There she was, all creamy-skinned, a sight for sore eyes. Her hair fell over her lower back in luscious shiny waves. I stood at the threshold, one elbow poised over the door-jamb and smirked indulgently as she removed her graduation gown and cap, fixing herself up, adorning a plum-coloured sheath ensemble. Her dress looked like it was painted on her body by Da Vinci himself, hugging in all the right places. A slight side pose showed the curve of one ample breast. The outfit hinted at demure and carried a business-like impression, with plum coloured strappy heels that accentuated the sensual curve of her feet. My eyes zeroed in on her cute little light-pink painted toes. I felt a tingle shot through my abdomen. I'd prefer to continue with the undressing she had started, and leave her with nothing on.

I felt an echo of something inside me rebelling against my control—yet again, the beast and some dark buried need struggling to emerge at the sight, ready to wreck mutiny over my sanity. I didn't know how or where to proceed with her, torn between wanting to lick her creamy skin and giving her hickies all over her body.

Hickies? I never fucking gave hickies!

What would her skin truly taste like? When it was freshly washed and when it was slightly damp with perspiration. The cursed word taste didn't fail to remind me of her sweet mouth. I sure as hell would like a go at that again!

What to say to her?

How to start conversing with her?

Should I talk about the weather?

Or congratulate her about her degree?

Praise! Somewhere a bell rang in my mind.

I should probably start with flattering her.

I'd seen Elliot gain countless things by praising women—or getting away with them in mom's case.

Looking at her pale smooth legs, the back of her slender calves and tender looking tendons behind her knees, I opened my lips to greet her yet what came out of my mouth was, "I never thought I'd consider cannibalism before you." I mumbled, my mouth having a will of its own. Immediately clinching my eyes shut in regret, I grimaced, resisting the urge to face-palm. Where did that come from? The words had come tumbling out of my lips before I had the chance to sensor my thoughts little less my mouth.

Shit, Grey! Seriously… Bloody cannibalism? That was what I really said to a girl I was trying to flatter? This wasn't remotely flattering. All I was doing was a pretty good job at spooking the absolute shit out of her.

If I kept that up, getting charged for stalking would be the least of my worries.

Startled at my sudden appearance and brash statement, Anastasia spun around squeaking. Her midnight blue eyes were incredulously widened on her heart shaped face, cheeks suddenly flushing like she was on the verge of hyperventilation.

Upon seeing my person, she exhaled a sigh of relief, "Oh M-Mr. Grey. It's you!" She stammered, still a little spooked. "Sneaking up on me like that. A warning would've been greatly appreciated. You almost scared me to death!"

"Did I?" I drawled, "My apologies." Without an ounce of an apologetic hint. Relieved at the same time that she oversaw my carelessly spewed words.

"You're here."

"I am."

"Are you stalking me?" She quipped.

"Don't flatter yourself."

She rolled her eyes at that, then haughtily turned around, completely disregarding my presence and started folding her graduation gown.

"Don't roll your eyes at me." I became peeved at her casual disregard of my person.

She gave me a strange look over her shoulder. Upon noticing my taut visage, she huffed and rolled her eyes again.

Huh, What in the...?

As though she hadn't just disrespected me, she chirped before I could ready myself to utter another reprimand.

"You know, actually, I'm glad that I'm able to see you today. I was trying to get a hold of you, meet you, but your PR people would't even let me talk to you!" She delicately scrunched her small nose in annoyance because seemingly what my PR people did was quite strange and offensive on her tender sentiments.

I slowly raised my brow.

Dear Miss Oblivious that was the sole reason PR people were kept around for. Granted I didn't act far-sighted enough to catch on to the fact that she'd try to get in touch with me through them, but how they handled her wasn't something unheard of. Actually now that I remembered they were quite a ruthless bunch.

They were justifiable to refuse her and she was off sulking over it?

So little Miss Steele was actually quite spoiled at heart.

"Really? They did that to you? The nerve!" I smirked, indulging the unworldly brat.

She pursed her lips in a thoughtful way, "Yeah! Even though I insisted and swore that I wasn't some crazy psycho or a stalker." Oh she told them, now did she? Well according to them, every stalker proclaimed of the same thing.

Though they didn't know, this time, I was the one guilty of stalking.

"I just needed to talk to you or meet you for once! I mean just because you're a hot-shot doesn't make you a big deal or inhuman or anything." She looked to be in deep thought when she amended, "Okay maybe it does, but it doesn't mean that my time isn't precious like yours is, okay? Even if I'm not as important as you are, I'm actually quite busy most of the time. I don't understand why people lack humility nowadays?" There she went rambling again. Her natural pout unknowingly intensifying in indignation. She was just short of stamping one heeled li'l foot as she kept on prattling. "All I wanted was to return your gifts. It's not like I can accept your stuff just like that!" My stuff? Did I just smell an innuendo?

She was over-indulgent. If she didn't get her way, she reacted like an unruly child. Period. I'd have to keep an eye on this one. She didn't seem like one to compromise over just a dick. She'd rather try to swallow me whole. It was my responsibility to make sure I only sank myself balls deep. She'd proven again and again how infuriatingly difficult she could be. My lack of knowledge about how to woo a woman(for a fuck) or lack thereof wasn't exactly a plus point either.

Sensing my amused stare, she realized she had been rambling incessantly and blushed.

Now that I thought about it, she always blushed a lot. I'd never seen a woman blush that much before. In fact, beautiful women were either over-confident or sometimes even bordering on extremely cocky.

But she blushed as though she was feverish or an eighteenth century chaste virgin—the latter being preposterous, of-course. I shuddered at the stupid notion—because why would someone want to fuck a virgin anyways? As far as I'd heard, they were clingy. Actually why would someone want to remain a virgin? And why was I pondering over virgins?

Whatever the answer, it was inconsequential.

"So where do you want me to drop off your generous atrocities." She questioned, completely forgetting her initial dilemma and delving into another.

What? Atrocities? What I gave her were generous atrocities?

"You want to return my gifts?" I asked, now at a loss for words.

"Yes, I would very much like to." she gave a one shouldered shrug.

But... "Why?"

"They make me feel... uncomfortable, to put it mildly. Can I drop them back to... umm... your place... but since I'd hate to intrude... I wouldn't mind sending them to some other place?"

Who did she thought I was? I swallowed down my simmering rage and narrowed my eyes, "Out of the question. They're yours to do with as you please. Throw them away for all I care, but I won't be taking anything back."

She opened then closed her mouth but finally settled on narrowing her eyes in return, putting one hand on her hip—her defensive posture. "Seriously? I can't throw anything away just like that. This morning, even this morning, you sent me a dress. A Gucci dress no less! This is insane! How long do you plan to keep this tirade up?" As long as you hold my interest Miss Steele.

"As long as it pleases me." I replied coupled with an arch of a brow.

Her counter expression were priceless. She fixed me with a glare before minutely getting that mischievous glint in her eyes. Gloating, she added, "Fine, I'll give it to someone else then!"

"You'll give my presents to someone else? Even though that stings, I still won't be taking anything back." I gave a low triumphant chuckle.

At last, she sighed with resignation holding her forehead with her index finger and thumb, "Remind me again, why are you doing all of this?"

"Because it amuses me." I shrugged earning another priceless expression.

"Last time I checked, I was not around for the sole purpose of your amusement!"

I leaned forward for a moment and tauntingly tapped her on her nose, knowing the gesture would annoy her, "But that can be arranged, right?"

"Listen to me you—you... Mr. Grey. First you insulted me in your office then you bullied me and after that you kissed me!? Then immediately dropped me off at my place like I had a bad case of cooties," Cooties? I chuckled again. Couldn't she have come up with a better word? "—then you start sending me gifts out of the blue. I'm not a charity case and I sure as hell am not a pushover. What I want and what I accept is my choice and you can't take away my will. And if I ever received another extravagant gift from your side, I swear to God I will—"

I suddenly invaded her personal space, yet again, "Is that a threat Miss Steele? Because I sense meaningless menace spewing out of that sweet little harmless mouth of yours. But that's all right. I'll enjoy changing your mind."

She scowled, "I'm not sweet! And I'm not harmless either!"

"My mistake. You're right. You're extremely dangerous. Just in a different sense."

At that, she looked at me, confused. I added softly, "Are you truly that naive?"

As her soft mouth parted and my predatory gaze intensified, her breath hitched. The air suddenly became thick with something potent. She took a step back instinctively. I followed suit taking a step forward.

I was enjoying this game more than I should have. I was liking her scared and unsure, and just like that, I became conscious of the fact that the monster in me was about to get loose again. Damn! What I wouldn't give to whip her hard and fuck her into submission. To have at least a day with her where I could get an unbridled access.

I hoped she wouldn't mind much, but I wanted to do it even if she did mind, realization dawned. I would try to make it enjoyable for her too, but my pleasure would always come first, of course.

"Am I bothering you Miss Steele?"

"I'm not bothered. Not by you."

"No?" I raised my brow.

"What do you want from me?" Sensing the suddenly tension-filled atmosphere, she asked softly taking another step back.

"You always keep asking me that, so very wary of my intentions, are you?" My smirk turned feral, matching her steps forward, I growled, "I want everything, but firstly another taste."

"I-I can guess you're not planning to leave me alone?" A step back with a shiver. Was that anticipation that I saw in her eyes?

"Bulls eye!" A step forward.

"Why? You're not in love with me or something, are you?" She stopped backtracking having felt a wall behind her back and carefully peeked at me through her lashes in that cursed vixen way of hers.

I couldn't stop the laugh that suddenly tumbled out of my throat. She was naive. Too naive for her own good. I'd known women, interacted with them, dominated them the better half of my life and they weren't able to coax one romantic and lovable reaction out of me. Why would this little woman think that I would love her? Granted she'd managed to make me feel more emotions than the entire platoon of women had been able to in my entire lifetime. Though I decided not to dwell on this disturbing piece of information.

"This just confirmed Miss Steele, how naive you truly are. And how much you know nothing about me."

This time instead of shrinking back, she tentatively drew closer, her hips swaying with natural sensuality. She whispered, "I know more than you think me capable of."

"I would love to find out what you're capable of." I added.

"Would you now Mr. Grey?" Her lips pursed.

"I'm sure I have you figured out."

"I beg to differ." She was drawing closer. So close that her warm breath hit my ear making me inhale sharply.

"What can I say. I love making you beg Miss Steele."