Struck by my statement, no response left her at first. After a small respite, she whispered stuttering, her wavering voice tentative, "W-what-t?" The quick flowing flush on her face drained moment after laborious moment as the implications of my revelation sank in her mind.

Her breath escaped her mouth in a short little gasp. I leaned forward, bending my head, my face level to her stricken one and whispered in her ear, fluttering the glossy locks there with my breath, "I don't want us to make a spectacle of ourselves. Let's go somewhere private where we could talk about... this... affliction of mine."

"Affliction?" She mumbled, bemused. I saw a slow gulp going down her translucent creamy neck, thin imperceptible veins loitering there that further proved the fragility of the woman whose wrist I had clasped in my unforgiving grip. If only I could eliminate the one inch distance between my mouth and her small ear, I'd be able to take her tender little lobe between my teeth. Damn, she had the prettiest ear! If only I could taste it—sample her honeyed enticement.

I closed my eyes as though in pain, my other hand curling into a fist out of frustration. I'd never been more aware of a woman in my life before. I'd never felt more like a man than I felt around her. Perhaps it was her wide-eyed inquisitive gaze or innocent gestures. It could've been her small stature. The fullness of her breasts that belied it. The way she looked inviting one second then dismissive the next—it all drove me insane. My body came alive every time I managed to touch her, however brief the contact. She made me feel like a male the way no female could. A yin to my yang. Some long buried instinct inside me was being aired alive. My muscles were strung up tight, coiled for a release that only her body could grant.

Now I realized what it was. I was on a hunt. A chill of premonition slithered down my spine. The fire was blazing in the dry wilderness of my existence, scorching everything to the ground, giving birth to something fundamental.

Unaware of my predicament, she drew a little near, with eyes as big as saucers. Her warm sweet breath hit me on the side of my neck, raising goose bumps. She articulated, "Private?" then drew back to peer at me.

"Private." I confirmed.

"Can't we... talk here?"

"No. Not here. This place is packed."

"Can you at least release my hand then? It's... i-it's kind of hurting." I reduced the pressure but didn't relinquish my grip. Her another little "please" had me releasing her hand distrustfully, followed by a warning glance. No need to force my hand if she was willing to have a conversation.

"Thanks." She muttered in low tones, quickly rubbing her wrist.

I didn't dabble idly to pay by the card lest she changed her mind. I messaged Taylor to vacate the car and pay the bill by the credit-card I'd provided him with for emergency usage. Then I successfully managed to tenderly grab her hand without appearing unnecessarily hasty. My grip wasn't harsh like before, but ready to leap to firmness if she showed any sort of resistance.

"Come with me." The feel of her mellow flesh underneath my hard grip kept on inflaming my nether regions. Her eyes darted between my face and the door, then travelled towards our adjoined hands. She seemed conflicted with the liberties I had taken with her person so far, her eyes filled with vague uncertainty.

I felt her weighing her options in her mind. "What if I agree to talk here?" She chewed on her lip.


Her feet budged with the slight pressure that I'd exerted, covering the distance of just a few inches before she withstood my gentle attempts at propelling her forward, refusing to yield. "Where... where are you taking me?"

"I told you, somewhere private." At my obscured response, she pursed her lips stubbornly, placed the unsecured arm on one curvy hip, firmly planting her feet on the tiled floor as though saying bring it on. Fuck! She was so adorable, I wanted to coo at her! I bit back an amused smile, "Fine. If you don't want me to take you anywhere. I won't. We'll talk in my car."

"Can I trust you?" That stilled me.

I answered after a brief pause, "I don't know."

"You—you don't know?"

"I don't." I shrugged.

She must have seen something on my face that turned her wary, "What do you mean by I don't? You wish to harm me?"

"Define harm?" My brow furrowed thoughtfully.

"I don't know, something like killing me and dumping my body somewhere? Not to forget you just said something about wanting me?" She said memorizing the pattern of the tiles on the floor with a croaked out, "you know?"

My frown cleared away as I grasped her plight, "I can think of a number of usages for you," Deliberately giving her a meaningful once over, "Trust me, killing isn't one of them." I added, smirking. She blushed. My favourite past time from now on could so easily be disconcerting her. I wondered how she'd react if I opened the fly of my jeans the first chance I got and pumped my cock in my fist, all in front of her. I'm sure she'd squeak and squeal in that annoying school-girl way. The thought had me grinning internally.

"I guess... we could talk, but—hey!" I walked and dragged her with me. She wide-eyed trailed behind me, stumbling a number of times. Crossing the threshold with her in tow, I gripped her hand firmly. Taylor had parked the SUV in the nearby alley, on the back of the coffee shop. I reached my car while she appeared miffed in indignation, blowing a wayward wisp out of her flushed cheek.

Taylor awaited us there. He eyed Miss Steele with a concerned frown on his face. Upon noticing him beside the car, Miss Steele's gaze averted from me yet again as she shyly waved her hand at him with a amiably soft "hi".

Taylor brows shot up on his forehead but he inclined his head, humbly acknowledging her. I outright shot them both a dour scowl which she blatantly disregarded. But when Taylor saw my expression, he transformed his face into a circumspectly blank mask. I took on a curt expression and instructed him to remain outside of the car until I directed him otherwise, additionally suggesting to buy himself a coffee and relax. He nodded in acquiescence and took off.

Without further ado, I pulled open the back door of the SUV, shuffled Miss Steele inside and then let myself follow her suit, eventually settling down beside her.

Having send Taylor away, I turned towards Miss Steele, giving her a quick once-over. She was looking around the interior of the car with wide eyes. Feeling the heat of my gaze, her alluring orbs met mine.

At my steady perusal, she inconspicuously smoothed her jacket, trying to give off the impression of impersonality, failing miserably. She however, appeared more like a freshman trying to play corporate in her jean-clad limbs and unsuspecting visage. After a while had passed, and I did nothing but quietly stare at her. She grew impatient and finally asked in low tones amidst the heady privacy of the vehicle, "What do you want?"

"Haven't you guessed?" I enquired softly, my voice pitched low in an intimate tone, my gaze roving over her face and neck, refusing to look elsewhere.

"I... I would like it if you'd stop talking in riddles with me." One side of my lip tilted up at that.

"Okay." I shrugged and got to the point, "Was that your boyfriend?"

She immediately eyed me, "Why do you care?"

"That's not the answer."

"He... he was..." She trailed off.

"Your boyfriend?" She nodded, "I see." Motherfuckingcocksuckersonofabitch was her boyfriend—ex-boyfriend, nonetheless I had witnessed how he didn't want to leave her and he must have seen her in the throes of passion. That was enough for my brain to lose logic and hate him, fucking loathe him. I had no idea why I was feeling so territorial. I, however, made sure to appear calm outwardly.

"What did you want to discuss. What did you want me to know?" She asked.

"A lot of things."

"Now's a good time to start then."

I sighed, giving her a heated look, my voice turning husky, "You're very... beautiful, Miss Steele."

She looked at me with a start, "W-what?"

"So very alluring..." I whispered as though under a black spell. Taken aback, she stumbled over her words but nothing intelligible left her mouth. After a few seconds when her shock wore off and she had somewhat gathered her wits, she probed guardedly, "uh, thanks... you wanted me to know... that?"

"Yes. You're undoubtedly the most... appealing woman I've ever met."

"Appealing? Me?" She mumbled, suddenly looking lost, short on words. A mortified blush rose up her neck, travelling towards her cheeks, "I... I-I'm flattered," she said shyly, "I-I don't even know what to say. And about that affliction of yours?"

"Yes. You. You're my affliction."

"Me?" She sounded shell shocked.

"Hmn." I hummed, eyeing the low dip of her neckline and the skin that promised to be as smooth as silk. I had the sudden urge to savour the texture of her skin on the tips of my fingers, "Your skin looks really soft. Mind if I touch it?"

She gulped, "Umm... If you must..." then trailed off unsure.

Not conscious of my actions, I reverently picked up her wrist and softly caressed it with my finger, tracing a C on her flesh. Her breathing slowly picked up. I stroked the blue vein that peered from the fine translucent skin. "Hmn, it is indeed as smooth as it looks."

"Mr. Grey...?" I heard a hesitant call. I jostled out of whatever trance I was under. It was like she had woken me up from a daze that I'd been put under. What the fuck was she doing to me? If this effect she had over me was any indication and if I had a shred of self-preservation, I would get the hell out of dodge while I still could. I could leave her behind this very moment and never look back. I could, right? Of course I could!

Though all contemplations flew out the window when she tugged her wrist. I reflexively tightened my grip as an example of the extension of my thoughts. Looking at her, she was so small and defenceless, deliciously feminine. The familiar instinctive response once again started rising inside me. I tried to be as truthful as I could, "You arouse my hunting instincts."

"I-I what?"

"My hunting instincts. You arouse them. There's just something about you—"

"You... you have hunting instincts?"

"Every man does Miss Steele."

"Oh! Again, I... I don't know what to say. It must be, uh, very un—uncomfortable." I looked at her to see if she was having fun at my expense. Her brows were furrowed. Interesting. Was she truly that naive or was that merely a pretense? Apparently she wasn't jesting. How tragic.

"Extremely uncomfortable. I'm afraid only you can aid me."

At that, she pursed her lips and slightly raised her brow in suspicion, bringing back the prissiness, "Does this approach usually work for you?"

Gentility was foreign to me. So I was beginning to feel out of my element and lose my focus. This sarcasm, I could easily deal with. It hauled me right out of the awkward zone. I rest back sensing a pointed stare, getting cosy and gave her a lopsided smirk, "Can't say I've cornered a woman in a coffee shop or a car before." The disbelieving snort she interrupted me along with a roll of her eyes widened my smile.

"Why me?"

"I don't know." I shrugged.

She crossed, then uncrossed her legs, swept her hair behind her ear, clasped both her hands together, as though readying herself, "If that's all—"

"No!" I leaned closer to her, "No." I repeated.

She imperceptibly drew back. I hooked my hand behind her neck and instantly jerked her near, crushing her soft breast against my torso.

"W-what are you..." Cutting her off, I took a hold of both her hands so she wouldn't be able to touch my chest and ever so gently, kissed her close lipped mouth. She sat rigid as though her nerves were taking their sweet time to deliver the report on the happenings of her body to her brain. I kissed her harder, leaving a trail of slow ghost kisses on her upper lip, next the lower lip, then a light little nibble to coax her to open her mouth and grant me entry. I knew I could play a softy. Her little mewl was instinctive when she conceived my actions. Slowly, she melted as I kept on tasting her sweet lips.

At last, her mouth opened hesitantly, quite uncertain and returned my kiss. Her shy little tongue met mine. Slowly gaining confidence, she relaxed, her tongue submitting to my authoritative one. I plundered her mouth, tracing all the delicious ridges and valleys.

The kiss was warm, wet, all consuming... intimate, baffling. Her inexperience was evident from her unsure probing. She wasn't a seasoned kisser, well neither was I, but I rather made up for it by being a seasoned fucker.

Her torso femininely stretched against mine, making me growl in desire. Not aware of her actions, she pushed her ample breasts against my chest—it was a good thing I was holding her hands and that mouth—that delectable, plump, sweeter than honey mouth—synchronized with mine. So soft and sweet. I peppered kisses over the corner of her lips.

She ran her tongue over her lips, her eyes sultry, our breaths mingling together. "I taste like you." She murmured against my mouth.

"Good." I snapped curtly, inside and out. My hand on the nape of her neck fisted her hair, jerking her head back. I instantly caught that tongue in my mouth. Startled because of the change of the nature of our kiss, she lightly squeaked and tried to move her arms, but realized a little too late that they were of no use since I was holding both her wrists captive in one of my hands, cruelly disregarding her objection.

I felt it. A thread from which my lucidity hung, it grew weaker. My brain suddenly started to lose all sense of right and wrong. The exploration of my mouth turning rougher minute by minute, causing her to heave for oxygen. I fought for breath likewise I tried fighting for sanity. Caging her, I completely dwarfed her by my size. The force of my mouth now positively bruising, for both of us, especially her. I was blatantly dominating our kiss. Kissing her the way I'd fuck her. Fuck her raw. Fuck her until she wouldn't be able to stand. I wanted to rip her clothes off of her, eliminating all barriers.

I ground my teeth, never knowing where—why—it all suddenly went downhill.

On a whim, I pushed the silky tresses off her shoulder, leaving a reprimanding nibble there; reprimanding for what, I didn't know. The temptation was turning out to be too much. I was becoming greedy. Some sort of frenzy took over my mind and body. Putting my teeth onto her neck, I bit down onto the soft flesh. Her dazed eyes suddenly popped open and a scream tumbled out of her lips. I muffled it by placing my hand over her mouth. Every resistance from her side made me want her more, made me want to claim her, show her her fucking place.

"What did you do—y-you're a brute!" She whimpered, sniffling, a tear rolled down from the corner of her eye, making a path down her neck.

I held her hands tighter, and leaned forward to capture the crystalline tear on my tongue, "Your neck is a piece of art, I wanted to bite it the moment I first saw you. These perfect little collarbones were a blatant temptation." I looked at the indentures of my teeth on her neck, now red, angry and raw, "This will remind you of me until it lasts out." And then I'd leave something else on her body to remind her of me.