At Dan's hideout Alex sat across from Dan who was leaning against the wall. "I waited for you all night." Alex said she could tell Dan was confused as he stared at her. "After I left?" the boy asked Alex shook her head saying when he didn't show up for dinner. "but that's what I seem to spend all my time doing wait for the next time I can see you." Dan just looked at her as she walked forward. "Danny the thought never even entered my mind that you didn't know that you're the best thing in my life right now." Dan said nothing "I…I guess seeing me kiss another guy doesn't help my chances. She finished with a laugh Dan laughed then uncrossing his arms he stood up straight. "I'm not very good at the whole feelings thing." Alex waited as Dan continued "you know you sort of remind me of how I used to be at nineteen."

It got me to thinking the guy I used to be, you know if that Dan fisher saw you kissing another guy he'd probably would've bopped him square in the mouth." Alex laughed "Dose it make me a bad person to admit I'm glad the thought crossed your mind?" she asked Dan shook his head. "No, it's just…who I am makes everything seem impossible." Alex shook her head got up and walked up to the boy and putting her hand on his cheek said softly "No, who you are makes everything worth it." Then saw the clock. "Danny I have to go." That being said she turned around and walked away.