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Maybe I should've realized sooner rather than later that things became odd in Bon Temps after vampires "came out of the coffin." Of course, I'd always been odd. Not odd like my best friend, Sookie; she could read minds and that was a talent I certainly didn't have. I mean odd in the sense that I'd always felt different and like there was something off about me. In fact, I think it was something people in town picked up on whether I'd understood it or not.

I'd never had many friends other than Sookie and her brother, Jason. The two of them had seemingly adopted me into their sibling relationship since childhood and I'd fully appreciated it. I was an only child and my parents had died in a car crash the year I graduated high school. Since then, my job at Merlotte's, a bar and the most popular place in town, paid the bills on my old house. My family, like Sookie's and many others, had continued to live in our plantation houses. It was a thing I was fairly proud of but living in houses such as mine and Sookie's required a lot of upkeep.

My house was beside the Comptons' and across the cemetery from Sookie's. None of the three had the land that they used to so it was fairly easy to keep in contact with your neighbors. I'd hated it when old Jesse Compton had passed and left the house beside me open. There was something comforting about knowing someone was close by when you needed them.

But at any rate, I lived alone in a big house and the rare times I went out, it was just to go to my shift of waitressing at Merlotte's. My boss, Sam Merlotte, owned the place and was the best boss anyone could ask for, as far as I was concerned. He was pleasant and he always went out of his way to help someone when they needed it. But there was something off about him too. It was just something I could feel, that everything wasn't completely normal when it came to Sam. But I was probably the only one that got that feeling.

The day everything that turned my life on it's head started had been a weirdly normal day. I'd gone in for my shift at Merlotte's and Tara Thornton had quit another job and Sam was shamelessly goggling Sookie. I was hostess for the evening and I'd shyly seated the Rattrays before someone I'd never seen before entered the bar. It was a split second before I realized it.

The man I was seating was a vampire and strangely enough, I wasn't nervous. Vampires didn't bother me, not the way they did other people, and I'd always wanted to meet one but I was typically frightened to think of them. But this man, with his dark hair and pleasant demeanor, seemed fairly harmless. So I asked.

"Forgive my manners, sir, but are you a vampire?" I asked innocently. My curiosity was eating me alive.

He smiled slyly and nodded at me. "Am I that obvious?" he responded. "I've just moved back. I don't wish to be an outcast immediately."

"Are you from here?" I asked. He nodded again.

"It was my home before I turned vampire," he breathed. His voice was beautiful. He carried the Southern accent better than anyone else I'd ever met.

"Well, it's a pleasure to meet you," I said. "I'm Dallas. Dallas Montgomery." He smiled again.

"I'm Bill Compton." Hearing him talk was like hearing honey.

"Compton?" He nodded. "Is there any chance you'll be living at the old Compton place?"

"That was my original home." I wanted to gasp but I didn't. He was probably something like a Confederate soldier if he'd lived there. Oh my gosh, Sookie's gran would just die if she heard something like this. If he remembered the Civil War, Adele would descend on him fast.

"Well, meet your new neighbor! I'll be living next door."

"Montgomery, of course. I knew some of your family and if they're any indication, I'll have a friend in you. I'm pleased to make your acquaintance, Dallas." I smiled and walked away. Sookie would wait his table. I had a feeling that we'd be fast friends.

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