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Later that night, Manjoume's living room was decorated with streamers and balloons, and the majority of the gang was gathered there to celebrate.

"Three cheers for Aniki!" Sho declared when they were about to cut the cake. (Yep, he'd gone all-out in his preparation to celebrate Judai NOT getting engaged today.) "Rei is finally off his back! Hip, hip..."

The whole group—with the exception of Akiko—joined in for the last word: "HOORAY!"

"And three cheers for the hero who got Rei off his back, Asuka Tenjoin!" Johan said. "Hip, hip..."

Again, the gang yelled, "HOORAY!"

Asuka blushed, smiling. Manjoume's butler cut the cake.

"So, Aniki!?" Kenzan asked. "How's it feel to be a free man again!?"

"There are no words to describe it, Kenzan!" he answered cheerily.

"Good to hear, Aniki!" Sho said.

Manjoume came in then, having been late for this party in his own house. He didn't look too happy, either—he humphed, standing there looking annoyed.

Judai looked at his friend and asked, "Manjoume, what's up?"

"None of your business, you idiot!" he snapped. Then, he walked over to Momoe. "So, you still shopping for a boyfriend?"

"I thought you were dating Asuka?" Judai asked.

"Hmph!" Manjoume said. "Shows what you know! I thought I got dumped awhile ago, and I was right. I'm totally single!"

Judai raised his eyebrow, wondering what he was missing here.

Manjoume ignored the look of confusion on the brunette's face and turned back to Momoe. "Anyway, Momoe, how about it? You interested?"

Momoe looked ready to scold him for asking a girl out in such a lousy way as Johan asked, "So, what does that mean?"

Judai just shook his head. "I'm not sure."

"Wait! Could it have something to do with that counter spell!?" Sho asked. "I mean, Asuka said that it only worked with the victim's 'true love,' right!? So, could it be—"

"That Asuka—" Kenzan started.

"No way," Judai interrupted.

"No way what?" Asuka asked, walking over to Judai and the others.

Judai jumped slightly, then turned to look at her. "No way Manjoume's gonna make it with Momoe!" he said.

"Oh, really, Judai?" Asuka flirted. "Is that all?"

As she leaned in, Judai blushed. "Uh..."

"Cause I could have sworn there was more to it than that." She grinned flirtatiously, leaning closer still. "Like what you said the other night, for instance? Hmm, what was it, now?"

Judai leaned back as she pressed up against him. "A-Asuka..."

She cut him off with a kiss.

Everyone stared. Momoe stopped in the middle of scolding Manjoume.

Pulling back, Asuka said. "'Cause I meant it, too. I love you, Judai. Now and forever."


"Aw!" Fubuki said. "That's so sweet! Don't they make the cutest couple, everyone!?"

"Okay, Manjoume, I'm in," Momoe said, having a drastic change of attitude. "I can't stand being single, anymore!"


Misawa wrapped his arm around Tania. "Yeah. I know the feeling," he said. "Right, dear?"

Tania smiled at him, nodding.

Jim wrapped an arm around Akiko's shoulders. She eyed it for a moment, seemingly debating swatting it away.

Kenzan, seeing this, stared at the odd couple for a moment before asking, "Are you sure you two like each other?"

"I'm happy for them!" Hayato said, in reference to Judai and Asuka. "They've waited a long time for this, after all!"

Asuka blushed, realizing what she had just done...and where she had done it. "Guys..."

"I say this calls for a celebration!" Johan declared. "Here's to the happy couple!"

"HOORAY!" the gang yelled, excluding Akiko and Manjoume.

"Oh, boy... What are they doing...?" Asuka asked, extremely embarrassed.

Judai laughed, pulling her into his arms. "If you think this is bad," he whispered in her ear, "wait til my parents find out."

This just made Asuka blush some more. "Judai..."

Over the next few months, Rei tried to talk to Judai—to apologize for what she had done—but he refused to get anywhere near her—or answer his phone when she called—for fear of her doing something else.

This didn't last for long, though. Eventually, Rei ran into Martin Bonaparte, and the two of them spent some time catching up before he worked up the courage to ask her out. Rei hadn't been expecting that, but she agreed. After a few dates, she was head over heels for the guy, and she called Kenzan to tell him all about her new boyfriend.

It took some convincing to get Kenzan to believe she had hooked up with Martin, and even more convincing to show him that she hadn't put a spell on the guy, but he finally believed her when Martin himself said it. Needless to say, he called Judai to deliver the good news that Rei was no longer seeking ways to steal him from Asuka.

When word reached Judai, he was thrilled that she had found herself a new boyfriend—for multiple reasons. Now that she was dating someone else, he deemed it safe to talk to her again. At least, as long as she promised she would never do something like that to him ever again.

"Hmm...never put you under a spell and force you to love me again..." Rei pretended to think about it as she spoke to Judai on the phone for the first time in months. "Yeah, I think I can do that! I'm sorry, by the way, for making you go through that. I guess I didn't know that was how the spell worked. I mean, if I'd known it would only make you act like you loved me, then I never would have done it!"

"Apology accepted, Rei," Judai said.

After that, the two of them went back to being friends. Just friends.