This is another story Shadgirl2 and I wrote together. If you don't like the idea of Rei being the antagonist, she's not really so bad, just desperate. Everyone has a happy ending eventually. Though telling you how would spoil it. We don't own Yugioh GX, and Shadgirl2 owns the plot.

WARNING: OOC (for reasons that will become apparent soon enough), OCs (though there's only a couple and they aren't major characters. Heck, only one has a name!)

Rei had had enough! This was the fifth time Judai had given her the slip in the last two years. She had been following him since she had graduated from Duel Academy, just trying to get him to finally recognize her feelings. He, however, didn't seem to consider her anything but a friend. She was growing tired of the rejection and was getting some pretty crazy ideas lately, one of which she decided to act on.

If I can't win his heart, I'll just make it mine!

Judai was traveling around England. Rei wasn't exactly sure where in England he was, but she was searching for him when she found a small magic shop. Desperate, her mind not working very well, she entered the shop and asked the owner for a powerful love potion. The owner, hidden under a cloak, gave Rei a potion that would cause the drinker to fall madly in love with whoever gave them the potion.

"The spell is strong," the woman said. "Only if his true love can win his heart can the spell be broken. Assuming, of course, that it's not you, my dear."

Excited, Rei bought the potion, thanking the woman and running off to find Judai so that she could give it to him and they could start their lives together.

"Judai-sama!" Rei called.

Judai sighed. The girl was a friend of his, sure, but she was worse than Sho! She had been following him everywhere ever since she graduated. How she kept finding him was a mystery to him, and she really freaked him out with how lovey-dovey she always was with him.

"Hey, Rei," Judai said, trying to conceal his annoyance. "How's it going? I haven't seen you in a week."

"It's going pretty good. Hey, I was thinking that maybe we could have dinner as friends. I'm a pretty good cook, so I'll make it!"

Something inside Judai told him that he should say no, but he was so glad that Rei seemed to have finally decided to back off a bit (albeit a very slight bit) that he ignored that nagging feeling. "Sure, Rei! That sounds great!"

"Alright, then!" Rei said, smiling. "I'll go buy the stuff I need, and I'll meet you on that hill over there in a little while, okay?" She pointed off to the left to a hill just outside of town.

Judai nodded, saying that he would see her then. Rei left to go do the shopping, and Judai couldn't help but smile; he liked spending time with Rei when she wasn't flirting with him. After all, she was a good friend.

Later, Rei was cooking over an open fire. She made some tea and slipped the potion she had bought earlier into Judai's before handing it to him.

Judai thought the tea tasted a little off, but he didn't pay it any attention. However, once he had finished the tea, he found himself acting...strange. For some reason, he kept saying cheesy lines and acting like he was in love with her, an emotion that Judai still didn't totally understand, although he had been learning more about it the past few years. One thing Judai knew was that he definitely didn't feel this way about Rei! What was going on? He couldn't control himself.

Rei was thrilled. Just as the woman had said, Judai had fallen madly in love with her, and there was nothing that could stop them from being together now! Rei was certain that she and Judai would live happily ever after now. After all, Judai now loved her the way she loved him, and he would never leave her.

Well, Rei wasn't completely right about this. Yes, Judai was under the spell's control. However, due to the Supreme King side of him and his fusion with Yubel, he wasn't completely under the spell. Little did Rei know that, when he saw a girl his own age or when he was alone, Judai temporarily snapped out of it. However, he could never fight the spell off completely. Soon, Judai would learn that the presence of his friends could also effect the spell.

A month later, Rei and Judai found themselves back in Japan. They were running low on just about everything, so they entered a local duel tournament at the Kaiba Dome in Kaibaland. The prize was 400,000 yen, and the tournament would determine who was the best duelist in Japan.

The first day of the tournament was the preliminaries. Rei lost near the end of the prelims, but Judai went on to the finals the next day. After winning the semifinal match, he went on to face his final opponent, last year's champion, in the finals.

"And now, for the moment you've all been waiting for!" the announcer yelled into the microphone. "Tonight, right here and now, at the Kaiba Dome, we may finally have ourselves a new champion! This young man has easily fought his way through the preliminary rounds and made it all the way here to this exciting final match! Will he be able to keep up his winning streak and win the tournament!? Or will the champion prove to be too much for him to handle!? Ladies and gentlemen, I give you our challenger! The duelist who fights alongside the Elemental Heroes! Give it up for Judai Yuki!"

At the mention of his name, Judai stepped into the duel arena, waving to the audience. Oh, man! I'm dueling the champion of Japan! I wonder who it is, though. He hadn't been keeping up with the news in Japan since he hadn't been here lately.

"He will be facing off against last year's champion! This young man has amazed us all for the past three years, starting with his victory at the first-ever tournament to be held at the Cyber Dragon Arena. He has continued his winning streak up until now, defeating every duelist who dares to stand against him, and has become our champion! Can he hold onto his title!? Or is this the beginning of a new legacy!? The master of Cyber/Roids, and co-founder of the Cyber Dragon Arena! Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Sho Marufuji!"

Sho walked into the arena dressed in blue pants and a blue trench coat. Under the collar of his coat, Judai could just make out a blue shirt. Sho was so busy waving at the audience that Judai had to wonder if the guy had heard who his opponent was. Really, what was he doing before he was called out, panicking about his next duel? Judai thought he had outgrown that!

When Sho turned to face his opponent, his jaw dropped.

The crowd roared with excitement. Rei, sitting in the stands, waved to Judai. "Good luck, darling!"

"Sho?" Judai asked, still absorbing the fact that his best friend, the duelist with zero confidence, was standing in front of him as the champion of Japan.

Sho finally got his jaw back in place and managed to ask. "Wait, Aniki? You're my opponent?" He smiled, obviously thrilled to be reunited with his old friend. "Oh, wow! This is awesome! It's been forever since we dueled!" His smile faded as he asked, "But, wait, why are you here?"

After graduation, Judai had gone to travel the world, and his friends had hardly seen him since, though they did hear from him regularly enough. While Judai was traveling, Sho and Ryo had started their own division of the Pro Leagues, building the Cyber Dragon arena as well. Sho had spent the better part of the last four years here, yet he had never once seen Judai around. What he was doing here now—while a welcome surprise—was just that, a surprise.

"I'm here with..." Judai trailed off, thinking about the answer to that question. Now that he thought about it, why was he here? Or, at least, why was he here with her?

Sho deemed the answer unimportant. After all, all that mattered was that his friend was here, for whatever reason, and they had a duel to attend to. "Well, anyway, it's good to see you. So, you ready to do this!?" Sho put on his game face, something Judai had never thought he'd see, because Sho never wanted to duel anyone back in school.

"Uh, yeah! Let's have a fun duel, Sho!"

"Divine Neos, attack his Barbaroid!" Judai commanded of his monster.

Judai: 400
Sho: 0

"Aw, man!" Sho said. "I lost!"

"Gotcha!" Judai said, striking his signature pose. "That was a great duel, Sho."

"What an exciting match that was!" the announcer said. "The challenger has defeated the champion and won the tournament! Let's hear it for our new champion, JUDAI YUKI! Congratulations!"

The crowd was going wild, cheering for Judai. He was presented with the prize—a trophy and a check for 400,000 yen.

"Alright!" Rei cheered from nearby. "He did it! I knew he would, after all!"

"That's it for this year's tournament! Be sure to join us here next year, though, for another exciting battle! Thank you all for coming! See you next year, everyone!"

Rei ran over, pouncing Judai in a hug. "Way to go, darling!" she said. "That should hold us over for awhile!" She winked up at him.

Judai smiled back at her, hugging her, saying, "Hey, anything for you, honey!"

Sho just gaped. Since when was Judai interested in Rei!? What exactly had Sho missed? As the hug broke up, Sho asked, "What!? Did you just call Rei..."

He really didn't want to finish that.

Judai took one look at Rei, who was looking at the trophy he'd just won, and said, "Crap, that's right, I did. Sho!" Judai turned to his friend, a desperate look in his eyes, and hissed, "I need help!"

Sho nodded, sensing the urgency. "Okay, but let's take this outside. My brother's waiting." Muttering, Sho added, "I can't believe I beat him last round."

He, Judai, and Rei headed outside, where Sho told Rei that he wanted to spend some time alone with his best friend since he hadn't seen him in years. Rei decided to give the boys a few minutes and go check out the rest of the park. She told Judai she'd meet up with him later.

Once Rei was out of earshot, Sho asked, "Okay, so what's going on, Aniki? Why are you with Rei?"

"That's the thing!" Judai said, slightly freaked out. "She did something to me, and I don't know what's going on!"


Judai took a deep breath before explaining as best he could, "Okay, she's been following me around for a couple years, and one day she made dinner for me, and I've been feeling kinda weird ever since."

"What do you mean, weird?"

"Well, I can't control myself around her. I keep saying things that I don't mean, but I feel like I do mean them! Like when I called her 'honey' earlier."


"Ah. There you are," a voice behind them said. Turning, Sho and Judai saw Ryo Marufuji, Sho's older brother.


"You're late, you know," he said, crossing his arms. He smirked at Sho.

"Sorry about that," Sho said. "But, as you can see, I ran into Aniki, and he's got a serious problem!"

"A problem, you say?" Ryo turned to Judai. "What is it?"

"Rei's a witch!" Judai said, not sure how else to explain it. "She put some sort of spell on me or something!"

Ryo raised an eyebrow. "A spell?"

"Yeah, I lo—"

Judai stopped, covering his mouth. Ryo couldn't help but notice this. He sweat.

"Tell me you didn't almost say that..."

Uncovering his mouth, Judai said, "That's my problem! I can't stop saying that! And calling her all sorts of things that I don't want to call her! What do I do!?"

"Hmm. That's a tough one," Ryo said, looking thoughtful. "Any idea how this happened?"

"She made me dinner one night... That's about when this started, actually." Judai was just starting to make the connection between that meal—that friendly meal—and his sudden interest in Rei.

"So, she poisoned the food or something!?" Sho asked, frantic.

Ryo was still perfectly calm, unlike either of the other two, even though Judai wasn't showing it yet. "Hmm. I don't know what to tell you, Judai. If you don't know exactly what happened, there's not much we can do about it."

Judai was trying not to panic when Sho said, "Maybe one of our other friends can help!"

"Just don't call Asuka, okay?" Judai pleaded.

"Why not?" Sho asked. "She may know something, being a girl herself."

"I just don't really want to explain this one to her..."


"Ah! There you are, darling!" Rei said as she came running over to the boys.

"Hey, honey!" Judai said, his whole attitude suddenly changing. "We were just talking about you."

"Really?" Rei asked, starting to flirt. "What about?"

Unable to control himself, Judai wrapped an arm around Rei's shoulders and said, "How much I love you." Then he did something he really couldn't believe.

He kissed her.

That was the final straw—Sho fainted from shock. Watching this, Ryo couldn't hide the disturbed look on his face. This wasn't just a little peck on the cheek—this was a legitimate, lips-to-lips kiss.

"Wow," he said. "That is bad..." Silently, he added, Maybe we should call her.

As the kiss broke up, Rei giggled. "Oh, Judai, you say the sweetest things."

Sho shot up from the ground. "Well, guys! I think I'll go get some food! Anyone want anything?" After seeing that, he couldn't help but feel a little awkward, and he wanted to get away from there for a little bit.

Spotting an opportunity, Ryo said, "I'll get it myself."

Rei looked upset. "So, are you guys gonna spend the whole day with us?" she whined.

Judai, very much wanting to stay with these two friends of his, fought against the spell (which was telling him to do as Rei wanted) and said, "I think that's a great idea! We haven't seen them in so long, after all. Why don't we hang with them for a little while, Rei?"

"Okay. I guess you're right," Rei said. "But don't go getting any funny ideas, Ryo! I'm soo over you!"

Again, Ryo sweat. "I wouldn't dream of it."

"So, Rei, Judai?" Sho pressed. "Want anything or not?"

"Sure!" Rei said. "I'll have a tuna salad from that stand near the Blue Eyes coaster!" Her reason for being so specific—get these guys away from her and Judai for as long as possible.

Judai shook his head. "Nah, I'm not really hungry."

Well, that wasn't entirely true. He just wanted to avoid eating around Rei whenever possible after what he'd just learned about that meal she made for him a month ago.

"Okay, then. Be right back."

"I'll come, too," Ryo said, and the two of them walked off.