Alex was tired from work getting her mail she walked upstairs just as she got a text it was from Dan it said: teris. Alex walked to the window. And Dan appeared "Hey." The Alien said "Hi." Alex replied she looked at Dan "this is not a typical friendship is it?" Dan shook his head "I'm so used to using magic to solve everything but this timeā€¦I can't, you're an alien." She stated Dan looked down stating he hated himself for it. Alex nodded "I know you do and I know at times you can't control it and that you have a good heart, but I'm going to have questions." Dan nodded and sat on the steps to the fire escape saying "look, for the first time in a long, long while I feel like anything is possible for me. Alex the way you looked at me in the sub station, it all came crashing down, the reality of what I am and what I'm capable of, the thought that you, your family and Jeff are at risk every single day because of me, that's why I turned my self in."

Alex looked at the man or what appeared to be a man. "you know the first night we met in central park, I knew right away that you would never hurt me." Dan looked at her as she continued. "That's what my heart was telling me and I'm going to continue too a listen to it." Dan looked up at the sky "I wish it was easier." He said the wizard nodded. "So do I." she sighed.