This is just a little something that popped into my head after I finished watching the "Tori Goes Platinum" episode (S03E11). I used Tori and Beck's dialogue, but added some of my own. Once again, this is just something that popped into my head, and something I'm not so sure I'm going to finish, I guess it all depends on how popular it gets, and if it's not so popular I'll probably just update every couple of weeks or when I find a muse. So, enjoy!


It had been a couple of weeks since Beck and Jade broke up, and today is the day before the Platinum Music Awards, and Jade was opening for the worldwide awards show. But originally, it was Tori who won the contest, not Jade.

Jade only got the job because Tori had refused to be Mason's puppet and possibly ruin her reputation by lying to the world. But Jade didn't have a problem with lying to everybody, Hell, she's been lying about how she really feels about her and Beck's breakup, so she could lie about this too, besides, it's all she's ever wanted.

Jade was backstage at the Platinum Music Awards, doing several rehearsals and trying on different ridiculous outfits, now she was trying on a neon pink skirt that hugged her hips just right, and if it weren't for all the glitter and brightness of the piece of clothing, Jade probably wouldn't have a single problem with the item. This was the tenth skirt she had tried on in the past two hours, she was getting tired and quite frankly pissed off, but she knew it had to be done.

She told Cat to tell the gang – excluding Tori, because she just really hated that girl and her constant cheerfulness – to get their asses to the rehearsal, and then she hesitantly apologized for swearing in front of Cat, and then the peppy redhead was off to make the calls.

About fifteen minutes later, Cat returned and told Jade that only André and Robbie would be coming to the rehearsal and she was unsure why Beck wasn't. Jade simply blew it off as if Beck not wanting to come and watch her rehearse didn't even faze her, but really, it was tearing her apart inside. She then ordered Cat and Oliver – Cat's 'bibble-guard' that Cat had to be handcuffed to – to get her an identical skirt to the one she had just tried on, only in blue.

Once the handcuffed duo was gone, she went to the makeup section of the backstage area, only to see the reason Beck didn't show up to her rehearsals. Tori. Jade had forgotten the reason she hated that happy-go-lucky, half-Latina, brunette. She thought that maybe Tori and Beck were dating now, and if they were, Jade knew that Beck was just using Tori as a rebound. She snuck up to the open laptop and stayed out of camera range – just in case – zoomed in on Beck and Tori sitting awfully close on the couch, and listened in on their conversation.

/Camera Feed Start\

"So," Beck said with his arm relaxed beside Tori as he started to lean in closer.

"Yeah," Tori replied with her voice shaking.

Beck leaned in closer and just as he was about to kiss her, Tori play punched Beck in the jaw, making a joke out of the attempted smooch.

"I'm sorry," Beck said, obviously confused, as if he thought Tori wanted him to kiss her.

"No, I'm sorry," Tori quickly replied, sliding her hands down her face, trying to hide her blush, no doubt.

"I didn't mean to-"Beck said, but was once again cut off by Tori.

"No. No, you didn't, you..." Tori said, trailing off, not knowing what to say, or explain what she knew she was going to have to explain to Beck soon.

"Then why can't we kiss?"Beck asked, looking hurt, using his puppy dog eyes to try to lure Tori in.

"'Cause," She paused, before she continued, "Because of Jade." She simply said, hoping that Beck would drop the subject, and hoping just a bit more that she wouldn't have to share her secret.

"Jade and I broke up," Beck said, with a tone that made it sound like the two-and-a-half years meant nothing to him.

"Yeah, but, kissing your friend's ex-boyfriend?" Tori said like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"Wait, wait, since when are you and Jade friends? Last week she took your hamburger and just rubbed it against her bare foot." The long-haired, brunette boy exclaimed. Tori rolled her eyes and then her face turned into one of shock.

"What? I ate feet meat?"

"And, she took your spot in the Platinum Music Awards."

"Look. I guess me and Jade aren't exactly friends, friends, but we're kinda friends. I think. And, kissing her ex-boyfriend? I can't do that to a friend." She wasn't exactly fibbing, but it wasn't the whole truth, and she was praying that she wouldn't have to tell Beck the whole truth.

"She doesn't have to know. Nobody has to know." Beck said, trying his hardest to get the Latina to kiss him.

"That's true but-"

"But what? I'm not going to tell anyone, you're not going to tell anyone. So why can't you kiss me?" Beck asked, almost desperately.

"Because I'm in love with Jade!" Tori blurted out, almost instantly slapping her hands to cover her mouth.

/Camera Feed End\

Jade stood beside the laptop shocked. She closed the screen, not wanting to see, or hear any more of that conversation. About two minutes after she closed the laptop screen, Cat and Oliver returned with the blue skirt she had so rudely requested, but she was unable to focus on anything that happened during rehearsals, she knew deep inside that tomorrow, she was screwed.

Sorry this chapter is so short, the next chapter will most likely be longer. I hope you like it so far and want to continue reading. :)