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Chapter One—What's Going On?

It was a bright sunny day over West City, and trouble was afoot.

"Stop, thief!" the Great Saiyaman leapt into the air, chasing the getaway vehicle of the bank robbers. Videl was right on his heels. They soared at top speed, and began closing in when suddenly something odd happened.

Both Saiyaman and Videl simultaneously fell from the sky and hit the pavement hard.

"Ouch! That really hurt!" Videl sat up and looked over at Saiyaman. Or rather, Gohan, with normally spiky hair hanging quite lifelessly from his head. "Um, Gohan? I think there's problem."

"Huh?" was the reply. For such a smart guy, sometimes he was incredibly clueless. Then he looked down at himself. "AH! What happened? My disguise is gone! And what happened to my hair?!?" He paused for a second, then said, "I feel really strange. But why did we just fall like that?"

"Beats me," Videl stood up and tried pushing off into flight again. It didn't work. "Okay…if we can't fly, we can use my helicopter."

She pulled out the tiny capsule, pressed the button, and threw it on the pavement. It just sat there.

"WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?!?!?" she screamed.

Gohan just shrugged. "I don't know. But we're not that far away from Bulma's house. Maybe she'd have an idea. Let's go."

They took off running, as air cars starting falling out of the sky.

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