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introduction ch.1

*BEEP BEEP BEEP OH YEAH YEAH OH YEAH NEVER HAD MUCH FAITH IN LOVE OR MIRACLES-* "ugh stupid alarm" i mumbled. I didnt want to wake up today because im so tired from yesterdays horse competition! But at least i won 1st place! Anyways my name is Kimberley Anne Crawford i live in Tenesse im known as the goodie goodie of our town. Well im a competitive person and i absolutely love to get involved in sports but i also have many other responsibilities. The sports i do are karate,(im a 2nd degree black belt) Equestrianism(4 in a row champion), and cheerleading (im the head cheerleader) and i do gymnastics but just for fun. I have responsibilities like milking the cows and farming in the fields and i know what youre thinking 'what is she doing in a farm if she is a champion' well you see the only reason my parents agreed to let me join all of these sports is because 1)im a straight A student 2) im the only child and 3)i had to agree to not leave the farm and my education for an athletic career. And those were the reasons anyways im 16 and i have been trying my best to get accepted into a boarding school so i could leave the farm ...dont get me wrong its not that i hate kettlecorn its just that i want to explore the world ,meet new people and i dont want to end up being just a farmer and stay here in our farm. Kettlecorn is also too small. Anyways i got into my skinny jeans a polkadot tank top a warm jacket and some cowboy boots. I went downstairs and grabbed an apple and made a note for my parents that said

"Went for a walk be back in a while -


Of course i dont like my nickname but i only let certain people call me that. I went for a walk around our huge farm while eating my apple. The warm summer breeze blew through my honey blonde hair until i decided to stop by the river and think. I thought about how i would feel when i was away from home. I think i was so zoned out that my friend Bailey had to shake me out of my thoughts.

"Hello? Earth to Kim? Hello?" Bailey said. Her dirty blonde hair shined in the sunlight and her pale skin was as if it were a vampires. "Huh? What?" I said getting out of my thoughts and looking at my friend. "Oh finally! I was wondering if y'allwanted to come along with all our friends to hang out at my place?"she asked. "Um well i dont know i have a lot to do today" i said. "Aww come on kimsters you have to come we were gonna have a pool party you know i have a pool at my hacienda" she said. "Well i guess maybe next time cause y'all know i have chores and training for my horse event coming up this weekend and it'll be the championships and the last event i'll go if i get accepted to one of the boarding schools that i applied to" i said trying my best to convince her. She nodded in understandment but said "Ugh fine but dont say that we y'all didnt invite you kimsters and i wish you the best for your horse event" "Thanks bailey" i responded with a hugged me and whispered to my ear "youll always be a sister to me and my best friend no matter what" i was about to get emotional but i hugged her even tighter eventually we had to pull apart. We talked until a certain topic came MY BOYFRIEND:Taylor

"But what if you get accepted to a boarding school? Will you guys have a long distance relationship? Will you guys break up?" Bailey asked. I sighed. I always knew she had a crush on Taylor but never admitted it to me because Taylor liked me and i liked him back. Taylor was a tall light brown haired brunette that had beautiful green eyes that you could just get lost in them and soft lips that looked so kissable but ive never kissed him because we used to be best friends but we just got together like 3 weeks ago. "I dont know what to do. Because honestly i love should i do?" I responded. This was the perfect opportunity to test her friendship towards me. "Well you should br-" she looked at me in the eyes and then continued, "...brrr its cold ...hehe uh well i think you should follow your heart." I couldnt believe it she is a true friend. "Thanks Bailzz youre a true friend" i smiled and pulled her into another hug. We walked home and talked until we reached my house (mansion). "Well i'll see you around kimmy" "Yeah i might go to your hous- err hacienda later"i said. She chuckled at my words and waved goodbye as i entered the gates of my hous- err mansion. I was locking the front door and when i locked it i turned around to see my parents with 3 letters in there hands and looking at me with a serious face, my mom hand on her hip and foot tapping on the wooden floor ,narrowing her eyes at me. And that only meant 1 i did something wrong 2 its something serious or 3 they have bad news. "G-goodmorning m-mom a-a-and d-d-ad? Hehe" i said awkwardly although it came out more like a question. "Kimberly Anne Crawford!" My mom said (more like shouted). And what came next took me by surprise

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