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Hazard of Hatred


Chapter 1: Runaway Tamer

"Takato, you've gotta get off that train!", echoed the voice of Mitsou Yamaki, the leader of a secret organization that took care of Digimon intruding the real world, from the phone's speakers. I still can't believe we're working with him again... After all, long ago, he tried to delete our Digimon. I have forgiven him for that... I think I was the first one to do so. But he really tried to help. He did help against D-Reaper...

"Don't worry, we're fine.", I reassured him, glancing towards the yellow kitsune to my left. Renamon, the Digimon partner of the girl I considered to be my closest friend aside Henry, had a sceptical expression on her rather emotionless face. I guess I had too... After all, Rika had just left the passenger car we where in and had entered the locomon.

Okay, so maybe I should explain how it all came to this.

About two years ago, back when I believed that Digimon was still just a card game and a show on TV, I spent my days dreaming of having an own Digimon to play with. Bored as I was, I made up my own Digimon and scribbled it down on a small notebook. And that was where it got weird. My card reader decided to pull the little sketch through itself the same night, began to act all weird and... Well, it changed to become a digivice. It didn't look like those that the kids had on the show, but it was definitely a digivice... Later on, we would refer to it as "D-Power".

I had a strange dream the same night, a dream in which I saw a redhaired girl and a yellow fox Digimon fighting against another Digimon... This girl was Rika, and I met her a while after that dream. As I awoke from that dream, still in the middle of the night, I found that D-Power. A red arrow was visible on an open map of Shinjuku, and curiosity got the better of me... I decided to check it out, despite it being in the middle of the night.

The D-Power led me into an abandoned factory area, where I would arrive just in time to see my very own Digimon becoming reality... Guilmon had become real. Very real. And it wasn't the only Digimon. Over the course of the next days, I met Henry and Terriermon, began my rivalry with Rika Nonaka and Renamon... And met Mr. Yamaki, who was my enemy at that time, trying to delete all Digimon.

A series of events unfolded from there on... The twelve deva, incredibly strong ultimate-level Digimon that were sent by their "god" into our world. We ended up defeating several of these, Rika joining us after finally understanding that Digimon weren't just data and meant to fight. A few of my friends got their own Digimon as well, but looking back, it was always Henry, Rika and I who fought against the most Digimon. Mostly because we were the strongest of us.

Mr. Yamaki eventually had a change of heart and began to work with us, respecting our decision to go into the digital world to rescue Calumon, a white Digimon that would later turn out to be the so-called "light of digivolution", an essence allowing Digimon to evolve.

Lots of things happened in the digital world, things I sometimes just want to forget... Especially that certain day when I turned Guilmon into... Into Megidramon, a manifestation of my hatred and rage for Impmon, who had killed Leomon, Jeri's partner. In the end, that event allowed us the most important thing up to this day: The ability to biomerge, to become one with our digimon partner.

I still don't understand how that is possible, or how it allowed our partners to digivolve to Ultimate. It worked, and that was all that I needed to know. We needed it almost right after the Megidramon event.

We met Zuqiahomon, the "god" of the deva's, an incredibly powerful Digimon that was one of the "four sovereigns", Digimon watching over the digital world. He revealed the real enemy to us: D-Reaper, a mutated program that had been meant to destroy unnecessary data. This thing had turned into a crazy goo that wanted to delete everything.

It invaded the real world and kidnapped Jeri, we followed it back into our world, and defeated it there with the help of Impmon, who had returned to our side, but at a terrible cost: Our Digimon had to go back into the digital world. I thought I had lost everything back then... But that was only until I found a new gateway into the digital world. And not long after this, we finally were reunited with our Digimon.

That was the story from back then... It was the basis for what happened today.

It should've been one of greatest days ever... I mean, it was Rika's birthday. We had prepared a surprise party and all, even though I actually accidentally told Rika. She wasn't exactly happy about it. She had always been a little more distant and cold around others... At some point, she had revealed to me that it had been her father's fault. He had left her and her mother when Rika was still young. And that had left Rika with the impression that emotions only hurt. Getting too attached would only mean more pain.

I can't understand that. I don't think I should. My parents had always been there for me, so I cannot possibly understand Rika... But I always try to. She's my friend, and I don't want her to feel like that. It hurts me as well.

This birthday was meant for her to forget things and just be happy... But then, Locomon showed up and began to run amok. Being who we were, the Digimon Tamers, it was obvious we tried to do something about it... Each on his own. Rika was the first one to get onto the train with Renamon, I followed but was seperated from Guilmon. And that was how we ended up here, in the passenger car right behind Locomon...

"You're taking an unnecessary risk!", bellowed Mr. Yamaki, but I just sighed. The sound of a door opening caught my attention, and I turned to face Rika. "We'll make it. If it comes down to it, we can always hook off the passenger cars.", I told Mr. Yamaki and ended the call before he could say anything else. We may work with him and trust him, but I still don't like his ways. He doesn't understand this...

"Everything is under control.", I smiled at Rika, "All we have to do is to get off this train before it hits downton. Piece of cake, right?" Rika didn't reply, something that confused me immediately and set off some kind of alarm in me. No witty reply from the ever so sarcastic Rika wasn't normal... And her blank stare wasn't as well.

"Rika?", asked Renamon immediately, apparently feeling the same thing I felt. This time, Rika did react. She began to approach us, carrying this large wrench that should've been way too heavy for her to lift with one hand, her blank stare drilling into us as she never blinked once. Something wasn't right at all!

"Hey, are you ok...!" I never got further, instead ducked as Rika suddenly swung the wrench into my direction with merely one hand. The large metal object rushed past my head at speed which made me wonder how I avoided it so fast or how I even knew that she was going to hit me with it.

Renamon had jumped away, leaving me to avoid the second swing as well. I stumbled past Rika, slipped and fell onto one of the seats, then rolled off it just before the wrench hit it, actually slicing through it like a hot knife through butter.

The kitsune Digimon landed in between me and Rika in a crouched position. "Stay back. It's not her...", spoke Renamon in her almost emotionless manner, even though I heard caution inside it this time. So Renamon was alerted as well...

"Trying to interfere is useless...", whispered Rika, her voice as emotionless as her eyes, "I want to sing." I frowned, shocked and surprised at the same time, confused. Rika wanted to sing? Why would she want to do that...?!

"What?!", I gasped, hoping that she'd explain... But instead, Rika merely swung the wrench. Renamon gasped and rose to her feet, tried to catch the nearing wrench. And I could just watch in sheer horror as the large metal wrench hit Renamon with enough power for her to be ripped off her feet.

She flew over my head, hit the window above me and actually crashed through it, shards flying everywhere. "Renamon!", I shouted and dove past Rika. She twirled around and almost hit my head, but I ducked at the very last second and avoided it.

And from then on, I was sure that there was something wrong with me as well. Rika had this sudden strength and was behaving weird... And I could move faster than I should, my reflexes kicking in whenever she was moving. How and why?!

I fell into a sprint, splintering wood flying everywhere as Rika began to fall in some kind of rage, destroying the seats and everything around her, leaving large dents in the ground and the walls whenever the wrench impacted somewhere.

My back hit the door as I turned towards Rika. "Maybe I can get through to her somehow!", I thought as my left hand found it's way to the handle. Just in case. "Here's an idea! You put that down, and I sing with you!", I shouted as Rika approached me. But that blank look just didn't want to leave her face.

I ripped the door open and stumbled out of the passenger car, slipped and fell forward just as the wrench rushed over my head. I almost fell off the train, quickly rolled back onto it, wind brushing past my face. The train had picked up speed again. It was moving way too fast!

Rika swung the wrench anew and it missed me, but it hit the door and actually broke off the handle. "Oh nuts...!", I muttered as I saw that I couldn't enter the next passenger car. This forced me to take the only other way out: Climbing on top of it. Turning around quickly, I grabbed the ladder and began to ascend it, the wrench missing my right foot by a mere inch.

"Just what is wrong with Rika?! It all started when she entered Locomon!", shot through my head as I reached the top of the passenger car and quickly crawled forwards, turning my head around just in time to see Rika actually jumping onto the car... Or was she flying?! Either way, she hadn't used the ladder, that for sure!

She stared at me with those blank eyes, as her feet sat down onto the passenger car. I heard Rika's cellphone ringing in my pocket, but it was certainly not the time to answer any kind of call... It was probably just Yamaki anyway, complaining about us still being on the train. That wouldn't change anywhere in the future, since I was pretty sure that Rika was not agreeing to go.

All of sudden, an explosion occured to my right, shaking the whole train as part of the roof just exploded. "Takatomon!", shouted Guilmon, and as the smoke cleared, I could see him in the passenger car just beneath me. "Peek-a-boo, I see you!", exclaimed the red dragon in his usual childish way. "Guilmon!", I gasped in relief. With him here, I wasn't all alone against Rika... Or whoever and whatever she was.

I learned that the very second. Some kind of purple, spider-like legs became visible on Rika's back after Guilmon's attack, some of them holding onto Rika while others just hung in the air. "Oh, I knew she was a spider queen!", exclaimed someone, and I turned to look to my left. A yellow train was moving right next to us, Guardromon pushing it. Inside the train where Henry, Kazu and Kenty along with Terriermon and Marineangemon. And Renamon. Relief washed over me as I saw the kitsune... So she was alright!

"Parasimon... A parasite digimon. Why in the world is it here?!", I heard Henry growl, finally revealing the real enemy. That thing was controlling Rika! "Ask his brother!", shouted Terriermon, and as I dared to look past Rika, I found a gigantic Parasimon sitting on top of Locomon. He was controlled as well! "I've gotta keep on running!", echoed the crazy train's voice as I rose to my feet, ignoring him straight away.

Anger was building up within me. Anger I remembered to have felt back when Beelzemon had killed Leomon. I knew better than to feel it, had sworn myself to never feel that rage again... But it was there. And it just refused to stay within me. "You leave my friend alone!", I bellowed and balled my fists. And that was when I saw Guilmon climbing onto the passenger car behind Rika.

"Pyro Blaster!", shouted Guilmon, much to my horror. The fireball burst forth from his mouth and sailed right at Rika's back... And hit it. She screamed in a distorted voice as the smoke enveloped her, but the distortion was quickly leaving... And once the smoke had, I found that Rika was nowhere in sight. But her hand was.

Rika was hanging at the side of the train. At the same time, Guilmon and I dashed towards her. I fell onto my knees and grabbed Rika's wrist just as she let go of the train, and I felt Guilmon grabbing my waist, preventing me from falling off the train along with Rika.

From what I could see, Rika was okay. Guilmon's attack hadn't hurt her at all, her back was alright and Parasimon was gone... Guilmon must have aimed pretty well to only hit that disgusting Digimon. "Takato!", gasped the redhead as soon as she noticed that I was holding her.

"Locomon... digivolve to... GranLocomon!"

As if things hadn't already been bad enough, the voice that echoed through the air confirmed that our ride had just digivolved into a mega. Our speed had increased again, and Rika was slowly slipping from my grip... But I couldn't allow that! I wouldn't abandon her!

"You've gotta hang on!", I shouted. "Let me go! If you don't, we both will...!" The sudden anger flooded me anew as I heard Rika's words, and I cut her off right there. "Don't say that!", I hissed, "What has happened to you?! The Rika I know would never give up this easily! All we have to do is work together... We can make it, Rika!" The redhead shut up and stared in shock at me, not only because I had just dared to talk back, but because my grip had increased, my strength back all of sudden. "Just what is happening to me...?!"

The window just behind Rika opened up all of sudden and Renamon came into view. "Thank god, Renamon!", I thought as the kitsune Digimon leaned out of the window. "Missed me?", she asked as she leaned further out and grabbed Rika. With Renamon holding her, I let go off Rika's wrist and allowed Guilmon to pull me up... Just as the train shook all of sudden. Turning my head around, I stared in shock as GranLocomon began to become smaller.

"He detached the cars!", I gasped, not knowing that Rika said the same thing just bellow me. Guilmon and I both charged towards the end of the roof, my mind set on following the train. We could not allow it to escape like that!

I reached the end of the passenger car and looked down, saw those green tentacles I had seen before. They belonged to Parasimon. And they were holding... "RIKA!", I gasped as I saw how those things dragged her into the next passenger car. The anger flared up again and I jumped before I knew what I had done... And to my surprise, actually landed on the next passenger car, despite the wind that should've pulled me off the train. "Something is definitely wrong with me...! This speed, the reflexes... Am I being controlled, too?!"

I couldn't really concentrate on that, though... I had to save Rika! I dashed over the next roof, Guilmon right behind me. Once the end of that passenger car came, I jumped off it and landed on the next, the second one. "You ready, Guilmon?!", I asked the dragon Digimon and glanced over my shoulder, only to find that Guilmon's eyes had become slits. He was in his viral mode. "I'm ready...!", replied the dragon, all childishness gone from his voice. He was no longer Guilmon. He was that beast again. The same beast that Megidramon was.

But this was for Rika... And for Rika, I couldn't care less if he was going to become Megidramon again. Her birthday was already ruined. And I was not going to let some freaky Digimon to do something to her!

I jumped down from the passenger car and landed in front of the first one, the one that had formerly been attached to Locomon. Guilmon jumped over my head and landed on the roof of the passenger car, dashed over it as I dashed through the passenger car. At the same time, we both reached the end of the passenger car and jumped off it. "Biomerge activate!", I bellowed, prepared to become one with Guilmon... When the big Parasimon's mouth opened and unleashed a purple flame.

Guilmon's cry echoed through the air as he was hit by it. "Guilmon!", I shouted. "Oh nuts! I'm going to hit the ground and get rolled over by the passenger cars!", shot through my head as I saw the ground just beneath me... And one of Parasimon's tentacles.

Somehow, I managed to land on it. My arms and legs curled around it and I heard Parasimon complain, but I refused to let go, even as the tentacles swung me around like mad. At least until it slammed me into the side of the coal wagon. For some strange reason, I barely felt any pain as my back impacted with the solid steel, even though it was enough for me to let go.

My hands quickly found something else to hold on, a thin pipe at the end of the coal wagon. I pulled myself up until I stood on top of the coal wagon. "How did I just do that...?!", echoed through my head. My breath was quick, I was panting, the pain in my back was incredible... And yet I stood. Yet I stood on top of the coal wagon and faced Parasimon, who was holding Rika.

She was staring at me in shock, her beautiful, violet eyes asking the same question I was asking myself... How had I just done that? "Let her go!", I roared as I shifted in position, the coal crunching beneath my feet. "Takato!", shouted Rika, obviously concerned about my sanity. I mean, I was going to fight against a Digimon on my own!

My eyes shifted around as I desperately tried to find some kind of weapon... And I found what Rika had used before. A large wrench. It wasn't the same one, this one was just as large but was covered in rust. And yet it was the only weapon I had. My hands laid around the cool steel and I yanked the wrench out of it's fastening. "It isn't as heavy as I thought it would be... Or is this because of this weird thing happening to me?"

"You want her?! Come and get her!", yelled Parasimon and the tentacles shot into my direction. I avoided them and swung the wrench, which actually cut through them. I moved further to Parasimon, approached him and swung the wrench to fend of the tentacles that tried to get me. And then, Parasimon was in reach.

One of the tentacles curled around the wrench and tried to pull it out of my hands, but I let go before and charged past the tentacles towards Parasimon, rose my right hand and balled it into a fist. This seemed to foolish, and yet something was controlling me.

My anger was controlling me.

My fist swung forwards... And hit Parasimon's eye. "ARGH!"

The parasite Digimon roared out in pain and it's eye began to swirl around, not once focusing on something. The tentacles let go of what they held, the wrench dropped onto the coal wagon, only slide off it, hitting the ground aside the rails. At the same time, Rika fell onto the coal wagon and gasped. I moved a few steps back, pulled Rika to her feet, but immediately pushed her behind me.

"Are you alright?!", I asked her as I glanced over my left shoulder at her. "I am now...", she admitted with a small but confused smile, and I turned back to Parasimon. "What is going on, Takato...? How did you...?!" "I don't know.", I replied as I cut her off, growled to myself.

That very moment, the distinctive noise of Renamon's arrival reached my ears, and upon turning around, I found Renamon carrying Guilmon. She looked anything but amused, the dragon Digimon a little heavy to carry, but she seemed okay. Renamon seemed to be confused as well, her eyes moving up and down on me, as if to find an answer as to how I had saved Rika without Guilmon, but I just looked back at her and sighed. "Guilmon!" "Yes, Takatomon!" "Biomerge activate!", I shouted, and the world around me became black.

Immediately, I felt how my body became one with that of Guilmon. The warm sensation of merging with Guilmon rushed through me as I heard Guilmon calling out: "Guilmon... biomerge to... Gallantmon!"

As my sight returned, I was flying in an orange orb in the middle of a black nothing, and I could see what Gallantmon could see. I was once again Gallantmon. "That doesn't matter! My work is almost done! Let's have some fuuuun!", echoed the disgusting voice of the even more disgusting Parasimon as a large mouth on the back of it moved.

And as I, Gallantmon, charged towards him, ready to kill him once and for all for all that he had done to Rika, a rope-like thing shot out of it's mouth and right into the large digital zone in the sky. And as my lance impaled Parasimon, the real chaos started.

The Parasimon burst apart into data, and I finally felt my anger calm down, I had carried out my revenge.

I closed my eyes for a second, let relief wash over me... And as I opened my eyes again, thousands of Parasimon were falling out of the sky, raining down on the city. And my anger flared up again as I realized that Parasimon had used us all along. That he had deceived us all along. He had used Locomon to create a digital zone so he could call his friends over, for the lack of a better description.

"It's time to end this... Right guys?", I asked through Gallantmon. "Right! Let's do it!", replied Rika and Henry at the same time. And as I jumped off GranLocomon, Renamon and Rika became Sakuyamon, and Henry and Terriermon became Megagargomon.

I landed on top of the gigantic robot bunny right after Sakuyamon, and the three of us stared at the chaos that Parasimon had unleashed. "Alright! Let's show him how we do things downtown!", echoed Henry's voice out of Megagargomon. "You said it Henry!", followed Terriermon's voice as the rockets on Megagargomon's back came alive, carrying us towards the digital zone.

And even before Megagargomon landed, I jumped off him, my rage turning into impatience. The lance of Gallantmon cut into one Parasimon and it burst apart into some disgusting green liquid. "Surprise!", I bellowed and twirled around, impaled yet another Parasimon, but Gallantmon's eyes rested on Sakuyamon. "She's not moving as fast as usual... Rika is still shaken up.", I analyzed. "What do you mean, Takatomon?", asked Guilmon.

"Gargo Missile!"

I heard Megagargomon's weapons coming alive, looked up to the gigantic robot as it's body transformed and revealed several barrels. Rockets burst forth and dashed into the sky, explosions in the blue heaven revealing whenever a Parasimon was hit. And it were way too many. "Just how many are there...?!", I shouted as I saw more Parasimon coming through, even though that Megagargomon was doing his best.

"Gah! So many! And they just keep coming!", hissed Sakuyamon as she swung her staff and cut through several tentacles. And completely missed the Parasimon approaching her from behind. "Rika!", I screamed and willed Gallantmon to turn away from three Parasimon.

I charged towards Sakuyamon and slashed through the Parasimon, then pushed Gallantmon's back against that of Sakuyamon. "Thanks.", came the curt reply. "Sakuyamon is too distracted to fight at her full power... It must be Rika. Just what did Parasimon do to her?! What did he make her see? She said something about singing...!", I growled to myself inside Gallantmon. "What do you mean, Takatomon?", asked Guilmon anew.

"Guilmon... We need to keep an eye of Sakuyamon. We need to protect her, no matter what! Promise me that!", I hissed. "Got it, Takatomon!" Gallantmon slashed through another Parasimon, then turned around and slammed his shield into the Parasimon that Sakuyamon had been fighting. "We need to stop them somehow...! There are too many for us three!", roared Megagargomon as he pointed his arms down the street and shot several green bullets, eliminating a whole street of Parasimon. Out of the three of us, he was easily doing the most damage.

"You mean four!", shouted another voice, a voice that send cold chills down my back. Sometimes, I hated him just as much as Rika did. Turning to look towards the digital zone, I found a fast, silver light moving down and over the ground, before it flew up in front of Megagargomon and landed on his shoulder. It was Justimon, the biomerged form of Ryo Akiyama and Cyerbdramon. "How's it going, guys?", he shouted.

"Justimon!", gasped Megagargomon. "No time for that crap, Ryo!", I hissed. But he ignored me. "Princess.", his mocking voice addressed Rika. And as Sakuyamon turned away with a huff, I finally felt the anger get the better of me. Pointing my lance towards Justimon without even really aiming, I unleashed my lightning joust, sending a bolt of lightning at Justimon. He gasped and jumped off Megagargomon's shoulder, landing in front of him. "Takato, what the hell?!", complained Ryo, and I turned back to Sakuyamon, who was strangely smirking.

"I told you it's not the time for this crap, Ryo! Now get moving!", I hissed, and noticed how the yellow train arrived out of the corner of my eyes. A Parasimon landed on top of it, and Kenta, Kazu and Marineangemon came dashing out of the train, Justimon saving them with an electrical charged claw, before he turned our way. "Thunder claw!", he exclaimed, bringing his claw down on the ground, deleting several of the Parasimon.

I felt how a Parasimon landed on top of Gallantmon and I growled, immediately began to fight against it with Guilmon, but we were saved by Sakuyamon dropping out of the air, digging her heels into the parasite's eye. "Now we're even.", she announced as she placed herself back to back with me. "Sorry.", I replied sheepishly.

"Need some help?!", announced another voice, and upon looking up, I found Beelzemon Blast Mode flying our way, Suzie and Lopmon on his shoulders. "Corona Blaster!", he announced as he pointed his weapon at some Parasimon, and the blast released by the huge weapon immediately made them shatter into data.

I nodded into his direction, thanked him for showing up to help us in silence, and then turned to fight against the Parasimon again. But there were still too many. From out of the corner of Gallantmon's eyes, I saw how Beelzemon saved Justimon from becoming a slave to Parasimon like Rika had been, even though there was this small part of me that would have enjoyed Ryo feeling the same as Rika for his dumb comment earlier.

"Takatomon, we have to do something! They just won't stop...!", echoed Guilmon's voice through Gallantmon. "I know... And I won't let Parasimon win! I guess there is no other way...!", I hissed back. "Got it Takatomon! Grani!", exclaimed Guilmon and called out into the depth of his soul, where I knew the vehicle to rest after it had given his last energy to us during the fight against D-Reaper.

Under extreme pain, I felt as Gallantmon's body shifted into the devastating Crimson Mode. Gallantmon's armor changed to it's red counterpart and eight white-glowing wings burst out of Gallantmon's back. I dashed into the air even before the crimson light that surrounded us died down. Gallantmon Crimson Mode reached out as Guilmon and I called out for the divine lance of light, Gungnir, and we caught it.

"There is only one way to end this... We have to destroy the digital zone!", I called out into Gallantmon, feeling more and more anger arising within me. "From within."

The white wings flapped once as we changed course and moved directly towards the gigantic, colorful storm that the digital zone was. "We have to close it from within...!", I hissed again, "Gather your whole energy, Guilmon...!"

We entered the colorful stream below it and turned up, flying into it's very core. There was no resistance as we entered, due to the stream already being part of the zone. The colors passed us as we entered the core of the zone. "Ready?", I shouted. "Ready.", confirmed Guilmon aloud.

We turned around and faced the city again. It was like looking through a window, everything around it a colorful mess. Guilmong and I stared down at the city as we rose Gungnir and began to twirl it. The divine spear began to flash and it's light poured into the surroundings. We twirled the spear faster and faster, it's light began to mix with the surroundings and white bolts of lightning began to move between it and the "window" before us. And the gateway indeed began to close. Slowly, but surely.

But I felt how much power it drained from us. It was pulling on me, sharp pain shooting through my body as my power was pulled from me and given to Gallantmon Crimson Mode. The Crimson Mode was powerful and devastating, but also draining.

"One final move! Now!", I hissed and Guilmon complied. A final, incredibly powerful bolt of lightning shot out of the lance and hit the gateway. But the lance dissolved at the same time. A final tug on my body made pain shoot through me that I had never felt before. It became hard to hold Gallantmon's shape almost immediately. It almost seperated me from Guilmon. And what was even worse... As the gateway began to close on it's own, a powerful pull began. And it was not letting me go.

"T-takatomon...! We can't move!", exclaimed Guilmon as we watched the gateway close. "We have to... We can't get trapped in here! It'll pull us into the digital world!", I shouted back. But I felt as well that we couldn't move. All we could do was to watch as the city was still overrun by the last Parasimon. But I wouldn't let that happen...!

"Guilmon... Maybe it is the only way... We can't let that all happen...!", I whispered eventually. Guilmon didn't reply, he was too focused on keeping this shape up. But I knew he thought the same. I just knew it. "Grani...!", I whispered, then took a deep breath and closed my eyes, "Go."

"Are you sure, Takato?", asked the voice of Grani, and I merely nodded. I knew he felt it. He was Gallantmon as well, after all. Another pain shot through me as Grani was released from Gallantmon Crimson Mode's body and reverted us to Gallantmon. At least for a last few seconds, as the exhaustion finally became too much... Gallantmon seperated into Guilmon and I. And the dragon was out cold.

I stared into the closing gateway, watched as Grani began to glow crimson, turned into a crimson bullet. He picked up speed until he turned into a crimson blur. All of Gallantmon's power was in him... And he would use it to clean the city. I knew he would.

The mechanical dragon hit the ground near the center of the city, where Sakuyamon, Megagargomon, Justimon and the other Tamers fought against the Parasimon. And as he did, he turned into a gigantic explosion of crimson light that enveloped the whole city for a few seconds.

As it died down, there were no Parasimon in sight anymore. I felt a small smile arrive on my lips, breaking my panting for a second. I was tired. I was exhausted. All this fighting against the controlled Rika, Parasimon and finally closing this gateway... Was too much. I felt consciousness slip away slowly. But I still had to get out of there.

My eyes drifted to where Guilmon hovered, unconscious. Only one of us would be able to leave here... Either I'd leave... Or I could throw him out. And that decision was quickly made.

"I'm sorry, everyone...", I whispered as I drifted towards Guilmon and placed my hands against his chest. "Ta...katomon...", he whispered and opened his eyes a bit. "Protect everyone... You heard me?", I chuckled lowly, and pushed him gently. He began hovering towards the closing gateway, which was barely taller than Gallantmon already. And as I pushed Guilmon towards the gateway, I was slowly pushed into the other direction. "Promise me... to protect Rika... And... Tell everyone... That I come back, alright?", I called out.

And Guilmon nodded, before his eyes closed again and he slowly drifted out of the gateway.

And as this happened, my consciousness finally faded. Darkness began to envelop my vision as I was slowly drifted backwards into the digital world. For a moment, everything was black, and then I saw the gateway again. Guilmon was already falling towards the city, and the gateway was almost closed.

The last thing that I saw before everything became black for the final time was Beelzemon charging towards the gateway...

"I'm sorry for ruining your birthday... Rika..."

And that's the first chapter of "Hazard of hatred"!

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