her hands on his shoulders to slip the shirt completely off. As she revealed his arms, she couldn't help but notice the contours of his muscles as they shifted underneath her hands. More surprisingly was the tribal tattoo he had that curled around his left shoulder and snaked down his left arm.

Amidst all the whistling and cat calling, London became aware of how her own body was reacting to Zack's. She felt flushed and had the insane idea that if she pressed herself against Zack, he could somehow soothe the fever that was running through her body. What am I doing? London asked herself and stepped away from Zack.

Suddenly, London heard a loud banging at the door. Confused, she looked back at the girls. Whitley shrugged and said, "I'll get it!"

When she answered the door, there was a firefighter on the other side who said, "Ma'am, I received a call from someone in this room saying there was something burning?"

Whitley looked back with a huge grin and said, "That's right sir, we're all burning up in here!" And with that said, the "firefighter" immediately went into stripper mode.

Really confused now, London looked at Zack, who had that amused smile back on his face. He then took her hand and pulled her towards the bedrooms.

"Hey London! Where are you going?" Maya asked.

"Private show," Zack yelled over his shoulder, then to London asked, "Which one is your room?"

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