It was kind of akward when I pulled away and he quickly said

"Kim I'm sorry I didn't mean to make you feel uncomfortable I-" i cut him off and kissed him gently.

"No Jack its fine I actually enjoyed it." I said while putting my dress's strap up. He put his shirt on if nothing happened he is an awesome kisser.

He smirked "Maybe it could repeat itself." He said seduceivly and winked at me. I blushed and said

"I don't think so" I said and then continued "Jackie." I poked his nose softly.

He stared into my eyes but I broke the contact and said

"Jack I need to ask you a question and be honest ok?" He nodded and concern was written all over his face. I continued

"If Lauren came back and she said that she liked you.. ...would you leave me for her?" He looked away from me and sighed deeply.

"Kim don't be silly she won't come back and even if she did I wouldn't leave you for her." He said. And then interwined our fingers. I smiled at his answer.


I had told Jack about Leo's parents. He said that even though it will hurt for us to let him go, he will be better off with his real family. He said he would take care of it. The day went by fast and me and Leo had just come home from the zoo. He was eating his ice cream. Jack called me into our room.

"They told me that they are gonna come for him tomorrow." He said. Tomorrow? Thats early. A piece of my heart just broke. I started crying and my knees felt weak. I was about to fall but Jack caught me.

"Its ok Kim. We knew this was going to happen sooner or later." He said kissing my forehead. We told Leo and he was excited and sad. Excited because he was going to see his parents and sad because he wasn't gonna see me and Jack anymore. He talked to us and said

"Kimmy promise me that no matter how what are they called again? Sluts? Yeah those right Jack? Thats what they're called ?...anyways no matter how many sluts throw themselves at Jackie, promise that you'll never let him go and you Jackie promise me to never let this wonderful girl free because you'll never find another like her. Promise?" Me and Jack looked at each other and said

" Promise" at the same time. The next day we saw, that Leo's parents came for him. I was sad the whole day and Jack tried to cheer me up. Jack left like at 4pm and hasn't come back and its 9pm. Wow just what I needed! And to top it all off I think I'm getting sick

. "I'm back with some great news!" Jack said. "What?" I asked lazyily.

"Well I contacted Rudy and they are coming for us. They'll be here by tomorrow morning." He said cheerfully. I was happy and afraid. I was afraid to lose Jack. Afraid that he will leave me for LAUREN. I know he said he wouldn't but he didn't seem honest. I small smiled.

"Tha-thats great!" I stuttered.

"What's wrong?" He asked concerned.

"No-nothing just excited." I lied.

"Kim what's up? You seem mad." He asked worried

. "Its just that...nevermind." I said and looked away.

"What Kim, what?" He asked even more worried than before.

"I-I'm scared to lose you to that Lauren girl." I stuttered. He chuckled and said

"Kim she isn't gonna take me from you and besides she's far away at Seaford and I love you not her." he hugged me. I hugged back. I had to tell him that Lauren came back even though that could change his mind.

"Jack... I need to tell you something." He looked at me and said

"Ok go ahead." I was about to say nevermind and let him find out on his own but I had to be honest.

"Lauren...she-she's ...attending Seven Seas High." His mouth dropped

"Wh-what?" He stuttered.

"Grace told me that she came back and that she's with Ryan." Ok it was true! Grace said it like if Ryan and Lauren were together.

"Oh well then good for them, I have you now and thats that." He said and kissed me gently. I pulled away and he seemed confused at my action.

"Jack don't kiss me" I said.

"Why?" He asked annoyed.

"Because its not a real kiss when you kiss someone and think of another one instead." I said.

"What are you talking about?" He asked confused.

"That I know you still have feelings for Lauren and if you still like her then you''re free to go." I started crying and he replied by hugging me and saying

"Who ever said that I liked Lauren?"

"No one but -"

"But nothing Kim I love you not her. Understood? And no one is going to change that ok?" He asked I smiled and then hugged him. Next Day in the Morning

"Come on Kim hurry up the ship is like 5 minutes from here so come on lets go!" Jack yelled. I was getting annoyed. So I rolled my eyes at him and ran with him. We finally saw the huge ship in the sea and we started going in. As soon as we reached the lobby I saw everyone there including: Ryan, Grace, Brody, Jerry, Eddie, Milton, Julie, Donna (probably to see Jack), a Justin Bieber wanna be, Rudy, Kelsey and 2 girls who I just knew that one would be Lauren. I smiled at all of them and ran to hug Grace. She hugged back and I then hugged Milton and then Julie and then out of nowhere someone hugged me from behind and I turned around to see Ryan smiling at me. I turned my whole body around and hugged him PROPERLY so tight that I think I broke his bones! Oops? Haha. I released him and said

"I missed you so much Ry!"

"Me too Kimster" I realized that Jack was watching everything. I let go of Ryan and then went next to Jack and he seemed annoyed at his cousin. Jack then wrapped his arm around my waist and kissed me. He made it clear to everyone that I was in a relationship with him. I heard Donna gasp.

"What?! Why are you kissing that thing?!" She yelled in disgust.

"1st of all that thing is a person and has a name. 2nd of all I'm kissing her because she's my girlfriend and 3rd of all don't hurt her or I'll hurt you." Jack said. Donna rolled her green eyes and left. Jack then said

"Hey guys, the Jack is back and I'm kind of sorta tired so if you excuse me- I mean us" he said interwining our fingers "we will be going off to my cabin." I waved goodbye to everyone and walked away with Jack

. "Jack who was that girl with the dark brown hair, tan skin, and brown eyes?"


I wanted to rip my cousins head off right there, right then because he doesn't understand what 'stay away from Kim' means? He was hugging my Kim! I know its not good to be jealous or anything but the only reason I am like this with Kim is because of my past expirience with Lauren. Ryan is always getting in my way. So when Kim came next to me I kissed her in front of everyone. Donna then did her stupid tantrums and I was getting more annoyed. I wasn't to harsh to her. I then grabbed Kim's hand and left to my cabin. Kim is asking me so many questions about Lauren that I don't even want to answer.

"Jack who was that girl with the dark brown hair, tan skin, and brown eyes?" She asked when we reached my cabin's door. I ignored it and opened the door with the extra card key that I hide for when I forget my other key. But Kim just wanted to know who that girl was and just the thought of her name made me flinch. Lauren.

"Jack I asked you who that girl wa-" I cut her off and I couldn't control myself and I just exploded

"It's Lauren! Is that what you wanted to hear!? I hope your satisfied with your stupid questions!" Her eyes were wide and tears threatened to fall out of her eyes. I realized what I just did and then said

"Kim I'm sorry I didn't mean to yell at you-" she just ran out of the room and she left crying. "Kim! Wait!" She had already left. I cursed under my breath. It wasn't her fault that those memories keep haunting my mind! I simply can't control myself when someone asks me about things that I don't want to talk about. I kicked the metal door with all my strength. The door made a sound? What? But then the sound came again. It was someone knocking on it I opened it quickly since I thought it was Kim. To my surprise it was Lauren the same girl who played with me and Ryan's feelings. I stared at her in shock. She finally spoke

"Can I come in?"

"Su-sure" I stuttered. She chuckled at my stuttering

"No need to stutter Jack, I mean I am- I mean was your best friend after all." She said and looked down. I was nervous and she was too. I broke the silence and said

"So what do you want?"

"Woah Jack are you mad or something?" She asked.

"Its none of your business and get to the point already so we could get this over with." I said harshly.

"Jack calm down. Gosh! And I came to talk like civilized people not like barbarians who yell at each other!" She cooed.

"Ok talk then!"

"Jack I came to say...that I'm sorry that I didn't mean to hurt you or Ryan because the truth is that I didn't want to hurt him. I loved, and still love, you not Ryan. Yes I thought he was nice, kind, sweet and cute but I liked you." She said.

"I-I'm sorry but I'm in a happy relationship with Kim." I said.

"Oh really? Because I think I clearly saw Kim running out of here, not to mention she was crying and Ryan just happened to be walking by just in time to comfort her and take her into his room. Yup that totally looked like a happy relationship." My blood boiled at the thought of Kim getting comforted and hugged by Ryan.

"Jack I-I want you back." She started leaning in and I pushed her away.

"Lauren thats not right. Like it or not I'm still with Kim and I don't plan on cheating on her." I finished.

"Now if you excuse me I need to shower." I said and motioned her the door.

"Jack I-I understand but at least give me another chance to be your friend...just like the old days. Please?" I couldn't say no to her I already rejected her.

"Sure. Ok." As soon as I said that she jumped on me straddleing my waist and dropping me to my bed.

"O-M-G Jack I thought you were stronger than that." She teased.

"I am look" I flipped her over so I was now on top of her.

"Jack this might sound perverted but you're so well built, it makes you look sexy" she said and winked. I chuckled and it was like I was going back into the old days. We stood up and she said

"There's only one last thing I have to do before I leave."

"And what is tha-" she kissed me and then pushed me away. She left me there in shock and just walked out the door. What the hell just happened? Why did I feel something?

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